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Chhattisgarh government's big announcement, now corona examination will be done in private lab for only this much money

Corona Testing Rate Fixed: The Government of Chhattisgarh has fixed the rate of RT-PCR and antigen rapid test for testing of Kovid-19 in private pathology labs and hospitals.


Raipur. To give relief to the people suffering from Corona crisis, Bhupesh Baghel Government (Bhupesh Baghel) has taken a big decision. The state government has now fixed the rate of corona investigation. In Chhattisgarh, people will have to pay Rs 1600 for RT-PCR (RTPCR) test in a private lab. At the same time, people will have to pay 1800 rupees to collect the sample from home. According to the government directive, 2000 and 2200 rupees have been fixed for testing in labs outside the state. At the same time, instructions have been issued by the government to implement the check rate with immediate effect.

The government of Chhattisgarh has fixed the rate of RT-PCR and antigen rapid test for screening of Kovid-19 in private pathology labs and hospitals. A rate of Rs 1600 has been set for RTPCR test in established labs in Chhattisgarh. 1800 rupees will be collected when samples are collected from prospective patient's home for examination. For labs located outside the state, the rate of RTPCR test has been fixed at Rs. 2000. 2200 rupees will be collected on sample collection from home. These charges include sample collection, transportation, testing, consumables, PPE kits etc.

Rules apply

A fee of Rs 900 has been fixed for rapid antigen test in private labs and hospitals. This includes testing, consumables, PPE kits etc. Health and Family Welfare Department of the state government has issued orders in this regard from the Ministry today. These rates set by the government have come into force with immediate effect.

Steadily increasing figures

It is known that 3,450 new cases of corona infection were confirmed in Chhattisgarh on Tuesday. This is the highest in terms of cases coming in the state in a day. With this, the total number of Kovid-19 victims in Chhattisgarh has increased to 70,777 on Tuesday. At the same time, 773 people were discharged from hospitals in the state on Tuesday after becoming infection free. During this period, 15 infected people have died.

Officials said that till Tuesday 8,27,074 samples have been tested in Chhattisgarh. Of these, 70,777 people have been confirmed infected. 34,238 patients have become infection free after treatment. There are 35,951 patients undergoing treatment in the state. There have been 588 deaths due to corona virus in the state. In Raipur district of the state, 23,621 people have been confirmed to be infected with the corona virus. Corona virus-infected 278 people have died in the district.

All possible steps are being taken in Chhattisgarh with Kovid-19: Baghel

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel (CM Bhupesh Baghel) said that the state has increased its testing capacity of Kovid-19 (Covid-19) significantly in the last few months.


Raipur. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Sunday said that all possible measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the treatment and infection of patients in the state, amid a steady increase in cases of Covid-19 (Chovid-19) in Chhattisgarh. Huh.

According to an official statement released here, Baghel also spoke on the subject of 'inclusive development - your Aas' in the tenth edition of his monthly radio address program 'Lokvani'. He said that inclusive development is the only solution to the socio-economic problem of the state and the country.

The Chief Minister said that the state has increased its testing capacity of Kovid-19 considerably in the last few months. Baghel said, "In March this year, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur had a Kovid-19 test facility and it was a big challenge to expand the testing facilities."

At present all the six state medical colleges and four private laboratories in the state have RT-PCR test facilities.
He said that arrangements have been made for Rapid Antigen Testing in all Community and Primary Health Centers and 28 District Hospitals, while TruNat Testing is being done in 30 laboratories.

He said that similarly Corona virus treatment was initially available in Kevan AIIMS Raipur, but the state government has now established 29 government hospitals, 29 dedicated Kovid hospitals and 186 Kovid care centers across the state.

Along with this, 19 private hospitals have also been approved for treatment of Kovid-19.

He said that there were 148 ventilators for emergency cases in government hospitals, which has now increased to 331. He said that "all possible measures are being taken for the prevention of viral infections and the treatment of patients."

As of Saturday, 61,763 cases of Kovid-19 were reported in the state and out of these 33,246 cases are under treatment while 27,978 people have recovered and 539 have died.

According to the health department, as of Saturday, Chhattisgarh stood at sixth place in the states and union territories of the country in terms of sub-judice.

The Chief Minister, while sharing his views on 'inclusive development - your hope', said, "I firmly believe that the economic and social problems of the country and the state can be solved only through inclusive development."

He also underlined the importance of participation of farmers, villagers, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, backward classes and women in the economy.

He said, "We can achieve inclusive growth only when we consider farmers as the axis of the economy." The Chhattisgarh government has put farmers at the center of the economy. Apart from this, the state government is making serious efforts to increase participation of farmers, villagers, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, backward classes and women in the economy. "

Former Superintendent of Ambedkar Hospital, Dr. Vivek Chaudhary accused of harassment, Medical Commission reached Women's Commission

The medical student is alleged that former Superintendent Dr. Vivek Chaudhary used to make objectionable messages late at night. Did not even sign on to bother Thesis.

Raipur. The former Superintendent of Ambedkar Hospital in Raipur (Raipur) capital of Chhattisgarh has made serious allegations against a medical student. Medical student alleges that Dr. Vivek Chaudhary used to send him offensive at night. He did not even sign his thesis for the purpose of harassing him. According to the student, she tried to complain about this matter too, but got no success. Now the matter reached the Women's Commission and filed a complaint. At the same time, the Women's Commission has issued a notice asking Vivek Chaudhary to submit a reply. Now the favor of the former Superintendent is yet to come in this whole matter.

In fact, a medical college student has filed a complaint in the Women's Commission against Ambedkar Hospital's former superintendent and HOD doctor of cancer department, Vivek Chaudhary, alleging harassment. According to the information, the female doctor says that the former superintendent used to make objectionable messages late at night. When the superintendent did not listen, Vivek Chaudhary accused the student of not intentionally signing theses, for the purpose of harassing him. It is being told that the victim has already tried to complain, but Vivek Chaudhary's Superintendent of Ambedkar Hospital did not have any hearing.

Girl student reached the Commission after complaining
Action was not taken in the case, the victim reached the Women's Commission and filed a complaint. Initially, the Chhattisgarh Women's Commission is currently investigating the case. To give clarification on the complaint, former Superintendent of Ambedkar Hospital Vivek Chaudhary has also been called by giving notice in the Commission. Women Commission Chairman Kiranmayi Nayak said that Vivek Chaudhary was called to the Commission's office on Wednesday for the first hearing after receiving the complaint. The former superintendent also appeared before the commission. After this, the Women's Commission has given the time to present the answer after 15 days by handing over the copy of the complaint made against her. Hearing of the matter has been kept in the Women's Commission again on 23 September. Now Vivek Chaudhary's reply to the student's allegations is being awaited.

Coronas being uncontrolled in Chhattisgarh, number of infected crossed 55 thousand

So far 7,37,334 samples have been tested in Chhattisgarh. Of these, 55,680 people have been confirmed to be infected.


Raipur. According to the bulletin released on Thursday in Chhattisgarh, 2,227 people have been confirmed to have Corona Virus infection during 24 hours. The number of people infected with this virus in the state has increased to 55,680. On Wednesday, 1,345 people in the state were discharged from hospitals after becoming infection free. At the same time 16 people died in one day due to infection.

State Health Department officials said on Thursday that 2,227 cases of infection have been reported today. These include 672 from Raipur district, 207 from Rajnandgaon, 190 from Durg, 130 from Bilaspur, 129 from Janjgir-Champa, 114 from Raigad, 75 from Mahasamund, 68 from Dantewada, 52 from Surajpur, 48 from Korea, 46 from Sukma, Kabirdham 42, 40-40 from Balrampur and Kondagaon, 39 from Balod, 38 from Sarguja, 37 from Dhamtari, 36 from Balodabazar, 34 from Korba, 30 from Bemetra, 29 from Bastar, 28-28 from Mungeli and Bijapur, 22 from Narayanpur, Eighteen patients from Gariaband and Kanker, 18 from Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi and Jashpur.

Officials said that 7,37,334 samples have been tested so far in Chhattisgarh. Of these, 55,680 people have been confirmed infected. 25,855 patients have become infection free after treatment, while 29,332 patients are currently under treatment in the state. In the state, 493 people infected with the virus have died. Corona virus infection has been confirmed to be the highest among 19,525 people in Raipur district of the state. There have been 223 deaths of Corona virus in the district.

Amit Jogi came out in support of Kangana Ranaut, said - Manali fought a lot, Rani with Manali!

Janata Congress President Amit Ajit Jogi has given assurance of supporting Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut in the BMC case.


Raipur. There has been a nationwide uproar after the Brihanmumbai Metropolitan Municipality (BMC) demolished a part of the Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's Pali Hill Road office on Manikarnika Films office on Wednesday for illegal construction. After this, Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray (Uddhav Thackeray) have come under target of the people of the country. Kangana is not only getting full support from the BJP government of her home state of Himachal Pradesh, but people are increasing her courage from all over the country. Meanwhile, the President of Janata Congress Amit Ajit Jogi has praised Kangana Ranaut for his strong way and has described him as a heroine.

Amit Jogi said this
Son of late CM Ajit Jogi of Chhattisgarh and the President of Janata Congress praised Kangana Ranaut, wrote, 'A lot fought Mardani, Manali wali Rani! One single heroine is overshadowing the entire system of Maharashtra. New Maharashtra will be built on the debris of Manikarnika. With this greetings, the Janta Congress salutes the courage of sister Kangana!

Kangana team gave this response after Amit Ajit Jogi called Ranaut as a heroine, Kangana team replied in response, 'Ha ha, nice meme'. However, Jogi thanked the Kangana team and said that the people of Chhattisgarh are with you.

Amit Jogi apologized, however, after calling Kangana Ranaut a heroic, people started trolling Jogi. After this he wrote in another tweet, 'I apologize with folded hands for the use of the word Veerangana for Kangana, who is obsessed with Manuvadi thinking. Also, to see the reality of caste exploitation, I invite them to come out of their palaces in Mumbai and Manali and come to Chhattisgarh.
I apologize with folded hands for the use of the word Veerangana for Kangana, who is obsessed with Manuwadi thinking. I also invite @KanganaTeam to come to Chhattisgarh, coming out of his Mumbai and Manali palaces, to see the reality of caste exploitation. 3/3

- Amit Ajit Jogi (@amitjogi) September 10, 2020

In the second tweet, he wrote, 'Whereas the fact is that she would really deserve to be called a heroine when she accepted the reality of caste-based oppression and continued humanitarian exploitation against Dalits, tribals, backward classes and poor Will raise his voice against
I absolutely cannot agree with @KanganaTeam's view that reservation is no longer needed by the country. I came to know of this very objectionable and narrow-minded tweet after my tweet in which I completed her as a woman. Amazon to fight the system 1/3 https://t.co/t1A9aY7OT2

- Amit Ajit Jogi (@amitjogi) September 10, 2020

After this, in response to a tweet from Kangana team, Jogi wrote, 'I cannot agree at all with the idea of ​​Kangana team that there is no need for reservation now. I came to know about this extremely objectionable and narrow minded tweet after my tweet in which I called her a heroine to fight the whole system as a woman.

Financial assistance to disaster victims

Financial assistance is sanctioned by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department of Chhattisgarh Government through the District Collector to the victims of natural calamities.

     On the death of Kumari Manju Bind and Mrs. Kalyani Pandey of Baloda, Tehsil Headquarters of Janjgir Champa district, financial assistance has been sanctioned to the families of the victims of the dead. In each case, approval has been granted with the value of Rs.

Raipur: The language of tribes like Gondi and others should be included in primary level education: Ms. Uike

Governor made important suggestions in the Conference of Governors based on the new education policy 2020
Expressed confidence in the new education policy to be a milestone

President Shri Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed all the Governors, Lt. Governors through video conferencing at the Conference of Governors on the theme of National Education Policy 2020 today. Union Education Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank also gave his address at the conference.

Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uike said in her address that the National Education Policy will prove to be a milestone in many respects.
He made important suggestions regarding the National Education Policy K-2020. The Governor said that the language of the tribes which includes Gondi should be included in the primary level education, so that the tribal society and their new generation will be able to understand their language-culture and preserve the knowledge available from it.
He also expressed the need for appointing tribe-language teachers locally in the respective areas and reserving posts for regional, tribe-Gondi language teachers in the appointments in some states where the number of tribes is high. The Governor also thanked the experts including the President, Prime Minister and Union Education Minister for the new Education Policy 2020.


COVID-19 update: 1884 new corona patients found in Chhattisgarh in 24 hours, recovery rate is also bad

Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, has the highest number of Corona Virus infections in the state. On September 1, 666 new patients were identified in the capital.


Raipur. During the Lockdown in Corona Epidemic, the situation in Chhattisgarh, which is among the least affected states of the country, is continuously deteriorating. A large number of corona virus-infected patients are being identified every day in the state. In the last Tuesday, the entire record of patients found so far in 24 hours was broken. In a single day, 1884 new patients of corona infection were identified here. This is the highest number of patients found in a day so far. The increased number of Corona patients has increased the administration's concern.

In the Kovid-19 Bulletin issued by the Health Department of Chhattisgarh on September 1, it was said that the total number of corona victims in the state has increased to 33 thousand 387. Late Tuesday night, 370 new patients were identified. By combining these, 1884 new patients were found on Tuesday. The state of the capital Raipur is the worst in case of corona infection in the state. Maximum 666 new patients were found here on Tuesday. The number of active patients in the state has increased to 15,533. So far 287 people have died in the state from Corona. 17 thousand 567 patients have been successful in beating Corona so far.

Bad condition of recovery rate
In the case of corona recovery, the situation in Chhattisgarh is very bad. Chhattisgarh ranks second from the bottom in the country in recovery. Chhattisgarh has reached 34th place with 52.16 percent. Meghalaya is at the bottom with 48.9 percent. In the month of August, 22 thousand 310 new patients were found in Chhattisgarh. Since the process of unlocking started, a large number of corona patients are being found in the state.

Raipur : Electricity workers reached the line to improve the boat in flood, officials also said - what is the matter!

Electrical workers are risking their lives to improve the transformer and line through the boat. The chairman of the power company has also praised the employees.

Raipur. In Chhattisgarh, heavy rain has caused havoc in many districts. Many areas are submerged in water. The continuous rain for 3 to 4 days has changed the whole state. On the one hand, people's houses have been drowned, while on the other side, due to continuous rains, most areas have been flooded. In many areas, electric poles, lines, transformers were damaged due to flood water, while in many areas there was a big technical fault. Even under such adverse conditions, electrical workers are risking their lives to risk the transformer and line through boat by correcting the power supply in flood affected areas.

The power company's chairman Subrata Sahu and managing director Ashok Kumar have praised the power workers for their understanding and courage. He said that the electrical workers have completed the challenging task of maintaining the electricity supply not only in the flood prone areas but also in the areas that became hotspots during the Corona infected period.

When the electricians arrived by boat .....
In fact, under the rural distribution center of Bemetra district, the electrical personnel restored the power supply by completing one and a half kilometers of the boat by boat to repair the fault in the power line and transformer of village Usalapur, Bawa Ghantoli, Jhiria in the flood of Shivnath river. is. Similarly, supply of 11 KV Beherghat feeder was stopped due to flooding of Shivnath river, due to which the power supply of village Behinga, Beherghat, Damai, Nawagaon township of Bemetra sub division was stopped. Junior Engineer GP Banjare, Amitosh Ghosh, Line Person Ritesh, Omeshwar Sahu, Bhikham Sahu, Nagendra Satpute, Himanshu set up the electrical system to prevent accidents due to the pillars located on the banks of the river. Along with this, the electricity system of rural areas has been restored by making alternative arrangements.

Ludo was playing two close friends, a sudden fight over money, then ...

There was a lot of quarrel between the two friends playing Ludo. The dispute grew so much that one friend attacked another with a knife. He died in a fatal attack.

Raipur. A sensational case of Murder has emerged from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. It is said that two friends were playing Ludo. Suddenly there was a dispute between the two friends while playing the game. The quarrel increased so much that it proved fatal. A friend came in shock and attacked the other with a knife. The person injured in the attack died. Investigation began when the matter reached the police. Police arrested one accused in the murder case (Arrest). According to the police, a friend killed his own friend on the money transaction.

Actually, Ludo game proved to be a death game for a young man in the capital Raipur. The case increased so much that he had to die. The matter is of the assembly station area. Two neighborhood friends were playing Ludo on Tuesday in Nardaha village here. While playing Ludo, there was a sudden dispute between the two. The reason for the quarrel is being told the old transaction. The accused youth killed his friend for not returning the money.

Police arrested the accused

The house of both Kamdev Dhivar and Khileshwar Sahu living in Naradha village is nearby. Both were playing Ludo outside the house on Tuesday. During this time, Khileshwar Sahu asked Kamdev Dhivar to return his borrowed money. On this, Cupid asked him to return the money in two-three days, but Khileshwar Sahu immediately wanted money. He got upset when Kamdev Dhivar did not give the money. In anger, there was a fierce fight between the two.
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After this, the accused Khileshwar Sahu went inside his house and brought a knife from there and attacked Kamdev. Cupid Wall was seriously injured in this. He died on being taken to the hospital. After the incident, the assembly police arrested the accused Khileshwar Sahu. In this entire case, Additional Superintendent of Police, Lakhan Patale, says that there was a dispute between the two about the Peso transaction while playing Ludo. After this, accused Khileshwar Sahu attacked Kamdev Dhivar with a knife and killed him. At present, the accused has been arrested.


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