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Training of officers of media accreditation and monitoring committee

In the training, the general means of campaigning are propaganda by vehicle, propaganda by loudspeakers, election meetings and electoral rallies and advertisements from the print media (newspapers), electronic media (television channel, Cable channel, e-newsletter, bulk sms), election pamphlet, falexshi, banner, poster. He informed that political advertisements by political parties / candidates in electronic media, TV channels, local cable network, e-newspapers, permission to print advertisement expenses on the print media, not showing in election expenditure account, Political advertising, and criticism of aspects of the personal life of any other candidate in political advertising or speech Is. The training of district level media attestation and surveillance committee in the monitoring, monitoring political advertisements in print and electronic media, allowing broadcasting of political advertisements on electronic media, permitting transmission of pad news, publishing in electronic media Allow political affiliation to be advertised, print and electronic media, and Monitoring political advertisements, patched pad news, reporting to the retiring officer in violation of Model Code of Conduct in the media area, after receiving permission for the review of the received application (approved, rejected, back for modification) When it is broadcast, monitor it, record the broadcast advertisement, take action on the advertising of the baggage permit Report to Etu Returning Officer, pads News; advertising Ddhki Jaॅc the guise of news and Ritrnik draw Notis the candidate through the officer. In the committee, District Election Officer, Chairman, Deputy District Election Officer, a first class officer of the Information and Broadcasting Department, recommended by the Press Council of India / Independent citizen and DPRO / District Information Officer / equivalent Member Secretary.
District-level Media Certification and Monitoring Committee officials and staff were present on this occasion.

Advertising authentication mandatory prior to the promotion of electoral / social media

Surajpur, October 29, 2018 Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K. C. Devsenapati has said that the Model Code of Conduct is in place in the state from October 06, 2018 and the nomination process is going on from October 27, 2018. As per the directive of the Election Commission of India, prior approval of the election of Electronic / Social Media, advertisement certification committee has to be authenticated by submitting application in prescribed format. Along with the nomination papers, information regarding Social Media Account in Form-26 (Affidavit) is necessary. Therefore, be sure to authenticate in the prescribed format prior to the promotion of electronic / social media as mentioned above.


On the second day 20 candidates bought nomination papers

According to the Surajpur election schedule for the general elections of 2018 by the Election Commission of India on October 29, 2018, the work of purchasing and depositing of nomination papers has started with the publication of notification at 11 PM today in Surajpur district. On the second day of nomination, nine nominations from Premnagar constituency, six from Bhatgaon Assembly constituency and five candidates from Pratappur assembly constituency have purchased nomination papers. Today no nomination papers have been filed by candidates of any assembly constituency in the district.

District election officer Shri Devsenapati said that today on 26th October, assembly constituency 04-Premnagar, Mr. Khesai Singh, a self-styled Mr. Rama has been from Congress, Mr. Amrit Singh, Mr. Girdard Lal, Mr. Alok Sahu, Mr. Kishori Lal Sahu, Mr. Rajlal Rajwade. Shri Shivnath Ram and Smt. Border Singh Pati, Shri Budhman Singh, from Independent, Shri Ajay Jain, Mr. Shanti Lal Jain, from the Aam Aadmi Party, Mr. Shyam Narayan Yadav, Shobharam Yadav from Gongpa, Mrs. Malti Rajwade, husband, Mr Bihari Lal Rajwade, from Jaidu, Mrs. Tileshvri husband Shri Kanshi Ram from the API, and Mr. Ramlal Rajwade, Shri Ramlal Rajwade, from the 05-Bhatgaon assembly constituency, from the Indian Panchayat Party, Mrs. Rajani Ravi Shankar Tripathi, husband, Shri Ravi Shankar Tripathi from BJP, Mr. Surendra Chaudhary, Mr. Rajendra Chhedra Mr. Maninder Singh, Mr. Manninder Singh, Mr. Rajendra Prasad Jaiswal, Mr. Ramchandra Jaiswal and Mr. Dilip Yadav, Mr. Ramlal Chavan Yadav, from Independence and from 06-Pratappur assembly constituency, Dr. Premyasai Singh Tekam A, Mr. Manjan Singh has given the Congress From Mr. Narendra Pratap Singh, Mr. Baggaar Singh, from the 6th Janata Congress, Shri Chhalalal Tirkey Shri Mr. Mahadev Tirki has found the common man The Ti, Mr Ramaspana Singh API, Mr. Premsay approaching 0 Mr Ramvriksh purchasing papers from the independents.

Under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Shri KC DevSenapati, the Returning Officer's office has been made to Collector Court situated at Collectorate Complex for 04 Premnagar in the district and Shri K.C. Devsenapati will be the Returning Officer of Premnagar assembly constituency. The Chief Executive Officer District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha has been made in the returning officer's office of 06-Pratappur and the office of Joint District Office. Similarly, Additional Collector Shri KP Sai has been made Additional Collector Court as the Returning Officer's Office of 05-Bhatgaon assembly constituency. Candidates can submit nomination papers by November 2 and the nomination papers filed on November 3 will be scrutinized and names will be withdrawn by the candidates till November 5.


Seized 86.8 quintals of illegal paddy seized two days before the start of purchase

Surajpur 29 October 2018 Director of Collector Shri K. C. Devsenapati and under the leadership of District Food Officer Mr. Amrit Kuzur, Paddy procurement, two days prior to the commencement of 2018-19, two days before the Food Department and Mandi Department jointly imposed illegal transportation Coaches were acted upon. The seizure was done after the team found illegal transport of 08 quintals of maize by Narmada Prasad Darreepara in pick-up number UP 64H 2004 at District Headquarter Surajpur by the team and 38.80 quintals of rice from Bajrang Lal Rajvad Grocery Shop located on Sarai Bhayyathan Road was illegal Action taken under the Mandi Act was found after the collection was found.

Similarly, Shyam Lal resident was found to be transporting 20 quintals of paddy from Narayanpur and Ramanujnagar in pickup from Gokulpur by another team and Shiva was found to be transported through Shivpura through a pick-up of 20 quintals of rice, Due to lack of legal documents, the paddy was seized under the Mandi Act, as well as the retail and wholesale licenses procuring paddy in the district. Investigation of Nsdhari merchants License renewal and Staॅk been. Like every year, this year, a joint team of officials of Mandi, Food Department, Cooperative Department, Marketing Union and Revenue Department have been formed to monitor the 32 procurement centers of the district. Surveillance teams have been alerted in all the areas engaged in paddy production centers. During today's proceedings, the team of Shri R D Bhagat Mandi, Mandi Sub-Inspector Shri Ramkesh Sharma, Shri Ganapati Pradhan, Shri Mahaveer Patel, Food Inspector Shri Nitish Kumar, Shri Kamlesh Patel, Mr. Ajit Kujur and Smt. Shweta Agrawal were active during the proceedings.

Successful conduct of two day camp for Voter Awareness

Surajpur October 29, 2018 / Voter awareness through youth is an effective medium. Considering the acidity of the collector and district election officer, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, the self proclaimed self proclaiming that the youth have an important role in making democracy active. A strong village can be built through the youth. Village under Mayor of Pratappur assembly of Surajpur district, under Vidhan Sabha Bhatgaon, in village Totco and Govindpur, in less than 60 percent of the voting centers, in the village election, in the village election, Village Totco, Mayapur Sweep in Govindpur, through two volunteers, about the concept of "Clean Village, Sughar Village", two days National residential camps voter awareness campaign 'running partner, has been widely publicized vote diffuse'. While Chief Executive Officer and Nodal Officer Sweep District Surajpur Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, while addressing the volunteers in Govindpur, said that every voter should use his franchise by going to his nearest polling booth.

On the 20th November 2018, all the voters of the village should use their franchise, congratulating the volunteers and attendees and officers of all departments on sweeping publicity through the youth and on the two-day camp event. Everyone has the responsibility. It is to be known that 150 Sweeps are asking the voters to give their valuable votes by distributing the pamphlets together with the voters in every household of the village and sending the sticker to the assembly poll on 20th November 2018 in their nearest polling booth. On the closing ceremony of the camp, Mr. Adeve Wagh, Chief Minister, Smt. Subashan Fello, District Surajpur, Chief Executive Officer, Ved Prakash Pandey, RS Sengare, District sweep coordinator, Dr. Mohanlal Sahu, Mo. Gaus Beck, District Coordinator, Swachh Bharat Mihan Devendra Upadhyay and Development Block level officers.

Voter awareness rally organized in various competition nukkam sabha Green am Capal, being served from propagating through the auto rickshaw where grams of voters were motivated Ouro filling exercise their franchise to Resolution. The Indian Electoral Commission and Sweep Program were informed through Divine Writing, Poster and Banner, to make Cheveer a complete success and connecting with each voter. Where thousands of voters present at the closing ceremony took the slogan of "Let's go, vote cast" at one end and pledge to vote on November 20. On the closing event, after commemorating a large rally, human chain, and voter oath, the students were presented with memento at the hands of the collector and chief executive officer for their outstanding performance.

Account verification of the presiding officers and voting officers in second training mandatory

According to the information received from Chief Executive Officer Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha in the direction of Surajpur 29 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KC Devsenapati, transferred directly to bank account of honorarium related officials of the election officers and voting officers in the election of 2018. Have to go For this, the name of the officials in the polling personal software, the name of the bank along with the name of the bank, bank account number and IFSC code, mobile number has been entered. In this regard, the name of the bank registered in the polling personal software, bank account number and IFSC code, verification of mobile number information is required to be done in the second training from the concerned officers / employees. Therefore, the employees whose duty has been made in the form of Presiding Officers and Voting Officers have been instructed that in Second Training essentially apply the photocopy of the bank account passbook. At the time of second training, verification of name of bank, bank account number and IFSC code, mobile number will be verified.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 Do not get certificates from the medical board and do not submit it again

According to information received from Chief Executive Officer Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha in the direction of Surajpur 29 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KC Devsenapati, in the Legislative Assembly elections, in the year 2018, the selected officers / employees of the polling party were released from the election due to health reasons. After the application received by the employees, the election office Mcharion been directed to present Honen for health examination before the medical board. 07 employees (1) Shri Ramchandra Singh, Teacher, M.Sh.Judwani, District, Surajpur, (2), Shri Anil Kumar Toppo, Seed Grade II, SHA, U.V.J.J. Surajpur 3) Shri Ajaydeep Bhagat, Lecturer (L.B.) Shri K.Y.M.V.Ordagi (4) Mr. Maheshwar Prasad Yadav, Principal Pathak Pvt. Bhayyathan District Surajpur (5) Shri Sanjay Kumar Tripathi Principal Reader MA Sarma V.K. Surajpur (6) Shri Devnarayan Ram Pradhan Pathak Pvt. Child Ramnagar Vikh Surajpur (7) Mr. Nawaz Mohammad Ansari, Principal reader MA. Bishnupur V.K. Ramanujanagar is released from the electoral work for health reasons.

Under the Medical Board, find 11 workers' health job suitable for the job, but for the purpose of avoiding important work like election by the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Surajpur, know that inappropriate attempts to disregard the orders of the duties and disregard the orders of the high officials. The information booklet has been issued due to which the following is as follows: (1) Mr. Sudama P Rsad Cabe, Prime reader Makshakjagtpur, Vikkk Ramanujanagar, (2) Shri Sheikh Hamid Ansari, Principal Reader, Sh.P.M. Kharagawa District Surajpur (3), Mr. Anand Kumar Shrivastav, Principal Pathak, East AMS. Pathakpur V.K. Surajpur (4) Shri Umesh Kumar Singh

Lecturer (L.B.) Shah High School Kharagwan Bhaiyathan (5) Mr. Jai Kumar Mishra, Teacher (L.B.) MA. Kandari (6) Mr. Jagdish Prasad Singh Lecturer, Shaibaba U.V. Ramanujanagar Surajpur (7) Mr. Rajesh Kumar Kushwaha Teacher MA (8) Shri Ashok Kumar Soni, Teacher (L.B.) Sh.M.S. Godpara Salaka Complex Center Salaka Surajpur Barpara (Sonpur) V.K. Bhaiyathan (9) Shri Hiramani Pandey Lecturer Sh.B.U.M. Surajpur (fit by own) (10) Mayaram Sonat Lecturer Shah.Hai School Rasra Oddi (Fit by Self) (11) Sebastian Ekka Lecturer Shah.U.M. Bhaiyathan (Fit by self) and 03 employees (1) Shri Sanjay Pandey Pradhan Pathak Formerly M. Shah. Girl's footsteps Oddi (2) Shri Ram Kripal Sahu Pradhan Pathak Former M.A. Govindgarh V.K. Bhaiyathan (3) Shri Pradeep Kumar Sinha Principal Reader Former M. Maheshpur V.K. The notice has been issued to the Surajpur Police to find Temporary failure after considering advance action against the government.

Do not get a certificate from the medical board and do not submit it; In which (1) Shri Balkrishna Dubey Principal Reader MA Baroil vikh Ramanujanagar (2) Shri Ramkhevon Ram Pradhan Pathak Sh.M.Sasha Dartkarvan Vikhh Pratappur (3) Shri Tikeshwar Prasad Rajwade Lecturer (L.B.) Shah High School Prestha V.K. Surajpur (4) Shri Neel Kusum Lakra Sah. Grade-1 Prof. Balakal Ramnagar V. Surajpur (5) Shri Prabhu Prakash Ekka Teacher MA Sela Para (Rhine) V.K. Bhayyathan (6) Shri Ashok Kumar Mishra U.S. Shawshaw Batra V.K. Bhaiyathan (7) Shri Thakur Singh Lecturer (Pt) SHAU.V. Mahigai Vikh Premnagar (8) Shri Pancham Singh Principal reader Shah. East mother Shaw Silphili district Surajpur (9) Shri Hiralal Nirmalkar Pradhan Pathak Pvt. Gotipara Gopipur V.K. Ramunjnagar (10) Shri S.M. Shabbir Pradhan Pathak SHA Godpur vikh Surajpur (11) Shri Sudhakar Prasad Shukla Pradhan Pathak MA. Pandarificani Tiwaragudi V.K. Ramanujanagar (12) Shri Gopal Ram Chakradhar P. Vardopara kerata vkh Surajpur (13) Shri Narendra Prakash Singh, Senior Agricultural Development Officer, Ramanujanagar (14), Mr. Vinod Kumar Dubey, SI (L.B.), Pvt. Belpara Kusamusi V.K. Bhaiyathan (15) Shri Pramod Kumar Dubey Shah. (L.B.) Kanya Higher Secondary School V.K. Bhaiyathan (16) Shri Pradeep Kumar Accountant District Panchayat Surajpur (17) Mr. Rejan Ram Pradhan Pathak Formerly, M.V. Pampur (18) Mr. Chundratar Chaturvedi Teacher (L.B.) Former M.Sh.B. Bhaiyathan (19) Mr. Harishankar Mishra Pradhan Pathak SH.P.Sasha Pishla (20) Shri Naresh Kumar Christ Principal Reader SHA P.S. Tomo V. Oddi (21) Shri Ram Dev Singh Assistant Grade 01 Office Deputy Director Agriculture Surajpur (22) Shri Balkishun Rajwade U.S. Sh.a.m.sha. Ajbanagar V.K. Surajpur (23) Mr. DK Dubey Lecturer Sha.U.V.Vitivaragudi V.K. Ramanujanagar's name is included.

Coordination Committee constituted to make 'National Resolution Day' successful

According to the information received from Surajpur 27 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KD Deesanapati, according to information received from Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. K.P.C., as per the instructions of the Department of General Administration, the death anniversary of Mrs. Indira Gandhi on October 31, 2018, the District Headquarter / Development Block Coordination Committee to recognize "National Resolution Day" at the level of success B has been formed. Nodal Officer (at District level), Assistant District Project Officer, RMSA coordinator (all) Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat District, Surajpur, Nodal Officer (at Development Block level), Sports Officer and District Tourism / Culture The charge has been appointed a member.

Legal Awareness Program organized in Government Higher Secondary School, Girvarganj

According to information received from the Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi, in the direction of Surajpur 27 October 2018 / District Judge / District District Legal Services Authority, Mr. D. L. Cutwal, today, on 27th October 2018, organized a legal awareness program at Government Higher Secondary School, Basdei. Gaya.
Addressing the said program, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi said that the people of our society have a sense of fear in the name of police, coat-clerk. The reason for this is not information. He said that the objective of the Legal Services Authority is to reach the door of justice to the house, for which free arrangements have been made. The general information of the law will be to everyone, only then the reforms of the governance administration will increase and increase. The literacy campaign will be successful only if every person will have general information about the law for the benefit of government-run schemes to reach the masses. Mr. Tripathi informed the purpose of the formation and functioning of the Legal Services Authority, giving details of cyber crime in detail. Explaining the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act, by the District Child Protection Officer, Mr. Manoj Jaiswal, explaining the functions of Special Law and Child Protection Unit, implemented in relation to the protection of children. They gave information about the functions of the legislature, executive and judiciary to the children to impose their families for voting and also motivated them to take oath in the children to avoid child marriage. The program was attended by the Principal Mr. R. N. Kushwaha, PLV Shri Satya Narayan Singh, along with the teachers and teachers.


Voter Awareness "Come on, give a vote" for two days camps with low voting percentages

Surajpur 27 Oct2018 / Under the direction of Collector and District Election Officer and Chief Executive Officer and District sweeper Nodal Officer, under Surajpur District assembly of Pratappur Village, Mayapur, Vidhan Sabha under Bhatgaon, in village Totco and Govindpur, less than 60 percent in assembly elections. Grams with voting centers, in Tatko, Mayapur, Govindpur, with self Two days from the concept of clean village, handy g through s residential camps voter awareness campaign 'run joint vote diffuse "is being widely spread. Where 150 Sweeps are volunteering to give their valuable votes by distributing the pamphlets together with voters in every household of the village by volunteers and by sticking the sticker to the assembly poll on 20th November 2018 in their nearest polling booth. In the camp, district sweep coordinator Dr. Mohanlal Sahu, Mo. Gaus Beck, district coordinator Swachh Bharat Mission Shri Devendra Upadhyay and Development Block level officers / employees organized the voter awareness rally in camp villages, various competition nukkad sabha organized night chalpal, auto rickshaw Propaganda is being done through the medium. Where the village voters are motivating others by filling a resolution letter to use their franchise. The information and information about India electoral commission and sweep program is being done through wall writings, posters and banners to make the camp fully successful and connecting with each voter. The Chief Executive Officer of the same Janpad Panchayat Surajpur / Oddi / Pratappur is participating in the activities of camp with the officers / employees of the staff, respectively by Mr. Ved Prakash Pandey, Mr. SK Karakam, Mr. R. S. Sengar, respectively.

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