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19 Approved Assistance for the needy

On the recommendation of Mahasamund 28 September 2018 / Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Home Minister Shri Ramsevak Pakra, Health Minister Shri Ajay Chandra Karkar and Sports Minister Shri Bhayyalal Rajwada, financial sanction amount of 4 lakh 5 thousand rupees has been sanctioned for 19 needy people of the district. Among them, Shri Dhaluram, resident of village MK Baher, Shri Ishwar Divan of Telibandha and Mr. Thakur Ram Dewan and five to five thousand rupees; Mr. Arun Kumar Sahu resident of Mahasamund Imlibhacha Ward no. 2 resident, Shankar Nagar ward no. 1 resident of Shri Diyanshu Bhosale, Village Phuljar Mrs. Manju, Mr. Chattrabhuja Rana of Monhada 10-10 thousand rupees, Smt. Revati Bai Sahu of village Shinodha, Mr. Devend of Pittajar And Smith, Mrs. Dewantin, Mr. Williams, Ms. Damini Sahu, Sarju Ram Sahu and Somesh Sahu, Mahasamund resident Mrs. Hema, financial assistance amounting to Narayan and 25-25 thousand rupees to Mr. Dilip Sahoo went sanctioned.
Similarly, a sum of 50-50 thousand rupees has been sanctioned for Shri Savan Sonawani of Subhash Nagar Mahasamund and Mr. Vijay Devangan of Belsunda. This amount is being provided to the concerned beneficiaries through RTGS. In order to get the acceptance amount for the beneficiaries, the voter photo identity card, bank pass book, Aadhar card, ration card, two photographs of self and registration of the documents and evidence of the institute along with the proof will be presented to Tahsildar in Tehsil office. To make the payment of sanctioned amount expeditiously,

October 2 declared a dry day on Gandhi Jayanti

Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Himashikhar Gupta has been declared a dry day on October 2, 2018, on Tuesday, on the occasion of "Gandhi Jayanti". As a result of declaring a dry day, the retail shops of all the country, foreign liquor of liquor and wine warehouses will remain completely closed.

Launch of new Electrical Junior Engineer Office in Pithora 35 villages will get electricity related information

Today, the new junior mechanic office of Pithora was inaugurated by cutting the lace of the office of Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Ptaura by Mrs. Roopkumari Chaudhary, Parliamentary Secretary, Women and Child Development Department. With the opening of this distribution center, Pithora and adjoining consumers will get the solutions of electricity related complaints and information in this city now. With the appointment of a new junior engineer in Pithora, the complaints will be promptly resolved and curbing unnecessary obstruction of electricity. Villagers present at the inauguration ceremony were happy to welcome the opening of the distribution center. The program was chaired by District Panchayat member Mrs Usha Patel. As a special guest on this occasion, a large number of dignitaries were present along with the Sarpanch of Teka, Mrs. Shobha Bhoi, Sarpanch of Lakhgarh, Mr. Priyaranjan Kosaria.
On this occasion, Parliamentary Secretary, Smt. Choudhary said in his note that the citizens of the area had the opportunity to open the power distribution center for many days. The opening of the distribution center is a big relief for the residents, now the people of Pithora city will get quick access. He told that the power needs all. Chhattisgarh is the first state in the country to provide electricity 24 hours a day; Flat rate facility is also being provided to more than one pump farmers and flat rate facility of 100 rupees per month to the poor families. The first area was low-voltage problem, but the problem of low-voltage has been overcome by the power department developing the power infrastructure. Mrs. Chaudhary appreciated the power and power of the power distribution companies and employees for the excellent work of service and electricity of the region.
Mr. A.K., Executive Engineer, Department of Electricity Gopawar while delivering the welcome address said that the government has given approval for 6 new distribution centers to increase the facilities of the district, which is being started in all new distribution centers in the week. He informed that presently 3,444 consumers and five villages of Pithora city have been included in distribution center. On this occasion, officials of the electrical department were present.

Information about the final publication of the voter list given by the District Election Officer Meeting of political parties

Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta today took a meeting of the political parties' officials and representatives in the meeting of the District Office and conveyed various preparations related to the forthcoming assembly election 2018. After the last publication of the voters list, they briefed the officials of political parties in detail about voters in detail. Collector and District Election Officer said that on 27 September 2018, the final publication of voter list has been done, in which 7 lakh 86 thousand 910 voters were found in the district, before that on July 31, 2018 there were 7 lakh 78 thousand 983 voters. He said that 7 thousand 927 voters have increased. In the four assembly, 19 thousand 466 voters were added and 11 thousand 539 voters were deleted, thus total 2.50 percent voters were added and 1.48 percent voter name was deleted.
District Election Officer said that according to the sex ratio of the district Mahasamund, it is 1016 and the ratio of voters is 1012. District Mahasamund Electors and Population sections are 66.31 percent. In Vidhan Sabha 2013, the district voter was 7 lakh 23 thousand 979. He said that in the situation of 27 September 2018, there are 7 lakh 86 thousand 910 voters and in this way, there has been an increase of 62 thousand 931 voters in five years. He said that there are 22 voters of third gender in the district and the number of service voters is 261 voters. In the district, BLO 1073 is employed and employed and super vigar is 108. He said that the notification for the last election was issued on October 4, even this year there is a possibility of notification being issued in the first week of October. District Election Officer said that there are four assembly in the district, the nomination office of the four assembly will be held in Mahasamund. Returning Officer Collector Mahasamund of Vidhan Sabha Mahasamund, Returning Officer of Vidhan Sabha Khalari, Rituraj Raghuvanshi, returning officer of the Assembly Basana BC Aka and Returning Officer of Vidhan Sabha Sarai Palali will be Additional Collector.
The District Election Officer informed that the Expenditure Accounting Team has been set up, the Nodal Officer of the Expenditure Accounting Team, District Treasury Officer, D.P. Verma has been made. Permission for vehicle, rally, place, etc. will be given to the concerned departmental officers. As soon as the notification is issued, the Model Code of Conduct will come into force and section 144 will become effective. He told the officials of political parties that adherence of property distortion must be followed inevitably. He said that those Political Parties appointed booth level agents and have not provided their list, should be provided as soon as possible with mobile number. The Nodal Officer of Sweep, Smt. Malti Tiwari and Mr. Rekhraj Sharma, is organizing a program to make people aware about each polling center in Gram Panchayat tehsils etc. through street plays, sports jumps, rallies etc. For electoral registration officer and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer, publicity through the municipality, district panchayat, propagate through railway stations, bus stations, Flexi in public places etc.
The District Election Officer informed that the content distribution of the election will be done from Mahasamund, Khaliari, Agricultural Produce Market Patiyar and Sarai Pali, Basna's Tahsil Saraipali and return will be held in the Krishi Upaj Mandi Mahasamund in the four assembly constituencies. M-3 Electronic Voting Machine Ballet Unit 1589 Nos., Control Unit 1324 and VVPAT 1377 nos. Of which F.L.C. are done. Voter list and voter list of voters will also be made available to you. On this occasion, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Election Supervisor, Mr. Munnalal Tandey, the office bearers and representatives of various political parties Mr. Atram Sahu, Mr. Gaurav Chandrakar, Mr. Prakash ChandraKar, Mr. Sandeep Ghosh, Mr. Pawan Patel, Mr. Santosh Verma, Mr. Raju Yadav , Mr. Abhishek Jain, Mr. Bhagirathi Chandra, Mr. Ramesh Sahu, Mr. Toman Singh Kagari, Mr. Vishnu Chandrakar, Mr. Hiraja Banjare, MO Mohammad Qadir Chauhan, Dr. Soul Navaratna, Shri Rinku Chandraakar were present.

Atal Vikas Yatra Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh will come to settle on September 30

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will be attending the Atal Vikas Yatra in Basna, Mahasamund district on September 30, 2018, Mahasamund, September 28, 2018. According to the scheduled tour program, the Chief Minister will leave the helicopter from the Raipur Police Ground at 11 am and Chief Minister Dr. Singh will reach the settlement at 11 pm and address the General Meeting held here. After that, they will leave from 12 o'clock in the afternoon.

'' Atal Vikas Yatra '' Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh on September 30 in Basna Will be included as the chief guest in the organized General Assembly

During the Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will be inducted as Chief Guest on 30th September, 2018 in the General Meeting of the Government Model Higher Secondary Secondary School, Vikas Mandal, Basana, of Mahasamund district. Minister of Cooperation, culture, tourism and in-charge of the district as a special guest on this occasion, Shri Dayaladas Baghel, Minister for Public Works, Housing, Environment and Transport, Shri Rajesh Murat, Parliamentarian of Mahasamund Lok Sabha constituency, Shri Chandulal Sahu, Parliamentary of Women and Child Development Department Secretary Smt. Rupkumari Chaudhary, Vice Chairman of Other Backward Classes Authority and Khallari MLA Mr. Chunnilal Sahu, Mahasamund Vidyadha Dr. Vimal Chopra, SaraiPali MLA Shri Ramlal Chauhan, President of State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDAA) Mr. Pundar Mishra, President of Matikkal Board Shri Chandrashekhar Pandey, District Panchayat President Mrs. Anita Patel, Former Minister of State, Mr. Poonam ChandraKar, Basna Nagar Panchayat President Mr Sampat Agrawal and President of Basna Janpad Panchayat, Mrs Sarojini Patel will be present.

Chief Minister Dr. Singh will give relief to Mahasamund district for development work of more than Rs. 253 crores 89 lacs

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will give 47 different construction works at the cost of 253 crore 89 lakh rupees in the general assembly held in Basna of Mahasamund district on September 30, 2018 during Mahatma Mandal, 28th September 2018 / Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh. They will lay the foundation stone of 36 construction works which will be constructed at a cost of Rs 239 crore 22 lakhs 25 thousand rupees and Rs 14 crore. To open 11 construction works at the cost of 66 lakh 53 thousand rupees In the construction work of the Chief Minister, the cost of Rs. 57 lakh 46 thousand, Government Higher Secondary School Building in Bhanwarpur, Government Higher Secondary School Building at Rajpalpur at a cost of 93 lakhs 35 thousand rupees, at the cost of Rs. 93 lakhs 35 thousand in Patwa. New Government Higher Secondary School Building, Government Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya at PG College, Mahasamand, at the cost of Rs. 1.4 million. Construction and electrification of vacant cells, construction of Tribal Kanya Ashram at Bamhani at a cost of 97 lakh 34 thousand rupees and construction and construction of Vision & Shravan Badshartha Vidyalaya in Mahasamand at cost of 87 lakh 62 thousand rupees and other works, 1 crore 88 lakh 39 At the cost of Rs. 1,000 rupees 33/11 sub-center in Limdarha, at the cost of Rs. 18.17 thousand 3 thousand rupees, 33/11 power sub-center at Kendamudi and 1 crore 46 lakh 25 thousand rupees With the cost of 33/11 power sub-center in Arjunda and Rs.35,74,74 lakh rupees, Khamman Aninet in Pandariapani Nala and the police station premises at the cost of Rs 37 lakh will be inaugurated by the newly constructed police station in Basana.
Similarly, the construction of new primary school building at Gopalpur, Remda 2, Kuramadi and Chathamoa at a cost of 33 lakhs 12 thousand rupees, Harilchapar, Semilia, Durugopali, Harsapali and Peraskol at a cost of 41 lakhs 40 thousand rupees. New primary school building, construction of Sarai Patarra, Virendranagar, Navagad, Lanti, Sarai Pali and Sirpur New Primary School Building at a cost of Rs. 49.68 thousand. , Construction of community building, gate and cc road of Gleasing unit in Garhfuljar at a cost of 25 lakh rupees and construction of community building at Ajni Dakshi Soni Sabha in Kampa at a cost of Rs. 10 lakh, NH-6 at the cost of 74.5 million 73 thousand The construction of the bridge on the Pilavapali from NH-6 at a cost of Rs 3,61,86,000 / -, construction of bridges at Mudipar, 168 million Construction of bridge on Chhiprikona road, flowing in Indarpur at a cost of Rs. 200 crores 39 thousand rupees, construction of bridge in Palsapali and construction of 11 crore 4 lakh 17 thousand rupees Construction of bridge construction work at Baitari, Jabalpur road, construction of high school building at Nagri, costing 73 million 73 thousand rupees, construction of public prosecution office at Sarai Pali at a cost of Rs 25 lakh, 4 Upgradation of Dhanapali road from Kodopali at a cost of 54 lakh 97 thousand rupees, Upgradation of Bahadurpur road from Laripur at a cost of 10 million 97 lakh 20 thousand rupees, Upgradation of Jarmunda road from Dongriipali costing 10 million 78 lakh 65 thousand rupees, Renewable work of construction of Khambhun Marg upgradation from Tilakpur at cost of Rs. 5 crore 36 lakhs 43 thousand rupees, Renewal work of settlement of Biligarh from Basna at a cost of 13.55 million rupees, 12 million 1 lakh 16 thousand rupees The cost of construction of the Government Higher Secondary School Building in Pacin, construction of the Government Higher Secondary School Building in Bhukel at the cost of 12 crores, 1 lac 16 thousand rupees, at the cost of 12 crores one lakh 16 thousand rupees in Khallari, Government Higher Secondary School Building Construction and construction of Government Higher Secondary School building at a cost of 12 crores 1 lac 16 thousand rupees and with the cost of 50 crores one lakh 80 thousand rupees from Ghadfuljar The construction of rot and bridges on the Kakasagara road is included.
Similarly, construction of bridge on the Karmel Nalla of Patharla, Mohagaon Marg at a cost of Rs. 49 crore and one lakh rupees, Deori-Saldih, Garhfuljhar-Torresanga Marg bridge construction cost at a cost of Rs. 15.52 crore and Rs. 40 lakhs, in Khairakhuta Naljal feeding scheme, Naljal feeding scheme in village Mohgaon at a cost of Rs. 12 lakh 36 thousand rupees, Rs. 21 lakhs will be done at a cost of Rs. 21 lakhs, Rs. 14 lakhs, and Rs. 21 lakhs, Devsaral costing Rs. Construction of Gram path and construction of Akhra Bhantha fragment reach from Salhejiaa costing 99 lakh 41 thousand rupees is included. Similarly, construction of a Deputy Forest Officer's office in Saraipali at the cost of Rs 21 lakh 97 thousand rupees and a cost of Rs 21 lakh 97 thousand, Construction of Burn Unit Building in the District Hospital Mahasamund at the cost of Rs. 20 lakhs 12 thousand rupees. And at the cost of 69 lakh 38 thousand rupees, the primary health center will lay the foundation for building construction.
Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh under various schemes
Content distribution will be given to beneficiaries
 During the visit of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh during the Vasti Atal Vikas Yatra, on September 30, 2018, distribution of various commodities to 30 beneficiaries in the General Assembly held in the Higher Secondary School Ground, Basna of Mahasamund district. These include Tiffin under the MNREGA scheme, acceptance letter of Prime Minister housing construction, gas connection under Prime Minister Ujjwala plan, population lease distribution, solar swirl scheme, acceptance of CC road construction from DMF item in village panchayats, smooth electricity bill scheme, Deenayal end

District Public Relations Office, Mahasamund

Organizing Voter Awareness Rally
Mahasamund, 19 September 2018 / Voter awareness rally was organized by the Department of Women and Child Development in the village glance. In which Rangoli was created to create public awareness in connection with voting by Women Self Help Group women, Anganwadi workers and supervisors. After this, a rally was organized to make voters aware of the voting machines to vote in hands. Women's self-help group's women, Anganwadi workers, project officer of Integrated Child Development Department, Mrs. Jyoti Chatur and under the guidance of the villagers, "Voting is our first duty", "the destiny of democracy was the conscious voter, the conscious voter". Voting awareness reached Sainik Bazaar, alerted shopkeepers and businessmen by shouting "First poll and work". A. After that, it was said to encourage the students and student girl students in the rally school, "Even if they have not got the right to vote, but use the same franchise as they have got". Voter awareness rally was also attended by the surrounding women, including the village snail.
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No. 91/814 / S. Shukla / M

Organizing National Nutrition Month in Glow
Resolved to remove malnutrition
Mahasamund, organized on 19th September 2018 / National Nutrition Month, Integrated Child Development Project was done by Mahasamand Rural in village grunt. In the program, the guest of the village Panchayat Samarpanch Saraswat Surjit Singh Sarula, Punch Mrs. Taramati, Smt. Sukhmati were present. The program was started with the slogans of "Right Nutrition Country Roshan". Sankalp song under 'Suppository Mission' has now come out to resolve the resolution. We have created a healthy well-being state, it is sung by all the people and the resolution was taken that we should complete our project to remove malnutrition. Will try Information about various schemes of the Women and Child Development Department as well as information related to the main objective of the program was given by the departmental officers and employees.
Various competitions were organized under the program. Competition was made for the preparation of nutritious red to eat dishes, in which Mrs Jemavati Yadav, Smt. Hemlata More, Smt. Dageshwari Nishad, Smt. Kumari Lodhi were the winners by the decisive party. The competition of nutritious dishes made with rice and gram flourished was also organized, in which Mrs Surja Dhruv, Mrs. Hemlata Madhukar, Mrs. Tushi Goshwami were the winners. In the Rangoli competition, Smt. Madhuri Bariha, in first place and Mrs Vimala in second place. Organize various programs such as nutritional protection, weight gain, increase weight, excellence in respect of sasuman honors, annadan honors, dishes competition, clean hands, clean kishori honors, organized for various awareness programs in Anganwadi centers every week. Used to be. Being a Nutrition Campaign program is a public movement and participation. In the success of this program where public support is essential, local public representatives, Panchayat representatives, school management committees, government departments, social organizations, all public and private sector inclusive partnerships are also expected. The program's supervisor Smt. Vimala Pandav, Smt. Aparna Shrivastav, Smt. Ramatya Sahu, Smt. Radhika Chandra, Smt. Lakshmi Divakar, Smt. Priyanka Singh, Ms. Anju Laure, Ms. Swaroop Bhoi, Ms. Shri Rakesh Chauhan was present from Aarti Kuzur and UNICEF.

Number 92/815 / S. Shukla / M
September 20 for recruitment of Sales Executive and Food Delivery Partner
Organizing a placement camp for
Mahasamund Placement Camp will be organized in the District Employment and Self Employment Guidance Centers on September 20, 2018, Mahasamund, 19 September 2018 / Navketan Bio Planting Limited, Telibandha Chowk Raipur. The District Employment Officer said that monthly salary of 20 Sales and Sales Tax Department for Zero Junket Cement Hotel Celebration Fafdih Check Raipur may be due to pay for monthly payment of 200 posts of food delivery partner. (Applicants have motor cycle driving licenses and smart phones are mandatory) They said that placement camp for recruitment of 12th pass applicants for sales executive and food delivery partner will be organized. Interested applicants have been asked to appear on campsite with all their academic documents. For detailed information regarding this, contact can be made on the information board of the District Employment Office or on the Telephone Number 07723-223625.
Serial Number 93/816 / S. Shukla / M
Fisheries and Fisheries in generation and Chandigongri irrigation reservoirs
Fishermen societies registered till 8th September
Mahasamund, allotted under the provisions contained in the Chhattisgarh Fisheries Policy on 10th Century 2018 / District Panchayat Mahasamund, under the irrigated reservoirs, average water area 100.66 hectares and Chandidongri irrigation reservoir, av
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Collector collects common meeting place to be held in Basna Necessary guidelines regarding preparations given to the officers

Mahasamund, September 26, 2018 / Upcoming on 30th September, 2018, on the arrival of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh during the Atal Vikas Yatra, organized by Shri Himashikhar Gupta, collector of Amraj Sabha, on arrival at Higher Secondary School, Basna today. The preparedness was taken into account. He gave the officials the necessary guidelines regarding preparations. During this time, District Superintendent of Police, Mr. Santosh Singh, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, SDM Sarai Pali, Smt. Nupur Rama Panna was specially present.

Regarding preparations during the Atal Vikas Yatra, the collector took information from the officials about the preparations made so far and examined the meeting place to be held. During this, he has specifically directed the officials in connection with the meeting arrangements, stage arrangements, bericators, helipads, security, perking, drinking water facility, sound, light and other preparations. District level officials were also present on this occasion.

The main objective of organizing mass problem solving camps is to solve the problems of common people - Smt. Saraswati Chauhan For organizing district level mass mobilization camp in Balouda

In the efficient guidance of Mahasamund, 26 September 2018 / Government's intention and district administration, district level mass mobilization camp was organized in village Balauda of Saryapali Vikas block of the district. In this camp organized in village Balauda, ​​the villagers of the surrounding village panchayats also submitted applications related to their demands, complaints and problems and the officials of different departments resolved the applications related to their department. Meanwhile, District Panchayat members Smt. Saraswati Chauhan, Janpad Panchayat member Smt. Jayanti Patel, Sarpanch Smt. Kamla Padhhi were especially present. Total 82 applications were received in the camp, in which 78 application related to demand and four applications were related to the complaint. At the time 82 applications were resolved, the remaining pending applications were sent to the respective departments to take action to resolve the time limit.

While addressing the district level people's grievance redressal camp, the District Panchayat member Smt Saraswati Chauhan said that the main purpose of organizing mass problem solving camps is to solve the problems of common people, to solve common problems of common people, development level and district level And as soon as they reach, they have to face difficulties, by their rule to solve their problems. And district-level problem is organized prevention camps and opportunity is to try to resolve their problems. He told the villagers that in the presence of these camps, solve their small problems. On this occasion, Sarpanch Smt. Kamla Padhhi said that the demands and problems of the people are resolved in the camps and the officials from the district level also inform the common people about the schemes of their respective departments to take advantage of it. The villagers availed of these camps.
Content distribution to beneficiaries

In the district level mass mobilization camp in Balouda of Sarayapali Vikashand, during this time, the battery department provided a battery sprayer to the farmer Mr. Puran Singh and Lakhar Singh. Under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, gas stove and cylinder were distributed to women. During this time gas cylinders and storages were provided to Mrs Janki Bai, Smt. Vimla Bai and Mrs. Anuradha Patel. A health camp was organized at the camp site by the Health Department and Ayush Wing, in which a large number of villagers conducted their own health check-up and consulted the doctors for treatment. On this occasion, district level officers of different departments including education, health, agriculture, livestock, women and child development, water resources, electricity, tribal welfare departments, cooperatives and creed attended the occasion, people from the public welfare schemes run by their respective departments. Conveyed to On this occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat Sarai Pali, Mr. Sonawani, Tehsildar Smt. Lalita Bhagat, Naib Tehsildar, Shri Ramamurthy Diwan and many departments were present in large number of villagers.

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