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Chief Minister dedicates, performs 'bhoomipujan' of works worth Rs 338 crore at Chuhikadan

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan' of 95 development works worth Rs 338 crore at Chuhikadan district Rajnandgaon.  He dedicated 21 development works worth Rs 126 crore and laid the foundation stones of 74 works worth Rs 212 crore. Chief Minister distributed relief materials worth Rs 51 crore to 59 thousand 162 beneficiaries of several social welfare schemes.

Dr. Raman Singh dedicated-Pradhanpaat barrage built at a cost of Rs 59 crore, Piparia reservoir canal lining at a cost of Rs 39 crore 10 lakh, modern bridge over Karra canal built on Rajnadgaon-Kawarda- Podi route built at a cost of Rs 13 crore 70 lakh, Karra-Kutelikurd-Padmavatipur road laid down at a cost of Rs 3 crore 96 lakh, Patharha-Kalegondhi road  laid down at a cost of Rs 2 crore 83 lakh.

Dr. Raman Singh gave away Prime Minister Housing Scheme sanction letters to 3763 beneficiaries, domestic gas connections to 600 women under the Prime Minister 'Ujjwala' project. He also gave away cycles to  2000 workers, safety equipment to 1500 workers, E-Rickshaws to five beneficiaries, Smart Cards to 13 thousand 478 families, Rs 53 lakh worth cheques to Women's Self-Help Groups.

Public works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat, MP Mr. Abhishek Singh, Janpad Panchayat Khairagarh Chairman Mr. Vikrant Singh and prominent personalities were also present.  

Lawan will be upgraded to Tehsil status: Dr. Raman Singh : Development of State is visible all over country: Chief Minister

Rs 206 crore worth works gifted to region 

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today said that the spectacular development of Chhattisgarh during the past 14 years is visible all over the country. He was addressing a massive public meeting at Lawan district Balodabazar-Batapara as a part of his State-wide 'Vikas Yatra'.  The massive turnout of the villagers, farmers and commoners indicates that they are willing partners in the progress of State. Efforts are being made to provide high-quality infrastructure -electricity, roads and drinking water in all the remote villages of the entire State. Dr. Raman Singh assured the large gathering that Lawan will be upgraded to Tehsil status soon.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh added that paddy bonus worth Rs 1700 crore will be distributed during 'Vikas Yatra' Crops' Insurance Scheme worth Rs 1, 140 crore will be given to farmers and Rs 568 crore as drought-relief. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had launched 'Ayuyshman Bharat' project to provide financial assistance to the patients. Heart, Liver and Kidney patients can avail of the medical coverage up to Rs 5 lakh.

Dr. Raman Singh said that 50 lakh citizens will be given smart phones free of cost in the next four months. He said that farmers can avail of the 'Flat Rate ' on electricity bills over and above 7, 500 units on more than one irrigation pumps. Subsidy of Rs One lakh on providing electricity connection to irrigation pump had been re-introduced for farmers. He added that new era of development had been taking place in the constituency of Assembly Speaker Mr. Gowrishankar Agrawal. After the formation of new district Balodabazar-Batapara in the year 2012 the pace of development had picked up momentum.

Chief Minister said that after the establishment of Collector's Office, District Hospital and other State Government offices people are having easy access to the facilities. No one could have imagined that the district would develop at such a rapid pace.

Mr. Gowrishankar Agrawal said that with the blessings of Chief minister the district is racing ahead in education, health, irrigation facilities, Navodaya school. MP Mrs. Kamladevi Patle was also present. Chief Minister dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan' of 86 development works worth Rs 206 crore. He dedicated 27 works worth Rs 98 crore. He laid the foundation stones of 59 works worth Rs 108 crore. Dr. Raman Singh distributed relief materials worth Rs 61 crore to 37 thousand 666 beneficiaries of several social-welfare schemes. He gave away Prime Minister Housing Project sanction letters to 2 thousand families. Food Minister Mr. Punnulal Mohale, MLA Mr. Sanam Jaangde, Zilla Panchayat Chairperson Mrs. Poonam Markandeya, Raipur Development Authority Chairman Mr. Sanjay Srivastav, former MP Mr. Bhushan Jaangde and prominent personalities were also present.

Dr. Raman Singh dedicated Tarashiv aniqut built at a cost of Rs 16 crore 60 lakh, canal lining and rejuvenation of Balar Reservoir at a cost of Rs 26 crore, Ludhudih-Parasvani canal bridge laid at a cost of Rs 11 crore 90 lakh,  bridges over Kosmasra canal on Sirpur-Baldakachar -Kasdol route and 'Nal-Jal' project at Gaboudh- Paravani. He also dedicated Amera-Purena-Khaprii road (Rs 7 crore 25 lakh), Livelihood College building built at a cost of Rs 3 crore 38 lakh at Balodabazar, Datan-Purena- Khapri- Kosmandi road laid at a cost of Rs 21 crore 82 lakh, high School building at Sarva built at a cost of Rs 73.73 lakh.

Chief Minister gave away relief materials to about 10 thousand beneficiaries of several social-welfare schemes. He gave away cycles to 3 thousand workers, 150 sewing machines, instruments to 2250 workers, safety equipment to 2250 workers, Rs 70 lakh to 350 families for Kanya Vivaah, Rs 15.50 lakh to accidents' victims' families, Rs 10.95 lakh to 219 meritorious students, domestic gas connections to 150 women under the Prime Minister 'Ujjwala' yojana. Electricity connections sanction letters to 90 beneficiaries under the Prime Minister 'Sahej Bijli' yojana and motorized tri-cycles to 35 disabled citizens.     

Commission issues guidelines for protection of child rights : Disclosing identity of children in media in cases of sexual harassment is prohibited

Chhattisgarh State Child Rights Protection Commission has issued guidelines for protection of child rights. These guidelines have been issued especially for media. In the context, Chairman of the Commission quoted Section-13 Child Rights Protection Act 2005 and said that under this section, Commission has the right to make recommendations for best interest of children and for effective protection of child rights. He informed that under Juvenile Act 2015 and Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act 2012, Commission has the right keep vigilance too.

Chairman of the Commission informed that under Section 2012 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act 2012, a proper procedure has been provisioned. As per this provision, no person is allowed to report anything, or comment on or invade privacy or malign reputation of any child without having proper or authenticated information in form of any kind of media or studio or photo related facilities. He informed that none of the reports released by media should include child's name, address, photo, family details, school, neighbourhood, or anything that might disclose identity of the child. However, competent special court may allow otherwise in certain sub-judice cases under this Act, if it considers it to be in interest of the child. Any person who violates these provisions would be subjected to imprisonment of not less than 6 months to one year and/or penalty. Chairman of the Commission informed that under Section-74 of Juvenile Act 2015 also, disclosure of child's identity in any kind of media is prohibited. And any person violating these provisions will be subjected to six months of imprisonment and/or penalty of upto Rs 2 lakh. For further details in the context, one may contact officers at Chhattisgarh Child Rights Protection Commission Office in Civil Lines Raipur on phone numbers- 0771-2420093 or 0771-2420094 or 0771-2420095, or on Commission's toll free number 1800-233-0055 or child helpline 1098.

Vikas Yatra 2018 : Chief Minister to inaugurate-lay foundation of construction works worth Rs 393 crore in Chhuikhadan on May 30 : Nearly 27 thousand families to get 'aabaadi patta'

More than 59 thousand beneficiaries to get goods and financial aid worth Rs 51 crore under various schemes

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh will inaugurate and lay foundation of construction works worth nearly Rs 391 crore in general assembly to be held in Chhuikhadan area of Rajnandgaon district on May 30. Dr Singh will inaugurate completed construction works worth nearly Rs 126 crore and lay foundation of works worth Rs 212 crore. Chief Minister will also distribute goods and cheques of financial aid worth nearly Rs 51 crore to 59 thousand 162 beneficiaries in the programme.

The works to be inaugurated by Dr Singh include Pradhanpath Barrage worth nearly Rs 59 crore, canal lining work of Pipariya water reservoir worth Rs 39 crore 10 lakh, high-level bridge on Karra Nala in Rajnandgaon-Kawardha-Podi Road worth Rs 13 crore 70 lakh, Padmavatipur road built via Korra-Kutelikhurd worth Rs three crore 96 lakh, Patharra-Kolegondi road worth Rs two crore 83 lakh. Chief Minister will lay foundation of Khairagarh bypass road worth nearly Rs 31 crore 16 lakh, high-level bridge on Chhuikhadan Bakarkatta and renewal work of Dauchaura Khairagarh Dhara road worth Rs 25 crore 95 lakh, Tingamali-Lakshna-Katema road worth Rs 10 crore 62 lakh.

Chief Minister to gift development works worth Rs 152 crore to Bemetara : Rs 155.86 crore Crops' insurance amount will be given to 71 thousand farmers

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will dedicate , lay foundation stones and perform 'bhoomipujan' of 52 development works worth Rs 152 crore 57 lakh at village Sambalpur district Bemetara on 31st May. This includes dedication of 24 development works worth Rs 91 crore 39 lakh and will lay the foundation stones of 28 development works worth Rs 61 crore 18 lakh. He will distribute Crops Insurance Scheme amount worth Rs 155 crore 86 lakh to about 70 thousand 934 farmers. He will also give away paddy bonus to farmers. He will also distribute 'abaadi pattas' (Population Lease) to one lakh 6 thousand 802 families. He will distribute domestic gas connections to one thousand women under the Prime Minister 'Ujjwala' scheme.

Dr. Raman Singh will also dedicate drinking water community project worth Rs 73 crore 11 lakh. It will supply drinking water to 54 villages. He will also dedicate electric sub-station (Rs 3 crore 56 lakh) at villages Kura and Chandanu, Nawagarh Community Health centre (Rs 2 crore 43 lakh), I.T.I. bhawan Nawagarh (Rs 2 crore seven lakh) Sambalpur mini-stadium built at a cost Rs  51 lakh, MGNREGA bhawan (Rs 31 lakh) Nagar Panchayat headquarter Maro District Co-Operative Bhawan (Rs 25 lakh) Sambalpur Atal Samarasta Bahawan (Rs 19 lakh).
Chief Minister will distribute one thousand cycles, sewing machines to 50 beneficiaries, safety equipment to 200 workers, 10 motorized tri-cycles, Rs 6 lakh subsidy amount to five farmers, 30 tablets to schools, Prime Minister Housing sanction letters to 10 beneficiaries, Skills up gradation certificates to 50 students, Smart Cards to 10  citizens, electronic chalk to five potters.   

Showers of presents bring relief from the scorching heat : Chief Minister inaugurates-lays foundation of construction works worth Rs 647 crore in three general assemblies

Paddy worth Rs 370 crore distributed to nearly 2.73 lakh farmers

On the fifth day of 'Navtapa' with mercury shooting up, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh showered gifts of facilities and development works on the land of Chhattisgarh for common people under Vikas Yatra. Despite the scorching heat around, thousands of farmers, labourers and common people enthusiastically turned up to attend the three general assemblies of Chief Minister. Chief Minister inaugurated, did bhumipujan and laid foundation of 148 works worth nearly Rs 647 crore 43 lakh in the general assemblies held in Bamhanidih of Janjgir-Champa, Chhal of Raigarh district and district headquarters. Dr Raman Singh transferred online paddy bonus worth nearly Rs 370 crore for paddy of previous kharif season to the bank accounts of two lakh 72 thousand 722 farmers of two districts- Janjgir-Champa and Raigarh by clicking on the button the laptop.

After the road show, Dr Raman Singh addressed the massive general assembly in the evening held in district headquarters Raigarh, saying that under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in last four year, the nation is developing at an accelerated pace and has gained recognition across the world. Dr Raman Singh yesterday addressed the general assemblies in held in block headquarters Bamhanidih (Janjgir-Champa district) and village Chhal (Raigarh District).  In his address to the general assembly of Raigarh, Chief Minister said-  it would not have been possible without blessings and support of public. This state-wide Vikas Yatra organized by state government is a big pilgrimage to take blessings of public. Objective of this journey is to ensure that people of even the last village of the state are benefitted by the schemes and development. About Kelo Irrigation Project of Raigarh district Chief Minister said that it has been built at the cost of Rs 900 crore. He said in the general assembly of Bamhinidih that Janjgir-Champa is the confluence point of sage culture, agriculture, and wide scope of industrial development. In the assembly of Chhal (Raigarh district), Chief Minister said- this Vikas Yatra has been started to redress the grievances of farmers and labourers.

In Bamhanidih, Chief Minister distributed paddy bonus worth Rs 200 crore  to one lakh 32 thousand farmers. He distributed paddy bonus worth Rs 96 crore to 96 thousand farmers at the general assembly of Chhal, and that of Rs 73 crore 79 lakh to 44 thousand 720 farmers of Raigarh. Moreover, Chief Minister also distributed 'aabaadi patta' to more than one lakh families in general assembly of Bamhanidih and Raigarh. This includes distribution of 'aabaadi patta' to 10 thousand 369 families in Bamhanidih and to 87 thousand families in Raigarh. Chief Minister distributed goods and subsidy cheques to 42 thousand 426 beneficiries under various government schemes. Yesterday, Chief Minister left from Saraipali (Mahasamund district) and reached Bamhanidih of Janjgir district via helicopter, where he addressed the general assembly and thereafter he went to Chhal (Raigarh district) via helicopter. After addressing the general assembly of Chhal, he reached Gharghoda and addressed the welcome programme there. There after he moved to Banjari and Gerwani in Vikas Rath, and after addressing the welcome programmes there, he reached district headquarters Raigarh, where people accorded tremendous welcome to hime in mega road show.

Chief Minister was accompanied by Union Minister of State for Steel Mr. Vishnudev Sai, PWD Minister Mr. Rajesh Moonat, Parliamentary Secretary Mrs. Suneeti Rathiya, MLA Sarangarh Mrs. Kerabai Manhar, Medicial Plant Board Chairman Mr. Rampratap Singh, Chhattisgarh Housing Board Chairmen Mr. Bhupendra Savanni, Jila Panchayat President Mr. Ajesh Purushottam Agrawal and Mayor Raigarh Municipal Corporation Madhubai and other public representatives and senior officials in the general assembly of Raigarh. In Chhal, Union Minister of State for Steel Mr. Vishnudev Sai, PWD Minister Mr. Rajesh Moonat and officials of many organizations and senior public representatives were present in the general assembly. In the programme held in Bamhanidih, Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Mr. Ajay Chandrakar, MP Mrs. Kamla Devi Patle, Parliamentary Secretary and Pamgarh MLA Mr. Ambesh Jangade, Sakti MLA Dr Khilawan Sahu, CGHB Chairman Mr. Bhupendra Savanni, Mr. Nirmal Sinha and officials of various organizations were present.

Chhattisgarh can not stop drinking water from Mahanadi: CM Dr Raman Singh

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has given a two-pronged statement on the Mahanadi water dispute. Talking to the media in Raigad on Tuesday, CM Dr. Singh said that no one can stop Chhattisgarh from taking Mahanadi's water. CM said that as soon as elections come, people raise issue of Mahanadi water dispute.

CM Dr Raman Singh reached Raigad in the foothills of the development trip of the state government. Here on Monday, the CM addressed the meeting. After this, today we talked openly about the Mahanadi water dispute in the media. Tell us about the matter of dispute between Chhattisgarh and the Odisha government regarding the Mahanadi waters, the day goes on.

It is worth mentioning that under the development trip, CM Dr. Singh is proposed to visit 65 of the 90 assembly seats in the state. So far he has visited 35 assembly constituencies. In a discussion with the media in Raigarh, the CM said that 12 lakh farmers will get the bonus.

Chief Minister unveils a statue of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya: unprecedented welcome to Chief Minister of Sagar Pali

During the Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh unveiled the statue of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, the leader of Integrated Humanism and famous thinker in Sagarpali. Addressing the public, Dr. Singh said, "Pandit Deendayal gave the principle of Antyodaya for socio-economic development. The government of the state and central government is working on their stated path and working for Antyodaya. The Chief Minister of Sonepat, in Balodabazar-Bhatapara district, reached the village of Sagarpali in Mahasamund district. Chief Minister received an unprecedented welcome at the square of Sagarpali. Women welcomed the Chief Minister with Hulhuli (Mangaldhwani). Speaker of the Assembly, Shri Gaurishankar Agarwal and Cooperative and Tourism Minister and in-charge of Mahasamund district Mr. Dayaladas Baghel was also present.

    Chief Minister Dr. Singh expressed his gratitude towards people present for the welcome and enthusiasm. He said that this visit, which took place on 12th day with blessings of Mother Danteshwari and Mahamaya, has reached Sarai Pali today. He said that sharing of bonuses to farmers is also the main objective of development tour. The bonus of Rs. 1700 crores is being distributed to the farmers of the state. Farmers of Mahasamund district get the highest bonus of about 165 crores in the entire state. He said that in order to get the poor out of hunger, we are giving rice at a rate of one rupee per kg. A smart card of up to Rs 50 thousand has been made for the treatment. Going beyond this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given free treatment facilities to the poor for five lakh rupees. Now to this extent, the poor family can treat serious illness seriously. They do not need to wander around here anymore.

     The Chief Minister said that now the grants will be given up to one lakh rupees for the empowerment of irrigation pumps on farmers' fields. The state government had banned it for some time. Apart from this, facility can also be provided on more than one pump on flat rate. Flat rate rules will also apply to power consumption of more than seven thousand 500 units. Public Works Minister Shri Rajesh Murat, Parliamentary Secretary and Basna MLA Mrs Roopkumari Chaudhary, MLA Sarai Pali Shri Ramlal Chauhan, CREDA President Mr. Purandar Mishra were also present on this occasion.

Vikas Trip 2018: Chief Minister inaugurates 53 development works of about 266 crores done in Saraypali's General Meeting - Bhumi Pujan

132/33 KV in Dudhiipali Power stations including Kolpadar, Acholi, Patiyasar
33/11 KV Release of Power Sub Centers of Capacity
Construction of Rail Overbridge at Mahasamud for Rs 71.82 crores

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh handed over 53 different construction works at the cost of approximately 265 crore 80 lakh rupees in the general assembly held in Saraypalali of Mahasamund district during the state wide development tour. They laid foundation stone of 35 construction works completed at a cost of 118 crores and laid the foundation for 18 construction works of Rs 148 crores. In the program, the Chief Minister distributed checks and assistance amount of about 16.77 million rupees to the one lakh 18 thousand beneficiaries under different schemes of the government. Dr. Singh distributed paddy bonus of 90 thousand 917 farmers, paddy bonus of 165 crore 11 lakh rupees and amount of 19 lakh 79 thousand rupees as crop compensation amount and distributed population lease to 8 thousand 187 families to 12 thousand 34 farmers.

The construction work which was inaugurated by the Chief Minister in the General Assembly, 132/33 KV built at a cost of Rs.17 crore 31 lakh in village Dudhapali. Power sub-center of capacity, Village Kalpadar at the cost of Rs. 4 crores 49 lacs, and the newly constructed sub-centers of 33/11 KV capacity in village Pittijar. The Chief Minister constructed these high-level bridges constructed on the dry river of Hatkhoj-Chingraud road of Rajim at a cost of Rs.101 million with the cost of Rs.10.15 million and the Murhiadhova Nala of Pithora-Bagbahara-Komakhan-Chhara-Griyaband road High level bridges on dry drain, a high level bridge on river Baudhya from Mamradideh to Chadhi road at a cost of 9.59 million rupees, Karmu in Basana at a cost of Rs. 9.00km long road to Kapasakhuta, Water supply scheme at Birkoni at a cost of Rs.65.55 million, Chandi temple road 3.19 km from Bagbahra (Tendulotha) at a cost of Rs. 7 crore 24 lakh, costing Rs. 3 crore 16 lakhs Bridge on Joratrai Nala of Jorhatrai-Raital Marg, Anicata built in Kosrangi at a cost of Rs. 2.55 million, bridge on Sister Nala of village Khaira-Parasolal road at a cost of Rs. 2 crores 53 lacs, Rs. 77 lacs Multi-special special school part in Mahasamund Vikaskhand, costing Rs 2, 66 lakhs, soil testing center at village Labhara Khurd, road from village Drreepali to Madhuban, seven villages, village Kurchundi, Bichia, Chimarkel He inaugurated the supply of Naljal feeding schemes built at a cost of Rs.

Dr. Singh spent a huge bridge on the Jamdarah Nala at Purvottampur road, Chandkhuri-Bijra-Bhabha Marg at a cost of Rs 11.45 crore, Jagadishpur to Jiradbari road, and Kodopali road upgradation work from Baradoli, worth 26 million, The cost of rupees on the Katagi drains from the Jigari to the Tihagali road, the massive bridge in the road, built at a cost of about 6 crores 53 lakh rupees in the Jamari Pandariapani Marg in Saraipali Dedicated Kokdi Dmodrha route.

        In the construction work of Dr. Singh, the cost of Rs 71.82 crore was constructed at Mahasamund, a railway over bridge, Rs.33.44 crore from the flickering up to the Jhamari-Sajapali road up gradation work, about 16 in Mahasamund Eklavya Adarsh ​​Housing School, built at the cost of Rs., Rs. 56 lakhs, Tehsil office building Pithora, costing Rs.17.7 million, Kadua-Mohanmura rot Construction of roads, construction of roads up to Banerjee road from Balasi to Bhanpurpur road, costing Rs.15.5 million, construction of road construction from Semilia to Kundapali Bhothia at a cost of Rs. Bridge at Kakenuchua road from Limavuguda with a cost of 13 million rupees, road construction from Charbha to Kalenda at a cost of Rs.67 million, Dholam to Dholam Road construction works upto Rs.45.25 crore, construction of Dularpali road from Jhamari with a bridge bridge, Naljal feeding scheme in village Bhoothia at a cost of 30 lakh rupees, and foundation stone of Naljal feeding scheme in village Durgapali at a cost of Rs. 18 lakhs. Done

Vikas Yatra: Those who oppose development also get benefit of development schemes: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister approves construction work of more than 475 crores for the public in three giant ambitious meetings
Hot springs were also crowded by the crowds.
Chief Minister reception and congratulations
Paddy bonus of 208 crores to 1.35 lakh farmers
Three big announcements in the interest of farmers

The convoy of State-wide Vikas Yatra under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh continued to be continuously in the flaming sunlight of Nawanta today. In the thunder of the hot wind throughout the day, the number of thousands of people was rising for the Chief Minister's reception. In his stormy tour of the day, he addressed huge gatherings in various places in different places in Pandharia of Kabirdham district, Bhatgaon District of Baladabazar and District Mahasamund and in different places. He said that the government's development works and schemes are managed by everyone. Those who oppose development also get the benefit of development works and schemes. Paddy's Bonus, Tentadweep's Bonus, Health Insurance Facility etc. are for everyone. Therefore, no one should oppose development, rather it should try to get the benefits of development schemes to everyone.

    He said - With everybody in the spirit of development, everyone is progressing fast in every field of the state. There is no hunger now in Chhattisgarh. Under the health insurance scheme, about 98 percent of the families have become smart card, which is getting annual treatment upto 50 thousand rupees. The poor are being given rice in one rupee forts. That's the development. Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, about 37 lakh poor families of Chhattisgarh will get health insurance protection and they will get assistance of Rs five lakh for treatment of serious diseases like heart disease, cancer, kidney and liver. This is the country and the world's largest health insurance scheme. State Government is going to provide free smart phones to 50 lakh families under the Communication Revolution scheme.

     In the three general meetings, 325 works of more than Rs. 475 crores were released by the Chief Minister, Bhumi Pujan and Shilanyas. The Chief Minister arrived at Pandharpur by helicopter from Raipur at around 11.30 pm, and after Bharatgaon there, he went to Bhatgaon. Dr. Singh addressed the public at the reception after reaching Sarasinwa in Balodabazar district after riding in the development chariot after Bhatgaon's General Meeting. Dr. Singh arrived in the evening to the Tehsil headquarters, Saraipali, situated on the border of Odisha, while addressing the receptions of Village Lumber and Sagar Pali in Mahasamund district.

    In all three meetings, he made three big announcements in the interest of millions of farmers in the state. Dr. Singh said that under the Junk Jyoti Jyoti Yojana, irrigation pump holders are currently getting 7500 units of electricity annually on a single irrigation pump for five horse power. Now they will get the facility of payment in flat rates on more than 7500 units of consumption. So far, the farmers had to pay a little more for this, but now they will get a lot of relief if they get the facility of flat rate. He also said that in case of more than one Irrigation Pump Connection and on five pumps more than Horsepower, the facility of payment in flat rate will also be available. This decision will be implemented from today. Dr. Singh also said that the State Government has started the facility of grant up to one lakh rupees for irrigation pump connections from today. The public welcomed the announcements of the Chief Minister with a trickle

    The Chief Minister said that the development tour is a journey to give public accountability to the Janardan government. He also once again called the pilgrimage to seek blessings from the people. Dr. Singh said that - In the entire development trip, the opening of the works of more than 30 thousand crore more in the state is being done, Bhumi Pujan and Shilanyas. The bonus of Rs.1700 crores is being given online to more than 1.2 million farmers. Tendupta workers get a bonus of 700 crores. Population leases are also being given to about 12 lakh 50 thousand families. Under the Ujjwala scheme, so far, more than 19 lakh poor families have got LPG connections in the state.

Dr. Singh forefathers reached Pandharpur in the Kabirdham district, about 11.30 pm by the helicopter from the capital Raipur, where he handed over the work to the public in the 242 construction works of 115 crore 53 lakh rupees. He inaugurated 200 construction works of Rs. 31 crore 13 lakh and laid foundation stones of 42 construction works of 84 crore 40 lakh rupees. After this Dr. Singh came to Bhatgaon in Balodebazar-Bhatapara district, where he inaugurated 30 construction works of around Rs. 104 crore and laid foundation stones. In this, ten construction works worth Rs 54 crores of 17 lakhs were inaugurated and the land masses of 20 new works of Rs 49 crores 69 lakhs were made.

    Dr. Singh handed over 53 construction works of about Rs. 266 crores to the people of Mahasamund district in the general election of Sarai Pali. Out of these, he inaugurated 35 completed works of 118 crore rupees and laid foundation stones of 18 new approved works of 148 crore rupees. Dr. Singh distributed paddy bonus of approximately 208 crores to the one hundred and 35 thousand farmers in Pandharas and Sarai Pali's general meetings online. Out of these, Pandya's Amjha Sabha got 45 thousand farmers Rs 42 crore 70 lakhs and 9 lakh farmers got a bonus of about 165 crore 11 lakhs in Sarai Pali assembly. The Chief Minister click on the laptop to deposit this bonus amount directly into the bank accounts of the farmers. In all the three general meetings, the Chief Minister distributed thousands of land lease to the villagers in the number of thousands, while the women of hundreds of poor families also got LPG connections under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme.

    In the Pandariya meeting, the minister in charge of the Pandar and Minister of Forests Shri Mahesh Gagra, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh, Parliamentary Secretary Shri Motiram Chandra Vanshi, Kawardha MLA Shri Ashok Sahu, District Panchayat Kawardha President Shri Santosh Patel, President of Janpad Panchayat Pindariya Smt. Madhu Mahendra Many public representatives including Verma and a large number of villagers were present. Assembly Speaker Shri Gauri Shankar Agarwal, Food Minister and in charge of the district Mr. Punnulal Mohle, Public Works, Minister of Housing and Environment, Mr. Rajesh Murat, MLA and Chhattisgarh State Scheduled Caste Development Vice President Dr. Sanam Jangde, MLA Mr. Shivaratan Sharma, Lok Sabha MP Mrs. Kamla Devi Patale and President of Chhattisgarh State Animal Husbandry and Plant Board Mr. Ram Several public representatives including Pratap Singh were present in the program. Assembly Speaker Mr. Gaurishankar Agarwal, Public Works Minister, Mr. Rajesh Murat, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Cooperation Mr. Dayaladas Baghel, Parliamentary Secretary and MLA Basna Mrs Roopkumari Chaudhary, MLA Sarai Pali Shri Ramlal Chauhan, MLA Bhatapara Shri Shivtaran Sharma, MLA Khallari Shri Chunnilal Sahu and MLA Mahasamund Dr. Vimal Chopra The office bearers were present.

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