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Formation of additional flying squads and adjourned surveillance teams

An Additional Flying Squad and Static Monitoring Team has been formed with officers / employees for successful operation of Balrampur 25 October 2018 / Assembly Elections 2018. The Flying Squad Team formed in the Assembly 07- Shri Atbal Ram Bhagat, Assistant Land Records for Balrampur Tehsil of Ramanujganj, Mr. R.K. Gupta Labor Inspector, Sri Laxmikant Gupta Assistant Deputy Inspector and Mr. Deepak Bajor Pradhan Rakshak and Mr. Johan Toppo Rakshak have been appointed. Legislative Assembly in the Scheduled Surveillance Force 07- Team number 01 for Balrampur tehsil of Ramanujganj; Mr. Yogendra Bais Revenue Inspector Vadfanagar, Mr. Shaukilal Raj Pradhan Rakshak, Mr. Vijay Toppo and Shri Shriram Nayak are the Rakshak and in Team Number 02 Mr. Pramod Sahu Revenue Inspector Vadafnagar , Shri Nandlal Ram Pradhan Rakshak, and Mr. Jagmohan Rama and Mr. Prakash Tirki are the Rakshakshakas. Suspended Surveillance Squad Assembly 08 - Mr. Pappu Soni Incharge Revenue Inspector Rajpur, Shree Hubalal Pacra Prakash Rakshak, Mr. Balash Ekka and Shree Devasi Ram Rakshak and Maniya Gupta are the Women Rakshas for Samarri.

Information given to political parties in relation to name direction

In the meeting of the district election office today for Balrampur 25th October 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, information was given to the representatives of political parties by the collector, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, in connection with name direction, scrutiny and name withdrawal and symbol allocation. Procedure for filing of nomination will start from today in the total 02 Assembly constituencies of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. The last date for filing nominations is as on 02 November 2018 till 3.00 pm. The nomination date of the nomination papers is 03 November and the nomination date is 05th November and the voting will take place on 20th November.
District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak informed that the process of filing of nominations will begin in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district from October 26. The candidate has to submit an affidavit in format 26 along with the nomination papers, all of which are reasonably filled, and deposited with the prescribed amount. This amount can be deposited before returning officer by filling the nomination papers or by filing nomination before returning officer. The returning officer must also take the oath of true loyalty to the Constitution of India. The name will also be provided with the name of the directive along with the name of the savings account opened on its own name. From the date of nomination to the counting, the expenses will be done through this account. A candidate can file a maximum of four nomination papers and can also file a nomination letter from the maximum of two constituencies. Within the Returning Officer's office, only up to 5 persons, including candidates, and maximum 03 vehicles up to 100 meters from the Returning Officer's office are permitted. If the candidate files nomination papers as a recognized National Political Party or a candidate of a recognized political party of this state, then his nomination papers should have at least one of the proposers to be signed. After filing nominations, the candidates will be given a copy of the provisions of Model Code of Conduct and they will be made aware of the provisions.


Candidates will publish criminal cases Election Commission Guidelines

Instructions have been issued regarding contesting election by Balrampur 25 October 2018 / Chief Electoral Officer Chhattisgarh Raipur by persons with criminal antecedents. It has been stated in the instructions issued that every candidate contesting election will fill the information in the format provided by the Election Commission and all the details supposedly given in this format must be mentioned. It has been said to write the details in the upper case against the pending criminal cases against the candidate. If any candidate is contesting on a particular party ticket, then he is required to inform the team about pending criminal cases against him. Related political parties will be bound to put the reinforced information on candidates on criminal pre-conditions on their website. In addition to the candidates, the concerned political parties will issue a declaration in widely circulated newspapers in the area about the criminal antecedents of the candidates and spread widely in electronic media. To promote widely, it is to say that this work should be performed at least three times after filing a nomination papers.
It has been stated in the instructions issued on October 10, 2018 by the Commission that candidates of criminal cases and political parties in the Houses of Parliament, State Legislatures will publish the media in accordance with the rules. Such candidates will publish the declaration in respect of all criminal cases against them in the format C-1. Political parties, who stand up for such candidates, will publish the declaration in Form C-2 giving information about criminal cases against their candidates. At least three separate dates will be published from the day after the last date of withdrawal of this declaration candidature from the date of voting to two days before the voting date. This announcement is in widely circulated newspapers and TVs in related constituencies. Will be published and broadcast in Such political parties will also make announcements in the format C-2 on their website. Details of format C1 and C-2 and related particulars are available on ECI dot NIC dot-in-the-counter and can also be obtained from the concerned Returning Officer.


Assembly election 2018 Nomination proceedings started today

All necessary arrangements have been made in the district to complete the Balrampur October 25, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 in an independent, unbiased and peaceful manner. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Hiralal Nayak has stated that the publication of election notification for assembly elections will be published on October 26. As soon as the notification is issued, the name direction will start. The nomination papers from October 26 to November 02 will be received from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 hrs. He said that nomination papers will be received in the joint district office building for 02 assembly constituencies of the district. Returning Officer, Shri Shiv Anant Tayal, in the court room for the District Collector, Chamber of District Collector, Collector, Returning Officer, Shri Hiralal Nayak, Vidhan Sabha Area No.-08 Samarri, Collector Office, No. 07, for Ramanujganj, will get the nomination papers. The review of the nomination papers will be started on November 03 at 11.00 PM. During submission of nomination papers, there will be strict security arrangements in the joint District Office Building, Balrampur. Parking system for all types of vehicles will be 200 meters away from the joint district office premises. During the name guidance, a large number of security forces will be deployed along with the police officers during the security arrangement at the Joint District Office premises.


The online complaint related to the Model Code of Conduct

For the Balrampur October 24, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, the Mobile App called C-Vizil has been created by the Election Commission of India, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This mobile app will be used by ordinary citizens to make online complaint of the Model Code of Conduct.
Citizens will be able to make online complaint of Citizenship Model Code of Conduct violating Citizenship registered or registered without C-Vile Citizen's app. In order to complain about this, using GPS enabled Android phone, you will be able to send a brief complaint, including 01 photo or maximum 02 minute video, in relation to the complaint. There are different modules under this web, in which the C-Vile Citizen app is a dash board application which will be used by the District Electoral Officer. Complaints regarding the violation of Model Code of Conduct will be displayed by ordinary citizens on this dash board. Investigator team nominated by the District Election Officer can be investigated using the C-Vizel Investigator app. Within 15 minutes of receipt of the complaint, the Inventigator Team will investigate the complaint in the next 30 minutes and send its investigation report to the C-Visil Desider with the maximum of 10 photos of the complaint site. Thereafter, the C-VISIL DISIDER Module will be used by the Returning Officer for final settlement of complaints. The fixed duration will be 100 minutes for the resolution of each complaint received by this app.

Training of officers-employees formed for expenditure monitoring

Training of Officers and staff of the Video Monitoring Team, Accounting Team, Flying Squad, Static Monitoring Team, organized in the District Panchayat Sabha room for the supervising expenditure observer, Video Surveillance Team, set up for the election expenditure surveillance of Balrampur 24th October 2018 / Assembly Election 2018.
The said Chief Executive Officer of the said training was conducted under the guidance of District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal, in which the Assembly Sector No. 06 Pratappur, Assembly Area No. 07, Ramanujganj and Assembly Sector-08 Samayari attached assistant expenditure supervisor, video surveillance, observation, accounting and Mr. Mann Mohan, District Treasury Officer and Assistant Nodal Officer Ikari and Mr AK Recently trained sub-treasury officer Kusami and expenditure accounted for Samari in charge of charge. Detailed information was given by the Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. Durgesh Verma through the presentation of the instructions given by Chief Election Officer Raipur Chhattisgarh regarding election expenditure surveillance.


Counseling of Male Multipurpose Health Worker Training on October 30

Last merit list and counseling list has been issued after claim objections for Balrampur 24th October 2018 / Male Multipurpose Health Worker Training session 2018-19. Candidates for counseling have been selected on merit and caste / class basis. Counseling is organized at the Balirampur office on October 30, 2018 at 11.00 a.m., Chief Medical and Health Officer's office. Make sure the candidates appear with their original documents on the scheduled date.


Provide basic services to the Branch Manager Consumers

On the occasion of Balrampur 24th October 2018 / District headquarter Balrampur, on the main road of Punjab National Bank, when the basic facilities were not available to the consumers, the collector Mr. Hiralal Nayak expressed strong displeasure and instructed the Branch Manager to provide immediate system.
It is known that the accounts of most job card holders of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the Punjab National Bank, operated on the main road of Balrampur, are operated and the villagers come from far and away to the bank for other work and most of the consumers The crowd is standing under the open sky. If the bank does not sit for the villagers in the campus and other basic facilities, the collector has instructed the branch manager to arrange immediate arrangements.

Illegal liquor sales and builders arrested

In view of Balrampur 24 October 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, the District Excise Department is going on for guerrillas to sell illegal liquor in the district on the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak. On 03 October 2018, 03 persons were arrested by the department by placing total 03 cases on illegal liquor sales and making. 09 bulk liter hand furnace liquor and 40 kg Mahua lahan, which has been marketed by the department, has been estimated at Rs 2100. In this proceeding, under Section 34 (1) (a) (f) and Excise Act under Section 34 (1) of the Excise Act of Village Dadar Para Thana Paste, excise Act on the complaint of Sh. Under Section 34 (1) (a) under Section 34 (1) (a), Excise Act was transferred to Jail, Shri Abhijeet Dwivedi of Shankargarh village, Dipedih police station. District Excise Officer Shri Alam Ram Siddar has requested the citizens to inform the mobile number 9425233294 on selling and distributing illegal liquor during assembly elections. Also, the control room set up in the District Election Office can also make a complaint on telephone number 0783-273012.

Organized Voter Awareness Campaign and District Level Art Festival

Under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak under Balrampur 24th October 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, organized in the courtyard of Pre-Secondary school Balrampur, regarding the vaccination of District level Art Festival and Measles-Rubella under Voter Awareness Campaign. Gaya. The first and second place participants from all the development blocks were participated in the four Vidya singh singing, playing, dance and painting competition in the district level Art Festival.

In the program, Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak said that in the forthcoming assembly elections, we all have to vote cent percent in the district. Giving detailed information regarding the voting of the children, he said that they should inspire all those who have been above 18 years of age and the people around them to vote. The collector gives detailed information about the Meijles-Rubella vaccination and the importance of art in life and the importance of art in life. Superintendent of Police, Shri T.R. Kosima appreciated this amazing program of children and giving detailed information regarding Voter Awareness Campaign, said that adequate security will be provided by the Police Department during the election, so that voters can vote without fear. After the festival of art festival, the dissemination and immunization of the Mijals-Rubella program was given by Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Gyanesh Choubey. District Education Officer Shri IP Gupta gave detailed information about voter awareness campaign. Dr. Abhishek Pandey, District Nodal Officer of Sweep told that a large program will be organized in Ramanujganj on October 25. In order to make voters aware, by making candle march and large rangoli and by children performing drama and singing, people will be made aware about voting. Selected participants at the district level art festival will attend the state-level art festival organized from 01 November to 04 November 2018.
On this occasion, Assistant District Project Officer Mr. Vinod Gupta, BMO Balrampur Shri H.S. Mishra, DPM. A large number of school students were present, including memory Ekka, teacher teachers.


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