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Discipline and manners should be maintained at the counting center

Bemetara 7 Dec.

In respect of maintaining discipline and manners in the polling station, the directive has been issued by the Election Commission of India that arrangements for seating of candidates for the counting of candidates on the counting table will be done by following the following priority: 1. Recognized national parties computing agent , 2. Counting Agencies of Recognized State Parties, 3. Recognized State Parties of other States A. Counting agents who went permitted to use their reserved signs constituency. 4. Registered-counters of candidates of unauthorized political parties and counting agents of 5 independent candidates will have to sit near the allotted table and will not be allowed to roam around the entire hall. They will sit in the order in which the candidates' names appear in the ballot.

The Returning Officer should also bear in mind that in relation to the election, the government employees on duty are not included in the Central and State Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers. They can come only in the form of candidates in the counting hall. According to the latest instructions of the Commission, they can not be allowed to be appointed as election agents or counting agents.

Because their security guards have to be protected by the route. Those who can not be allowed to enter the counting hall. Even if they voluntarily give up their security, they are not allowed to become computational agents. The returning officer must also ensure that no unauthorized person should be allowed to enter the counting place in any situation.

Also note that any security personnel involved in the candidates or their agents should not be allowed to enter the counting hall. If the returning officer is reasonably concerned about the presence of a person in the counting hall, then the returning officer may be able to find him if he needs it, even if the concerned person has the valid authority letter to enter the place of counting.

The enumeration agent is not allowed to go to other calculation tables except the counting tables allotted to them. After the announcement of the results of counting of votes, the counting staff will have to leave the counting hall with the permission of Returning Officers. In any case, in the counting process, the person will not be allowed to smoke within the counting hall. The Collector and District Election Officer has appealed to the candidates and the agents to follow the guidelines issued by the Commission.

Counting process-collector will be done in a fair and transparent manner

Baitra 06 December 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware said that the counting process under the Vidhan Sabha General Election Program 2018 is complete in a fair and transparent manner. In the meeting room of the district office on Wednesday, the Collector Shri Kavare took a meeting of the candidates of the three assembly constituencies and their agents to give information about the counting process. The Collector himself is also the Returning Officer of Bemetara assembly constituency. He said that there is absolutely no qualification for any kind of rigging in the entire election process. Collector said that the use of mobile phones and electronic gadgets on the counting day is completely restricted. In addition to the candidates and their counting agents, the media personnel and any officer-employees engaged in the election work will not be allowed to carry mobile at the place of counting. ADM in the meeting And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi, Returning Officer, Saja Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - Devisingh Uike, BSF Assistant Commander Mahesh Chandra Sethi, Inspector Ishwar Singh, Kotwali T.I. Rajesh Mishra, candidate and counting agent were present. The collector said that E.V.M. The machine is stored in a strong room, its hacking is never possible. Responding to the questions of the agents, the collector said that after voting ended, EVM The machine has been switched off by the presiding officer, which will be switched on at the time of calculation. If this machine is not connected to an Internet connection, then there is no question of hacking. B S f. The jawans are deployed for 24 hours in its security. On Tuesday, December 11, a strong room will be opened in the presence of election observers and candidates, on counting of votes. Counting starts at 8 o'clock in the morning. Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar informed about the Chak Chabdha security system on counting of votes. Warning of strict action as per rules against peace breeder S.p. Has given B S f. Mr. Sethi, Assistant Commissioner, E.V.M. The hacking news is utterly baseless. He appealed to ordinary citizens not to pay attention to the rumors.
In the meeting, the collector informed the candidates and the agents about the process of counting procedures and the arrangements for successfully completing it. He also gave information about the measures taken to make the counting procedures transparent and to ensure safety of EVM and Strong Room. Mr. Kaware said that different routes will be made for the entry of officials, employees and candidates and their agents at the counting place. He said that its photocopying calculation will also be made available to the agents. The result of each round will be announced by the returning officer and will be provided to the counters per count. He asked the candidates and their calculation agents to arrive before the scheduled time on the counting date. Shri Kavare informed about the maximum number of registered agents and their qualifications for information about the persons authorized to enter the counting of votes and their qualifications. The collector said that the counting agents will be allowed to enter only in the calculation chamber of their assembly constituency. Apart from this, they will only be allowed to sit in the table for them. During counting, consumption of smoking, pan masala etc. will be totally prohibited.

Jawahar Navoday Vidyalay Online application for admission in class VIII till December 15

Bemetara 06 December 2018: - The selection examination will be held on April 06, 2019 for the completion of vacant seats in class VIII for the session 2019-20 for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khilora Tehsil Bemetra, District Bemetra. The principal of the institute said that the application form for the examination examination can be filled only on the Online Navodaya Vidyalaya website's website WWW Navodaya Dat GOV Dot on 15 December 2018. He informed that those students who are studying in Class VIII in Session 2018-19 in Government / Non-Government Schools of Bemetara district, can only fill online application forms for student VIX VI. Student's birth date should be between one May 2006 to 30 April 2010 (both days are inclusive).

CEO Shri Subrata Sahu presented certificate to the collector

Bemetara 06 December 2018: - Chief election officer of the state, Shri Subrata Sahu, took a meeting of state collectors in the capital Raipur. He also gave his congratulations and good wishes for peaceful and unbiased election in the districts. CEO Shri Sahu honored the collector Bemetra by honoring Mr. Mahadev Kaware with a certificate for peaceful voting in the district.

Festive Soil Day Events

Bemetra 06 December 2018 - A program was organized on the occasion of World Earth Day by Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bemetara. On this occasion, 450 pamphlets related to soil health and agriculture and more than 100 agricultural calendars were distributed. For the farmers, bacterial culture, trichoderma, phosphorus drool bacteria, crop decomposition, bentonite sulfur and micronutrient compounds were kept in display for the farmers. Addressing the program, D.R. R Ntam, Head of Agricultural Science Center, attracted the attention of farmers towards the decreasing fertility and health of the soil and suggested the farmers to move towards organic farming. Also highlighted on integrated agriculture system The use of soil health card by soil scientist Dr. Vedika Sahu was discussed and emphasized the use of balanced fertilizers in crops. Suggestion for farmers to use organic fertilizers like dung manure, wormidhad for maximum use. Due to the use of chemicals by Dr. Pragnya Pandey, the farmers were informed about the damage to the soil and the method of use of culture and trichodarma was given. The problem of burning of parali (para) was discussed intensively and it was said about the side effects of soil and environment. The methods of management of crop residues were explained using crop decomposition and trichoderma. Dr. Cheena explained the methods of proper soil management for the cultivation of horticultural crops and told about the importance of micro nutrients. Crop waste management was discussed by Dr. Joshi through various agricultural equipments and IFFCO's representative Mr. Kushwaha highlighted soil health management. A large number of villagers were present on this occasion.

On January one, 18 year old twins will be able to name their name

Bemetra 06 December 2018 - Election Commission of India has released a phased program for special brief revision of photo voter list. A special brief revision of the photo-wise voter list is being done by the commission to include names of eligible persons named in the list and update voter list in the year 2019. In this, the youth who completed the age of 18 years on January 1, 2019 will also be able to get their name added. Collector Mahadev Kaware informed the media representatives yesterday that the Election Commission of India has issued circular to Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh for brief revision of voter list. According to the schedule released for the revision of voter list by the Election Commission of India, the detailed voter list will be published on December 26, 2018. After this, from December 26, 2018 to January 25, 2019, the claim or objection can be submitted. Claims and objections received will be resolved before 11 February 2019. Subsequently, the update will be prepared and supplementary voter list will be prepared before the 18th of February. After amendment and new names, on February 22, the final revised voter list will be published.

Seized 120 quintals of paddy seized from 21 coaches

Bemetara 4 Dec.

According to the collector's instructions, action is being taken by forming a joint team of officials of Food and Agriculture Produce Mandi to conduct illegal operation and sale of paddy in the district. As per the information received from Food Officer, till now the department has seized 1080 quintals of Paddy by taking action against 21 coaches. 20 quintals of paddy, village Dewarbeja resident of village Vhembhori resident of village Bhimbouri, 41 quintal of quintal from Kamdev Devangan residents, 419.2 quintals from Bisan Sahu of Ward 16 Bemetra, 110 quintals of paddy from Navkar Gollha in Parsbod, 40 quintals of rice and Kusmani resident from Dewangan by 40 quintals paddy and team Acting on other intermediaries, while taking action under the provisions of the Agricultural Produce Mandi Act, 1972

So far, total 1080 quintals of paddy have been seized. Assistant Food Officer Ashish Ramteke, Food Inspector Lakshman Kashyap, Daleeshwar Sahu, Narendra Singh Thakur, Vashisht Thakur, Mrs. Neetu Singh Netam, Mandi Sub-Inspectors Bhupendra Gautam, Balram Singh Rajput, Santosh Mishra and Jagmohan Lal Yadav were involved in the proceedings. Food officials said that the proceedings will continue even further.

Sales of 1898 MT of manure from double lock centers

Bemetara 4 Dec.

For the current Rabi season, farmers are getting DAP in the double lock centers of the district. 1526 MT of manure is available in various service co-operative societies, with a total of 2264 metric tonnes of DAP in the saving wing of 738 metric tonnes. According to information received from the District Marketing Officer, 1898 metric tonnes of fertilizers have been sold in different service cooperative societies through double link centers.

P.P.R. (Paste-des Petits Ruminants) Control Program

Bemetra December 04, 2018: - P.P.R. There is a life-threatening Viral disease in sheep and goat. Which is 80-90 percent death potential. P.P.R. It is also called plague of small rumen glands (sheep and goat). According to information from the veterinary services of the sub-veterinary services, goat in the disease, liver dysentery from cough, nose, redness in the eyes, blisters in the mouth, salivation of the mouth and smell, thin diarrhea, haphana fever (106 F ). Under the National Agricultural Development Scheme, the Department of Livestock Development, on the lines of Pulse Polio in order to control the disease, in P.P.R. Immunization has been ensured from December 16 to December 31, 2018, in sheep and goats. Vaccination will be done in 81641 (19th animal computation), sheep and goats, in all the villages of the district, under the control of 62 vaccination crews, 19 supervisors and 5 nodal officers of the departmental staff, Gaushevak, private artificial insemination workers of the district. The department has appealed to all the sheep and goat boys in the district that the percentage of sheep and goats in the P.P.R. Get the vaccine.

Purchase of one lakh 16 thousand 772 metric tonnes of paddy in the district so far

Baitra 04 December 2018 - During the period of last one month in the district, under the 54 cooperative societies, 86 Paddy Extraction Centers are being purchased at the support price of paddy. Sushil Tigga, Deputy Registrar, Cooperative Department said that in the situation of up to December 04 in the district, the total purchase of one lakh 16 thousand 772 MT of paddy was made at the support price. Paddy procurement operations will continue till 31 January 2019 Paddy procurement from farmers will be available from every Monday to Friday except for government holiday. Under Mills, 32 thousand 468 MT of paddy was raised by custom milling.

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