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Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi's 150th Birth Anniversary   Bicycle travel today on occasion

Mahasamand, October 01, 2018. On Thursday, 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will be carried out by the district administration on October 2, In which the propaganda of Mahatma Gandhi's message (Nasha Mukti and Sanitation) will be disseminated. The District Sports Officer told that the bicycle journey started from Government Model Bad Higher Secondary School, Mahasamand, from Borda Chowk, Borda Chowk to Shastri Chowk, from Shastri Chowk to Gandhi Chowk, Gandhi Chowk to Nehru Chowk, Nehru Chowk again in Model Bad Higher Secondary School, Mahasamund. would end. An appeal has been made to attend cyclist especially in schools, colleges and hostels, students, youth, social organizations etc.


Formation of two-two statistical surveillance team for four assembly constituencies

According to the instructions of the Chief Election Officer, Chhattisgarh, Mahasamund, 01 October 2018, the duty of the officers has been constituted by Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, by setting up two-two statistical surveillance team for each assembly constituency for the assembly elections 2018. This team will create a check post and will monitor the suspected weapon movement in this area, along with videography of all process of investigation. In which the duty of 39. Saralpali for the Tehsildar has been installed, the duty of Shri Balram Tamboli, Naib Tehsildar Sarai Pali Shri Indra Ram Chandravanshi and Police Officer has been imposed. Legislative Assembly 40- For the settlement, the Tehsildar settled well. Sushila Sahu, Naib Tehsildar Pithora Shri Pawan Thakur and Police Officer Tahsildar Mahasamund Shri Bhagirathi Khande, Naib Tehsildar Mahasamund Shri Govind Sinha and Police Officer were included in the 42-Mahasamand for Mahabharamand, 42-Mahasamund, for the Legislative Assembly 41-Khallari, Naib Tehsildar Bagbahara Shri Ram Vardhan Verma, Naib Tehsildar Mahasamund Smt. Neeta Alsare and Police Officer.

Appointment of Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officers to get name guidance

According to the directions of the Chief Election Officer, Chhattisgarh, Mahasamund, 01 October 2018, the Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, the Duty Legislative Assurances of the Officers and Employees for the Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officer and their assistance was obtained for getting the name of Vidhan Sabha Election 2018. is. These officers will ensure the action of getting the name directance after notification of notification being declared.
Under the issuance order, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Himashikar Gupta will be Returning Officer for Assembly-42 Mahasamund. Sub Divisional Officer (Revenue) Mahasamund, Shri Sunil Kumar Chandravanshi and Deputy Collector, Smt. Thakur will be the Returning Officer. For his assistant, Mahasamund Tehsildar Shri Bhagirathi Khande, Naib Tehsildar Mr. Govind Sinha, Assistant Superintendent Mr. PR Siddar, Assistant Class-II Mr. Punaram Patel, Bharti Shri Yogesh Kumar Netam and Mr. Pawan Kannauj nomination, registration of application, inquiry, required form , Books etc., making available to the candidate, making introductory letters, and registering, including registering. Similarly Assistant Class-3 Mr. Chunnilal Sahu, Mr. R.K. Devangan and Bharata, Mr. Puran Lal Thakur, observe the electoral roll and make copies of the application form after making the application available to the applicant and other works. In addition, the name and name of the proposer giving nomination by revenue supervisor, Mahasamand Shri Sanjay Selke and Revenue Inspector, Mr. Khoman Singh Dhruv, to the Returning Officer by matching the name of the voter list and giving the name of Assistant Grade-III Mr. Vijay Kumar Mishra. Photocopy of the letter.

Subdivisional Officer (Revenue) Pithora Shri BC Ekka Returning Officer will be present for assembly-40 settlement. Tehsildar Basana Shri Lakshman Mishra, Tehsildar Pithora Shri Bansingh Netam, Assistant Returning Officer. For his assistant, nomination by Mr. Krishna Kumar Chandraqar, Assistant Class-II, Shri Krishna Kumar Divan, Assistant Class-3 Mr. Rakesh Barale, Mr. Premlal Sahu, Bharti Shri Purushottam Sahu and Nanyikram Sahu, registration of application, inquiry, required form , Books etc., making available to the candidate, making introductory letters, and registering, including registering. Similarly, Assistant Class-III Mr. Kadir Ahmed, Assistant Project Officer Mr. Pramod Kannauj, and Bharata Mr. Liladhar Dhruvshi make an overview of the electoral roll and obtaining duplication application after making the verification available to the applicant and other works. Apart from this, the name of the names and proposer's name submitted by the revenue inspector, Garh Fusher, Mr. Ramesh Kumar Verma and Revenue Inspector Bhanwarpur Mr. Bhojraj Singh, and the names of the proposer, matching the voter list and making the returning officer aware and the help of the Grade-3 Mr. Gajapati Jagat Photocopy of the letter.
For the Vidhan Sabha-41 Khallari, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi will be Returning Officer. Sub Divisional Officer Revenue, Bagbahra and Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, Mr. Pankaj Dahir will be the Returning Officer. Nawab Tehsildar for his assistant Mr. Gagan Sharma, Assistant Class-II Shri AC Ballet, Shri Bhushan Lal Dhruv, Assistant Class-III Shri Dilip Kumar Tiwari, Bharati Shri Shishupal Dhruv and Shri Ajay Kumar Dhruv nomination, registration of application, investigation, Includes other work including necessary form, book etc. making available to the candidate, making introduction letters, and registering the register. Similarly, Assistant Class-3 Shri Namit Sahu, Shri Ravinder Tandon and Shri Tikamchandra Nagesh, visiting the voter list and the duplication application form after making the verification available to the applicant and other works. Besides this, the name and proposer name of candidates who have submitted nomination by Revenue Inspector Bagbahara Shri Yogendra Verma and Revenue Inspector, Shri Devraj Singh Divan, to the Returning Officer by getting the name of the voters list and the Assistant Grade-3 nomination by Mr. Suresh Kumar Kothare. Photocopy of the letter.
Additional Collector, Mahasamund Shri Alok Pandey will be the Returning Officer for the Assembly-39 Sarai Pali. Deputy Collector Ms. Pooja Bansal and Saraipali Tehsildar Smt. Lalita Bhagat will be Assistant Returning Officer. Nab Tehsildar, Shri Ramamurthy Dewan, Assistant Statistics Officer, Mr. Rajeshwar Tandiyy, Assistant Class-2 Shri P.S. Chauhan, Mr. SK Malekar Bhardya, Mr. Raghuveer Singh Dhruv and Mr. Kuleesh Kumar Divan, the nomination, registration of applications, scrutiny, necessary forms, book etc. to the candidate, making introduction letter, Similarly, Assistant Class-III Mr. R.P. Verma, Shri Laksharam Sahu and Bhartiya Smt. Bela Dewan have to observe the electoral roll and make the applicant available to the applicant after verification after copying the application form and other works. Apart from this, the name of the names and proposer's names submitted by the revenue inspector Shri Kanhaiya Lal Bhoi and Revenue Inspector Mr. Tarachand Patel and the name of the proposer, matching the voter list and making the Returning Officer informed and the name-directive letter by Assistant Grade-III Mr. Anant Pradhan Will photocopy.
Similarly, Collector and District Election Officer NIC Officer Anand Kumar Soni, Upasnchalk Department of Agriculture Mr. Wheepi Chaubey, Vnprikshetr officer Vishwanath Mukherjee, chips charge Mr. Bhupinder Ambilkar, Mr. Saket Chandrakar from NIC, data entry operator Rajesh Sahu And Bharti Shri Rajendra Prasad to get the name given in the four assembly constituencies Scanning the issues online Commission's duty to transmit information. District Nazir Mr. Jagmohan Sahu, Assistant group Rural Engineering Service Division -3 Mr DP Verma and servants such as Mr Dmrulal Kanwar four assembly candidates of trust achieved Sijitisi Cutting, nomination papers, candidates amount and time to other assigned time Will edit the work.

Merit list issued for accountant recruitment

Claim-objection application was invited for the post of contractual contract under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Rural) in Mahasamund, 29th September 2018 / District Panchayat Mahasamund. In which the settlement of claim-objection applications was resolved in the district panchayat Mahasamund on October 1, 2018 at 10 a.m. According to information received from district panchayat for which a separate list of 1: 5 for preparation of claim-objection settlement list, merit list, original document verification and computer skills test, has been prepared, which will be reviewed by the District Panchayat's official website, the district panchayat's notification Can be on the panel.


Launch of new Electrical Junior Engineer Office in Narra 45 villages will get electricity related information

Mahanmund, September 29, 2018 / Kharani MLA Mr. Chunnilal Sahu was inaugurated today by cutting the lace of the new junior mechanic office at village Narra of Bagbahra Vikaskhand. With the opening of this distribution center, consumers of Munigasar and surrounding 45 villages will not have to go to the pollution to solve the issues related to electrocuting. With the appointment of a new junior engineer in Narra, the complaints will be promptly resolved and curbing unnecessary obstruction of electricity. Villagers present at the inauguration ceremony were happy to welcome the opening of the distribution center. The program was chaired by Mr. Umesh Jain, Member of the District. Village dignitaries were present on this occasion.
On this occasion, Mr. Sahu, MLA said that for many days the citizens of this area had this demand. The opening of a new distribution center is a big deal for the people of the region, today I dedicate this new distribution center to the people of the area. He said that now the residents of the area will not have to go away to solve their electrical complaints. On this occasion Shri Sahu was challenged to avail the benefits of flat rate facility in large numbers to the agriculture and domestic consumers under the Seamless Electricity Bill Scheme and appreciated by the officials and employees of the power company for the excellent service of the field and the power of the field. was done.

Mr. A.K., Executive Engineer, Department of Electricity Gopawar while delivering the welcome address said that the government has given approval to 6 new distribution centers for the convenience of the consumers of the district, which will be started in all new distribution centers in the week. He said that continuous creative decisions are being taken by the Chhattisgarh State Distribution Company to provide sustainable and quality full power to the rural and urban areas. He informed that 6 thousand 516 consumers and 45 villages of the present distribution center, Comkhan have been included. The gratitude was made by Mr NL Patel, Assistant Engineer, Paradhan, Bagbahra.

Various programs organized on the occasion of Surgical Strike Day Sworn oath to students

Mahasamund, 29 September 2018 / According to the guidelines of the state government, today, on 29 September, Surgical Strike Day was celebrated. Different programs were organized on this occasion. Marathon race was organized by the Sports Department to increase awareness of national unity, integrity and security. Dr. SK Chatterjee was administered the oath of the students of NCC, NSS and Colleges to the Government PG College. Various programs will be organized by the Department of Education in the spirit of patriotism in various schools, under which the cultural program was organized to create awareness of essay competition, poetry lessons and nationality. Also, the film related to Rasta Bhakti full song, music, drama and surgical strikes was performed. On this occasion NSS in-charge Dr. Malti Tiwari, Dr. Pradeep Kanher, Prof. s. A large number of students were present, including Barua, Dr. A.Krim.


Tourism and Tourism Minister Shri Dayaladas Baghel Tourism Program

Mr. Dayaladas Baghel, Minister of Incharge, Culture and Tourism and in-charge of the District, Mahasamund, September 29, 2018 / will be on the migration of the Mahasamund district on September 29, 2018. Under the scheduled tour program, Mr. Bazell will depart from Raipur at 8 in the morning and settle at 9 in the morning and attend the organized Atal Vikas Yatra. After this he will go to Raipur.


Chief Minister Dr.Singh Mahasamund will give a grant of Rs 253 crore 89 lakhs to the district today

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will present 47 different construction works at the cost of 253 crore 89 lakh rupees in the General Assembly held in Basna of Mahasamund district on September 30, 2018 during Mahatma Mandal, 29th September 2018 / Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh. They will lay the foundation stone of 36 construction works built at a cost of Rs 239 crore 22 lakhs 25 thousand rupees and Rs 14 crore. To open 11 construction works at the cost of 66 lakh 53 thousand rupees In the construction work of the Chief Minister, the cost of Rs. 57 lakh 46 thousand, Government Higher Secondary School Building in Bhanwarpur, Government Higher Secondary School Building at Rajpalpur at a cost of 93 lakhs 35 thousand rupees, at the cost of Rs. 93 lakhs 35 thousand in Patwa. New Government Higher Secondary School Building, Government Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya at PG College Mahasamand, at a cost of Rs. Construction of electrified cells and electrification, Construction of Adivasi Kanya Ashram at Bamhani at a cost of 97 lakh 34 thousand rupees and construction and construction of Vision & Auditory Badshartha Vidyalaya in Mahasamand at cost of 87 lakh 62 thousand rupees and other works, 1 crore 88 lakh 39 33/11 sub-center in Limdarha, cost of Rs.1 thousand rupees, power station of 33/11 at Kendamudi and 1 crore 46 lakhs 25 thousand rupees at the cost of Rs. Rs cost will be released 33/11 power sub-stations and 3 million 51 million 74 million dollars of cost Kmmn Anikt and 37 million dollars of the cost of the police station premises newly built station building immigrate Pandhreepani broomstick in Arjunda.

Similarly, the construction of new primary school building at Gopalpur, Remda 2, Kuramadi and Chathamoa at a cost of 33 lakhs 12 thousand rupees, Harilchapar, Semilia, Durugopali, Harsapali and Peraskol at a cost of 41 lakhs 40 thousand rupees. New primary school building, construction of Sarai Patarra, Virendranagar, Navagad, Lanti, Saraioli and Sirpur New Primary School Building at a cost of Rs. At the cost of Rs. 25 lakhs, construction of boundary unit of Gleasing unit, Gate and CC Road in Gadafuljar and Rs. 10 lacs, Ajmer Dynasty in Ajmer Dynasty, for the construction of community building at Soni Sabha, cost of Rs. 7.55 million 73 thousand NH- Marine renewal work from 6 buses, construction of bridge over Pilibhali from NH-6 at a cost of Rs 3 crore 61 lakh 8 thousand rupees, construction of bridge over Matheranpar bridge construction, 16 tax at a cost of 10 crore 7 lakh 66 thousand rupees Bridge construction on Chhiprikona road, bridge construction in Indarpur at a cost of Rs. 8 lakh 61 thousand rupees, construction of bridge in Palsapali and construction of 11 crore 4 crore at Inderpur at a cost of 200 million 3 lakh 39 thousand rupees. Construction of bridge construction on Jabalpur road from Baitari to a cost of 17 thousand rupees, Construction of high school building at Nagri, costing 73 million 73 thousand rupees, Public prosecution office in Saraioli at a cost of Rs 25 lakh Upgradation of Dhanapali Marg from Kodopali at the cost of 4 crore 54 lakh 97 thousand rupees, Upgradation of Bahadurpur road from Laripur at a cost of 10 million 97 lakh 20 thousand rupees, with the cost of 10 million 78 lakh 65 thousand rupees from the hill ranges Upgradation of Jharkunda Marg, Renovation of Khambhun Marg upgradation from Tilakpur at the cost of Rs. 5 crore 36 lakh 43 thousand, Renovation work of Basiya Marg from Basana at a cost of 13.25 million 30 thousand rupees, 12 Construction of Government Higher Secondary School Building at Pakkin at a cost of Rs.1,16,16 thousand rupees, construction of Government Higher Secondary School Building in Bhukel at a cost of 12 crores, one lakh 16 thousand rupees, Khalari at a cost of 12 crores one lakh 16 thousand rupees Construction of Government Higher Secondary School Building and Construction of Government Higher Secondary School Building at a cost of 12 crore 1 lakh 16 thousand rupees and 50 million one lakh 80 Haza Cost of Rs rotting on Nanksagr route Gdhfuljr and pull-Puliaka construction tasks.


Similarly, construction of bridge on the Karmel Nalla of Patharla, Mohagaon Marg at a cost of Rs. 49 crore and one lakh rupees, Deori-Saldih, Garhfuljhar-Torresanga Marg bridge construction cost at a cost of Rs. 15.52 crore and Rs. 40 lakhs, in Khairakhuta Naljal feeding scheme, Naljal feeding scheme at village Mohgaon at a cost of Rs. 12 lakh 36 thousand rupees, Rs. 21 lakhs will be done at a cost of Rs. 21 lakhs, Rs. 14 lakhs to Limradha and Rs. 21 lakh for Devsar Construction of Le Village Pride path and the cost of 99 lakh 41 thousand rupees involves building Akrabanta piece access route Salhejria. Similarly, construction of a Deputy Forest Officer's office in Saraipali at the cost of Rs 21 lakh 97 thousand rupees and a cost of Rs 21 lakh 97 thousand, Construction of Burn Unit Building in the District Hospital Mahasamund at the cost of Rs. 20 lakhs 12 thousand rupees. And at the cost of 69 lakh 38 thousand rupees, the primary health center will lay the foundation for building construction.
Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh under various schemes
Content distribution will be given to beneficiaries
 During the visit of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh during the Vasti Atal Vikas Yatra, on September 30, 2018, distribution of various commodities to 30 beneficiaries in the General Assembly held in the Higher Secondary School Ground, Basna of Mahasamund district. These include Tiffin under the MNREGA plan, acceptance letter of Prime Minister housing construction, gas connection under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, population lease distribution, solar swirl scheme, acceptance of CC road construction from DMF item in village panchayats, smooth electricity bill scheme, Deendayal Antyodaya Yojna , Vishwakarma Accidental Death by Functional Department, Funeral Assistance and Grace Payment and Prime Minister Jyoti Bima Yojana and Prime will deliver the subscription certificate of protection insurance plan.

In charge, Assistant Commissioner, Mrs Chandrakar took charge

Bemetra September 28, 2018: - Assistant Commissioner in-charge of Scheduled Caste and Tribal Development Department, Bemetra, Smt. Menaka Chandrakar has taken charge today. Mrs. Chandrakar Commissioner of Primary Tribal office has been transferred from New Raipur.

Training given to nodal officers to increase percentage of voting in urban areas

Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, as per the Legislative Assembly General Election 2018, under the Sweep Action Plan, the voter awareness program was regularly organized by marking low voting centers to increase the percentage of voting in urban areas of the district. Is going. In this regard, Nodal officers were trained in the District Public Education Committee, Mahasamand, today by Mr. Rakharaj Sharma, Secretary, District Nodal Officer of Sweep, Dr. Malti Tiwari and Sweep Secretary. In the training he was told that to increase the percentage of voting in urban areas, from October 1 to November 10, various activities like marking of those who do not vote, by solving the problem, preparing the strategy and organizing it in important days.
To observe the voting center for young voters in the International Day of Old Age, World Student Day etc., at every minimum polling station, street plays, rangoli, painting, VV Discuss on the importance of voting in democracy, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's birthdate, on the occasion of World Student Day, the biggest authority to vote in the democracy, the rally, the resolution letter, the polling fair, the Third Gender, and every assembly area For the Divisions of ALC (Election Literacy) singing, painting etc. organized on the basis of the competition and house-house survey with the appeal letter Perk went discussed in detail to be. On this occasion, nodal officers of all the colleges of the district were present.

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