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Chhattisgarh elections: BJP 89, Congress 72, alliance opened 76 seats

For the 90-seat Chhattisgarh assembly, elections are going to be held in two phases. In the first phase, voting will be held on November 12 for the Naxal-affected 18 seats and for the 72 seats in the second phase on November 20.

The assembly elections in Chhattisgarh are at its peak. Political parties are showing seriousness about the announcement of the first drill of elections. For the 90-seat Chhattisgarh assembly, elections are going to be held in two phases. In the first phase, voting will be held on November 12 for the Naxal-affected 18 seats and for the 72 seats in the second phase on November 20. After this, the results will be announced on December 11.

The nomination process for the first phase is completed. A total of 192 candidates are in the fray for 18 seats. The process for nomination of candidates for the second phase is in progress. After the nomination on November 2 and the withdrawal process on November 5, the status of the candidates will be clear. In the current situation, BJP has declared candidates for 89 seats, Congress 72 and Jogi-Mayawati-CPI combine has won 76 seats.

The BJP has not announced the candidacy of only one seat in Raipur North. It is being told that the party is having difficulty in celebrating one of the two main divaters. Therefore, this seat has not been announced. Currently, Shreekhand Sundari of BJP is the MLA from this seat. After declaration of almost all the seats by the BJP, the Congress can now declare the candidacy of candidates in 18 seats remaining. According to the information received, the Congress has not declared candidates in these seats in the waiting list of caste equations and BJP.

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Significantly, this time in addition to BJP, Congress and alliance in the state this time, Aam Aadmi Party has also fielded candidates for all 90 assembly seats. Apart from this, Gondwana Gadatrata Party, SP, JDU, Swabhiman Manch, CPIM and other regional parties are also in the electoral fray from different seats. Explain that out of the total 90 seats in Chhattisgarh, 31 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes, 10 Scheduled Castes Classes.

Second list released by BJP for Chhattisgarh assembly elections

The BJP has released its second list for Chhattisgarh assembly elections. With this list, BJP announced the names of its candidates for 89 seats for the 90-seat assembly. The candidate from Raipur North has not been announced yet.

Chhattisgarh assembly elections are coming closer as soon as the churning is going on, the churning is increasing in the elections of candidates between all the parties. BJP has released the second list of candidates for Chhattisgarh assembly elections.

Vijay Pratap Singh from Prem Nagar, Ramkishun Singh from Ramanujganj, Kashi Sahu from Kota, Kailash Sahu from Jajapur, Shyam Tandi from Sarai Pali, DC Patel from Basna, Poonam Chandrakar from Mahasamund, Keshu Dhurandhar from Balamadabazar, Pawan Sahu from Sanjari Balod, Pawan Sahu from Gundardehi Deepak Sahu, Vaishali has been given ticket to Vidyartan Bhasin. With this list, BJP has declared the names of its candidates in 89 seats in the 90-seat assembly. No candidate has been announced yet for the Raipur North Assembly seat.

Road accident in Saraipali area, people returning after visiting Goddess, clash with truck, 10 killed

Sarayapali: A news of a painful accident occurred on Wednesday 17th October in Nuapada from Odisha border in Saraipali. According to the latest news, last night, when Scorpio returned from a scorpio van in Orissa's Goddess Devi Temple, scorpio got directly from a truck. Ten people aboard a car in a painful accident died on the spot. Among the dead, BJP's Sakra Divisional President Surjit Singh, besides Meghnad Nishad, Mukesh Agarwal, Ghanshyam Netam, Duleeshwari Nishad, Meena and Dinesh Dudsena, his wife and son of the same family are included. In this accident, 5 people of Baldidih of Mahasamund district, 4 of Sankra and 1 in Ansula had reached the spot after the incident of the police incident. Let me tell you that such an accident happened on Sunday, where a vehicle named Dongargarh mother Bamleshwari The people who returned after seeing the car was hit by the truck. In this accident 10 people died, all were residents of Bhilai

A big setback for the Congress in Chhattisgarh, the party's executive president joined in BJP

Ramdayal Uike has been a MLA four times. Ajit Jogi had included him in the Congress from the BJP in the year 2000. Then he left the Marwahi seat for Jogi in 2000. Now speculation is being made that he can again contest from Marwarhi seat.

In Chhattisgarh, a month before the assembly elections, the Congress has suffered a major setback. Congress leader and Palitakkhar MLA Ramdial Uike has joined the BJP. Ramdial Uike got the party's membership in the presence of BJP national president Amit Shah.

Prior to joining BJP, Ramdeal was the executive president of Uike's state Congress. In such a case, it is a big setback for the Congress. Significantly, BJP national president Amit Shah is in Chhattisgarh on a two-day tour. During this time, he addressed the workers on Friday. The news came Saturday morning that Amit Shah is holding a secret meeting at a private hotel in Bilaspur. Then a press conference was convened in which Ramdial Uike joined the BJP in front of Chief Minister Raman Singh.

Tell you that Ramdeol Uike has been MLA for 4 times. Ajit Jogi had included him in the Congress from the BJP in the year 2000. He left the Marwahi seat for Ajit Jogi in 2000. Now after joining the BJP again, it is being speculated that he can fight again on the BJP ticket from Marwahi.

After joining the BJP, Ramdial Uike has once again come to the headlines. In 2000, when he was in favor of the Congress due to Ajit Jogi, 12 MLAs along with him also joined the party. Now 17 years later, Ramdial Uike has joined the BJP again. Ramdayal Uike, the first leader of the state to join the BJP, is the executive president of the Congress.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Railway Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal inaugurated the Korba-Raipur Hassade Express at a function held in Kavardha, headquarter this afternoon.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Railway Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal inaugurated the Korba-Raipur Hassade Express in a function organized at Kavardha, headquarter of Kabirdham district this afternoon. He flagged the Hasede Express via video conferencing. Korba-Raipur Hasdev Express left for Korba railway station for Raipur. On this occasion, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Urban Administration Shri Amar Agarwal, Forest and Law Minister Mr. Mahesh Gagra, Lok Sabha MP Rajnandgaon Mr. Abhishek Singh, Parliamentary Secretary and MLA of Pandaria Shri Motiram Chandra Vanshi, MLA of Kawardha Mr. Ashok Sahu and Dongargarh MLA Smt. Sarojini Banjare, President of Chhattisgarh State Backward Classes Commission, Dr. Syarram Sahu, among many public representatives and citizens. Were present in the numbers.


Raipur: Important decisions taken in the Council of Ministers meeting

The cabinet meeting was held in his residence here under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, in which decisions were made as follows: -

 The new definition of family has been replaced by the deletion of the definition of the affected family mentioned in the Model Rehabilitation Policy 2007 of the State of Chhattisgarh. Under this, the affected family shall include a married couple, if no affected person, his wife or husband, and dependent children, dependent mother, father, widow sister or unmarried daughter, unmarried daughter, on the affected person. It is notable that in the earlier definition the family did not include a married daughter.
Chhattisgarh Disinvestment Finance and Development Corporation was decided to provide discount of 0.5 per cent security deposit for the sanctioned amount of Rs 36 crore sanctioned by the state government.
The notification issued for the reduction in the rate of VAT on diesel and petrol was approved.
In the meeting of the Cabinet, the new Chhattisgarh 2025-Atal Vision letter was approved. On this occasion, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that this vision letter is not about the ideology of any party or any other person, but this vision letter is a symbol of the aspirations and dreams of residents of Chhattisgarh. This vision letter will remind us of our duties and promises, which we all are determined to fulfill. This vision letter is a decisive step, which will be a smart, powerful, prosperous, green and happy state by 2025, by forming the foundation. He said that like the new Chhattisgarh Dhruv star, we will always keep going on the right track and motivating for the right decisions. There are no parties in the government, no one will be the chief minister, this vision letter will remain unchanged. This vision letter has the potential to give our state more direction and I have full faith that we will always be trying to make Chhattisgarhi a Chhattisgarh of our dreams. He said that my dream is that Chhattisgarh becomes a state where there is economic, educational, gender and social equality, where everyone has a roof over their head, poverty and illiteracy should be mentioned only in books, where children and girls of Be on high positions like collector, doctor and serve the country and the state.
   It is worth mentioning that on 5th September, on the 5th of the Atal Vikas Yatra, there was a start with the blessings of Ma Bambleshwari in Dongargarh. During this visit, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh met the people of every section and every caste of society and learned from them about his views and his aspirations for the new Chhattisgarh. Discussed with the small group of people like teachers, players, artisans, farmers, youth, women and tribals, took their views. Apart from this, suggestions were also made from websites, missed calls, whotsups, twitter and facebook books. The Cabinet members also took opinions from the general public about the new Chhattisgarh. Several useful suggestions were received in the past month, which were included in the new Chhattisgarh 2025 vision letter.

State government will give Rs 2 / - rupees for petrol price: Dr. Raman Singh: CM announces in Rajnandgaon: inauguration of community building in Chikhli

Fundraising for community building construction of many societies

In the Rajnandgaon, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today announced the state government a rebate of rupees two rupees per liter in the price of petrol. While addressing the people on the occasion of the inauguration of the community building at Chikhli in Rajnandgaon, he said that the central government has announced a rebate of rupees two rupees per liter in the price of petrol today. The state government will also give a discount of 2.5 rupees. In this way, from 12 o'clock tonight, you will find people getting cheaper by Rs 5 per liter.

    The Chief Minister inaugurated a community building built at a cost of Rs 50 lakh in Chikhali during his one day Rajnandgaon migration. Addressing the local people, he said that due to the formation of this community building in this area, labor will be very helpful in organizing family and social work of happiness and misery. They will be given a nominal rent for this building. The people of the surrounding six wards will get the benefit of this building. The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone of a garden constructed at a cost of Rs 30 lakh in front of the community building. He said that I had not imagined that such a building and garden would be built at this place and any gathering here would be organized here. The Chief Minister said that the planned development of the city of Rajnandgaon is being done and necessary infrastructures are being provided here. In this connection, today the city has got many blessings. Rajnandgaon MP Shri Abhishek Singh and Mayor Mr. Madhusudan Yadav also addressed the gathering.

    The Chief Minister inaugurated the construction work of a total of Rs. 3 crore 90 lakhs in Chikhli. It includes construction of the night shelter for urban homeless under the National Urban Livelihood Mission, community building construction in Ward number 48, construction of Manglik Bhawan Complex, Amrit Phulwari, Gaurav Path and garden construction. He also laid foundation stones for 8 construction works, which cost at a cost of 18 million rupees. This includes the construction of community buildings of Mathilkshatriya, Swarnakara, Sarv Yadav Samaj, Yadav Samaj, Manikpuri-Panika, Dhankar (Gadariya) and Nirmalkar-Dhobi society.

    On this occasion, Mr. Thokchand Parakh, Vice Chairman, Implementation Committee, Twenty-Point Program, Mr. Ramji Bharati, President of Scheduled Castes Commission, Mrs. Sarojini Banjare, MLA of Dongargarh, President of State Social Welfare Board, Smt. Shobha Soni, President of State Warehousing Corporation Mr. Neelu Sharma, President of Urdu Academy Mr. Akram Qureshi, former MP Shri Ashok Sharma and Mr. Pradeep Gandhi, Citizen Central Corporation Former Chairman leelaaraam Bhojwani, district president of the Co-operative Central Bank Mr. Sachin Baghel, Escheatment Property Chairman Ramesh Patel, palladium division commissioner Shri Dilip Vasanikr collector attended civilians Mr Bhim Singh and a large number.

Chief Minister inaugurated Digvijay stadium: I did not imagine that such a beautiful stadium would be built: Dr. Raman Singh: Athletic track will be made at the stadium

In the evening, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated the Digvijay Stadium in Rajnandgaon with a new cost of Rs 54 crore. On this occasion, he said, "When the land was being used in the Digvijay Stadium, at that time it was not such a thought that such a beautiful stadium would be made. Now it looks great on seeing this grand stadium. He praised the Public Works Minister, Mr. Rajesh Murat and the officials of the department for the construction of this stadium.

    On the occasion, the Chief Minister announced the construction of athletic track in the stadium. He said that making synthetic athletic track would create a good atmosphere in athletics here. He said that it is a beautiful stadium that will create a nice atmosphere for indoor and outdoor sports of all types.

    In-charge Minister Murthy said in his speech that when the Chief Minister was observing the stadium complex then I was remembering the time when he did Bhumi Pujan. Since then, this grand stadium of Rs. 54 crores has been prepared with hard labor of 21 months. It was a picnic atmosphere yesterday evening. The presence of at least seven to eight hundred families was here. It was a celebration atmosphere. There was already a lot of enthusiasm from the Selphis in Facebook and Twitter.

    MP Abhishek Singh said that this grand stadium has been prepared today. The whole city is praying to the Chief Minister for this. This will create a much better atmosphere here for the game. On this occasion, the Mayor Mr. Madhusudan Yadav said that the Chief Minister of Medical College and Stadium, which has given him today, will be unforgettable for the people of Rajnandgaon. On this occasion, the delegation of Rajnandgaon, organized by Shivganga Maharaati, presented a memento to Chief Minister Dr. Singh and Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh. Shivganga Mahatra has been started by this committee to connect the people for the protection and promotion of the longest Shivnath river in the state.

    On this occasion, the Vice Chairman of the 20 Point Program Implementation Committee, Mr. Thokchand Parakh, MLA of Dongargarh, Mrs. Sarojini Banjare, President of State Scheduled Castes Commission Mr. Ramji Bharti, President of State Warehousing Corporation Mr. Neelu Sharma, President of State Urdad Academy Mr. Akram Qureshi , President of State Social Welfare Board, Mrs. Shobha Soni, former Chairman of Textbook Corporation, Mr. Ashok Sharma Chairman of District Co-operative Central Bank, Mr. Sachin Baghel, President of Rajgamy Estate Trust, Mr. Ramesh Patel, Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Shiv Verma, Mr. Dilip Vasanikar, Commissioner of Durg Division, Collector Shri Bhim Singh and Superintendent of Police Mr. Kamlochan Kashyap. Enlightened citizens were present.

'Atal Vision Letter Dialogue': Many suggestions from the citizens for the Atal Vision letter: Chief Minister thanked: The Chief Minister discussed the new Chhattisgarh 2025 with the suggestions of the citizens.

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that under the 'Dialogue on the Atal Vision Letter' program, there are consistently many useful suggestions from the youth of the youth and various sections of the society. The participation of citizens is encouraging through the valuable suggestions for the construction of new Chhattisgarh 2025. The Chief Minister was discussing with the young people and citizens who gave their suggestions through Mobile, Wattsapp, Facebook and Twitter regarding the Atal Vision 2025 in his residence office here this evening. The Chief Minister thanked the youth and the citizens for suggestions.

Dr. Singh said that by 2025, the goal of making green, smart, strong, prosperous and happy new Chhattisgarh has been made. Regarding the Atal Vision letter, I am meeting people with college professors, youth, people of sports and also during the development visit. It will be an effort of the state government to have facilities of good basic, health and education like in the villages as well as in the villages. Better balance between cities and villages In case of development and facilities, do not go back to our village towns.

The Chief Minister said that persistent efforts are being made to make agriculture profitable for the farmers for the creation of rich and powerful Chhattisgarh. Cold storage is being created. Efforts are also being made to set up food processing industries in Food Park. Expansion of irrigation facilities, roads and internet connectivity in villages, better education and better health system and expansion of power are being done. Efforts are being made to connect Bastar to rail and expansion of rail connectivity in the state, to prepare the youth for employment, to provide better opportunities for higher education, to expand tourism and industries. During the discussion, the youth and the citizens discussed their suggestions on various topics such as agriculture, food processing, employment, tourism, education and health, employment of sportsmen, sports, infrastructure development, environmental protection, expansion of irrigation facilities, research and research opportunities. Shared with the Chief Minister Chief Secretary Shri Ajay Singh, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Aman Kumar Singh, Special Secretary to Public Relations Mr. Rajesh Sukumar Toppo and Special Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Rajat Kumar were also present on this occasion.

Several decisions were taken in the Council of Ministers held in the Ministry today under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh.

All Antyodaya and priority ration card holders residing in 1080 villages of the 09 Maada areas of the state will also be given at the rate of 02 kg country gram Rs. 05 per kg per ration card per month under the Chhattisgarh Food and Nutrition Security Act 2012. About one lakh 27 thousand 114 ration card holders will get the benefit of this.
It is noteworthy that in the Maada area, more than one Revenue Village with population of 10 thousand or more is said to be such a region where the population of 50% or more is tribal. There are 09 Mada areas in 07 districts of Chhattisgarh, out of which, in the districts of Raigarh, 02 Mada areas - 33 and 100 villages respectively in Gopalpur and Sarangarh. 77 in Nachania Maada area of ​​Rajnandgaon district, 147 in Mada area of ​​Balodabazar district, 46 in Rujga Mada area of ​​Janjgir-Champa district, Kawardha Mada area of ​​Kabirdham district 219, 200 in Madha area of ​​Mahasamund district and 200 in Mahasamund- 2 in 215 and 43 villages in Gangrel Mada area of ​​Dhamtari district. In all these Mada area villages, the number of Antyodaya and priority ration card holders is 1 lakh 27 thousand 114. In the Scheduled Tribe, these Mada areas, the people of special backward tribes Baga and Kamar communities also reside, they will also get the benefit.
 Chhattisgarh Autonomous Medical College's Educational Model Service Rules, 2018 will be implemented in the state. Under this, the powers of regular appointment of teachers for medical colleges and dental colleges will be to the executive committee of the autonomous committee and the appointments will be in a transparent manner, the college will be able to arrange payment of salaries of their own with self-revenue. It has also been made that the selected teachers will work in their respective colleges and their services will be non-locational. Under these rules, administrators, principals and hospital superintendents will not be admitted to administrative positions. Regular teachers selected by the pre-employed and Public Service Commission will be subject to the terms of service.
Solar pumps under the Solar-Suzla scheme will also be given to registered and operated Gaushalas under Livestock Development Department to facilitate irrigation facilities for the production of drinking water and fodder for animals. It is notable that under this scheme, under this scheme, farmers are being given solar irrigation pumps on government land in their fields. The first 51 thousand solar irrigation pump was set up in the state, which has been increased to 56, 574 from March 2019. In the current fiscal year 2018-19, spending Rs 490 crore would be spent on 19,494 solar irrigation pumps. The Council of Ministers also decided to set up solar pumps in a phased manner in Gaushalas

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