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Application for appointment of voting agent appointment

Bemetra December 04, 2018 - Candidate, Churaman Sahu, submitted the application in connection with the appointment of the draft voter form format - 16 before the returning officer of Bemetara assembly constituency Mahadev Kaware. Returning Officer maintains the confidentiality of Section 128 of the Public Representation Act, 1951. Every such officer, clerk, agent and other person who comply with any contract related to voting or calculating the votes in the election will maintain the confidentiality of voting and assist in maintaining it. Instruction of this effect was read to the candidate.

Instructions for maintaining uninterrupted power supply during counting

Bemetra December 04, 2018 - Collector Mahadev Kaware gave necessary instructions regarding the preparations for the counting of votes in a meeting of the departmental officers during the time-limit meeting in the collectorate meeting room. The counting of the three assembly constituencies of the district will be held on Tuesday 11 December at 8.00 in the strong room set up in Agricultural Produce Market Complex. Those who have duties will be present in the appointed time before the scheduled time of counting. Legislative votes will be counted in 14-14 tables. Each table will have a duty of one micro armor. Government servants in the counting place, farmers will enter the consumer market gate. Similarly, candidates and their representatives will enter the main gate of Durg Road. Photometric entry pass will be issued, they will be eligible only to enter. The Executive Engineer of the Electricity Department asked the Engineer to maintain uninterrupted power supply. Arrange generators as an alternative system. The Collector directed the Food Department to arrange breakfast and food, to the Chief Municipal Officer, to make arrangements for sanitation, public health mechanics department to provide drinking water. Pan, tobacco, gourd, bidi, cigarettes will be restricted in the counting place. In the meeting, CEO of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok, A.D.M. And Deputy District Election Officer Shri K.S. Mandavi, Additional Collector Mr. S. District level officers of different departments including women and women were present.

Training for Supervisor and Micro Abrzovar for Counting

Bemetra December 04, 2018: - The training of supervisor and comptroller assistants and micro arbharves appointed for the counting work under the assembly elections was held today in the district panchayat hall. District election officer Mahadev Kaware while addressing the trainees said that take training for counting work seriously. During the training, officers were given detailed information regarding counting of votes and declaration of results. He also asked to follow the instructions of the Election Commission of India. In the training, important instructions of the Commission, safety and meeting arrangements in the counting centers, all the basic arrangements including electricity, drinking water, have also been asked to ensure. During the training, he has taken the count of votes from electronic voting machine, VVPAT machine, counting of postal ballot, draft 17-C, ballot account part 2, draft 18, appointment of calculation agent, draft 19, copy of the appointment of computing agent, format-20 Details of final result letter, draft 21C, details of e-election, draft-22 election certificates etc. were given in detail. At the same time, the officers were given information about calculating the control unit and keeping the pen, pencil, calculator, lottery card, Kaman ade tech, QR code scanner etc. and calculation of VVPAT slip.
It was informed in the training that 14-14 tables will be installed for each assembly constituency. Duty of Counting Supervisor, Counting Assistant and Micro Observer will be in each table. He said that the system of laptops, Mike projectors etc. will be ensured with the Internet. Master trainers Bhanuprakash Soni provided detailed training through the Power Paint Presentation in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of India. On this occasion, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, A.D.M. And Deputy District Election Officer Shri K.S. Mandavi, Returning Officer, Saja Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, Aro Bemetra R.P. Imphal, DN Kashyap was present.

Restriction on burning of crop residue will take place

Bemetara 3 Dec.

In the sequence of order passed by the National Green Authority (Chhalj) Bhopal, the state's Housing and Environment Department, New Raipur has completely banned the harvesting of crop residues in the entire state. For the purpose of observing this order, Collector Mahadev Kaware has constituted an Observatory and Site Inspection Team under the chairmanship of the Divisional Officer Revenue to observe the observation and site inspection in crop arson incidents for not burning crop residues in the districts.

The team comprises officers of the departmental officer, chief executive officer, district panchayat, tehsildar, veterinary assistant contractor, senior agricultural development officer, cooperative extension officer etc. The work of this team will be done under any kind of crop residue Upon receipt of the notification of the incident of the burning incident, go to the spot and investigate the reasons for the arson and burn the crop residue. Fines will be imposed rules related after being Ti.

For this reason the collector has appealed to the farmers of the district not to burn the remains of kharif crops in the fields, but manage them properly and make the farm fertile. Regarding the side effects of burning of agricultural crop residues, the Deputy Operator said that the presence of freshwater poisonous gas in the smoke coming from crop residual burning does not only have adverse effects on human health. At the same time the level of air pollution is also increasing. Due to the increase in the temperature of the soil due to crop residual burning, the structure of the soil worsens, and the number of beneficial micro-organisms decreases.

Due to the decrease in the amount of biomass content, soil productivity decreases. Due to the reduction in the number of insect pests such as ketchu, spider, due to the burning of residual waste, natural control of harmful pests can not be achieved, consequently it becomes necessary to use expensive and poisonous pesticides.

Explaining about the management of crop residues in the farm by the Deputy Operator, the farmer said that after harvesting the crop with the crop residues, the spraying of trichoderm after spraying of light irrigation / water will result in the crop residual from 15 After 20 days will become converted into compost, which will receive the main and the subtle elements for the next crop. Urea can also be sprayed after irrigation to increase the speed of conversion of crop residue to compost. Changing the crop residues to compost increases the amount of life of the soil in soil. By which the storage capacity of soil and beneficial micro-organisms-the amount of micro-elements increases, the use of chemical fertilizers increases the capacity.

By doing this, more fertilizer can be obtained by putting less chemical fertilizer. After harvesting, gather the remaining crop residues in the field and sprinkle the dung by adding trichoderm or other degradation and compost. After the harvesting, the crops can be planted in the residual farming and burnt without proper farming equipment.

Will work as Malching (Palwar) for the proper germination of residual moisture protection, weed control and seed lying above. Crop residue can be used for mushroom production. Paddy pond can be used as a fertile and nutritious fodder of animals by treating urea. Crop residual can be used in the form of raw materials for other works such as card board and rough paper production. Detailed information about the useful agricultural machinery for the management of crop residues can be contacted by Scientist Jitendra Joshi (Mobile No. 78050-39366) or Agricultural Department, Bemetara of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bemetara.

Collector's information regarding preparations for counting

Bemetara 3 Dec.

Counting of votes of three assembly constituencies of Sena, Bemetra, Navagad of the district will begin on 8th of December in the agriculture produce market premises at 11.00 am. For calculating the votes of each assembly constituency, 14-14 tables will be installed. To calculate the postal ballot, 2-2 tables will be installed. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre said that in each table, three officers will be deployed.

Which include calculation supervisor, calculation assistant and micro-charger. They will be ARO and Retiring Officer. The votes held in 14 EVM machines in one round will be calculated. The candidate will be able to observe the computation process. In the counting room, the photographer will be able to pass the nearest agent. The wall of the lattice between the calculation machine and the agent will be. They will be able to see through them.

Counting of votes will start from 8 o'clock in the morning. First postal ballots will be counted. After this, the votes will be calculated from the EVM machine. Mobile phones have been completely restricted at the counting place. This restriction will apply to both the officers and employees engaged in calculation work with the candidates of the candidates. Gutkha-Pan, Bidi, Machchis, Gudakhu, Pauch can not be taken along.

The collector took the information of all preparations issued at the counting place and gave instructions to the authorities to complete the work with speed. He instructed to ensure strict security of all the work, such as barricading, lighting, communication system, computer, computation of calculations (tabulation) for safety at the site.

Organized legal services camp

Bemetra December 01, 2018: - The camp was organized by legal service in the Office of the Juvenile Justice Board. On this occasion, Secretary Legal Service K.P. s. Bhadauria (First Division Judicial Magistrate) explained to the children the facilities provided by legal services in detail and clarified the intention of the government that the government is sensitive to the children and thinks for their future development and bright life. Ramanuj Sharma, Vinay Kishore and Nathalal Kothari also explained to the children to look after the children properly and the children were told about the importance of education. Members of Juvenile Justice Board Omprakash Chandrakar expressed gratitude to all the guests and parents and children present and wished everyone's bright future. On this occasion, Mandakini Chabe (Juvenile Justice Board), Vyom Srivastava (District Child Protection Officer), Yishwari Valde (Legal Co-Probation Officer), Shasta Parvin, Krishnakumar Chandrakar, Rajesh Chandrakar, Hiteshwari Sahu, Pt Narayan Sharma, Mumtaz Ravani, Pradeep Children including Guruchand, Rakesh Soni, Umesh Kurray and their parents were present.

Collector li meeting

Bemetra December 01, 2018: - Collector M.D. Kaveri took a meeting of departmental officials in connection with the arrival of the joint secretary of the Government of India, Rural Development Ministry, in the collectorate meeting room this evening. On this occasion, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, CEO of all the four district panchayats in the district. The other officers were present along.

Joint Secretary Government of India on a tour of Bemetra district today

Bemetra December 01, 2018: - Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi, Prashant Kumar, joint secretary, reviewed the functioning of the Panchayat and Rural Development Department in the collectorate meeting room on Sunday. Prior to this, he will observe the developmental works operated in the rural areas of the district. The Collector has given directions to the concerned authorities to be present with departmental information.

Collector conducted casual inspection of various offices The warning given to the office on time

Bemetra December 01, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware conducted surprise inspections of various government offices at district headquarters, Bemetra at 10.30 am today. He delayed the employees who reached the office late and warned them to take office at the time or otherwise disciplinary action against them. Shri Kavre first reached the office of Bemetra, Water Resources Division, during the attendance register observation that they found that many employees have not been signed. The assistant grade-03 of the Executive Engineer's office has not been signed by Saurabh Rajput and devotee Vijay Kumar Yadav. Instructed them to issue ShowCaz Notices. The Collector also inspects the departmental office of the Water Resources Department. There is no sign of Shiv Kumar Netam Assistant Grade-III and Process Servers during the attendance register visit. He also instructed them to issue a show cause notice. After this, the Collector also conducted a surprise inspection of the office of revenue and tehsil, sub division (registration and stamp duty) of the departmental officer. Information regarding the medical leave of Deputy Registrar Sanjay Dewan was given. Purnanand Thakur Assistant Grade-02 and Preeti Barik of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate's Office were found absent during Computer-Operator, Kamlesh Tiwari Bharati inspection. Apart from Awadhesh Singh Assistant Grad-02, Umashankar Banjari Bharati, the signature of many employees was not found in the register. Instructed them to issue ShowCaz Notices. In the departmental officer's office, the employees' biometric attendance machine has been engaged, in which many employees expressed their displeasure over not being displayed.
    During the inspection of Collector's Office of District Collector's Office, many employees did not arrive even after an hour after the opening of the office, some employees were present late and instructed them to come to the office on time in the future giving them a clear warning. Today, during the inspection, Praveen Singh Rajput Assistant Grade-03, Sudhir Harish Shrivastav, Accountant, Subhash Kumar Patil, Assistant Grad-02 and Khirwan Prasad Verma, delayed the office. Likewise, the instructions for cutting their one-day wages for not reaching the office during the inspection of two employees, Saturam Verma and Prasen Singh Dikshit, D.E.O. Given to Bemetra The collector instructed the accountant Tukaram Dansea that in the compulsory register, leave the employees to know in the register how much time the worker has taken so far and how much of his day left in his account. Collector D.E.O. Instructions for setting up Biometric Attendance Systems in the office. DEO Given to Assistant Director Education Shri Kathle said that currently 22 employees are employed. In addition, the collector informed about the implementation of the scheme of Student Security Insurance Scheme, Mid-Day Meal Scheme, Free Uniform Delivery Scheme, recognition of private schools, payment of scholarship, Saraswati cycle etc.

The library will open in the city - In order to facilitate the readers on behalf of the Education Department at District Headquarters Bemetra, the collector has instructed the officers of the Education Department to start the library. This will help the students, young people, prepare for their studies as well as prepare for competitive exams. Apart from this, the intellectual classes of society will also get the benefit. Assistant Director Education Shri Kathele said that a room of Government Girls Higher Secondary School Building has been selected for the library. After the completion of the assembly election process, action will be taken to start it. Currently a reading room is being run by the Municipality Council in Bemetra city. The market is operating in a new building on Mercury Road.

Election agent is engaged in the check room of the Strong Room

Following the peaceful settlement of the General Assembly's General Assembly elections on November 20, the fate of candidates is EVM. Imprisoned in the machine, which has been sealed in the strong room made in local agricultural produce market premises between strict security. Border Security Force (BSF) personnel are alerted and posted for the security of the 24-hour strong room. Security arrangements have been made in 3 layers at the counting site. The whole country is covered with the discussion of the sealed string set in district headquarters Bemetara. The brick wall was raised outside the Strong Room. CCTVs have been installed from the main gate of the counting site to the Strong Room. There were 15-15 candidates in the constituency of Saja, Bemetra, Navagadh, in three assembly constituencies of the district. Counting of votes will be done till the completion of the general elections in the assembly of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Telangana. The general election was concluded on 28th November in Madhya Pradesh. There will be general elections in Rajasthan and Telangana on December 07. For this reason, there is a long break for counting. The counting of these five states will be held simultaneously at 8 o'clock on December 11. Candidates wishing to be on the directive of the Election Commission of India can do so for the checking of their agent in the Strong Room. Under this, the candidates of BJP, Congress, BSP and Janta Congress JJ have appointed their representatives for the check room in the agricultural produce market premises for the three assembly constituencies of the district. Is hopeful of Their agents will be checked in the Mandi premises by the night of December 10. For this, the District Election Office has issued the photo pass for the purpose. They are doing a round-the-clock in two or three shifts of the Strong Room. It is believed that after the peaceful elections in the district, it is now believed that the Chhattisgarhi proverb has said that the yard has been packed and only the tail remains.

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