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Raipur: The food department allocates allocation of rice in June-July: Rashan card holders option option

The state government has released rice allocation for the ration card holders of the state in the month of June and July under the Public Distribution System. The ration card holder will have the option of raising rice for one or two months according to convenience. Ration cardholders will not have the obligation to raise a two-month ranch one time.

           The Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, by issuing a letter to the collectors of all the districts, the date of the organizing of the festival of rice will be distributed 02 months rice on the festival day. Transportation of two months of rice and other ration material for transporting vehicles and safe storage. For conducting the Rice Festival, a duty of nodal officer should be imposed for each fair value, by which the verification of ration material within the time limit and after verification of rice is taken. Apart from this, instructions have been given to spread the information through the poster-banners and other means of fair price shops of rice distribution information. In the letter issued, the collectors have been told that by the meeting of the operators of all the fair value shops at the development level, the announcement of April 2019 and the month of June in two months, the demand for rice and ration material uptake has been received by May 25. Go. It should also be completed in its entry departmental website.

Raipur : Nearly 7 lakh 42 thousand standard sacks of tendupatta collected in state till date : Instructions given to keep a check on illegally transported tendupatta

 Tendupatta collection is going on in forest areas of state at an accelerated pace. In the current season, nearly 7 lakh 42 thousand standard sacks of tendupatta have been collected against the target of 16 lakh 71 thousand standard sacks. While reviewing the collection work, Chief Secretary Forest Mr. CK Khetan gave instructions to the forest officials to ensure regular monitoring of the collection work and timely wage payment to the collectors.

Additional Chief Secretary directed the officials to be alert and strictly keep a check on illegal transport of tendupatta from neighbouring states. In the meeting, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest informed that in the current season of tendupatta collection, total amount of Rs 700 crores is to be paid as wages to the labourers engaged. Funds for this have already been arranged.  

He informed that Rs 375 crores have been transferred to District Unions for payment towards tendupatta collector families. In the district unions of Dantewada, South Kondagaon, Keshkal and Narayanpur, 100% of the target for tendupatta collection has been achieved, whereas in Bastar 75% of the target has been achieved, Gariaband 78% and in Bijapur 70% of the target of tendupatta collection has been achieved. Remaining collection work is expected to be completed within 15-20 days.


Raipur: The work of 'Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva and Baadi' started by taking the embodiment of

Pictures of small village Lohda makes story

In the villages of Chhattisgarh, the works of conservation-promotion of 'Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva and Bari' have now started taking the form of embodiment. Photos of Lohda, a small dependent village of Sava Gram Panchayat of Pathriya Vikaskhand in Mungeli district, tell a story about it.

    Gothan, a five-acre old village in Lohda village has been developed in a new way under the 'Garuna' program. There are about five hundred cattle and buffalo cattle coming daily in the new Gothan made here. All the arrangements have been made in the form of 'Day Care Center' of animals.
    Animal vaccination and other health care are also being taken along with fencing, fodder, water, animal resting and shade arrangements. Compost fodder is being done in Gothan by remnants of cow dung and fodder.

    Solar pumps have been installed in Gothan for water supply. Currently, three coworkers of the village are managing this gothan system. The work of pastoral development in 12 acres of land has started soon.

Raipur: Feral paddy seeds of farmers will be purchased at subsidized price by State Seed Corporation

nstructions issued by the State Government to buy average good variety of Fell Paddy
 Paddy seed is produced by farmers through process centers of Chhattisgarh State Seed and Agriculture Development Corporation. During this process, due to the production of paddy seeds, they are also failed due to the production of paddy. These fenugreek paddy seeds can be used by making rice as food, but they can not be used as seeds. Instructions have been issued to the Food Seed Supply Corporation and the Department of Consumer Protection Department to purchase the average good varieties of seed paddy seeds of seed producers, through a committee on support price.

   According to the directions of Food Civil Supplies Corporation and Consumer Protection Department, the Fell Paddy seed will be purchased only at the purchase center after the average good quality. Upon the arrival of the said paddy to the purchasing center, the farmer will be purchased at the support price only after submitting the certificate of in-charge certificate. The average good quality specification set by the Indian government of Paddy will be displayed in the committees. The certificate will be issued to the farmer in connection with Fell paddy seed by the in-charge of the seed corporation. These seeds will be purchased till May 31, 2019.

 For the purchase of paddy, the eligibility for selling the maximum 15 quintals per acre paddy has been determined. Hence, the eligibility of sale of paddy seed seed by the farmer will be to the extent of the eligibility of the Paddy sale at the support price. For example, if the area under paddy sowing area is 2 acres by any registered farmer and 20 quintals of paddy have been sold at the support price, then it can sell only to the extent of Fell paddy seed 10 quintals.

    Farmers have been told that they should put together the registered farmer code number in their area committee while selling paddy. It has also been instructed that the payment to farmers, transport and disposal of paddy should be done in accordance with the prescribed policy for Kharif marketing year 2018-19.

Raipur: Review of registered cases against tribal people in Naxal affected areas.

Recently, the cases registered against the residents of Scheduled Tribes in the Naxal affected areas were reviewed by the Hon'ble Justice Mr. AK Patnayak (Retd) Hon'ble Supreme Court, New Delhi under the chairmanship of the Committee.
    The committee reviewed seven cases of Bastar-Ranges and District Rajnadgaon in the total number of 08 Naxal affected districts against the residents of Scheduled Tribes and also the status of judicial proceedings in the cases were also reviewed.
     The committee decided to review each episode on the basis of its merits and it was decided to take appropriate action under the scheduled action plan in the interest of the Scheduled Tribes category, as well as the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mr Sundaraj P. Bhartiya, for taking action in the cases related to the Naxal incident. The proceedings in various streams of penal legislation and cases registered under local special act are Shall DIG Shri Sanjeev Shukla, secretary for the proceedings in the cases related to the Excise Act, Commissioner, Excise Department and was secretary decided to take necessary action through the Tribal and Scheduled Tribes department for the necessary coordination. Advocate General C.G. Shri Kanak Tiwari, Director General of Police, Shri D.M. Other Senior Officers of Police Department including Awasthi were present.

Raipur: Chhattisgarh's youth can not be found due to Foni's trapped in the cyclone: JEE Advance application: Chief Minister urged the Union Minister to discuss telephone with help and help

TINS, A young man from Chhattisgarh was unable to fill Jain Advance's online application due to being stuck in the Jagannathpuri of Odisha, which was affected by the Phoenica cyclone last week. Writing a letter, the young man appealed to Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel to take advantage of the decision to increase the application for the typhoon stranded people of Odisha from May 9 to May 14. Shri Bhupesh Baghel, the sensitive Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, immediately telephoned the Union Human Resource Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar to help him, and due to his two years of hard work and his phonica being stranded in cyclone, the online application should be made by May 14, 2019. Urged for help. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has also written a letter to the Union Human Resource Development Minister in this regard. The Union Minister assured the sympathetically consideration of this episode.
It is worth mentioning that this young man of Durg district has worked hard and earned 93.18 percent in JEE Menans and this has earned him the ability to sit in the JEE Edwards examination. His CBSE's 12th examination also saw 83 percent marks. This young man urged the Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel to give him an online application for admission in institutes like IIT, NIT, to be felicitated on the date of online application like the victims of Phony storm of Odisha.

Suspended IPS scams on Mukesh Gupta, State Government issued charge sheet

The problem of IPS Mukesh Gupta, suspended in Chhattisgarh's Highprofile Mikey Mehta murder case, could increase. The charge sheet has been issued against IPS Mukesh Gupta. The state government has issued these chargesheet against Mukesh Gupta at two other points including phone tapping. Now the state government has entrusted the responsibility of investigating the entire matter to DGP DM Awasthi. According to the sources, now Mukesh Gupta is preparing to screw up the departmental inquiry. It is said that suspended DG Mukesh Gupta is accused of spoiling the image of the police. Along with this, the allegations of misusing the staff in the back date have also been charged.

What is the whole case

After the change of power in Chhattisgarh, an order to investigate the Nan scam was ordered. Then it was revealed that before the raids, the officers and staff of the NAN were getting the phone taped. After getting sufficient confirmation of this, EOW filed a case against then DG Mukesh Gupta, SP Rajneesh Singh. In this case, EOW's DSP RK Dubey had made a statement against DG and SP, that under his pressure, he issued an order to illegally tap the phones of the officers. However Dubey's statement later became controversial.

After giving the statement, RK Dubey gave an affidavit in the High Court that the statement was made after putting pressure on him. But after a few days, he again incorrectly rejected his previous affidavit by giving a fresh affidavit in the High Court. He alleged that only on the request of Mukesh Gupta and Rajneesh Singh, they illegally tap the phones of the officers. In this case Mukesh Gupta was given a notice to answer the question and asked for questioning.

Never was a woman naxalite herself, now 'Danteshwari fighters' turned against Red Terror

Leaving the way of red terror, after surrendering, most women get involved in 'domestic things'. But the Naxal-affected Chhattisgarh is slightly different in this case. Here, some of these women stand on the front in the war against the Naxalites by taking AK-47 in their hands. These commandos have been named as 'Danteshwari Ladakay' in the name of the patron goddess of Chhattisgarh. These commandos participated in an operation against the Maoists on Wednesday and carried out two Naxal piles. According to police sources, these female commandos have stacked 5 Naxalites in a month. Danteshwari is a group of women and men commandos, who are skilled in living and fighting in the forest.

This experiment is used in Dantewada district. P. Abhishek is the brainchild of Pallava. According to the information, when Abhishek Pallavas went to visit a camp of surrendered Naxalites 4 months ago, at that time the idea of ​​making women commandos in his mind came.

According to reports, "On the one hand, after training some of the former male Naxalites, they have been admitted to the District Reserve Guard while on the other hand women were making roti in the houses. Because of this, he was becoming a victim of frustration. Because they used to live equally with men in the forest. But now they are serving men. This made them feel weaker and lesser. '

Subsequently, Pallava District S.p. Dineshwari said to make 'Unified Combat Force of Women Commands' from Nanda. Then 30 women were selected and they were brigadier B. Of Powered by Ponwar (retired), sent to Kanker Jungle Warfare College. Here he was given a 6-week hard combat training in December. After this, all 30 women were given in-house training till March. At first he was sent in small operations, but now he is fully prepared for big operations.

According to Dantewada SP Abhishek Pallava, this will motivate surrender to more female Naxalites. Women commandos are perfect in some ways. They can hide their weapons in their sarees and keep an eye on the Maoists without any doubt. Not only this, they dissolve easily in the crowd.

Raipur: Chief Minister congratulated and best wishes to successful students in board examinations of Chhattisgarh Secondary Education Board

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has given heartfelt greetings and congratulations to all successful students along with the students who have made the class X, XII and merit list in the merit list issued by Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education today.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has congratulated the bright and bright future of all successful students of Higher Secondary Professional Examination, 2019 along with Higher School Certificate Main Examination 2019 and Higher Secondary School Certificate Main Examination 2019. He said that the way students have achieved success in a crucial phase of life through these board examinations, in the future they will also succeed in every field of life and in the future along with their school, village, city The state and the country will illuminate the name. The Chief Minister explained to the students, who could not get the desired results in the examination, without constant disappointment, with full patience, courage and hard work, and said that they should resolve to prepare with new energy and enthusiasm. They will get success in life including examinations.
 The Chief Minister has also greeted teachers, parents and students for this, that results in board exams this year have been better than last year. 68.20 percent of the students passed the high school exam this year, which is one percent more than the previous year. Similarly, 78.43% of the Higher Secondary School examination passed, which is 1.74% more than the previous year. Yogendra Verma of Mungeli, who received the highest score in the message of Nisha Patel of Raigad, who scored 99.33% in class X and 97.40% marks in class XII, was honored by the Chief Minister for his special achievement and success. Hearty congratulations.
It is to be mentioned that in the auditorium of the examination this morning, the school education secretary and the President of the Board of Secondary Education, Shri Gaurav Dwivedi said. With the announcement of the results of the examination, it is available on the Mandal's online web site. Candidates can also view their examination results through website www.dbblogtotgbsedomnicdotin (www.cgbse.nic.in). For this, the candidate can take the number of subjects by entering the roll number in the website.

Politics begins on the bail of former CM Dr Raman Singh's son-in-law Punit Gupta

In the DKS hospital forgery case, son of former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, Puneet Gupta may have got bail from the High Court, but Raipur police has reached the Supreme Court to dismiss bail in the case. The BJP is now taking both the police and the ruling party to target against the Pune Police's Supreme Court in this way against Puneet Gupta. The BJP termed it as hyperactive police. At the same time Congress, while reversing itself on the BJP, said it has talked about corruption by relatives near the former government.

In this entire case, BJP spokesperson Sanjay Srivastava says that the police have taken a lot of activism in this matter. The police is not active on the crime that is happening in Chhattisgarh, but police have been called to defame the former head of a political party. I hope that in the coming years Bhupesh Baghel will have the government do the same thing.

At the same time Congress spokesman Sushil Anand Shukla says that corruption has been done by relatives near the former government, DKS hospital, fakejeev, non-scandal, and antagarh tappunk. Then the government was also from the BJP. Now that these cases have started investigating, they have suffered a lot.

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