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Postal ballot will play a decisive role in elections

During the assembly elections, 2945 postal ballots were issued to the government employees of the three assembly constituencies of the district whose duty was in the election process. The application was submitted in format 12A by those government servants. A total of 1470 postal ballots have been submitted till the news is written. These include 459 under B assembly constituencies, Bemetra 582 and Navagadha 492. The postal ballots will be deposited till December 11, before counting of votes. Service Voters, who are posted in Army etc., had issued 135 under Electronic Transmitted Postal Ballat System (ETPB), of which 26 were received. Who will play the role of decisive role in this election. On December 11, E.V.M. First postal ballotts will be counted before the counting of the machine. Post ballots are crucial for political parties who are trying to revolt for one vote. On which the eyes of the political parties are restored. People of political parties have become active to take the postal ballot employees. For the postal ballot which is considered decisive in the elections, activists of every political party have started reaching home with government workers hovering around. Supporters of the candidate are engaged in contact with government offices and their residence. The postal ballot paper also has its own role in the assembly elections.

Collector collects inspection of State Warehousing Corporation Warehouse

Bemetra November 30, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware conducted a surprise inspection of the warehouse of Chhattisgarh State Warehousing Corporation today and took stock of the rice collection being deposited by the rice millers. Mr. Dubey, Branch Manager, Bhandar Home Corporation informed that till date, 4 thousand quintal rice has been deposited by the millers under custom milling. The Collector directed the officers that D.O. Increase maximum paddy consumption by cutting. Withdrawal from paddy earning centers will save transportation costs. District Marketing Officer informed that according to the rules, the Rice millers should be given 67 kilograms of rice in one Kantal paddy. There is a quantity of 68 kg for rice. Rice is being deposited by the State Civil Supplies Corporation, which will be sent to the Indian Food Corporation (FCII). The collector analyzed the rice deposited by the millers in the office of the store house corporation. He stopped the CCTV of the corporation's warehouse campus. Instruct the camera to start immediately. During inspection, D.M.O. s. R. Lahmor, Food Officer Bhupendra Mishra, Nodal Officer of District Co-operative Central Bank, R. Mrs. Jyoti Soni, District Manager, Kashyap, Nan, Branch Manager, Bhandar Home Corporation, Mr. A.K. Rice Millers, including Dubey, were present.

Collector collects inspection of paddy purchase center

Bemetra November 30, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware today underwent a sudden inspection of the Paddy Extraction Center. During this, he took cognizance of the farmers coming to the Purchase Center and inquired about the quantity of paddy produced per acre. So far, 18088 quantity of paddy has been procured in Paddy procurement center - Bijabbhav. Under the custom milling, 9300 quintals of paddy has been lifted by the millers. The collector observed the fork, the humidity measurement machine. He instructed the employees of the service co-operative to weigh it according to the correct amount of paddy. Committee Manager said that last year 49 thousand quintals of Paddy was purchased in this center. Under this committee, farmers of Gram Amora, Javari, Bijabhhed, Matka, Fari and Basni come to procure paddy.

Jawahar Navoday Vidyalay Online application for admission in class VIII till December 15

Bemetra November 30, 2018: - The selection examination will be held on April 06, 2019 for the completion of vacant seats in class VIII for the session 2019-20 for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khilora Tehsil Bemetra, District Bemetra. Collector and Navodaya Vidyalaya's President Shri Mahadev Kaware said that the application form for the examination examination can be filled only on the website of ONLINE Navodaya Vidyalaya website www.wondo.com at Gov Dot Inn by December 15, 2018. He informed that those students who are studying in Class VIII in Session 2018-19 in Government / Non-Government Schools of Bemetara district, can only fill online application forms for student VIX VI. In the past, the date was fixed till 30 November 2018, the date has now been extended to 15th December. Student's birth date should be between one May 2006 to 30 April 2010 (both days are inclusive). For more information, telephone number - 9424244628, 9399532137, 9340196648, 9399363378 and 6263038025 can be contacted.

Collector's Purchase Review Earning 98 thousand 965 MT of paddy

Bemetra November 30, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware reviewed the functioning of the Department of Food and Cooperation today. They got information about the paddy acquisition under the current kharif season. Officials said that in the Bemetra district, till date of last one month, 98 thousand 965 metric tonnes of paddy has been procured. 86 paddy production centers have been set up under 54 co-operative societies of the district. In which farmers are being purchased paddy at the support price. Paddy procurement is being done from November. Which will continue until January 31, 2019 The collector informed that if the farmers bring their paddy in the rain water, they will also be purchased in the condition that the rainy season is not torn. In exchange, they will also get the money to pay per day. In the current season, there is a target of procuring 4 lakh 15 thousand metric tonnes of paddy in the district. Last year, two lakh 69 thousand metric tonnes of paddy was procured. Mr. Kashyap, Nodal Officer of the District Co-operative Central Bank informed that CCB The bank currently operates 15 branches in the district. In which the amount of paddy acquisition is being transferred to the bank account of the farmers within two to three days. Farmers withdraw the amount according to their convenience. These branches include Bemetara, Deodar Bija, Saja, Parapody, Dhalka, Berla, Bhimbauri, Baalsamund, Nandighat, Maro, Navagad, Beardi, Thankhamariya, Javra and Devkar. Nodal Officer told that CCB The new branch is proposed to be opened in Khansura. ADM in the meeting K.S. Mandavi, Food Officer Bhupendra Mishra, District Marketing Officer R.S. Lahmor, Nodal Officer of District Co-operative Central Bank, R. Kashyap was present.

The Collector did the accidental inspection of the district hospital New hospital is preparing at a cost of 14 crores

Bemetra November 30, 2018: - Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware conducted an accidental inspection of the Government District Hospital here this morning. During this, he visited various wards of the hospital. Mr. Kaware inquired about the medical facilities he got from patients and his family. Villagers resident of village Khairjati resident of Mehta Ram, resident of village resident Manju Bai Verma. If the collector does not submit the register, the CMHO And expressed his displeasure with the Civil Surgeon and Superintendent of Police Dr. S.K. Instructed Pal to issue showcause notice. When the Collector asks for registration, CMHO Said that the presence of the staff is in the register of the Civil Surgeon, locked in there because of being outside the Civil Surgeon. He instructed the doctors and medical staff to be present in the work on time. The District Magistrate reviewed OPD, Blood Bank, Nutrition Rehabilitation Center, Women Ward, Dairy Storage Room. He instructed to take special care to clean the hospital. The District Magistrate instructed to increase the number of children in the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center. In addition, the collector inspected the 100 bed hospital under construction in the district headquarters. For the construction of the building, a grant of Rs. 14 crores has been sanctioned by the Government of India. The collector instructed the concerned construction agency to complete the task soon. The work was to be completed by October 31 but it has not been completed till now. The District Magistrate directed the construction agency concerned to complete the new hospital building till December 31, 2018. In addition, the Collector also inspected the newly constructed Center Bacterial Block (CSDS) building at a cost of Rs 29 lakh. During the inspection, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Satish Sharma was present.

Awareness Rally on World AIDS Day

Balarampur November 29, 2018 / Chief Medical and Health Officer, Shri Dnyanesh Choubey has said that this year also, World AIDS Day will be celebrated on December 01, 2018 as in the previous year. On this occasion, people will be made aware of AIDS by taking out a rally organized by the students of Asrfi Devi Institute of Nursing, Children and Girls Higher Secondary School. The said rally will start on 01 December at 11.00 am with the district hospital premises and the main road of the city ends at the district hospital Balrampur.

Convenience of video conferencing in the Office of the Juvenile Justice Board

Bemetra November 29, 2018 - The arrangement for video conferencing started in the Office of the Juvenile Justice Board Bemetra. As a result, contact of Juvenile Justice Board Bemetra All the districts of the Juvenile Justice Board are possible Under the arrangement of contact, the Directorate of Women and Child Development Department and the monitoring house also made available the necessary guidelines. Member Juvenile Justice Board Bemetra Omprakash Chandrakar said that the implementation of the necessary implementation in the Juvenile Justice Board is continuing continuously for the last three months as per the direction of the government to fulfill the purpose of the best interests of the children, who are struggling and maintaining the law. The child welfare committee and members of the juvenile justice board Bemetra are also present in the leisure period.

Collector's meeting of political parties and candidates in connection with the counting of votes

Bemetra November 29, 2018 - District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware gave information regarding the preparations for the counting of votes by meeting the representatives of political parties and candidates in the meeting room of the joint district office building this afternoon. He conveyed the nuances of the counting process. On this occasion, ADM K.S. Mandavi, Returning Officer, Saja Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, Aro Bemetra R.P. Imphal, DN Kashyap was present. The Collector said that Legislative votes will be counted in 14-14 tables. Each table will have a duty of one micro armor. Postal ballot and e.tt.b.s. Two extra tables will be applied for calculation. Pan, Tobacco, Gudakhu Beedi, Cigarettes will be restricted to the counting place. All the candidates can apply for the counting agent to the concerned Returning Officer on December 4 and 5 in format-18. Only after obtaining an application in the prescribed format, the photographed entry pass will be issued for the counting agent. For this, the candidate has to submit two or two passport size photograph of his agent. First of all, postal ballots will be calculated.
The Collector said that adequate security arrangements have been made at the counting site. Border Security Force (BSF) personnel are posted for security of the 24-hour strong room. Security arrangements have been made in 3 layers at the counting site. CCTVs have been installed from the main gate of the counting site to the Strong Room. Returning Officers, AROs and Observers will go from the main door to the counting room. The candidates of the candidates will reach the counting room from the outer gate. An iron mesh will be engaged between counting personnel and agents. From the Strong Room to the Counting Room, there will be a different way for each assembly.

National Lok Adalat held on December 08

Bemetra November 29, 2018 - National Lok Adalat related to all matters related to all matters will be organized on Saturday December 08, 2018, according to the directions of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) and Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority Bilaspur, District Court Complex, Bemetara, in the Court of Tribunal, Saza. Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware told that in the Lok Adalat the resignation of the criminal case, the NI Act vide 138, the bank recovery, the motor accident case, the marital and labor dispute, the land acquisition case, the electricity and water bill and other service mater and others Behavioral issues and other resignation cases will be kept.
    In the National Lok Adalat 31 March 2018, incentive scheme 2018 is effective for relaxation in the amount of surcharge included in pending electricity payments of disrupted disabled consumers. Under the scheme, the relaxation of surcharge has been given on the disabled dues of consumers of all categories of the following claims. Consumers will be able to get the entire surcharge amount exclusively, then by paying the entire original amount, it will be paid in one installment or installment. Whatever party wants to get rid of their pending cases through the resignation of the Lok Adalat, the parties can submit their case to the concerned court and request it to be placed in the National Lok Adalat. Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Bemetara K.P.S. It has been informed by Bhadauria that in cases where court cases are filed in court cases, the matter is resolved through a public court. There is a provision for returning court fees in the above cases, as well as in cases pending in the Lok Adalat Even in the court appeal is not acceptable.

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