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Training for organic manure and cow rearing started

Mahasamund, 03 October 2018 / Training for the training of organic fertilizers and cow rearing and domestic product by Dena Rural Self Employment Training Institute, Mahasamund. Director of Dana Razetti told that residential training is being started to the members of the women self-help group in the building of Dana Rusti Brara Banda Market from 4th October 2018. Apart from this, this training will also be given to the members of the Women Self Help Group from October 5, 2018, in village Pathakara, Pithora Development block.

18 sanctioned sanctioned amount to the needy

On the recommendation of Mahasamund 03 October 2018 / Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Agriculture Minister, Mr. Brij Mohan Agarwal, Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt. Ramsila Sahu, financial assistance of one lakh five thousand rupees has been sanctioned for the needy of the district. In this, financial assistance of 10 to 10 thousand rupees has been sanctioned to Shri. Puskar Chandra, Gram Chowkhedar, Waterfall Tandi and Kumamani Bagh of Subhash Nagar, and Shri Narayan Sahu of village Hicha. Similarly, Shri Devkumar Sahu of Gram Sinodha, Mr. Gunpath Sahu of Parswani, Mr. Jogaram Mahanand of Mahasamund, Mr. Bharat Ram from Basti Sarai Pali, Shri Laxman Chauhan of Basti Saraswali, Kumari Nandani Vishwakarma of Bagbahara, Bodhiswar Patel of Birsingepali, Shri Dev Charan Sahu, Sri Hemu Dhivar, Shri Kartik Ram Sen, Shri Dharmendra Yadav, Shri Narad Yadav and Shri Ish And Patel went sanctioned five thousand rupees. This amount will be provided to the concerned beneficiaries through RTGS. In order to get the acceptance amount for the beneficiaries, the voter photo identity card, bank pass book, Aadhar card, ration card, two photographs of self and registration of the documents and evidence of the institute along with the proof will be presented to Tahsildar in Tehsil office. To make the payment of sanctioned amount expeditiously,

Health check camp today in Amelibhaha Mahasamund

On Monday, October 4, 2018, a day-to-day free health check-up camp will be organized on October 4, 2018 / Health and Family Welfare Department and Ward number two government primary school, Imilibhatha, Mahasamund, under the National Urban Health Mission, Mahasamund. Will be held till o'clock. In the main medical and health camp camp, the dentist will also provide their services. They appeal to ordinary citizens to take advantage of being present in this maximum number of health check-up camps.

Cycle rally on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti


The State Government has decided to organize 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti throughout the year. District level cycles travel organized today by the district administration in this regard. In which Mahasamund Municipal Council President Mr. Pawan Patel, Vice President Smt. Kaushalya Bansal, District Member, Mr. Yogeshwar Chandrakrakar went on a green flag showing the cyclical journey.

 In the cyclic journey, people's representatives, officials-employees, students, students, youths, civilians, spread a message in large numbers and spread the message of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi (drug addiction and cleanliness). This cyclical journey starts from Government Adarsh ​​Higher Secondary School Mahasamund and ends in Boro Chandra, Shastri Chowk, Gandhi Chowk, Nehru Chowk, Nehru Chowk again in Government Model Higher Secondary School.
On the closing ceremony, the forest collector Shri Alok Tiwari shared some of Mahatma Gandhi's teachings among children and encouraged the children to run their cycles regularly. He said that due to good health by running a bicycle, environment pollution is also not there. Joint collector Shri Shivkumar Tiwari was inspired to follow Mahatma Gandhi's ideals and not to go into drug abuse.

Participation in District Level Cycle Tours, especially in schools, colleges, hostels of students, youth, social organizations, officers, employees, citizens and representatives of the people. District Sports Officer Mr. Manoj Kumar Dhritalhar expressed gratitude. On this occasion, District Education Officer Shri B. L. Kurre, Dr. D.D. Jharia, Shri Himanshu Bharti, Satish Nair and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

Sworn oath to vote for citizens on the occasion of Janadhy Janayai


On the occasion of the Janmashi Janayati in Sarayapali, the completion of the Sanitation Service Seva Campaign, Panchakhada was done by the Honorable MLA Mr. Ramlal Chauhan. On this occasion, he gave detailed information on the life of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Cleanliness was done by the employees of the local people's representatives, officers-employees, women's self-help groups, municipal office of Sarai Pali, Shiv Mandir Pond. Apart from this, the oath was taken to vote for municipal employees, ordinary citizens.

Agriculture Minister in New Campus District of Kampa Launched


Announcement of agriculture minister, agriculture minister will be named after Shri Purushottam Lal Kaushik

State Agriculture Minister Shri Brij Mohan Agarwal launched the new Government Agricultural College in Village Kampa yesterday. It is noteworthy that according to the announcement of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, the government agricultural college in Mahasamund district was found. Mr. Agarwal announced the name of the agriculture college named after the former Union Minister, late Shri Purushottam Lal Kaushik at the launch ceremony. On this occasion Mr. Agarwal also laid down the Bhumi Poojan for developing a haat market in ten places of Mahasamund district. He also inaugurated a hot market. The new Krishi Mahavidyalaya will be run in the current Chattisgarh Tourism Board in Kampa. The new campus of the college will be developed in Kampa only 200 acres.

Agriculture Minister Shri Brij Mohan Agarwal said on this occasion that six new Government Agricultural Colleges are being opened this year. One of these colleges is open in Mahasamund district. This is a great achievement for residents of Mahasamund district. He said that Kampa's agricultural college campus will be developed as the satellite center of Indira Gandhi Agricultural University Raipur. Mr. Agrawal said that Mahasamund district is also making its mark in the cultivation of horticulture. Apart from paddy in the farmers of Mahasamund, cultivation of fruits, flowers and vegetables is also increasingly popular in the fields of horticulture, organic crops. Students will be educated by Krishi Scientist in agricultural school and will give advanced farming information to thousands of farmers. He informed that the State Government has also given soil testing of their fields besides grants on agricultural machinery for the promotion of farmers. Farmers from the college will get new technology information and guide area in the guidance area. This will bring new awareness in the agriculture sector. Apart from this, the youth will be given a path to career building in the agriculture sector. He emphasized the importance of transforming the crop circle from the traditional cultivation to the peasants.

 On this occasion, Mr. Chandulal Sahu, MP of Mahasamund Lok Sabha constituency said in his remark that opening of Krishi Mahavidyalaya has added another new link in the development of the district. He said that there was a need for the students of this zone of Agriculture College. Mahasamund MLA Dr. Vimal Chopra while expressing his views said that the opening of the Agricultural College in village Kampa of Mahasamund assembly constituency is a matter of great fortune. He said that with the education of students through this college, the knowledge of farming and farming of farmers from the zonal system will be obtained very easily. Apart from this, Shri Ramlal Chauhan, SaraiPali MLA, Khallari MLA Mr. Chunni Lal Sahu, Former Minister of State, Mr. Poonam Chandra Karkare, Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Dr. S.K. Patil also addressed

 In the program, Shri Agarwal performed the Bhumi Pujan of Mahatyamund Vidhan Sabha area of ​​Haat Bazar, which developed in Ramkheda, Lafinnkhurd, Khairjity, Chingraud, Jhapp and Bhamhani and Khandari Assembly constituencies of Teandukona, Bhurkoni, Munagaser and Komakhan. For these hot markets, the board has sanctioned Rs. 2.68 crore. The Agriculture Minister also inaugurated the developed market at Kaduaa of Saraypali at a cost of Rs. 59 lakhs 41 thousand rupees. On this occasion, the Deputy Chairman of the Zilla Panchayat Smt. Gopa Sahu, District President Mr. Dharamdas Manhilong, District Member Mr. Yogeshwar Chandrakar, Sarpanch Shri Ramesh Kumar Banjera along with other local public representatives and common citizens were present.


Placement Camping on October 4

For the purpose of providing employment to the local educated unemployed youth in Mahasamund, 01 October 2018 / District, the placement office will be organized on October 4, 2018, for the recruitment of 12th and graduate candidates. According to information received from the District Employment Office, 50 total posts of 30 postement bank promotions and Lterail promotors will be recruited by Coral Concept Amapara Raipur. He explained that the applicant should have motor cycle and smart phone mandatory. Detailed information regarding this can be seen on the information board of the District Employment Office.


Gandhi Jayanti will increase voting percentage in Basana today

Mahasamund, 01 October 2018 / According to the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, today the meeting of the women's self-help group in Sitina on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, aimed at increasing the copy of voting in the district, organized by the Government Higher Secondary Will be in the school. Swamy will also be given to women for 100% voting in the program. A map of India will be made at High School Ground in Basna, Map of Chhattisgarh within Map of India, Map of Mahasamund will be made in the map of Chhattisgarh. Rangoli will be made by the Women and Child Development Department. This event is organized by E.V.M. The display of machine, VV pat, display of activities of the electoral literacy club, cultural programs and college students will also showcase the street plays.

Amount approved under RBC 6-4

Mahasamund, 01 October 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta has approved the amount of financial assistance grants to the nearest family of the disadvantaged person as per the provisions of the Revenue Book Circular 6-4. In the case of Kumari Bharti Marcandey, resident of village Ghodari of Mahasamund Vikaskhand, after the burning of fire in the fire on October 15, 2017, an amount of four lakh rupees has been sanctioned to his father Naresh Kumar Markandeya.


Approval Assistance Approved Abatement

5 lakhs 5 thousand rupees have been sanctioned for 113 beneficiaries of the district on the recommendation of Mahasamund, 01 October 2018 / Chief Minister, Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries. It will be provided through RTGS. In order to get the acceptance amount for the beneficiaries, the Tahsildar will get the consent of the voter photo identity card, bank pass book, Aadhar card, ration card, two photographs of self and registration documents of the institution and the tehsildar Instant must be submitted, so that the amount of payment can be made promptly.

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