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Finished training of officers / employees appointed for micro observer

In the direction of Surajpur 17 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.D. Devsenapati today, on 17th November 2018, the Government Child Higher Secondary School, Surajpur. It was told in the training that the micro observers have to work directly under the control and supervision of General Observers. Observers are only a supervisor in micro and not a member of the polling party. A photo pass, identity card and appointment letter will be given to the micro observers by the District Election Officer. They should get a communication plan from the returning officer. In the presence of microscopic observers and with their duly approved approval, the polling station should be handed over randomly before the day of departure. Micro observers should ensure that they have completed knowledge training organized by the District Electoral Officer. Arrangements will be made by the District Election Officer to leave them to the polling stations and take them there. They will not travel with voting personnel, they can travel with regional (Sector) officers. They will be provided with general facilities. Micro observers should reach at the polling station at least one hour before voting begins or on the evening of the day before voting should be reached. After the voting, the micro observers will have to submit the details of the voting day activities or details of the polling day of each polling center under their jurisdiction (as per the format). Micro observers posted on multi-polling stations will have to visit those polling stations located in the same campus at some intervals. Training was given to the micro observers to get directions from the general observers for different aspects of the election process, the operation of the EVM, guidelines issued by the Election Commission for the micro-observers, the contact numbers of the general observers and the execution of the work. It's important to know about. Along with this, the sub-observer has the ability to record the voting process, the presence of voting agents and the instructions of the Indian Commission, access to the pass-through and voting centers, according to the directions of the Election Commission of India, the proper identification of constituents, absenteeism, transfer and duplicate Knowing and recording the process of voter list, putting inward inks, details of the electors in register register 17-A To inform the general observers through the communication medium available in the event of any violation of the process, voting secrecy, voting agents, their grievances, if any, during the observation, reports in the prescribed format by the micro observer. To prepare, report to the general observers by the micro observers at the collection centers and on that day It is necessary to keep the information about the reports of the micro observer, including scrutiny of register 17-A, to be submitted to the General Observer himself and to decide on the re-election. Training was given by Mr. P. C. Soni and Dr. Mahendra Pandey.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 All permission for 01 vehicles from Premnagar, 04 from Pratappur and 7 candidates from Bhatgaon, etc., will be canceled.

Surajpur, 17 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.C. Devsanapati and Returning Officer, Vidhan Sabha, Premnagar has informed that under the Section 77 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, the following is not being submitted to the Audit Observer and Assistant Expenditure Observer Election Commission of India, Order No. 76 / Instructions / EEP / S / 2015 / Block-1 of Election House New Delhi In the pursuance of May 29, 2015, all the provisions of Section 201 (1) of the Election Commission of India, under Section 171 (I) of the Legislative Assembly, 04 Premnagar, Independent candidate Smt. Seema Singh Tekam, has been canceled with immediate effect. And assembly constituency 06-Pratappur, Mr. Chhota Lal Tirki of Aam Aadmi Party, Dr. Narendra Pratap Singh of Janta Congress, JG (J) and Mr. Mr. Premyasi and Mr. Premisai Singh father of Ramdhari, Dimple and Vidhan Sabha constituency 05-Bhatgaon, Mr. Mohan Singh Tekam of Shivsena Party and Mr. Anand Rajwade, from Independent, Shri Om Prakash Sonwani, Mr. Kumet Ram Sadilya, Mr. Tileshwar Prasad Rajwade, Smt. Madhu Tiwari And Mr. Sitaram Bhaskar, all the provisions of the vehicles used in the election of election 2018, have immediate effect. It has been canceled.

Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu inspected the Sangbari polling station and Model Polling Center With the help of women and male voters, giving self-help to vote in the assembly elections to be held on November 20

Surajpur, November 16, 2018 / Chhattisgarh Chief Election Officer, Mr. Subrata Sahu, during a visit to Surajpur, during a surprise inspection of the 'Sambhari polling station and Dav Vidyalayas Model Polling Center' located in the city panchayat, Vishrantpur near the district headquarters Surajpur. During this time, he appreciated the attempt to motivate voters to vote under the Voter Awareness Campaign, run by resolution sweep Surajpur. Under the project of democracy, he reviewed the photoframe created by the Laillyhud College Surajpur. Voter Self Zones (Photo Jigahs for Photographs) under the voters' awareness given in Parli's Laillyhud College premises for the promotion of "Running, vote cast" under the Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Voter Awareness Campaign ), Chief Election Officer of Chhattisgarh Shri Subrata Sahu, Security Nodal Officer and Inspector General of Police, Raipur Deeppathu Defense, Dr. Additional Chief Electoral Officer. s. Bhartidasan, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Dr. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri. K.C. Devsenapati, Returning Officer of Pratappur Vidhan Sabha Area, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Superintendent of Police, Shri. s. Jaiswal attended the meeting and gave guidance to the voting in the assembly elections to be held on November 20 while taking self-help with Divyanjono and female and male voters over 85 years of age. Publicity is being circulated through the medium of Divyangjan, who is present in the Library Head College, to ensure 100 percent participation in the voting. Presented in the program, Divyanganj Durgesh Chandrasekari, Narendra Jaiswal, Ramasya (Visionybuddha), Ashutosh Kumar, Kapil Kumar (Silent Deaf), Sweep Brand Ambassador Parmeshwar Kumar Yadav (Bone Disrupted), Sweep Brand Ambassador and International Taekwondo Player Naresh Kumar Tirki (Bone Disrupted) , Sweep brand, national runner, well In the presence of common citizens including Chandravati Rajwada and officials of various departments and institutions, the message given in the presence of 'Sanki, Vote caste' was given. Shri Sahu instructed to set up the banner of Sangbari polling station outside the polling station, inside and at the entrance gate. It is important that some polling stations have been set up separately for women by voting in view of women's convenience, which is known as Sangwari polling station. Efforts have been made to make women voting officers and women security officers responsible for this polling. During the inspection, information was given to the Chief Electoral Officer regarding the Voter Awareness Campaign being run under the resolution Sarguja. Under this campaign, children of all schools under the project of democracy are to motivate all the members of their family to vote. Besides, after the voting of the family members, the photographs and selfies of the ink with the fingers have to be stored in different frames and deposited in the schools. For this, children have created frames on November 14 in all schools. In these frames, on November 21, all the children will deposit their parents and parents in the schools. 5 marks will be given to all children participating in the project. Additionally, students of class X and XII students will be given Participation Certificate on behalf of District Administration. Students who will be able to get 50 more people voted with their family and get the photo of all the people in the school. They will be given the certification of merit district administration. Also, in all schools, children of all schools under the Soldiers of Democracy will visit every house of their district and motivate people to vote. The Soldier of Democracy badge will also be imposed by these children. Under this campaign, the Quiz and other voter awareness programs are organized by the District sweep team for voting and election. Also the winner is rewarded.

During the inspection, the security nodal officer of the assembly election and the Inspector General of Police Raipur Mr. Deepanshu Kabra, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Bhartidasan, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Devsenapati, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Dr. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Superintendent of Police, Shri G.S. Jaiswal, Returning Officer of Pratappur Vidhan Sabha area, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and other officials were present.

Training of officers / employees appointed for micro observers today

According to information received from Surajpur, 16 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. K.D. Devsanapati, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, training of micro observers appointed in sensitive polling stations for successful implementation of Assembly Election 2018 today on 17th November, 2018 At noon from 02 am, the Government Children Higher Secondary School Surajpur Sector Room No. 01, 02, have been held in 03 and 04. The officers and employees appointed for the micro observer have been directed to come in the training in essential form and to bring the photocopy of the bank account at the time of training.

Declared local holiday for Devthani (Gyaras)

According to information received from the Deputy Collector Shri Ravi Singh in the direction of Surajpur, 16 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. K.D. Devsanapati, keeping in view the need of the officers / employees of this district, keeping in view the assembly election 2018, the office order no. 5398 / Ltd. / Date dated 12.12.2017 by 19 November 2018 Dehnathani (Gyaras) district declared the local holiday declared for Surajpur has gone.


Finishing training in material distribution and collection

In the direction of Surajpur November 16, 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.C. Devsenapati, training was given in connection with the distribution and collection of material for Assembly General Election 2018 today. It was told in the training that there will be a counters for mugger. At each counters, 04 employees (one machine charge, one registrar in charge, one polling material in charge and one assistant) and 02 devotees have been appointed. In which the first employee will get the contents of the polling station. In which 02 copies of ballot account, presidency in presidency diary, signature of polling officer no. 012, matched number of total votes in 10 (4), point of ballot accounting to 6, control unit, ballot unit, Detailed information was given regarding whether VVPAT is similar in CETU ballot account and diary. Second employee- In connection with machine storage, the control unit, ballot unit, matching the simple number of VVPAT, whether or not the address tag is tied at both ends of the Ketting Box, the ballot account with the control unit, the ballot unit, VV pat, the Strong Room Will be deposited in The third employee will collect the enclosed and unchanged envelopes. Includes Presidency Announcement, 16 Point Report, Envelope of the McPoll Right and the Slippery Box of the McPaul. The training was told that material distribution / distribution centers and collection centers are to be present in the ITIL building Parri at 06 p.m. and the material delivery should start from 06.30 hrs and start till 9 p.m. in the morning. So that all polling parties should reach the polling booth by 12 o'clock or 01 am. He said that the distribution of material is to be done promptly and there is no unnecessary delay in giving material. The presiding officer has to give voting material only (seeing the appointment order of the Presiding Officer). In Surajpur district assembly constituency 04-Premnagar, 10 counters for polling center 265, 05 counters for 05 polling booths, 05 for Bhatgaon and 10 for Prantappur for 145 polling stations. Distribution of the material of the scheduled polling station and the contents of the scheduled polling station will be collected in each counters. The materials which are important and simple numbers are included in the control unit, ballot unit-1, VVPAT (for assembly constituencies Premnagar and Pratappur) and control unit-1, ballot unit-2, VVPAT-1 (for Assembly constituency Bhatgaon) . With the simple number of the machine from the register and the number of the polling center, the content is to be given to the presiding officer. Green Page 04 Seat, Stripesil 03 Nos, Special Teg 03 Nos, Pink Page 02 Nos, Address Tread (all by writing simple numbers), Suminayak Maher, ballot papers in tender-20 Nos. And election rolls, acknowledged by the Presiding Officer Have to take. Some of the ingredients are simple numbers, including booklets, various envelopes (closed in a cartoon), polling cell and Flexi board. Training of distribution material and collection was given by Mr. P. C. Soni and Dr. Mahendra Pandey.

District Transportation Department releases order for vehicle owners Action on the vehicle will be prohibited

According to information received from Surajpur, November 16, 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.C.Devsenapati, according to information received from the District Transport Officer, Mr. Atul Asayya, in the General Assembly Elections 2018, the prison inmates may not be able to get the vehicle for election work. The District Transport Department has issued a decree for the vehicle owners that in case of non-availability of vehicles in the prescribed time on the instructions of the RTO officials, action will be taken against the respective vehicle owners against the Public Representation Act. In this case vehicle owners can be imprisoned for one year. In case of defiance of the order, a case will be lodged against the vehicle owner under section 168 of the IPC and section 167 of the People's Representation Act. In the scenario of assembly elections, 380 vehicles are required in Surajpur district, in which 15 passenger buses and 200 small trains will also be used for election. He said that in view of the requirement of vehicles for the election, vehicle demand has been demanded from the owners of the vehicle, and due process of action will be taken against them.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 Officers appointed to coordinate and communicate and share office information

Surajpur, November 16, 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.C.Devsenapati has said that in the context of the general election of 2018, the Police Observer appointed by the Election Commission of India, New Delhi, Mr. Sandeep Singh Chauhan, IPS (Legislative Assembly 04-Premnagar and 05-Bhatgaon) To coordinate and share dialogue and official information, the Deputy Collector of Surajpur district, Mr. Wahidur Rahman Shah Mobile Number 79870-01223 has been appointed.


Inspection of Strong Room by Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu

Surajpur 15 Nov.

During today's visit to Surajpur by Chhattisgarh Chief Election Officer Mr. Subrata Sahu, the officers were given necessary instructions to the officials while inspecting the Strong Room of the Vidhan Sabha area 04-Premnagar, 05-Bhatgaon and 06-Pratappur, in the Government's IIT Bhawan Parri, Surajpur. He also inspected the voting, distribution room, storage room and counting rooms installed in Government IIT Building, Parri, Surajpur.

While inspecting the venue for the media gallery by Shri Sahu, the media representatives visited and visited the meeting and meeting room. During the counting, he reviewed the gallery set for the visits of political parties and media representatives. Inspecting the spot for distribution of Electronic Voting Machine and VVPAT by Shri Sahu, the officers instructed them to easily distribute and store EVMs. During the inspection, the security nodal officer of the assembly election and the Inspector General of Police Raipur Mr. Deepanshu Kabra, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Bhartidasan, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri KC Devsenapati, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Superintendent of Police, Shri G.S. Jaiswal, Returning Officer of Pratappur Vidhan Sabha area, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and other officials were present.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018: Complete sealing work in the presence of candidates and representatives

Surajpur 15 Nov.

Commissioning of Electronic Voting Machines (Siling) for the Legislative Assembly election for the three General Assembly elections in 2018 today, Returning Officer of Collector and District Election Officer and Returning Officer of District Assembly Premnagar in Suri Vajpur, Mr. K. Deesenaapati, general observer of Vidhan Sabha Pratappur IAS Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak , General Assembly of the Assembly, Bhatgaon, IAS, Shri Amgothu R Naik

The engineers and sector officials of ECIL (Electronic Corporation of India Limited) were present in the presence of the General Observer of the Assembly constituency Prem Nagar IAS Shri A. Tambikanta, the candidates and their representatives. A total of 926 machines were commissioned on the last day of the sealing. There are a total of 293 machines for Assembly constituency Premnagar, 328 machines for Bhatgaon assembly constituency and 305 machines for Pratappur. Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Devsenapati, while taking stock of the EVM commissioning, give necessary instructions to the sector officials and voting officers. During this time, he got information regarding preparedness by asking the number of ballot units and VVPAT being commissioned by sector officials. He told the sector officials that in the slip of the EVM and VVPat machine being commissioned, must write the name of the polling number and polling station and paste it into the machine.

Be sure to insert VVPAT testing seal behind each slip of the emblem removed from VVPAT during commissioning. After sealing, put the slices in a pink colored envelope and paste the required information above the envelope. He said that the list of ID number of each machine has been prepared,

Make sure to match the machines being commissioned from that list, in order to avoid any kind of dilemma. The collector said that keep VVPAT away from the sunlight directly, so that due to sunlight the machine does not get any malfunction. He directed the Sector officials to send back the Strong Room after certifying with the concerned election officer if the allotted EVMs and VVPat machines were commissioned under the Randomization.

And commissioning of reserved machines. He instructed the sector officials to be patient and seriously commissioning of the commissioning of machines today. It is known that the EVM and VVPAT machines allocated for the three assemblies have been kept in the Strong Room located at the IIT Bhavan Parri, Surajpur. These machines are being protected by the CRPF jawans. On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat and Returning Officer of Pratappur Vidhan Sabha Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Bhattgaon Vidhan Sabha constituency's election officer Mr. KP Sai, Deputy Collector Mr. Ravi Singh, SDM Surajpur Dr. Subhash Singh Raj, SDM Pratappur Mr. CS Pandara, SDM Bhayyathan Mrs. Jyoti Singh along with other officers were present.

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