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Immediate action on Chief Minister's instructions to control extra expenditure : Calendar publishing by Corporations-Boards to be stopped

Raipur : Except Revenue Department and Tourism Department of the state government, all other departments, corporations, boards and public undertakings will not be publishing new calendars of year 2019. All the departments and government organizations have been directed to use diary-calendars published by Revenue Department.

Taking immediate action on Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel's instructions to control excessive official expenditures, General Administration Department has issued circular from Secretariat (Mahanadi Bhavan) to all the departments in the context. Circular states that Revenue Department gets government diaries and calendars printed, and besides that various departments, corporations and boards also get their own diaries and calendars published individually. It has been mentioned in the circular that as per the instructions of Chief Minister, except Tourism Department, all the government departments, corporations and boards etc will be using the official diaries and calendars published by Revenue Department, and no separate publishing of department-wise diaries and calendars will be done. It is noteworthy that State Government's diaries and calendars are printed and published by the government printing house under Revenue Department.

Raipur : Chhattisgarh to have Journalist Security Law : Chief Minister Mr. Baghel's instructions

 Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has taken the initiative to form journalist security law in the state. On the third day of taking charge as Chief Minister, Mr. Baghel has issued instructions to prepare format of this law.

With this initiative of state government under the leadership of Mr. Baghel, Chhattisgarh would become the first state of the country to have journalist protection law. It is noteworthy that it was promised in the manifesto that protection of journalist would be the top priority of government.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has given instructions that the journalist security provisions in various states should be studied and also suggestions from journalists, human rights activists, legal experts etc should be taken, and draft of this law should be presented before him as soon as possible.

Raipur : Chief Minister Mr. Baghel pays courtesy call on Member of Rajya Sabha Mr. PL Punia

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel paid courtesy call on Member of Rajya Sabha Mr. PL Punia today at his residence in New Delhi.


Raipur​​​​​​​ : Chief Minister pays courtesy call on Member of Rajya Sabha Mr. Motilal Vora

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today paid courtesy call on Member of Rajya Sabha Mr. Motilal Vora at his residence in New Delhi.


Raipur : Mr. Taran Prakash Sinha takes charge as Commissioner in Directorate of Public Relations

New Commissioner-cum-Director of Directorate of Public Relations Mr. Taaran Prakash Sinha has taken charge of the office today. Outgoing Director Mr. Chandrakant Uikey handed over the charges to him. On the occasion, all the officials and employees of Directorate accorded Mr. Sinha a warm welcome and bid an emotion farewell to Mr. Uikey. It is noteworthy that State Government had issued order from Secretariat on December 17, appointing Mr. Taaran Prakash Sinha as Deputy Secretary of Chief Minister's Secretariat with additional charges of Commissioner-cum-Director of Public Relations, whereas Mr. Chanrakant Uikey has been appointed on the post of Joint Secretary, Excise Department with additional charges of Director, Culture and Archaeology Department.

Bhupesh cabinet expansion begins, instructions for buying paddy at new value, changed DGP

The Congress has captured power in Chhattisgarh. The oath took place with CM Bhupesh Baghel as Cabinet Minister TS Sinhadev and Tamwardhwa Sahu. However, the selection of the remaining 10 ministers has now increased the hardships of the Congress. Bhupesh is going to Delhi on Thursday to finalize the cabinet Chief newspapers of Chhattisgarh took this news chiefly on Thursday. With this, the CM's instructions for purchasing the farmers' paddy at the new value and the news of the major reshuffle in the police department has also been prominently placed.

Regarding the expansion of the Cabinet, Dainik Bhaskar has written: - The names of the ministers before December 24 will be fixed. There are many legends in line for the 13-member Chhattisgarh Government's Council of Ministers. These include leaders who are more than 5 MLAs of the time. Party leaders say that everyone gets the importance - this is not possible, so there is a focus on the ethnic equations with the departments for the post of minister. So that every class can get representation. There is also confusion about some names. The other major newspapers have also taken this news prominently.

DM Awasthi will be new DGP, Sky plans closed
Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has made two major changes on the third day of taking charge. According to Dainik Bhaskar, according to the order issued by the Home Department, DG Naxal Operations DM Awasthi will be the new DGP of the state, AN Upadhyay will now take charge of Police Housing Corporation. In addition, former Chief Minister Raman Singh's dream project 'Sky Scheme' has been discontinued. In the video conference with the top officials on Wednesday, Chief Minister Baghel ordered this. While in the opposition, Congress was opposing it from the very beginning telling the scheme of fiscal consolidation. The Raman government started the Sky Scheme with a claim to increase the connectivity of the people and get employment of 10 thousand people in the state. About 1500 crores were spent on this. This news has been taken prominently by other major newspapers, including New World, Magazine, Haribhoom.

Chhattisgarh: Congress ready for assembly session, Ram Pukar Singh will be Pro-TEM speaker
Instructions for buying rice from farmers of Chhattisgarh
Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has been asked to keep a strict vigil over collectors, food officials and superintendents of the state from Chhattisgarh. In order to avoid getting illegal arrivals from neighboring states. The other states have instructed them to take strict action against those who brought the paddy here. In addition, instructions have been given to purchase paddy in the societies at the new rate fixed by the government.

The newly elected Chief Minister of the state, Shri Bhupesh Baghel, took office in his office after reaching the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhawan) after taking oath at the Indoor Stadium here this evening.

The newly elected Chief Minister of the state, Shri Bhupesh Baghel, took office in his office after reaching the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) after taking oath at the Indoor Stadium here this evening. With him Mr. S.S. T.S. Sinhdev and Tamwardhwa Sahu were also present. All the senior officials including Chief Secretary Shri. Aiyaj Singh have made a sincere welcome of the Chief Minister and the Minister.

The Chief Minister gave the copy of the Jan Manifesto to the Chief Secretary: instructions to the officers for implementation on all points

Following the oath of office by Shri Bhupesh Baghel, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, in the first introductory meeting of senior officers of various departments held in the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) here this evening, the copy of the manifesto was given to the Chief Secretary, Mr. Ajay Singh. Mr. Baghel gave necessary guidelines for the departmental implementation of officers on all points of the Jan Declaration. On this occasion, the minister is the second son, T.T. Sinhdev and Tamwardhwa Sahu were also present. In the meeting, Chief Secretary Mr. Singh welcomed the Chief Minister and the Minister. It may be mentioned that the third newly elected Chief Minister of the state, Shri Baghel, took oath of office and secrecy at the function organized at the indoor stadium here today. With them Mr. T. S. Sinhdev and Tamwardhwa Sahu also took oath as ministers. Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel administered the oath to them. Following the swearing in, the Chief Minister and the minister have invited two special guests to attend the Swami Vivekananda Airport Manna (Mahanadi Bhawan) after paying partitions. After the first informal meeting of officials, the Chief Minister took the first meeting of the Cabinet.

Akbar's victory over BJP's Muslim protests, biggest win in five states elections

Mo. Arshad

In the Legislative Assembly of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, in the Assembly of Kawardhada (Kabirdham), winning by the historic and heavy votes of Mohd. Akbar Bhai, the Muslim opposition of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Muslims were not given tickets. By breaking this illusion and falsity, The people of the people have refused and at the end. Akbar Bhai's victory in Chhattisgarh was the highest victory in the home region of Chief Minister Raman Singh, where the Chief Minister himself had all his strength. In this Kawardha Assembly constituency, Dr. Raman Singh used all the government schemes and the entire campaign. And he had a lot of effort that BJP won this seat but the public's resentment and Akbar Bhai's involvement were communicating with the people and their contact was so much that Treachery vote is assured victory

In the Assembly elections held in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Telangana, Mohd. Akbar has won the election with the highest lead. This victory of Mohd. Akbar is also considered to be very important because in the case of a narrow margin, he has won the election by a large margin, Hindutva is dominating. Even during the elections, BJP's strategy was to redeem the issue of Hindutva, even after the meeting of UP CM and BJP's firebrand leader Yogi Adityanath. But BJP's strategy was broken by Akbar.

 Indeed, Mohammed Akbar has worked very hard to build his image as a secular leader. For the past five years, we have worked in every village in the Kawardha assembly segment to win people's confidence. This is the reason that when the results came out, Mo.Abber had won a big victory beyond all the equations.

Mo. The victory recorded in Kavardha by Akbar is the biggest victory in the elections of five states. Most of the votes won by Mohd. Akbar, Raman's stronghold, demolished the Barak fort of BJP.


During the election campaign, Dr. Raman Singh had appealed to people in a gathering of Kavaldha that defeat of Congress candidate Mohd Akbar was brutally defeated. Taste the taste of such a defeat and go back to Raipur and do not come back again. Raman had also said that BJP candidate Ashok Sahu is not contesting this constituency, but I am contesting elections myself.

This speech of Dr. Raman Singh was perhaps the effect that Mohan Akbar had taken all his stakes on the stake and made such a choice in the election board of the BJP, and the frenzy that had been known in the country, in the name of Dr. Raman Singh. Akbar also changed the identity. He has won all the 90 seats in Chhattisgarh with 59,284 votes. No candidate has won so far from so many leads in all the elections since the formation of the state.

Kawardha has been the center point of the politics of Raman Singh. Raman's politics began with a tug of war. Kavardha is also their hometown. In this way, Mohawk has done a major task of destroying the fortress of BJP. In the last assembly elections, Congress candidate Mohan Akbar challenged the BJP, but had lost only 2500 votes, but this defeat did not leave any stone unturned in the strong walls of Kavardha. The walls now collapsed when Mohd Akbar defeated the BJP candidate Ashok Sahu with a huge margin. In Chhattisgarh's high-profile seats, Kavaldha is also considered a seat. Due to Raman, the second reason was that Raman Singh's son, son Abhishek Singh, had taken the responsibility of winning both the seats in Rajnandgaon, along with six seats in Kawardha district, but even after screwing all the bets, the BJP lost had to face.

Notice to a Congress candidate including two ministers, MLA, in violation of model code of conduct

The District Election Officer issued notice to the violation of the Code of Conduct. In this, a notice has been issued to minister Brij Mohan Agarwal, Rajesh Murat, MLA Devji Bhai Patel and Congress candidate Vikas Upadhyay.
In the Chhattisgarh capital Raipur, a Congress candidate, including two ministers and MLA, has issued notices to the District Election Officer in the violation of the Code of Conduct. In this, a notice has been issued to minister Brij Mohan Agarwal, Rajesh Murat, MLA Devji Bhai Patel and Congress candidate Vikas Upadhyay.

Let us tell you that the District Election Officer Dr. Basavaraju S. District level Media Certification and Monitoring Committee formed under the chairmanship has found that BJP's Brijmohan Agrawal has been promoted on his Twitter account and Devji Bhai Patel, on his Facebook account, including the Mono government plan. It also has a symbol of the political party. Similarly, a political campaign is being organized by Devji Bhai Patel, chairman of Chhattisgarh Textbook Corporation, which is believed to be a violation of Model Code of Conduct.

Similarly, the committee has found the development of Indian National Congress Development Upadhyay in his Sponsored Facebook page without any committee attesting political campaign, on which the notice has been issued to him. In the case of violation of Model Code of Conduct, the returning officer of Raipur West Assembly Area 49, Sandeep Agarwal has sought explanation by issuing notice to BJP's Rajesh Murthat.

In fact, a few days ago, the Returning Officer of Raipur West Assembly received a complaint regarding the distribution of the goods to the voters for electoral temptation. On the same, taking notice of necessary action by the returning officer, the notice has been issued as soon as possible by issuing this notice.

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