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Constituted Standing Committee for Legislative Assembly General Election 2018

Surajpur 05 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Deveshnapati has said that the Standing Committee for constitution of general assembly elections 2018 has to be constituted, in respect of which the Standing Committee has been constituted in accordance with the directions of the Election Commission of India. Returning Officer Assembly constituency 04-Premnagar / 05-Bhatgaon / 06-Pratappur, Assistant Returning Officer Assembly Area-04-Premnagar / 05-Bhatgaon / 06-Pratappur, Superintendent of Police District Surajpur, Additional Superintendent of Police, District Surajpur, Sub-Divisional Officer (PU) All District Surajpur, Sub-Divisional Officer and Magistrate Surajpur / Bhayyathan / Pratappur, Nodal Officer Model Code of Conduct (MCC), Nodal Officer Midi Security Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC), the nodal officer election expenditure monitoring (Iim), District Information Officer, Public Relations Officer, the Chairman of the District Excise Officer and all recognized political parties were included district Surajpur. All members of the said Standing Committee will be mandatory to be present in the said meeting on receipt of instructions for the meeting held in connection with the forthcoming Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018.

Application for Gram Panchayat Secretary till October 15

Surajpur 05 October 2018 / According to information received from Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, in the direction of Collector, Shri KC Deesanapathy, according to the information received from Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, District Panchayat, in the village panchayats of Surajpur district, the original residents of Surajpur District having the prescribed qualifications and qualifications Application from October 15, 2018, to the working time 05.30 pm, through Speed ​​Post / Registered Post Ntrit have been. Received applications will not be accepted after the due date. For more information, notice board of the office of the district panchayat and the notice board of the website of www.surajpur.gov.in can be reviewed.


District Public Relations Office Surajpur District- Surajpur Chhattisgarh News Constituency Monitoring Team constituted for the Legislative Assembly General Election 2018

Surajpur 05 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.D. Devsanapati said that the Flying party team has been constituted in the Legislative Assembly area under the Election Expenditure Monitoring for the Legislative Assembly elections 2018. In which the officer-in-charge executive magistrate and police personnel will monitor their respective sectors and polling stations.


Voter mass awareness campaign released under "Vibrant voting" theme under Voter Awareness Campaign

Surajpur: According to the directive of the State Election Commission, and under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.D. Devasanapati today, for the wider publicity campaign of voter mass awareness campaign under "Vibrant voting" theme under Voter Awareness Campaign. In order to encourage voters to use their franchise through Divyang and third gender icon Wyong Shri God Yadav Divyaang Vidhan Sabha Bhatgaon, Divyaang Vidhan Sabha Pratappur and Divyang Shri Baban Ram Vidhan Sabha Premanagar and as the third gender icon, Kajal district as Surajpur branded as Brand Ambassador and Shalu as a member, Sweep in entire assembly areas under Surajpur The campaign for dissemination of voter mass awareness campaign is being done.

Instructions regarding Model Code of Conduct for Assembly Elections 2018

Surajpur 04 Oct1018 / According to the information received from the Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Shri KP Singh, in the direction of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Deesanapati, the letter no. 509/241 / ECI / LET / FUNC / RCC / 2011 of the Chief Election Commission. During the election campaign during the election code of conduct as per the directive dated April 20, 2018, going home-to-contact, SMS, Whatsapp, Tel and L Evaporates night speaker use, etc. is mentioned to be banned from 07 pm until morning 08 o'clock. In the context of the order passed by the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India has amended the para-02 (para -02) dated 05 September 2018, as mentioned in the above reference letter, that "during the 6th Model Code of Conduct, during the election campaign house Use of contact, SMS, WhatsApp, telephone and loud speaker etc. will be restricted from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM so that the common citizen According to the above said information should be brought to the notice of the concerned state-level political parties and all registered parties with respect to the information related to the information related to the election as above and to promote the spread of the district in all its respective districts. It is important to note that the Model Code of Conduct applies to the state The above command will automatically take effect.

General Meeting of General Assembly and General Administration Committee of District Panchayat on 06th October

Surajpur 04 October 2018 / In the direction of the Collector Shri KC Deesanapati, according to the information received from Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, the meeting of the District Panchayat General Assembly was adjourned on September 19, 2018, which was held on October 06, 2018 General Meeting from 01 am and General Administration Committee meeting from 3 pm onwards, under the chairmanship of District Panchayat President Shri Ashok Jagte. District went held in the lobby of the Panchayat Surajpur. All concerned have been asked to attend the meeting essentially.

Division of work between deputy collector

Surajpur 04 Oct1018 / Collector Shri K. Deveshnapati said that due to the posting of deputy collector Shri Waheedrahman, the work has been divided till the next order. District Police Inspector, District Collectorate, Land Records and Population Survey of the District Collectorate, District e-Governance Society, Archeology Tourism and Culture Branch and other work assigned to the Deputy Collector, Mr. Ravi Singh, and Deputy Collector Mr. Waheedrahman. , Small savings branch, grow more food, branch of twenty-point branch, national child labor project, women commission / cow commissioner / minority Commission / Scheduled Castes, Tribe and Backward Classes Commission / Youth Welfare Commission / Human Rights Commission / Dharmas Commission, Nodal Officer, BRICS, Scouts and Guides, Sixth Child Welfare Council, District Soldier Welfare Board, Audit and Inspection Report, Environment Branch, Documents Verification, Nuptial Branch, Inward / Outward Branch, Audit and Inspection, Assistant (Revenue / General), Revenue Accounts Branch, Home Guards, Sports and Youth Welfare, Urban Development Agency, Right to Information Act, Right to Information Act, Appellate Authority, Senior Clerical Branch, District Hospitality Officer, Land Acquisition Branch, Judicial Branch, Arms License Branch, Department of Relief and Disaster Management, District Nazrar Branch, Neighborhood Lease Renewal, Government House Allocation related work, freight control officer, marriage registration officer (entire district Surajpur), issue of successor certificate, public service c Daily Police Report, all work relating to the Runtime Act, Employee Welfare / Counseling Committee, English Record Cells, Revenue Records Cell, Chief Replicator Branch, Janadarshan Branch, Complaint Branch, Old Age Complex, Life Deep Committee / Patient Welfare Committee, Third and Fourth Class employees Work relating to pension cases of third and fourth grade employees, road accident Other tasks on the fund and from time to time has been split. Deputy Commissioner of the Deputy Collector, Shri Ravi Singh, Mr. Wahidur Rahman and Deputy Collector, Mr. Waheedrahman will be the Deputy Commissioner of Link Offices Mr. Ravi Singh.

55/5000 nagarapaalika soorajapur ne chalaaya abhiyaan ‘‘svachchhata hee seva‘‘ Nagarpalika Surajpur launched the campaign "Cleanliness Service"

Surajpur 03 October 2018 / - Under the guidance of Collector Shri K. C. Deveshapati, various programs were organized in the municipal council, Surajpur under the sanitation service, from 15 September 2018 to 02 October 2018, under the leadership of Municipal Officer Ghanshyam Sharma, under which Cleanliness campaign in all areas of the city, cleanliness based rally in schools, essay, painting, quiz and matal competitions Education, sanitation related wall has organized painting and sanitation oath. At the same time, organizing different types of events in scheduled dates in the program were made aware of the citizens through the IEC video in Ward Krr 10-10 Mangal Bhawan. During the program, on October 03, the school, performing best in the meeting room of the office, was honored with Best Performing School and students wishing for a bright future by distributing prizes to the first, second, third and fourths. Speaking on the occasion, Thaleshwar Sahu, Napa Vice President, Ajay Agarwal and Mukesh Garg addressed the students about cleanliness and said that your service is our success, with the help of all you can make the town clean. In this program self SLRM by the help group women The center and composting shed model was also prepared. In the above program, self Help women were provided cleanliness pests. This program was attended by Nodal Officer Archana Gupta, Monika Prasad, Alok Chakradhar, S.N. Rajwada, Deepak Awasthi, Naveen Dubey, Vikas Shukla, Nilesh Chandra, Rahul Singh, Ramchandra, Shamasad Khan, etc. were present.

The chariot flagged off for the treatment of leucocytic anesthesia and for the diagnosis of leprosy

Surajpur 03 October 2018 / In the direction of Collector Mr. K. C. Deveshnapati, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. S.P. Vishwas has informed that under the National Leprosy Eradication Program, prevention of Leprosy Disease In all the development blocks of the district, from 02 October to 16 October 2018. During this campaign, people with potentially leprosy patients will be identified with immediate identification and by knocking on door-to-door through the Panjian Mitanin and the male health coordinators. In this district 832 groups have been formed for this campaign. The work of the survey will detect suspected patients. For the widespread publicity of this program, flagged off the health chariot with Civil Surgeon, Superintendent of Police, Dr. Shashi Tirkey, Dr. Nodal Officer-Late Ajay Marakam, by Dr. Anand Mohan Tripathi.

Launch of 18th state level school cricket competition 2018

Surajpur 03 Oct2018 / 18th state level school cricket competition in 2018 under the chairmanship of Sarguja MP Shri Kamal Bhan Singh was inaugurated at the Stadium Ground Surajpur. On this occasion, former MLA Premnagar, Smt. Renuka Singh Bhatgaon, Smt. Rajani Tripathi, Municipal President Thaleshwar Sahu, Vice President Ajay Agarwal, President of APEX Bank Mr. Ajay Goyal, Additional Superintendent of Police Smt. Megha Tembhurkar, Deputy Collector Mr. Ravi Singh were present on the occasion.
Shri Kamal Bhan Singh, Parliamentarian, said on the occasion of the launch of the 18th state level school tennis competition, that for the first time in the district, there was an opportunity to organize state level sports competition, under which all the players would be given a good opportunity in the field of sports. He said that sports and education are each other's aspect, along with studies, sports is also important. Nagar Palika Chhane Thaleshwar Sahu in his remark said that the district has got the opportunity to organize state-level school cricket competition. In order to promote the lack of importance of cricket, this competition will prove to be milestone for the district. Mr. Ajay Agarwal, President, Apex Bank, greeted the school students on the occasion of the launch of the 18th State State Level Tennis Cricket Championship. The sports competition is essential for all round development. In the program, former MLA Premnagar Smt. Renuka Singh said in his note that sports have a very important contribution in the form of healthy living, the game develops in the intellectual and physical abilities of the children. Former MLA Bhatgaon Area Mrs. Rajni Tripathi informed in her remark that the important role of the game is to maintain the life of this game and this type of competition is organized to connect all the classes of the district with the game.
The team of 10 teams, Bastar, Bilaspur, Durg Jashpur, Raipur, Kanker, Kadigao, Sariguza, Korea, Kabirdham are participating in this competition organized in the district. Competition was started legally by the participants from the participants participating in the competition, with a March Pasta salute from the guests. On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, the students of Kasturba Gandhi Residential School Surajpur, Glories Higher Secondary School, Holinur Public School, Kanya Education Campus Navapara presented the welcome song. The ball was raised by the main guest by the balloon and the message of peace was given to the players and the game sworn state level player Fuleshwari Rajwade. The 10 teams participating in the competition were honored with a memento and a sports brochure. Kasturba Gandhi Residential School Surajpur, Galeries Higher Secondary School, Holinur Public School, Kanya Education Complex, Nawapara, which presented cultural program was honored. This competition will begin on October 03, 2018, on October 06, 2018. The welcome report was submitted by the District Education Officer, Mr. Rajesh Singh.
On this occasion, Mr. Mukesh Garg, Mr. Shashi Garg, Mr. Durga Shankar Jaiswal, Assistant Commissioner Dr. Lalit Shukla and other people's representatives, prints and electronic media representatives and sports lovers were present in large numbers.

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