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Weather based crop insurance scheme in horticultural crops issued notification for Rabi season Date of inspection until December 31, 2018

Bemetara December 13, 2018: - Notification for weather-based crop insurance has been issued in horticulture crops in the district. The date of insurement by the Government has been fixed till December 31, 2018. According to information received from the Assistant Director's garden, under the insurance scheme, tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, potato and onion crops due to weather risk (low temperature, high temperature, continuous dry days, disease-friendly for rabi season in notified crops in the district For the relief of weather insect and disease and wet weather), the reconstituted weather based crop insurance scheme approved by Chhattisgarh and the Government of India under Rabi 2018 Can insure cropped crops. Eligibility for farmers Farmers - Initially nominated from the branches of their cooperative, rural, and commercial banks before the last date. Non-indigenous farmers can be nominated by submitting the documents by the farmers sowing certificate / Khasra document, Aadhar card (compulsory and important documents), copy of bank pass book (name of the account holder, account number and IFSC code).
The sum assured is Rs. 60 thousand rupees, the amount of brinjal 60 thousand rupees, the amount of cauliflower 62 thousand rupees, the cabbage amount is 62 thousand rupees, the amount of potato is one lakh rupees and onion 75 thousand rupees is the sum insured per hectare. The sum insured by the farmer will be borne by Rs. 3 thousand for tomato, 3 thousand rupees of brinjal, cauliflower and cabbage Rs. 3 thousand 100 rupees, potato 5 thousand rupees and onion 3 thousand 750 rupees per hectare. For the nomination of the farmer, the nearest public service center or bank branch of the Bajaj Alliance can contact the society before the last date.

20% in Murata and 29 in Congiakal on 29th December

Bemetra December 13, 2018: - District level mass mobilization camp will be organized by District Administration on 20th and 29th of December for solving problems / demands of the rural population of the district. According to the information received, district level mass mobilization camp will be organized on Thursday, December 20, 2018, in village Murata of Navagadh Vikas block and on December 29, 2018 in Village Kongiyakal of Saja Vikas block. Collector Mahadev Kaware has instructed the Chief Executives of all the departments to ensure necessary presence in the scheduled time along with necessary information along with the said date.

Observers Viewed Counting Room Overview

Bemetara 10 Dec.

Counting of votes will be done on December 11 in the local agricultural produce market premises from 8 pm in the assembly elections 2018. Today, the arrangements made in the counting room are assembly constituency no. 68, observer Sujit Kumar, 69 - Bemetara's observer Ranjith Kumar and 70- NVGAR KV. Muralitharan and collector Mahadev Kaware observed the counting hall. Senior Superintendent of Police H.R. Manohar, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok was also present. The media room by the observers, the tabulation room and the CC placed here. TV, video was watched.

Counting of votes for assembly elections tomorrow

Bemetara 10 Dec.

All necessary preparations for counting of votes in the district have been completed. Counting begins on Tuesday 11 December at 8 o'clock. In the presence of election observers, candidates and their agents, the lock room lock established in the agricultural produce market premises will be opened. Sujit Kumar for Saja assembly constituency, Ranjit Kumar for Bemetra and KV for Navagad, by the Election Commission of India. Muralitharan has been appointed as Supervisor.

Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre said that the Navagad assembly constituency will be calculated in 22 rounds, similarly Bemetra will be calculated in 20 rounds and 21 rounds in Saja. There will be strong arrangements for safety outside the Mandi premises and outside. The police administration will take strong action against the peacemakers. The soldiers will also be deployed in plain uniform.

City liquor shops will remain closed on December 11

Bemetara 10 Dec.

Collector and District Magistrate Shri Mahadev Kawre issued an order to the country and foreign liquor shop located in Bemetara city on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, on the counting day, the local liquor of Bemetara (cobbia), pickery and foreign liquor (cobbia) To keep a day off, a dry day has been declared.

Permission to seek victory for the procession

Bemetara 10 Dec.

If the victorious candidate of the three Assembly constituencies of the district or his supporters want to take out the procession after the results, then they will have to seek permission from the competent authority for this. On the other hand, the expenses incurred in the procession will also be included in the expenditure of the candidate. The collector said that on 12th December, after 12 o'clock the Code of Conduct will end. Within 30 days of the announcement of the results, the candidates must be given details of their election expenditure.

Exit poll ends today at 5.30 p.m. today

Bemetara 7 Dec.

In view of the assembly elections, on any of the exit polls, full bans were imposed in connection with the elections from the voting date on Friday 07 December 2018 to 5.30 pm. Which has now been loosened. The notification was billed by the notification of the Election Commission of India on 9 November 2018.

According to the notification issued, according to the current general election of the State Assembly of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Telangana, to conduct any kind of exit poll and publication or promotion of printed results by the electronic media or in any other way. Prohibition was banned. Which has ended at 5.30 pm today. In the Telangana state on December 7, the voting process for the assembly elections was concluded at 5 pm today.

Paddy procurement will also be done by farmers

Bemetara 7 Dec.

Presently, the paddy acquisition work is being conducted in 86 commissions centers of 54 committees in the district. This year, according to the instructions of the government, 60 percent of the paddy is being procured in new trenches and 40 percent of the paddy in the old garnets. Food officials said that there is adequate arrangement of new grains in the paddy procurement work, but the shortage of old grains has remained in the committees.

To solve this problem, the collector's efforts have been received by the collectors for purchase in procurement of paddy in old barons of farmers. In this regard, this is the instruction that when a token will be issued for the upcoming purchase by the committee managers, then the farmers will be informed to bring their old Baroda Paddy for sale. The committee manager will get the old time farmers.

In this, if a farmer wants to sell 100 quintals of Paddy, then he will have to bring 40 quintals of rice in old boards and the remaining 60 quintal will be provided by the new Dakshina committee manager for paddy. The amount fixed by the regime of the old grains supplied by the farmers will be transferred to their accounts. Regarding this option, discuss with the committee manager farmers, sell them in old barons. In any situation, committees do not stop procurement of paddy.


Four PDS of the district Shop suspended

Bemetara 7 Dec.

Under the Saja Development Block of the District, the Government Fair Price Shop of Village Javra has been suspended on the order of the Sub-Divisional Officer (RA), on the basis of the report of the Food Inspector. Food officer said that in order issued by SDM, Saza, the ration shop has been suspended and attached to Village J.V.R., the nearest fair, government fair price shop, in Attachment 432010002, has been assigned to the Karma Women Self Help Group.

It is worth mentioning that the procurement of old PDS is to be used for procurement of paddy at the support price in Kharif Year 2018-19. In this context, instructions have been issued to the Government Proper Value Shop Operators, but till today, the PDS barade shop has not been deposited by the shop operators against the month-to-month allocation from June 2018 to November 2018.

In this context, as per the instructions received by the collector, the government fair price shop of Village Javar was suspended by the officials of the Food Department while acting against the careless shops. In this episode, Gram Panchayat Nari has been suspended under the Bemetara Development Block under the Bemetara Development Block, GK Sarkhat and the Government's fair value shop at Bemetra, ID431007002. This type of proceeding will continue in the district by the officials of Food Department.

Departmental Examination 07 January to 14 January

Bemetara 7 Dec.

The departmental examination conducted by the Home-Department of Chhattisgarh government will be held in Raipur from 07 January to 14 January 2019. The Government Chhattisgarh College (Baron Bazar) Raipur has been made the examination center for this examination.

Raipur Division Commissioner Shri G.R. Chorendra has issued a letter to all district collectors of the division that all the districts of the Durg and Raipur divisions list the names, designations, office of the officers, if reserved category, and the list of officers and employees attending the said examination, caste Full information in the prescribed form, mentioning the photocopy of the certificate and the subject of which the examination is to be included. Post the Divisional Commissioner Office Raipur by December 14th.

No consideration will be made on applications received after the due date 14th December. Mobile phone, pager, smart watch and any type of communication device are fully restricted during the exam. If any candidate is brought in the communication center in the examination center, he / she must keep the mobile or communication equipment out of the examination room completely before he enters the examination hall.

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