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A special awareness program organized on World Mental Health Day

According to information received from the Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi, in the direction of Surajpur, 11 October 2018 / District and Sessions Judge, Mr. D.L. Cutwal, District Special Services Officer and District Hospital, Surajpur, District Hospital, Surajpur, specially on World Mental Health Day. Awareness program was organized
Addressing the above program, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi said that a person suffering from mental illness does not consider himself a victim, he feels I am fine but the family of the victim shows the present behavior of the mentally ill person to the neighbors. That he is unhealthy At the same time, people are not able to get treatment for the right time due to lack of information in the people. He said that the Legal Services Scheme is operated by the District Legal Services Authority, in which there is a provision for the treatment of mentally retarded persons. He said that in addition to the freeware services, mentally challenged persons, children, women, flood victims, any member of Scheduled Castes Scheduled Castes class, and annual income of up to one lakh fifty thousand rupees are normal. Everyone in the class is entitled to receive free help. In this sequence, Dr. In his address, Rajesh Pakra said that in the treatment of any disease, as well as being satisfied mentally, people get better with sickness. He said that psychological change in the behavior of the victim is a symptom of mental illness, and he said that by which symptoms can this disease be identified and how treatment of psychiatric disease / depression is treated like these patients What precautions should be taken with. At the same time he would tell that the treatment of this disease is possible. And this disease is treated in every government hospital for bina duty. In the above program, Dr. Rajesh Pakra, Dr. Mrs Shashi Tirkey was the Chief Guest as District Child Protection Officer Mr. Manoj Jaiswal, Mr. Lillage Gupta, Shri Satya Narayan Singh, Umesh Kumar PLV and Rural People were present.


Application for admission in class VIII and Navy in Sainik School, Ambikapur in 2019-20, till 26 November 2018

Surajpur 11 October 2018 / Principal of Sainik School Ambikapur has reported that Sainik School Ambikapur is a fully residential (only for children) English medium school. This school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education. Its main goal is to prepare 10 $ 2 as well as to make the overall development of the children and prepare them for admission in the National Defense Academy's official category. Application for admission in class VIII and Navami in Sainik School, Ambikapur, in the year 2019-20, till 26 November 2018, the date of submission of application form has been fixed till 01 December 2018. For more information, the official website www.sainikschooladmission.in can be viewed and can be contacted at Sainik School, Ambikapur, on the telephone number 07774-261609 and 7747032999.


Public Troubleshooting due to the Model Code of Conduct Effective in Assembly Elections

According to information received from Surajpur, 11 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.D. Devasanapati, Additional Collector, Shri KP Sai, organized a Public Troubleshooter camp in Surajpur district. Due to the effect of Model Code of Conduct in the Legislative Assembly elections 2018, fixed mass problem solving camp organized from October 12, 2018 to December 22, 2018 has been postponed till further orders.

Sweep district level nightly kabaddi contest in Kadargarh

Surajpur District-level nightly kabaddi competition is being organized under the directive of Collector and District Election Officer, Shri KC Devasanapati and Chief Executive Officer, Zilla, under the guidance of Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha. Incharge Game Officer M. Gaus Beg said that for the voter awareness program, the night kabaddi competition will be held in the district from 15 to 17 October at the holy festival of Navratri in Kudargarh. This competition is held only for the men's category and there is no age restriction for the players participating in the competition. In this night competition, only one team from the village panchayat / Nagar Panchayat / Municipality council of Surajpur district and participants here can take part in this kabaddi competition. The contest can be registered for free till October 13. For more information related to the competition, contact number 215 of the district sweep office and district panchayat can be reached at Surajpur on mobile number 8120400446 and 9406444343.


Essential to keep an eye on EVM and VV pat machine - Collector Shri Deveshnapati

Today's meeting of the deadline was held in the presence of Surajpur 10 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KD Deesanapati and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and Additional Secretary Shri KP Sai. In the meeting, the Collector Shri Dev Senapati informed that directing Zonal Officer and Sector Officers of the District for the Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 said that to ensure electricity, water, toilets, ramps, wheel chair, mobile connectivity by visiting polling booths under their own sect Do it. They informed that informing the Chief Executive Officer of the municipality and the Chief Executive Officer of the Janpad Panchayat and the Assistant Returning Officer regarding the postings, political posters, banners, buildings, premises located in their respective sectors. The collector said that in order to apply banner posters in private buildings like hotels and malls, the building owner will have to get permission. He said that after receiving the EVM and VVPat machines by the Presiding Officer, the Sector Officer will ensure that they will be evacuated in the scheduled bus. Collector Shri DeSanapati said that 48 hours before polling, there will be complete restriction on all types of publicity and 100 meters of polling station No promotional material can be made in the periphery. He said that the eve of the polling will be ensured to remain in Tehsil headquarter so that the timely introduction of the Mappole and voting can be done. They said that it is compulsory to make a videography of McPaul, and if there is no videographer, the video can also be made from smart phones, strict instructions to make sure that they can be successfully packed by seven o'clock in the morning.
On this occasion, SDM Surajpur Dr. Subhash Singh Raj, SDM Bhayyathan Smt. Jyoti Singh, SDM Pratappur Mr. CS Pankara, Deputy Collector, Mr. Ravi Singh, were present along with the Zonal and Sector Officers.


Udaydasta Dal constituted to monitor the distribution of cash, liquor or other items during election

Surajpur 10 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Deveshnapati said that distribution of cash, liquor or any other item to the satisfaction of the voter is a bribe and it is a punishable offense. Flying teams have been formed under each police station to monitor the distribution of cash, liquor or other items during the elections. They have appealed to all that in order to avoid seizure by flying squads, any person who is taking huge amount of cash in any constituency during elections, then documents showing the funds and its final use (Such as PAN card and copy thereof, copy of business registration certificate, bank pass book showing cash withdrawal / copy of bank statement, regular In cases of heavy transactions, in case of copy of cash book, marriage invitation and hospital admission etc., the certificate of final use of cash should be submitted).


'Assembly Elections-2012' Proceedings of property deformation act in the state So far, two lakh 17 thousand 969 hoardings, Poster, wall writing, banner-flags removal action

Surajpur, October 10, 2018 / Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said that the proceedings under the Property Discrimination Act have been intensified under the Vidhan Sabha Elections-2012. Under this, action has been taken to remove two lakh 17 thousand 969 hoardings, posters, wall writing banners and flags from government assets for the period of 8th October. Including removal of one lakh 10 thousand 286 hoardings and posters 69 thousand 745 wall writing and 37 thousand 917 banner flags etc. Similar actions will be taken against government assets as well as private assets. For this, necessary instructions have been given to collector and district election officials.
He informed that till the October 7th, one lakh 34 thousand 578 hoardings and posters, wall writing, banner flags were removed. Including 74 thousand 645 hoardings and posters 41 thousand 642 wall writing and 18 thousand 291 banner flags. Similarly, on 8th October, 83 thousand 391 properties under act of deception were done. In which 35 thousand 641 hoardings and posters, 28 thousand 104 wall writing and 19 thousand 646 banner flags were removed.
It is notable that the Model Code of Conduct has been effected from October 6, 2018 in the state, keeping it in view, action is being taken under the Property Discrimination Act. Which will continue even further.
Control panel installed
A control room has also been set up at the office of Chief Electoral Officer. The telephone number of this control room is 0771-4913677. Any citizen can also provide information on the said telephone number for property deformation related complaints.
Property deformation act
Section 3 of the Property Discrimination Prevention Act states that anyone who distorts it by writing or marking any marking of ink, patch, color or any other substance in public view without the written permission of the owner of the property, It will be punishable with up to Rs. 1000. It has been stated in the order issued under the Act that before any political party or candidate contesting election, banners on any private property, posting of posters, flags or color related to election campaign, before being written with Khadiya, the owner of private property Make the necessary documents available in the election office from the written consent of No political party or candidate will be able to do so without the permission of the Swami to write his supporters, followers to the followers, hang banners, paste the notices, slogans etc. This includes building, land, courtyard etc. If there is a banner on any private property without any consent, poster sticking, election campaign flag or written by color or account, property will be found to be distorted, it will not only be punished under the Property Discrimination Prevention Act, but The expenditure incurred in the removal will be done with the candidates contesting elections, political parties, etc., like the land revenue arrears. With this, the expenditure incurred will be linked to expenditure accounts of political parties or candidates. Penal action will be taken under the Code of Indian Penal Code and the Code of Punishment Code.

Training for EVM / MCMC / MCC for Assembly General Election 2018 today

According to information received from Surajpur 10 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.D. Devsanapati, Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. KP Sankar, while amending the date and time for training in respect of EEM / MCMC / MCC, today 11 October 1, 2018, from 1 p.m. to 04 p.m. Chief Electioning Officer Chhattisgarh Raipur, in the video conferencing Training by medium has been organized. Therefore, be sure to attend mandatory conference hall in district office, including its assistants for training conducted through video conferencing in prescribed time and time in the said training.

Assembly general election 2018 : Nodal officer of postal ballot and CEO of all the districts Trained in postal ballot


Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.C. In the presence of Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, in the presence of DevSanapati, on 10th October 2018, in connection with the postal ballot in the Joint District Office meeting, the nodal officer of the postal ballot, Chief Executive Officer of all the district panchayats, Pc Sony and Mr. S.P. Detailed information about the postal ballot process was given by Nishad. All such public servants who are a voter but are unable to vote in their polling booths while exercising their duties in the election, they can vote with all the postal ballots. Application for postal ballot is applied in format 12 for voting.

This application is received by the nodal officer of the postal ballot and the Legislative Savarkar registers the postal ballot paper for all Vaidya applications. For this purpose, the format 13A, 13B, 13C and 13D are issued for the voter by completing all necessary information. In the 13th anniversary of the envelope containing 13 ball envelopes in which there is a ballot, the 13th largest envelope in which both the documents are kept in the declaration and ballot paper after closing the seal in the 13th envelope while 13D is directed only for the voter.

After the evaluation, 13 c is placed in a large envelope training site, in the assembly-wise ballot box kept by the nodal officer. During the first training of polling parties, application form for postal ballot will be made available in format 12. During the second training, voting should be done by the nodal officer on the training site, through the entire system of voting. To maintain the transparency of voting on the day of voting, political party candidates should be asked to be present by informing them.

A gazetted officer should also be arranged to verify the voter's manifesto on the polling day. After the ballot, the ballot ballot will be sealed in front of the candidates in the strong room, which will be arranged to be delivered in the presence of candidates in the counting time at the counting place. The team of Nodal Officer should issue a postal ballot with great caution and in the marked copy of the electoral rolls for all the issued postal ballots, the seal of the release of the PDB should be placed in the respective voter's column in the black ink. There is a need to take special precautions in it, because the voter who gets sealed for issuing the PB in the electoral roll, is eligible to vote only with the postal ballot.

The information of the postal ballot issued per day should be given by the nodal officer to the District Election Officer. In the last, the numerical information of the total issued and received postal ballots is given by the Nodal Officer to the District Election Officer.
On this occasion, the nodal officer of the postal ballot and the chief executive officer of all the district panchayat were present.


13 vehicles seized for illegal mining


Collector Shri K.C. In the direction of DevSanapati, Mineral Officer Mrs. Triveni Devangan today while carrying illegal mineral transport with her team, 13 vehicles have been seized and kept in the police station for custody.

They said that 06 cars were found to transport 03 truck ballast, 02 tractor ballast and 01 407 truck bricks in Surajpur police station and illegal transport of a hawaii ballast in Vishrampur police station and 03 vehicles filled with sand in Jaynagar police station, 02 vehicle brick And a hawk ballast was found illegally transmitted.

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