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Seats closed 48 hours before voting country / foreign liquor shops

Polling for second phase under Balrampur 12 November 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 is to be held on November 20, 2018. As per the instructions issued by the Commercial Tax Excise Department Raipur, Collector and District Magistrate, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, using the powers conferred in sub-section (1) of Section 24 of the Excise Act, 1915, all the domestic / foreign liquor shops operated in the district, 48 Hours before ie November 18, 2018 evening, from 5.00 pm to 20 November 2018, and all the country / foreign liquor of the district in the said period. To seal off the ears and liquor merchandising is directed to impose full sanctions on illegal manufacture / transport / storage / holding the drug.

Assembly Elections 2018: Zonal Officer for Assembly Area Bemetra appointed

Bemetara 12 Nov

Zonal officers have been appointed in three assembly constituencies of the district to ensure smooth and peaceful completion of assembly elections 2018 in the district. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre appointed 21 officers under the Bemetara Assembly constituency as Zonal officers.

Among them, Assistant Engineer, Pradhan Mantri G.S.Y. A. R. Dhruv to Zone-Picri, Project Officer Duda Bemetra Mohinder Sahu, Bemetara, District Education Officer Bemetra GR Chandrabakar was conferred with Cobias, Deputy Registrar Co-operative Societies S.K. Tigga to Matka, Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission Kamod Thakur to Bahamohotra

District Planning and Statistical Officer Rajkumar Ogre to Ninanva, Development Development Officer Arun Khare to Hardia, Mandi Secretary, Agriculture Produce Market, Bemetara Tulsiram Sinha, Sarda, Assistant Assistant Director, WHE (Project), Ajay Kumar Thakur, Shepherd, Deputy Director, Veterinary Services. . AK Singh to Deorbija, in-charge in-charge of Agriculture Shashank Shinde

Developmental Education Officer, Barla Nirbhaylal Ravte, Sone, CMO Birla, D. L. Banerjee, Lanjewara, Sub-Divisional Officer, Water Resources, C.S. Sivahare, Barlow, Executive Officer, District Occupational Pravin Lata, Kusima, Six. Engineer PHE (Project) Bemetra Shyamdas Satyavanshi, Bargaon, Project Officer Women and Child Development Department Ramakant Chandrakar, Anandgaon, District Women and Child Development Officer, Manoj Sinha, Bhimbouri, Assistant Director, District Education, S.K. Kathlee Hasda, CEO of District Birla Shishir Sharma, Kodha Abhishek Shukla of Godagiri and Energy Department has been appointed as Gudli Zonal Officer. Apart from this, two officials have been kept in the reserve, in which Sunil Tiwar, ASO Education Department, 6. Professor shah. big. Saaza IP Jyoti Soni of Dinkar and Civil Supplies Corporation is included.



Observers take a meeting of sector officials and give them information about the election

In the presence of Balrampur 12 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Shri Hiralal Nayak, the Election Commission of India by the Election Commission of India, 2018 Assembly Constituency No. 07- General Observer appointed for Ramanujganj Mr. K.C. The general observer appointed for Chaman and 08 Samarri, Mr. Indra Singh Rao and the Police Observer, Mr. Mahesh Ghurye gave necessary information regarding the election by taking a meeting of sector officials in the meeting of the old district panchayat.
Mr. K.C., General Observer appointed for Ramanujganj at the meeting. Chaman told the sector officials that all of you have now become the employees of the Election Commission of India. You must be aware of every activity of the election process. Along with the Sector Officer, you have also received magisterial power. Therefore, taking all the activities related to the election seriously, take the election task. He said that on the day of polling day you must stay in the mockpole in a polling station of your Sector. Assembly constituency 08-General Inder Singh Rao of Samarhi gave detailed information on what to do to the Sector Officer on the day of voting, as well as to ensure the Sector officials that all the material related to voting was available to the voting parties. Yes or No. They asked to mockpol in presence of polling agents appointed by the candidates one hour before voting and start the polling work at the scheduled time. Mr. Rao got information from the Sector officials about the process after the end of polling. Police Observer Shri Mahesh Ghurye said that some of the polling centers were inspected by me, where good arrangements have been made for voting. He asked the Sector officials to keep the contact number of the Police Administration and instructed them to immediately inform senior officers about any untoward incident or suspicious of untoward incident. Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak told the sector officials that you have understood all the work related to all the elections. All the Sector Officers once again visit their Sector and ensure all necessary facilities in the polling stations. He asked all officers to use their ballot from the postal ballot. The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal also gave information regarding his responsibilities during the elections from the Sector officials. E.C.I.L. in the meeting Engineer and Master Trainer of Hyderabad, Shri N.K. E.V.M. by Devangan And VV Detailed information about the operation of pat machine was given.

Collector's meeting

Bemetara 12 Nov

Collector Mahadev Kawre took a meeting of representatives of political parties in the local agricultural produce market premises this morning. During this, he told that in three assembly constituencies of the district, voting will take place from 8 pm to 5 pm on 20th November. This time voters will get a voter slip with photo, along with the voter's instruction booklet will also be distributed. The District Magistrate said that the expenditure is to be spent on the new bank account opened by the candidate.

The booths of the candidate outside the polling booth will be 200 meters away. In the village where more than one polling station is, the same booth will also be created. The collector said that in the slip to be distributed to the voters, the candidate's election symbol and name will not be named, only the plain slip will be distributed. ADM in the meeting And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi was also present.

Collector did EVM Observation of sealing work

Bemetara 12 Nov

Legislative assembly election 2018 voting unit, control unit, VVPet machine sealing work was done by the Siling Officers and Assistant Siling Officers engaged in Duty in Agricultural Produce Market Complex Bemetara this morning. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre observed the working of the sealing.

On this occasion, the observers appointed for the three assembly constituencies of the district - Saza - Sujit Kumar, Bemetara - Ranjith Kumar and Navagad - KV Murlidharan, A.D.M. And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officer and Agent of Candidates were present in Mandavi, related assembly constituencies.

Service Voters ETPBs Voting By

Bemetara 06 November 2018: - During this assembly elections, 130 service voters will use their franchise through the postal ballot from this time in three assembly constituencies of the district. Collector Mahadev Kaware told that these included Sajja assembly constituency, 36, Bemetara-60 and Navagad-34. Who will be able to vote for this time through Service Voter Electronic Transmitted Postal Ballet System (ETPB) software. E.P.B.S. The ballot paper has been made available. In different areas of the country such as - Indian Army and other central government are working in the services of those who have submitted their application in the form of service voters in the prescribed format.

Duty for staff to maintain power supply continuously

Bemetara 06 November 2018: - On the occasion of Deepawali, the duty of officers and employees has been imposed by the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Distribution Company for the purpose of maintaining the power supply smoothly and continuously working on break down. Whose duty will be from 4 pm to 12 pm. These include all the line staff posted in Gulm Ram Sahu, Suraj Kumar Khatkar and Bemetara (city) Distribution Center for the related area, Beemetra (city), Mohbhatta, Picri, Singhauri, Rajendra Vapor driver, collectorate, cobbia, gunbar, prosperity vihar, circuit House, K.K. Golden, Ramanuj Sahu, 220 KV Umesh Kumar Thakur for the epicenter, GP for village under Mohitra sub center. Banjare, Ganesh Kumar Dhruv, Ram Bhaura Sharma under Bhayana sub-center, Phate singh under Duda sub-center, Pakhan Singh Thakur, Yogesh Puraina, Kusmi sub-center under Ajay Patwa, Kushmi sub center under Ramgarh Yadav, Amit Kumar Verma, Balasamund Amitoj Ghosh, Rajesh Kumar Coma, Dharamlal Pak, under the sub center of Shishshyap, Karsara, Khansara, Khati sub center. Under the Harmumudi sub-center, Tikendra Sahu, Kamal Marakam, Kanshari Sub-center under Kashi Ram Verma, Banshilal Markande, Khoti sub-center, Nogendra Satpute, Aditya Verma, Saurabh Khan under Beard sub center, Satish Kumar Thakur distribution center, all line staff, Chetan Sahu, Lakshmainath Thakur, under Bhayandhata sub-center, Bhupendra Yadav under Umeria Sub Centers, Birbal Ng, Ranka GN under sub All the line staff including Ramkumar Banjara under Vaishnava, Sukalal Kosala, Amora Sub Kendra, Ritesh Bargate, under Makka Subsection, and under the guidance of Gujarat Police, Nandighat sub center, S.K. All the line staff of Deshmukh and Distribution Center, Chhediram Sahu under Tamri Sub-center, Joriram Sahu under Maro sub center, Saroj Singh Thakur under Kura sub center, 132 KV J.S. Under Sub Center Navagad Bhatnagar, Navin Ekka and Madan Patel and Navin Verma and all line staff of Navagad Distribution Center, Mahesh Kumar Verma under Gadamore sub center, Ritesh Pal under Chandanu sub center, Dilshwar Sahu under Pratappur sub station, Ravi Shankar night under Chiraha sub-center, Sambalpur sub-center M.K. All line staff of Saaw and Distribution Center, Devendra Patel under Badurna sub center, Jattu Yadav under Putpura sub center, duty of Niraj Kumar Nirmalkar under Gordhikala sub center has been installed.


Election Training on November 10 and 11

Bemetara 06 November 2018: - Second phase training of Presiding Officers and Voting Officers appointed under the Assembly Elections 2018 will be held on November 10 and 11, from 10.30 am to 5 pm in the district headquarters, Bemetra. District election officer Mahadev Kavre told that the government's appointment to the Legislative Assembly of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Post Graduate College for the post of Secretary of State and the voting officer, Government Bach Higher Secondary Secondary School, Bemetara for the Bemetara assembly constituency, government for Navagadh assembly constituency Training by Master Trainers in Virgo Higher Secondary School, Behemeta Will be given. The collector said that instructions have been given to returning officer and sector officer to attend the training.

Candidates must take permission for advertisement, publication-broadcast

Bemetara 06 Nov 2018: As per the directive of the Election Commission of India, it is mandatory for candidates to seek permission from the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) for advertisement in the electronic media during the assembly elections. Such permission is compulsory for all political parties, political groups and candidates. Advertising can not be given against any party or candidate. The office of Media Evacuation Media Certification Committee has been established in District Panchayat Bhawan on the directive of Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware of three assembly seats of Bemmantra district. From where the candidates will have to get certified for promotion. According to a decision of the Honorable Supreme Court of India on April 13, 2004, any political advertisement on any cable television channel or television channel during the election only after being certified by the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee by the Election Commission of India Will be shown. Indeed, certification of advertisements is related to the implementation of the basic premise ideal code of conduct during the election. It has been said that the social harmony or tension, the dissolution of peace, unlike the Constitution and law of the country, did not allow the promotion of advertisements that hurt the religious sentiments of others, contrary to ethics, virtue and Will go. As per the provision, an appeal can be made against the decision of MCMC against the Chief Electoral Officer.
Values. Based on the judgment of the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India has issued guidelines for media certification. According to which the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee has been constituted. This committee is commonly known as MCMC. Regarding media certification, there is a two-level media certification committee in the state. The first committee has been constituted at the state level nominated by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and the second committee at the district level. In this, the Committee is working on the media scrutiny and certification under the chairmanship of Collector and District Election Officer. Candidates and political parties under Media Certification include TV Channels, Cable Network, Television Channels, Radies, in which private FM Includes radio channels. Cinema houses, multiplexes, have to get permission for the use of e-newsletters, bulk SMS, white SMS and visual audio in public places. Content to be posted will be within the purview of Model Code of Conduct.
Media certification required for
All recognized political parties, other political parties who are not recognized, political organizations, groups of individuals, trusts, single candidates, or any other person must mandate media certification. For the certification of advertisement to the political parties, organizations and groups, it is necessary to get certified by the state level committee and advertisement from the district level MCMC committee for advertisement.

Bemetara liquor shop will be closed for two days

Bemetara 06 November 2018: Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Mahadev Kaware, located in the district till the end of polling on November 18, 2018 from 5 pm to 20 November 2018 on the occasion of voting on November 20, 2018, to the country and foreign liquor shop run in the district. Retail stores of all domestic and foreign wines, C.S. -2 (Ghag), F.L. 1 (Ghag) and liquor stores have declared dry days to keep the warehouses closed. In the said period, the entire transaction of alcohol has been restricted, they have been asked to ensure strict adherence to the instructions, orders and orders of the police and excise department.


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