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Illegal collection coachiyas- 1.55 lakh worth of paddy seized from middlemen


The raids were conducted by the investigation team formed in the direction of the Collector Shri Narendra Singh Dugga on November 5 last year by Amle and Krishi Yog Mandi of Food Department, Baikunthpur, Amle of Manendragarh, who conducted illegal collection of paddy straw in the district. In which Mr. Sanjay Singh Kushwaha's shop has 50 quintals in Village Amher resident of Viktodhal block of Baikunthpur district. And Vikaskhand Khadgawan village Podi, resident of Suresh Jaiswal, was arrested for procuring 38.80 quintals of paddy without any documents, and seized it.

The value of the confiscated paddy under the Mandi Act is Rs. 1 lakh 55 thousand rupees. Collector Dugga has given instructions to carry out such action continuously and to take strict action against the concerned if found to be doing such work.


Assembly election-2018 : Under the sweep program, the lights will be lit by 18 November, prompting voters to vote

Koriya 6 Nov

District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga reviewed the preparations for the work and election of various departments in the weekly time-limit meeting held in the District Collectorate's meeting here today. Mr. Dugga discussed about the present situation of procurement of paddy from the farmers at the support price in the procurement centers. In the meeting, they provided necessary instructions to the concerned to conduct intensive scrutiny of paddy procurement, preventing irregularities and continuous inspection of procurement centers.

District Election Officer Mr. Dugga has directed the concerned officials to ensure timely delivery of medical kits and election materials for the polling parties. Immediate action will be taken in accordance with the rules of violation of Code of Conduct anywhere in the district. In the meeting, they inspected the polling stations and gave clearance to the authorities to ensure the proper arrangement of drinking water, toilet, ramp, network, electricity, access roads etc.

Similarly, he reviewed the voter identity card and slip from BLO, made a group of 4-5 polling centers, provided medical facility, 15 assembly polling stations, vehicle acquisition etc. In the meeting, he gave clearance to all the officials to work in accordance with the coordination of the fearless, peaceful and unbiased election in the three assembly constituencies of the district.

On this occasion, the collector Mr. Dugga discussed all the important issues of the election and gave necessary instructions and under the Sweep program, lighting up the lamp till 18th November, to encourage voters to vote against Sangari, And other election activities. In the meeting, Additional Collector of the district, Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi, all the departmental departmental revenue, the Chief Executive Officer of all the district panchayats, officers of all urban bodies and district level officers of different departments were present.

Assembly election-2018 : Elemental changes in the time of meeting with the general observers appointed for the three assembly constituencies


Commission Elections by the Election Commission of India, there has been an indication of indirect changes in the time of meeting with the general observers appointed for the three assembly constituencies of Koriya district for indispensable reasons.

Regarding meeting of political parties, media representatives and general public in connection with any kind of information, guidance or complaint, field no. One Bharatpur-Sonhat general appointed observer Mr. Wazir Singh Goyat (IAS) mobile number 9425509501 to noon From 2.30 am to 3.30 pm, the General Assembly appointed for Assembly constituency-2 Manendrgarh, Mr. Ranendra Kumar (IAS) Mob From date number 9425509602 to Monday to Thursday, Between 2 pm to 3 pm and assembly constituency no.33, the general observer appointed for Bacunditpur, Mr. S.Kumar Swamy (IAS) mobile number 9425509503 from 2.30 pm to 3 p.m., the rest house of the Public Works Department located in the district headquarters, Baikunthpur Has been reserved in

In addition, the general observer appointed for Assembly constituency-2 Manendragar, from Mr. Ranendra Kumar (IAS) mobile number 9425509602 to SECL Chirmiri's Shyamli VIshram, from 2 pm to 3 pm, on friday and on Saturday in the rest house of SECL Hasdev New Ledari Available to meet with political parties, media representatives and general public from 2 pm to 3 pm Harrowing.


Assembly election-2018 : Last day to withdraw name 02 candidates withdrew their nomination

Koriya :

Under the assembly elections -2018 in the second phase of the state, the last day of withdrawing nominations under the three assembly constituencies of Korea District, 02 candidates withdrew their nomination, while 29 candidates were allocated the symbols. As per information received from the Returning Officer's office, Mrs. Pushpalata Singh, candidate of Assembly constituency-2 Manindergarh, Mr. Shyam Babu Khatik and candidate of Vidhan Sabha constituency-3 Bakunthpur, withdrew his name.

Similarly, for the Bharatpur-Sonhat assembly constituency, for Bharatpur-Sonhat, Mr. Krishnana Prasad Cherwa of Bahujan Samaj Party handed elephants, Mr. Gulab Kamro of Indian National Congress; Lotus to Smt. Champdavavi Pavle of Bharatiya Janata Party, Chhattisgarh Vikas Ganga National Party's Mr. Krishnan Kant Nagvanshi to Diesel pump, Pooja Singh Poaya of Backward society party United, whistle,  Shri Madan of Indian Panchayat Party Letter to L'Box, Godwana Republic Party saws Mr. Shyam Singh Markam, Bucket election symbol symbol was allocated to Sukamanti Bai of Aam Aadmi Party and to Mr. Shriran Singh, the Independent candidate.

Vidhan Sabha area no. 2 for Manendragarh, Mr. Vinay Jaiswal of Indian National Congress for hand, Mr. Shayam Bihari Jaiswal of Bharatiya Janata Party, Shri Aditya Raj Dave of Godavana Republic Party, Shri Jaljit Singh Poaya of National Gandhana Party, tractor The Indian panchayat party's Mr. Pratap Singh has been nominated by the letter box, Janata Dal (United). Arrow of Florence Nightingale Sea, Jathedar of Chhattisgarh (J) Shri Harihar Lal Srivastava, farmers of Aam Aadmi Party, Mr. Satish Kumar Singh of the Aam Aadmi Party, the key to independent candidate Mr. Digambar Singh and Mr. Deepak Kumar alloted symbolic election symbols. was done. For the Assembly constituency-3-Baikunthpur, Mrs. Ambika Singh Deo of the Indian National Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party's Shri Bhaiyalal Rajvada Kamal, the Janta Congress, the Chhattisgarh (J)

Mr. Ram Pratap Sahu of the Indian Panchayat Party, Mr. Late Singh Uday of Latter Box, National Gandhana Party, Mr. Sunil Singh of Aam Aadmi Party, Mr. Sanjay Singh Kamro of Godavana Republic Party, Mr. Gopal Singh, Independent Candidate. Wardrobe election symbols were allocated to Radio, Shree Chintamani Sandilia and Shree Ramnarayan Sahu.


Vidhan Sabha Election -2018: 3 nominations filed after scrutiny were canceled.


After the scrutiny (sorting) of the total 34 nomination papers submitted by the three assembly constituencies under the three assembly constituencies of Korea District, total 03 forms were canceled due to various reasons in the state assembly elections held in Phase II in the second phase. According to the information received from the returning officer's office, scrutiny of applications received in the returning officer's office today after the last date of submission of nomination papers was scrutinized.

Due to various types of errors found in some of these applications, they were canceled by the respective Returning Officer, while 31 applications were declared eligible for candidacy.According to the information received from the returning officer's office, Mr. Krishna Prasad Cherva, Mr. Gulab Kamro, Smt. Chandravevi Pavale, Mr. Krishan Kant Nagvanshi, Pooja Singh Poaya, for Bharatpur-Sonhat, Applications of Mr. Madanlal, Mr. Shyam Singh Markam, Sukhmanti Bai and Mr. Sharan Singh were found eligible for candidacy. Similarly Vinay Jaiswal, Shree Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, Shri Aditya Raj David, Shri Jaljit Singh Poya, Shri Pratap Singh, Florence Nightingale Sagar, Shri Lakhan Lal Shrivastav, Shri Satish Kumar Singh, and Mr. Digambar Singh for Assembly constituency-2 Mannadgarh. Applications of Shri Deepak Kumar and Shri Shayam Babu were found eligible for candidature And applications of Shri Subhash Devanag and Vidyan Bose were canceled due to not being eligible for the candidature. In this order, for the Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Baikunthpur, Smt. Ambika Singh Dev, Shri Bhaiyalal Rajwada, Shri Bihari Lal Rajwada, Shri Ram Pratap Sahu, Sri Lava Singh Uday, Sri Sunil Singh, Shri Sanjay Singh Kamro, Shri Gopal Singh, Applications of Shri Chintamani Sandilya, Pushpalata Singh and Shri Ramanarayan Sahu were found eligible for the candidacy and the application of Mr. Gulab Ram Panika was canceled due to not being eligible for the candidature.


Fast resolving complaints coming from C-Visil

Korea, 01 November 2018 / India Election Commission's C-Vigil App (Citizen Vigil App) is getting speedy action against people getting complaints. So far, more than 96 percent of the complaints received from the entire state have been solved and the remaining action is being taken. There are complaints about the most unauthorized banner posters installed. Apart from this, cases of violation of the Code of Conduct, including unauthorized transportation of publicity material, are included.
Of the complaints received from the C-Vigil App, 196 complaints were received in Raipur, out of which 170 were disposed off, while in the fort, 62 complaints had been settled in 100 percent. Apart from this, 22 out of 24 complaints have been resolved in Kondagaon. Since activation, so far 501 complaints have been received in the C-Visil application. Of which 484 has been resolved, the proceedings on 17 are still on. Complaints of violation of code of conduct from ordinary citizens are being received through C-Vizil. The least complaint from this is from Bijapur. The only complaint was received in Bijapur which has been resolved. After this, two or two complaints were received from Dantewada and Kadgaon, which have been resolved.
A separate control room has been set up in the Chief Electoral Officer's office to solve the complaints received on C-Vizil. Chief Election Officer Mr. Subrata Sahu is personally monitoring the action taken on complaints received daily. Efforts are being made to ensure the adherence of Model Code of Conduct during assembly elections-2012 in the state. The Election Commission of India has arranged for the complaint to the Commission for immediate action against the violation of the code of conduct by launch an Android-based app during the assembly elections.
It is worth mentioning that the picture and video of the error can be sent through the app through the applying the error during the election process. During the election, if any voter finds that the Code of Conduct is being violated, then he can send his complaint to this app. For this, the complainant can download the photo or video of the event directly by loading the C-vidil application down on the phone. To distribute money or gift for the voter, giving provocative speeches, without permission banner-poster, liquor distribution, making arrangements without permission, unauthorized material transport, meeting after expiry of promotional time, 200 meters of polling center, including publicity Only the complaints of any other code of conduct violation can be done through this app.

District level shooter team constituted to check illegal arrivals in purchase centers

In line with the guidelines of Korea, 01 November 2018 / State Government, Shri Narendra Singh Dugga, the Collector of Kharif Marketing Year 2018-19, prohibits the arrival of illegal paddy in the centers and control of paddy sale in the centers procured by the coaches, intermediaries and paddy. District level flying squad has been constituted to prevent recycling. Divisional Officer Revenue of Baikunthpur Section of Baiqunthpur Section, Mr. PVKhas, Tehsildar of Bacunditpur, Mr. Tikaram Devangan, Krishi Yog Mandi Committee, Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh of Baiukanthpur, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue of Sonhat Section, Ms. Suman Raj, Tehsildar of Sonhat, Smt. Richa Singh, Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Baikunthpur's Sub-Market Inspector, Mr. Rakesh Chandra Gupta and Mannad SDO revenue Rgdh section Pradeep Kumar Sahu, Manendragarh Tahsildar Mr. Bharat Deputy Inspector Kausik, Agriculture Produce Market Committee Manendragarh Mr Sarju Vishvkrma will work. Similarly, in the party, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue of Kharagwan Section, Mr. Dasharath Rajput, Tehsildar of Khadgwan, Mr. Shani Pacara, Deputy Commissioner of Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Mannagar, Mr. Ashok Kumar Singraul and Revenue Department of Bharatpur Section, Mr. Anjor Sai Pakra, Tehsildar of Bharatpur Mr. Pratap Singh and Krishi Praj Mandi Committee, Maninderagarh Deputy Inspector Shri Ashok Kumar Sankraul .

Assembly Elections-2012' On the seventh day 5 nominations filed by nominations form and 12 nominations filed for nomination form

Korea, 01 November 2018 / For the assembly elections in the second phase in Korea, on the seventh day of taking nomination papers and depositing the nomination papers in the district of District, 5 nominations were filed by 5 candidates from the district, while 12 candidates got their nomination The form also filed.
For the second phase of the assembly elections in the state, for taking the nomination papers and depositing in the seventh day today, for the Bharatpur-Sonhat, assembly constituency number, Mr. Madan Lal, Vidhan Sabha area No. 2, Parvati Das for Manindergarh and Vidhan Sabha area number- 3 Shri Shivlal Ekka, Shri Ramnarayan Sahu and Mr. Gopal Singh took a nomination form for Baikunthpur.
Similarly, for the second phase of assembly election, for taking the nomination papers and submission of nomination papers today, on the seventh day, for the constituency number one Bharatpur-Sonhat, Kumari Pooja Singh Poaya, Smt. Champa Devi Pavale, Shri Shyam Singh Marakam, Vidhan Sabha Area No.- 2 Shri Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, Dr. Vayya Jaiswal, Shri Aditya Raj David, Shri Lakhan Lal Srivastava and Vidya for Manendragarh Nsba Area No. Sunil Singh 3 Baikunthpur, Mr. Bihari Lal Rajwade, Sanjay Singh also feature, Ambika Singh Deo and Mr. Biyalal Rajwade filed his nomination form said.

Assembly Elections -2018: Provisional arrangement in polling booths


District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga said that 690 polling stations have been set up in 03 assembly constituencies in the district for facilitating smooth, well-organized, inclusive voting of Legislative Assembly election 2018. Including 534 rural polling stations, 156 urban polling stations, 296 general, 236 sensitive, 158 hyperinflation and 10 critical polling stations. Similarly, 15 Adarshan polling stations in the district, 15 Pink polling stations,  70 webcasting and 2 temporary polling stations have been created. Proper arrangements have been made for drinking water, toilet, ramp, network, electricity, access roads etc. in all polling stations. He has given necessary clearance to 3 ERO, 6 AERO, 690 BLOs and 65 supervisors for easy, well-organized, inclusive voting in these polling booths.

Vidhan Sabha Elections- 2012: District Magistrate did Chanmun District Badar


There is a continuous round of action for the peaceful assembly of upcoming assembly elections in Korea district. In this regard, Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has made Chunmun alias Riazuddin resident of village Mauharpara of Manendragarh district for the district's development block. With the effect of this action, Chimmun will not be able to stay in the adjoining Surajpur, Sarguja, Shahdol, Sidhi, Singrauli, Anuppur, Bilaspur and Korba districts in the adjoining Koriya District and District for the next three months.

232 Total