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Collector flagged the cycle rally and flagged off

Bemetara 15 Nov.

Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre flagged off the cycle rally in Jayastambh Chak Bemetra at 3 o'clock today. In order to promote voter awareness under Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (Sweep) in the district, a cycle rally was organized at District Headquarters Bemetara. District Education Officer G.R. Chandrakar, in-charge sports officer Nageshwar Tiwari, assistant statistical officer Sunil Tiwari, Dinesh Gautam and Varsha Gautam were present. In which the cycle rally started from Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Bemetara, through the students of different schools. Starting from the Girls Higher Secondary School, Jayasthambha Chowk, Ghadi Chowk, Sheetla Mandir Chowk, Singhaghori, and back watch check, Pratap Chak, Pierce check, finished in the Government Girls Higher Secondary School.

Expenditure observer meeting

Bemetara 15 Nov.

Expenditure Observer Mr. Ankit Anand today took the meeting of the Audition team, video observation team, expenditure surveillance team in the District Panchayat Sabha room. On this occasion Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre, Deputy Collector Smt. Silly Thomas, Treasury Officer Shri V. G. Subgroups, including other officers were present.

The Expenditure Observer instructed the team-in-charge to perform their duties promptly, 72 hours before polling day. Complaints regarding the violation of the Model Code of Conduct, wherever there is a complaint, then take necessary action according to the rules. The Flying Skat team can work in alerts in their respective fields. Be sure to check the movement of vehicles, that there is no transport to any kind of object affecting voters.

Distribution of election materials on November 19

Bemetara 15 Nov.

The election material for the ballot going to be held on November 20 in the district will be on November 19. Election materials will be distributed to the presiding and voting officers of Vidhan Sabha constituency, Saza, Bemetra and Navagadh, from the Agricultural Produce Market Complex located at District Headquarter Bemetra.

Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre said that the election material will be distributed on Monday 19th November. For this, all the polling parties have been asked to be present at 7 a.m.

At the time the voter slip is distributed, the poster stuck at the appointed place, the collector took the li BLO Meeting of

Bemetara 15 Nov.

Collector Mahadev Kawre took a meeting of the supervisors of the Women and Child Development Department in the meeting room of district panchayat this morning. Through information received about the distribution of voter slip and given necessary instructions. Distribution of voter slips is being distributed to all the registered voters by the booth label officer for going to the polls on November 20 for the three assembly constituencies of the district.

The Collector also instructed to ensure that the posters received from the Election Commission are displayed at the fixed place in the polling station. Voting support centers will also be made on the day of polling, in which BLO Sit down, not in the election agent's booth. The collector said that those voters who do not break the slip should submit it to the concerned returning officer in the closed envelope. In order to promote women's awareness, Sangwari polling centers are being set up in all the four block headquarters of the district.

In this polling booth, all the officers and security personnel of the polling party will be women. The Collector instructed to make an attractive arrangement for the Sawari booth. Make Rangoli etc. outside the polling booths, but keep in mind that no political party's election symbol should be displayed in it. In the meeting, CEO of District Panchayat S. Alok, District Women and Child Development Officer Manoj Sinha and Shri Chandrakar were also present.

Reserve E.V.M. in the presence of observers Randomization of

Bemetara November 14, 2018: - In the presence of observers under the Assembly Elections on Wednesday in the collectorate meeting, Reserve EVM after sealing. Randomization was done. The Election Commission of India, Mr. Sujit Kumar, Observer of Saja Assembly, Beantra Mr. Ranjith Kumar, Navagadh Mr. K. V. Muralidharan in whose presence was remanded. Meanwhile, Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre, ADM, and Deputy District Election Officer s. Mandavi District Information Science Officer (NIC) Rohit Chandravanshi, E.V. M. Nodal Officer Examined Choudhary, Representatives of various Political Parties - Keshav Namdeo, Sunil Namdev, M.L. Verma and Sanjay Agrawal were present.


Up to 2050 postal ballots issued

Bemetara November 14, 2018: - In order to provide voting facility through postal ballot to officers, drivers, cleaners, police personnel (electors) in the election process during the assembly elections, so far, government servants from the three assembly constituencies in the district have 2050 postal ballot papers. has been issued. District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre said that under the assembly, 573 Bemmantra 729 and 748 employees under Navagad have been issued postal ballot. In order to submit the postal ballot, one box has been placed in the four tehsil offices of the district. Apart from this, the box will be available for submission of postal ballot in the office of Seed Corporation on November 19, during distribution of election materials in the agricultural produce market premises.


Instructions regarding the maintenance of VVPat machine

Bemetara November 14, 2018: - Chief Electoral Officer Office By issuing a letter to the collector and district election officials, it has been said that during the voting, there may be changes in light and temperature within the polling station on the basis of sun conditions from morning to evening. In such situation in the afternoon light and sharp sunlight will be likely to spoil the machine in the event of falling into the VVPate machine, so you will see the direction of the window of the polling center (East / West) in the polling day through the Sector officials in the polling day. Keeping the position of EVM / VVPET machine in the polling room. In view of this, District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre asked all the presiding officers to take action as directed by the Commission.

General holiday on voting day on 20th November

Bemetara November 14, 2018: - According to the Election Commission of New Delhi, voting day on 20th November for the Assembly elections 2018 has been declared a general holiday for conducting polls on Tuesday. Normal leave will be due to voting day on November 20 in the entire area of Bemmantra district.

Collector collects information about polling site

Bemetara November 14, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre examined the preparations for distribution of voting material to the polling booths in Krishi Upaj Mandi Complex, Bemmonara this morning. Voting will take place on November 20 in three assembly constituencies of the district. The election material will be distributed from 8 o'clock on November 19. After voting, EVM and VVPET will be deposited in a strong room made in the assembly. The collector said that there will be separate arrangements for seating officers in Mandi premises where they will contact the voting parties of their Sector. In order to deposit the postal ballot to the government servants, the legislative box will be kept in the office of Seed Corporation, Mandi Complex, where they will be able to submit postal ballot. The polling booths of Navagad and Bemmounta assembly constituencies will be left from the farmers' consumer market gate and the vehicles of Saja assembly segment from Mandi's main gate. The collector said that food stall will also be used for facilitating voting parties. The municipal CMO has been instructed to arrange and clean drinking water. There will be four mobile toilet in the premises. Parking vehicle in Basic School, Maandan, which is coming from a private Chapheya vehicle. The parking space for government vehicles will also be different. Separate location will be fixed for the police control room. Bariat has been prepared by putting bamboo bell in the Mandi premises. ADM and Deputy District Election Officer KS Mandavi were also present on the occasion of inspection.


Case filed under property deformation

Bemetara November 13, 2018: - As per the poster of the candidate Ashish Chhabda on charges of imposing a poster on the power pillar in village Parpora, Assembly Bemetra, six. First Information Report (FIR) has been registered at Police Check Deokar under Section-03 of the Property Discrimination Act 1994.

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