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77.87 percent polling in the district

Bemetara 21 Nov.

In the three assembly constituencies of the district, an average of 77.87 percent of the votes were recorded. The highest voting was done in the constituency assembly constituency 82.26 percent, in Bemetara assembly constituency 78.39 percent and in the district of Navagadh 72.98 percent.

Post ballot can be stored in the collectorate

Bemetara 21 Nov.

The government servants who have been issued postal ballots and their duty was in the election process. They can not be deposited till now, they are government servant joint district office building collector,Your postal ballot can deposit your postal ballot before the counting of votes on December 11 in the box set in the returning officer room of Bemetra and Navagad. It may be mentioned that 2945 postal ballots were issued to the government servants of the district for three assembly constituencies.

Presiding Officer and voting officers are given honorarium directly in their bank accounts

Bemetara 21 Nov.

According to information received from the District Election Office, honorarium of the presiding officers and voting officers engaged in the voting process in the Legislative Assembly elections 2018 is being transferred directly into their bank account (R.TGS). Polling Persian software has been created for this. In which the names of officers are designated with bank account number and IFSC The code has been entered. The collector informed that during the election, the honorarium will be transferred to the bank account of Kotwar and Forest Guard who have been given the responsibility of the Special Police Officer.

E.w.m. Sealing Machine in Strong Room

Bemetara 21 Nov.

Peaceful voting is concluded tomorrow for the three assembly constituencies of the district under the Legislative Assembly elections 2018. After this, machines have been continuously continuing since late evening. Today, EVMs in the presence of representatives of the political parties, candidates and observers of today's political parties. The machines were sealed in strict security in the strong room made in local agricultural produce market premises.

The said machines will now be taken out for counting on December 11, 2018, on counting of votes. The responsibility for the security of the strong room has been entrusted to the Border Security Force (BSF) jawans. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre, Senior Superintendent of Police H.R. Manhar, along with observer Saja-Sujit Kumar, Betematera- Ranjith Kumar and Navagad KV Murlidharan, A.D.M. And Deputy District Election Officer K. S. Mandavi, Returning Officer Saza - Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, including candidates and their agents were present on this occasion.

Assembly Elections peacefully concluded District Election Officer expresses gratitude

Bemetara 21 Nov.

District Election Officer has thanked the common citizens for the voting work for the Assembly elections 2018, when the fair, uninterrupted and peaceful completion is done. Collector Shri Kavare said that the process of voting for Saja, Bemetra and Navagadh of the three assembly constituencies of the district was fully completed under the second phase on 20th November. Election results will be announced on December 11. They have expressed gratitude towards the officers, employees of all the departments, officers and jawans of the police and central security forces, all the candidates and political parties, including the common citizens, who have cooperated in smooth conduct of the voting.

The District Election Officer has praised the role of media in promoting peaceful and fair polling and the information of all aspects of the election process to the general public and thanks to the print and electronic media journalists for this. The collector said that the guidelines issued by the Election Commission from time to time reached the common citizens through the media.

Webcasting of 85 polling stations in the district


Webcasting of 85 polling stations of three assembly constituencies of the district was webcasting under the assembly elections. Webcasting was also done in the 2 booths of Saza assembly constituency of Bemetara district under the Dhadha block. These polling stations were directly linked to the Election Commission of India, New Delhi, the Chief Electoral Office, Chhattisgarh-Raipur and District Election Office. Collector Mahadev Kawre today observed the webcasting process from the Temporary Election Control Room set up in Agricultural Produce Market.

Increasingly taken part in women's election in the Sanghi booth

Bemetara 20 Nov.

Four assembly booths were set up in the three assembly constituencies of the district under the Legislative Assembly election 2018. This booth has been set up to increase voting percentage and promote women's awareness. Sangwari polling centers were created in the 4 block headquarters of the district. These include the polling station no. 112 (a) of ma Shaw West Room No. 11, Berla Voting Center No. 191 (a), Primary School Building, Navagad Polling Station No. 153, Government East. Shaw The new primary school building is included in the Kabir Kuti ward, Bemetara. In addition to the Presiding / Polling Officer, the security personnel were women too. Who played their duties with full speed till the voting process.

The enthusiasm seen in people against voting in the district

Bemetara 20 Nov.

In the Bemetara district, people took part in the popular vote of democracy. In the election, the people used to express their satisfaction with the Voterable Paper Audit Trail (VV Pat) for the first time used voters that this initiative of the commission is very commendable. After voting for the voter of his choice, his name and logo will be VV. Looking through pat. Especially young voters and Millennium Voters saw great enthusiasm.The youth increased their participation in the election. Nirabai Patel, 90-year-old Biraj Bai Sahu of village Matka and Village Khamharia of Navagadh constituency, has voted 95 years. Somewhere in the Bemetara district, Saas-Bahu, Nand-Sister-in-law, came together to vote and nowhere with friends and neighbors. There was a lot of enthusiasm about voting in women. In rural areas, women left their entire work from morning to go and vote for themselves.

The village's long queues were seen from 8 am in village Gunjera, Chakayya, Jhulna, Ahiyakhakhor, Sarda. Women also appreciated the cooperation found at the polling booths. In the district, 4 women voting centers have come to vote. People also liked the arrangements made for voters at polling booths. Security arrangements were made in sensitive polling stations of the district.



Collector observed on the day of voting

Bemetara 20 Nov.

Polling was held in the district today on Tuesday under the second phase of assembly elections. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre inspected the polling booth, Gunbarbod polling center under Bemetara assembly constituency this morning. Apart from this, he also reviewed the polling of two polling booths and new primary schools established in the agricultural produce market premises. On this occasion, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok was also present.

Medical Officers Duty with Zonal Officers to Provide Medical Facility

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - With the Zonal Officer to provide medical facilities to the polling personnel appointed for the polling in the constituencies of the district 68-Saaza, 69-Bemetra and 70- Navagad under the Legislative Assembly election 2018 Officials have also been deployed. Among them, Dr. Kanha for Dr. Satish Kumar Devaangan Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Dube Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Khankhmaria GS Thakur, Medical Officer, Shri Brajesh Kumar Dubey, Assistant Medical Officer, for Khairagitika, Mr. Ravikumar Verma, Assistant Medical Officer, Dr. Vipin Kumar Soni for Medical Officer, Kehka for Dr. Mujibrahman Khan Medical Officer, Dr. a. K. Verma Development Block Medical Officer, Dr. Manish Kumar Thakur Assistant Medical Officer, Mohagaon for Dr. Bija. Dr. Anup Gautam Ayurvedic Medical Officer, Dr. Bijagod for Dr. Dr. Bhojram Chandrakar Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Bhatgaon Shravarda Sharma Medical Officer, Mr. Aishwarya Kumar Sahu, Assistant Medical Officer, for Dadaadi, duty of Mr. Rajeev Tiwari Assistant Medical Officer has been imposed for Mr Khameneshwar Sahu Assistant Medical Officer, Deokar.
For the Zone Area of ​​Area 69, Beamantra, Dr. Bodheshwar Singh Verma Medical Officer, Bemmantra Dr. Dr. Meshram Medical Officer, Dr. Vijaya Raman Medical Officer, Dr. Mamta Gaware Ayurveda Medical Officer, Bahamohatra Dr. Dr. Chandra Prasad Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Nineva. Prasanna Soni Medical Officer (Dental), Dr. Gulshan Kumar Mandalay Medical Officer, Kunda Ganga Yadav Assistant Medical Officer for Sarda, Dr. Bhandani Dr. Khia Singh Patel, Assistant Medical Officer, for Parapoda, for Dr. Katiyar Ayurveda Medical Officer, Deorbija, Dr. J.K. Kunj Vikas Khand Medical Officer, Pond D. Dr. Pradeep Ashtkar, Medical Officer, Lenjwara, Dr. Mrs. Yamini Joshi Assistant Medical Officer for Birla, Mr. Chintaram Sahu Assistant Medical Officer for Kusami, Mr. Sumit Mishra Assistant Medical Officer, Ananda Gondu for Bargaon, Smt. Bharti Yadav, Assistant Medical Officer, Bhimbauri. Latika Rani Devangan Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Hassda Kamalakant Meshram Medical Officer (Dental), Dr. Ghanaram Gaikwad Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dudhi has been imposed the duty of Mrs. Lakshmi Verma Assistant Medical Officer.
Similarly, for the assembly constituency 70, Nagar Tammari, Mrs. Pratima Jangde, Assistant Medical Officer, Nandighat, Mrs. Tarannum Anjum, Assistant Medical Officer, for Drilling, Dr. Atul Singh Parihar, Ayurveda Medical Officer, Shri Kamlesh Kumar Jangde, Assistant Medical Officer, Putpura for the shoot, Shri P. R. Padekar, Assistant Medical Officer, Sambalpur, Shri M.K. Jaiswal Assistant Medical Officer, Dr. Gadhikala L. D. Thakur Vikas Khand Medical Officer, Mr. Anup Kumar Assistant Medical Officer for Badnara, Dr. Ramkumar Mahilaunga Assistant Medical Officer, for Narmada, Dr. Prakash Nate, Assistant Medical Officer (Dental) Dr. Navagad Preeti Thakur Medical Officer, Dr. Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya Medical Officer for Murta, Dr. Dilip Chandravanshi Medical Officer, Dr. Gania Sharad Kohadas Vikas Khand Medical Officer, Murakuta for Dr. Dr. Daimanlal Yadav for Medical Officer, Gangapur, Medical Assistant for Gangapur, Mr. Yogeshwar Prasad Janghel Assistant Medical Officer, Umaria for Smt. Pushpa Jaiswal, Assistant Medical Officer, for Behari, Dr. Shri Mahendra Singh Thakur Assistant Medical Officer, Khandasara Dr. Swati Sharma for Ayurveda Medical Officer, Semaria Rishabh Sharma Medical Officer, Dr. Praveen Sapre for Medical Officer, Atariya, for Mohatra. Anita Dhruv Medical Officer, Dr. Dr. Dhruv Narayan Nayak Assistant Medical Officer, Moharanga for Shobha Nishad Medical Officer, Chandanu The duty of Vinay Kumar Tamarkar Medical Officer has been imposed.

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