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Allow helipad to unload helicopters Related sub-divisional magistrate

Mahasamund, 08 October 2018 / India Election Commission has announced the Assembly Election 2018 Collector and District Magistrate, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, for permission to use Helipad to take helicopter by the candidates of the district, 39, 40, 41 and 42 assembly constituencies and political parties in the district for assembly elections -2018, to allow Mahasamund, Bagbahara, In Pithora and Saraypali, the departmental penalties have been authorized. The concerned Sub-Divisional Officers will give permission for assembly areas under their own discipline. Reporting will essentially give returning officer, nodal officer, expenditure surveillance team, video surveillance team and all concerned.


Printing of photo voter list etc. Invited firms invite tender

Mahasamund, 05th of October, 2018, as per the directive of the Election Commission of India, the summary revision of the nominees, in the case of January 1, 2018, printing of photo voting list of four Assembly constituencies of Mahasamund district etc., sealed and qualified firms, sealed tenders for work etc. October 15, 2018 is invited till 3 PM. Tender form submission will be conducted on October 15 at 4 pm in front of the contractors present through the committee. 500 rupees for each tender form has been fixed. Receive the form by depositing the prescribed fee. The required conditions of invited tender and other information can be obtained from the office in the office.


Launch of new distribution center to increase the convenience of consumers in Sagarpali

Mahasamund, 05th October 2018 / Chhattisgarh State Distribution Distribution Company Limited, continuous creative decisions are being taken to ensure sustainable and quality power supply to rural and urban areas. In this connection, 6 new distribution centers have been sanctioned for the convenience of consumers in Mahasamund district. Continuing the same objective of increasing the convenience of consumers, the new junior mechanization office was inaugurated by MLA Ramlal Chauhan in Village Sagarpali today. With the opening of this distribution center, consumers of 58 villages in Sagarpali and surrounding areas will not have to go to Bhanpurpur Distribution Center for payment of complaints, information and payments of electricity.

With the introduction of the new junior mechanic office in Sagarpali, complaints will be promptly resolved and curbing unnecessary obstruction of electricity. The villagers present at the inauguration ceremony were happy to welcome the opening of the distribution center. Presided by Mrs. Fulbai Baraiha Sarpanch, Sagarpali. The special guest of the program, Mr. Vrindavan Sahu, Deputy Sagarpanch, Sagarpali, Mr. Kanhaiyalal Patel, former Sarpanch Sagarpali, Mr. Jagdish Patel and Mr. Chhabilal Patel were present. On this occasion, Mr. Ramlal Chauhan MLA said that for many days the citizens of this area had this demand, the opening of the new distribution center was a big deal for the people of the region. Now the residents of the area will not have to go away to solve their electrical complaints. Explaining his old experiences, he said that there was a lot of power in this area in the past years but now the problem is eliminated by the formation of new sub centers. The creation of Chhattisgarh state has seen a huge increase in power generation. Free electricity connection is being provided to every household in the village by the good luck scheme. Power supply is continuously being strengthened by strengthening the power infrastructure by creating new sub-stations by the Electricity Department. He was challenged to avail the large number of flat rate facilities for the rural and urban households under the Easy Bill. The program was welcomed by Mr. Gaurav Singh Uike, Executive Engineer, Sarai Pali, and the gratitude was given by Mr. T. R.G. Jabhi, Assistant Engineer, Sarai Pali.



Rs 12 lakh sanctioned casualty

Mahasamund, 05 October 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta has sanctioned financial assistance of 12 lakh rupees for the immediate family of three dead in natural calamities under Revenue Book Circular 6-4. In the village of Sivanikala resident of Bhushan Lal Thakur, his death was caused by the snake bite, his wife Botabai, the death of Jatram Patel of village Sonaputi, after being drowned in the pond, his wife, Mrs Janaki Patel, and Bhagwat Sahu of village Marar Kasihibahar died in the celestial electricity Ghaz), the financial assistance amount of Rs 4-4 lakh of his wife Janki Sahu has been accepted as soon as he falls.


Measles-vaccination of Rubella in the district today Vaccination of all children from 9 months to 15 years (class 10th)

In order to immunize all children of Mahasamund, 05th October 2018/9 months to 15 years (class 10th) in the district, from today, 6th October to 19th December 2018, a total of 35 working days will be run in the Meijs-Rubella vaccination campaign. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr SB Mangrulkar said that mangals is an infectious disease that is a major cause of death of children of five years. If the conditioned pregnant woman is infected with Rubella virus during pregnancy, then it can also be the cause of fetal death, and can automatically cause miscarriage and fetal defects such as CRS. (The blood vessels can cause the infection). It has been found from the figures that the incidence of measles-rubella is found in children up to 15 years of age.
In this campaign, about 3 lakh 13 thousand 743 children have been targeted in the district. Approximately 75 percent of total targeted children are from the age group of children going to the target school. Cooperation of regional workers, school teachers and guardians of education department is very important for the success of the campaign. During this campaign, all children from 9 months to 15 years (class 10th) will be given a vaccine of Meijs-Rubela (M.R.) after reaching the government, non-governmental schools, madarsas etc., like Anganwadi centers, educational institutions. District Immunization Officer Dr. Arvind Gupta has urged parents to contact their near-vaccination centers school and Anganwadi centers for their children for measles-rubella vaccination.

Placement camp will be organized on October 9

On October 5, 2018, the purpose of providing employment to local educated unemployed youth in the district will be organized in the District Employment Office on October 9, 2018. According to information received from the District Employment Office, applications for graduate and postgraduate passed applicants have been applied for recruitment to a total of 200 posts of sales officers in a private company. (Applicants who come under the poverty line have BPL card and income certificate less than one lakh rupees annually). In this regard, detailed information can be viewed on the notice board of the District Employment Office.


Finished training of central officers and bankers

Preparations are being made on the guidance and instructions of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta in the district for the smooth editing of Mahasamund, 05th October 2018 / upcoming assembly election 2018. In this regard, today, a training program was organized in the collectorate meeting room for officers and bankers of different central departments of the district. During the training, the collector said that the process of election will start as soon as the Model Code of Conduct comes into force. It is our responsibility to make an independent and impartial election. He said that all this requires cooperation of all. He said that as soon as the announcement of the candidate is announced, from then on all the cash caps, cash transactions etc. should be monitored. He also said that Bankers will give information of ATM Van Mojant to the District Electoral Office and Returning Officer. It will be necessary for ATM vans to maintain suitable records.
In the meeting, the District Election Officer told that the candidates will have to give information to the Returning Officer after removing more than one lakh from the bank. He can spend up to 20 thousand cash, it is necessary to pay by check if he has to spend more. He said that for more than 50 thousand cash amount can be confiscated without valid reason, they can not get the promotion material of more than 10,000 rupees. The collector said that the maximum limit for the MLA candidate's expenditure is 28 lakhs, a new account will be opened in the Nationalized Bank at least one day before nomination by each candidate / election agent, from which the nominee's security deposit of Rs. 10 thousand and scheduled caste The amount of security deposit for the Scheduled Tribes is Rs. 5000 and the surveillance and action taken by the Income Tax Department on the seizure of the excess amount. Interpretation will. He said that the duty of officers of central departments will be specially done as micro observer. For this, the officers of all the bankers and central departments will send the list of officers and employees of their respective departments to the District Election Office before October 10, 2018.
Details were given in detail regarding the 39 points of micro observers in the training program. Training was done through PowerPoint presentation in detail in connection with Flying Team, Videography Team, Expenditure Accounting Team, Media Certification and Monitoring Team, Expenditure Control, Static Team, Expenditure Accounting Team. Procedure of expenditure surveillance was given to the candidates by the candidate, expenditure audit, type of election expenditure, structure of expenditure expenditure mechanism, expenditure accounting process. In the training program, the information and user information of NIC was made available to the officers of all Central Departments to make the list of employees related to their respective departments and detailed information to the District Election Office. In the training program, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. B. S. Officers including District Bankers, Income Tax Officer, Commerce, Excise, Indian Life Insurance Corporation, Indian Food Corporation, Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sub-Divisional Officer BSNL and Post Master Mahasamand were present along with Mercury, Lead Bank officials.

Approval amount sanctioned for eight needy citizens

Mahasamund 04 October 2018 / Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Food Minister Shri Purnulal Mohale, Health Minister, Shri Ajay Chandra Karkar, Sports Minister Shri Bhayyalal Rajwade, Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Govardhan Manjhi and Takhan Sahu on the recommendation of 90 thousand rupees for the needy. The financial assistance amount has been approved. In this, 25 thousand rupees to Shri Bhagola Ram of village Bhorring, Mrs. Anita Sahu of village Khatri and Mr. Devanarayana Sinha of Sirpur, 15-15 thousand rupees, Dhasakhar of Shri Ghasiyaram Sidar, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Dudena of Chimarkel, 10-10 thousand rupees, Mr. Deepak Chandra of village Choroda, Rupesh Kumar Bhoi of village Chanauridih and Mrs Hirabai of Farhada have been sanctioned for five to five thousand rupees. This amount will be provided to the concerned beneficiaries through RTGS. In order to get the acceptance amount for the beneficiaries, the voter photo identity card, bank pass book, Aadhar card, ration card, two photographs of self and registration of the documents and evidence of the institute along with the proof will be presented to Tahsildar in Tehsil office. To make the payment of sanctioned amount expeditiously,

Tulender Kumar Sagar Scout Master Teacher Education Awarded Shree Award

Mahasamund, 04 Oct 2018 / Mayaram Surjan, Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Choubey Colony, Raipur, organized the district level honors ceremony. As a result, Mr. Tuleendra Kumar Sagar Scout Master Teacher, Government Higher Secondary School, Patwa Mahasamund, was honored with excellent education for doing outstanding work in the field of education. This honor is given to him on state level honors on teacher day and for doing remarkable work at the district level. Special contribution in the field of scout guides, preparation of scout guides to the state award level, excellent work, active participation in all activities of the school, from time to time serving in their service, benefitting student girl students, unemployed, vulnerable, text to students To provide materials, writing materials, to make education edgy and attractive, all the feasts, national festivals and events in the days Provided for taxpayers.

 Mr. Jairam Sahu President District Sangh Mahasamud Bharat Scout Guide, District Chief Commissioner Mr. Poonam Chandrakar, Vice President of District Sangh Mr. Dawlal Chandrakar, Mr. Satpal Singh Pali, Mr. Swapnil Tiwari, Smt. Aishwarya Tiwari, Dr. Manju Sharma, Smt. Niranjana Sharma, District Education Officer, Ex-District Commissioner, Ska. Mr. B.L. Kurre, Mrs Ami Rufus, Principal and District Commissioner's Guide, Assistant Director Mr. Satish Nayar, Mr. Ajay Biswas, Mr. Himanshu Bharati, Vice President Mr. Kamal Luniya Mahasamud, Santosh Sahu, Ram Kumar Sahu Senior Skutter Ms. Anjali Baramal, Assistant Sports Officer, Vikas Jharkhand Education Officer, Mahasamund PK Sharma, Sameer Chandra Pradhan Principal, Sha.a.M.Sala, Pateva Mahasamund, District Secretary Shailen Central hero, District Organization Commissioner Mayuk Srivastava, District Training. Commissioner T. Rudsena, Smt. Madhu Tiwari, Treasurer, Smt. Chandrakantha Thakur, Smt. Prabha Parda, Surendra Manikpuri, Sushil Sharma, Mannulal Sahu, Pramod Kannauje, Local Union Secretary J. Taxes, Tukeshwar Gajendra, Ramkumar Nayak, Purnanand Mishra, Bhimsen Chandrakar, all office bearers and scouts guides scout guide family member greeted and wished for a bright future.

Organizing Women's Conference and Rally for Voter Awareness in Basana

As per the directions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, in the Government Higher Secondary School of Basaana on the occasion of Mahasamund, 04th October 2018 / Gandhi jayanti, a Development Block level Women's Conference was organized to increase the percentage of voting in the forthcoming assembly elections 2018. . The resolution for this effect will be given to SDM by the women present in the conference, who will vote essentially for themselves and all members of their family. Saryapali Ms. Pooja Bansal brought it. On this occasion, he said, while addressing the women, that voters should always vote without any greed or pressure in accordance with their choice, voting can not take away our right to vote. About 7,000 women took part in the conference.

Under the high school ground awareness program of Basana, E.M.M. And VVPET was performed at three places. Women E.M.M. and V.V. By looking at the abdomen itself, women have confirmed their opinion by voting on the line by following the routine election process. Similarly, in the activities of the electoral literacy club, various sports were taught by the game Ludo, Roundabout, Snake Staircase, etc. Voting process. On this occasion, cultural program was also organized for the entertainment of women. Map of Chhattisgarh in India's map of Chhattisgarh, displaying a map of Mahasamund inside it, displaying the female power in beautiful manner. After the rally was organized, in the rally, women made awareness of voter awareness voter banner posters, slogans written by people and voting for people.

VVPat EVM in the program Master Trainer Ramesh Soni, E.L.C. activities, Master Television Male Shri Manoj Sahu, Chandrabhanu Mishra and Kalpana Chauhan performed the work of making the map. Shri Vikas Soni Engineer Rourbon Mission settled, Chandrahas Nag, Shri Vivekanand Das, Project Officer Women's Child Development Department Basana, Shri R. K. Verma, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Basana, Chief Municipal Officer Nagar Panchayat Basana, Tehsildar Basana, were supported. The cultural program was presented by Mr. Vivekanand Das and his team. The rally was led by Mr. E Nand Project Officer Literacy Pithora and Jyoti Mishra Supervisor, Pramod Kannauj, Assistant Nodal Officer, Sweep. The program was conducted by Ramesh Kumar Soni and non-vigilant Mr. Rekhraj Sharma District Project Officer and Secretary, Speech Mahasamund did. In order to make the program successful, NC Saw, Dr. Abhishek Agrawal, MDM, Virendra Baghel, Bugti, Yogendra Sah and Women's group have a special contribution.

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