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Antagarh Tapapand: Firoz Siddiqui released the new video, said - soon will be exposed many big faces


Feroze Siddiqui alleged that the police are being intimidated by me. CCTV connections have been disconnected.


Feroz Siddiqui, Chief Witness of Antagarh Tappak, has again released a video. In the video, Siddiqui said that at 1 a.m. in the night, the police confessed in my house. I am under house arrest. He said that police jawans are sitting outside the house. Accused of being threatened by the police by the police. CCTV connections have been disconnected. In the video, Siddiqui claimed that if right investigation is done in the Antagarh case then those faces will be exposed, which is still behind the scenes. It is known that earlier even Firoze Siddiqui released a video and demanded protection.

This big claim by Feroze Siddiqui

According to the information, Firoz Siddiqui released a video before the police was arrested. In the video, it is said that Antagarh Tappunk Part-2 is yet to come, in which many big faces will be exposed. Because of this I am trying to suppress my requirement. Siddiqui alleged that without the midnight night the warrant police has given a damn in my house and I was trying to kill him. At present, the Civil Lines Police, Feroze Siddiqui, has taken the police station with him.

What was the Antagarh Tupenda case

In 2014, the then MLA of Antagarh Vikram Usendi resigned after winning the Lok Sabha election. In the bye-by-elections there, Congress had fielded former MLA Mantu Ram Pawar as candidate. Bhojram Nag was standing from BJP At the last minute of the withdrawal, Mantur had withdrawn his nomination. This gave the BJP a kind of walkover. Later, the call of a person named Firoz Siddiqui was viral. There were allegations that then former Congressman Amit Jogi, son of Ajit Jogi, who was in Congress, returned the name of Mantu. In Tapakand, there was reportedly a conversation between Amit Jogi and son-in-law of Dr. Raman Singh, son-in-law of Puneet Gupta.

Corruption of Congress leader's hanging hanging, mention of these two big contractors in suicide note

A case of money transaction is being mentioned behind the suicide. Right now the police is investigating the case.


A Congress leader has committed suicide in Mahasamund district. The name of the leader is being described as Shyam Sundar Aron. According to the information, the contractor committed suicide by hanging. Police also got a page of suicide note near the body. The leader has also mentioned the names of some people. A case of money transaction is being mentioned behind the suicide. Right now the police is investigating the case.

Cases can be a matter of millions of transactions

In Pithora area, a man named Shyam Sundar Aron committed suicide. According to the information, on Saturday morning Shyam hanged on the terrace of his house. When the deceased's wife reached the roof, she saw the body, then informed the police. The deceased was also the Vice President of the District Congress and used to work as a contractor

Released by Suicide Note

According to information from the sources, the police has recovered a suicide note from the body near the dead body. In this case, the deceased mentioned Nitesh Sighania of Bijigarh and Sushil Agarwal of Raipur. Both of them are also contractor by profession and the deceased used to work with them. It is being told that the Congress leader has told these two to the suicide note of their suicide. There can be a matter of taking about four crore rupees. Pithora Police is currently investigating the case.

Now in Naxalgarh, the drug smuggled, the police caught such a 10 crore ganja

The Kandagaon police in Chhattisgarh have exposed the inter-state smuggler gang. A truck carrying Odisha to Madhya Pradesh was caught by Kotwali police. The police were shocked during the check-in. Many packet hemp was recovered from the truck. The price of Ganja is being told more than one crore. After the information of the Kondagaon police, the police has started action against the ganja smugglers in other states of the country.

Disclosed during checking

According to the information received from the city Kotwali Police, informant of Ganja smuggling was received from Odisha. After this, the police arrested a truck by blocking the Narayanpur Chowk. During checking, the special chamber was made in the truck and the ganja was kept in large packets.

SP Sujit Kumar said that he was getting constant complaint of smuggling of Hemp. This time the police has entered the Naxalgarh and caught holders of Ganja smugglers.

Wife wanted to get rid of wife, raped friend, arrested both

After raping his wife with his friend, the accused husband divorced him on a stamp of Rs.50. Then they got married at the stamp of Rs. 50. When the victim and his family came to know of this conspiracy, they got an FIR lodged in the police station.


There has been a case of shyness to tarnish relationships in Chhattisgarh's Kavaldha. A case has been registered in Kawharda's Kotwali police station area. The victim told the police captain of the district his predecessor. After this initial investigation was done. Then the case has been registered. Police have arrested the victim's husband and his friend in the case.

According to the news published in Dainik Bhaskar, it is a shameful event to relieve the soil on the sacred relation of husband and wife. This strange case of rap has come out in Kotwali police station area. Where a husband, with the help of his friend, looted his wife beforehand. Then divorced on the stamp of Rs.50 and got them married at the stamp of Rs.50. When the victim and his family came to know of this conspiracy, they got an FIR lodged in the police station.


Such open truth
The Kawardha police arrested the accused, husband and his friend under section 376, 120, 34. The surprising facts have surfaced in the inquiry. The accused is a resident of 19-year-old Singhnipuri. He was married to the victim 40 days earlier. She wanted to get rid of the wife because of her love affair with another woman. Therefore, the help of his resident friend Rajnandgaon took help. The special thing is that the victim was a minor at the time of marriage. The accused husband's age is 19 years.

Mike left after rape
This marriage has also opened the poles of the women and child development department. After misbehaving, the accused husband left the victim in her mother's womb. After a few days, the accused went to Kamlesh's mother and told him to get married after stamping him on stamp. Then the conspiracy came out. Social meetings took place and the accused refused to keep on saying by being stigmatized. Then report in the police station.

Swindle building Adhar card

The incident is June 27. By blaming the Aadhaar card, the accused reached the cremation with his wife. The accused friend was also together. In the Tahsil office, sign the victim on two stamps. One stamp was related to divorce and the other accused was married to Kamlesh. After the notary stayed in the Lakshmi Lodge. After a while, the accused husband left his wife along with his friend. During this, Kamlesh allegedly raped her.

Husband created a plot
The victim told the police that we had been married 40 days earlier. I have read up to the 11th. After 10-15 days of marriage all went well, but husband's behavior changed. Used to threaten One day, he talked of running a smart card to make a smart card. We got out of the bike, but they put me on the bus from Lohara. This was my husband's friend in this bus. After sitting in the bus, asked me to meet in a bunch. After this we reached the Kali Garden of Kavaldha.

After 3 hours my husband came there and started making videos. Then threatened me. The other day, I brought a bump. Threatened to kill him and signed him to the hotel. I have been there for a while, saying and did not come back. During this, his friend committed a crime. Together they conspired and left me deliberately in the room. After this I went to my maiden I gave information about the incident there. Here, my husband's friends started pressurizing me to take me along to reach the police station.

Chhattisgarh: Non-stop hearing in Nanavati case will be held in the High Court

The High Court has said that the petitioners who submitted the documents should submit their documents till August 14.

The High Court has given a major decision to the Chhattisgarh's most-known Nan scam case. Now there will be a non stop hearing in the court of this high profile case. According to the information, the case will be heard in the Division Bench of CJ from 26 August to 2 September, Day-to-Day. At the same time, the High Court has said that the petitioner who submitted the matter, whoever submits the document, will submit it till August 14. It is known that the Citizen Supply Corporation (NAN) in Chhattisgarh had had hundreds of crores scam. Hammer Sajwadi NGO, Advocate Sudip Shrivastav, Virendra Pandey and others had filed a public interest petition in this matter on the matter. This was the case in the division bench of the High Court Chief Justice.

What is the non-scandal?

It is alleged that millions of quintals of poor rice were taken from rice mills in Chhattisgarh and instead of crores rupees was bribe. Similarly, the transport of the civil supply corporation has also been a huge scam. In this case, 27 cases were registered against the accused. Of which 16 were presented on June 15, 2015, the indictment paper was presented. In the case, a letter was written to the Central Government for permission to act against two senior IAS officers, Dr. Alok Shukla and Anil Tuteja.


CM Bhupesh Baghel said that Amit Jogi, the mother of the mother, was linked to alcohol, and got the answer - damn it!

State Congress President Amit Jogi of Janta Congress, Chhattisgarh (J) said that CM will see that the maternal grief has been linked to the sale of liquor and tweeted about it.


Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has triggered a political stir with a tweet of former CM Ajit Jogi's son Amit Jogi on the occasion of his maternal grief. State Congress President Amit Jogi of Janta Congress, Chhattisgarh (J) linked the sale of alcohol to mourn by the CM's visit. This tweet is also getting different responses on the social media.

Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel's mother, Bindeshwari Baghel, passed away on Sunday evening during treatment. After this, along with all the political parties, the CM will be seen from every section of the state and will pay tribute to the mother. Meanwhile, Amit Jogi has a tweet on Sunday evening.


Wrote in tweets
In the tweet, Amit Jogi has tried to link the death of mother Bhupesh Baghel to mother's death. Amit Jogi wrote, "The chief minister should give his mother a whim and decide whether he or she should stop drinking liquor shop or me." Amit Jogi has given information in another tweet that he is going to Baradwar on Monday to support the movement (liquor ban).

'well damn'
Amit Jogi, the timing of his tweet about the demand for alcoholism, is being criticized fiercely, people are also telling him shameful. Vyomesh Shukla writes on the social networking site Facebook - A weird idea of ​​deprived politics. See the tweet of this son of Amit Jogi, son of former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Ajit Jogi. Recently, the news of the death of the current Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is going on. This tweet is also mentioned in this tweet, but how violent it is. Is it not necessary to remain silent in the grief of death even now? You are blessed. Damn you

Devendra Yadav, MLA of Bhilai Nagar wrote - Some people are extremely shameless, their seeds of rituals are lying in this way. Politics can be 365 days, but the people of Atal imitation are shamelessly clinging to the shamelessness. The credentials can be improved, the Congress worker is Gandhian. This does not mean that you will become a sibling follower.

Dupatta-Turban emanated before moving to CM residence, Congress apologizes after protests

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had invited the common people to meet Chief Minister's residence on Wednesday, under the 'Chief Minister's Chhupal' program. In the meantime, before going inside the CM residence, people were taken with scarf and turban. Now the official Twitter handle of BJP Chhattisgarh on this issue has attacked the Congress while sharing a picture of Dupatta-Pagari kept out of the house. The BJP has asked the Chief Minister of the state Bhupesh Baghel to question whether the security of the security of Dupatta and Turban is also a threat. However, in this case Congress has apologized through a tweet from Chhattisgarh's Twitter handle.

Let me tell you that BJP wrote on Twitter, "Wow Chief Minister! Dupatta-Pagdi is a symbol of respect for Chhattisgarh, but before listening to the complaints of people who came to meet you in Chauplal, he gave up his tired pagdi in CM house and hanged him!

Congress apology sought

The tweet was apologized to Congress Chhattisgarh Twitter account on this. It read, "Dupatta-Turban was stopped after getting the information. We immediately correct mistakes. Security personnel made a mistake in the name of precaution This beautiful relationship between the people and the people's representative is established on love and faith.

It is known that on Tuesday, CM Bhupesh Baghel and Congress Chhattisgarh had announced the appointment of Chief Minister Chapal on social media. In this CM Baghel wrote, 'I am the Chief Minister of the public. I want to meet my people everywhere, even if it is my home. I welcome you all at Chief Minister's residence. On July 3, the program was scheduled to be public on the Chief Minister's residence.

Chhattisgarh is known as Babuji, Motilal Vora

Motilal Vora, who has handled all the posts including the Chief Minister, the Governor, the Minister, is among the legends of the Congress.

After Rahul Gandhi's resignation from the post of All India Congress Committee, there is talk of making Motilal Vora the interim president of the party. However Motilal Vora himself has denied this. He said that I do not have any information, all the decisions are made in the meeting of the Working Committee, who can be called the General Secretary. According to the constitution of Congress, Congress President's decision is also in the meeting of the Working Committee.

Nonetheless, Motilal Vora, a journalist with journalist and journalist by profession, once used to run a transport company in Durg district of Chhattisgarh. Motilal Vora was also a well known journalist of his time. Know that special things related to Motilal Vora

On March 9, 1985, Arjun Singh took oath as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh after congressional victory in the assembly elections held under his leadership. But only a few days later, the head of the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh changed and the new Chief, Motilal Vora, who represented the fort of Chhattisgarh in the form of a new chief, took the oath. After this, he took over the responsibility of all the Congress leaders including the governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Who is Motilal Vora?
Motilal Vora was born on December 20, 1928 in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. After this, his family shifted to Chhattisgarh in Madhya Pradesh. Motilal Vora received education from Raipur and Calcutta. He has been working in the field of journalism for many years, representing several newspapers. In 1968, they emerged on the political horizon. Congress joined and in 1972, he won from Durg seat in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections and was appointed as the Vice President of Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. After this, in 1977 and 1980, the assembly again won the election.

Higher Education Minister is Vora

In 1980 Arjun Singh was given the responsibility of the Department of Higher Education in the Cabinet. He was a cabinet minister in 1983. After this he was appointed the President of the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee. On March 13, 1985, Motilal Vora became the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. After this, on February 13, 1988, he took over the charge of Chief Minister's post and took charge of the Ministry of Health Welfare and Civil Aviation at the Center on February 14, 1988.

Rajya Sabha MP for the first time in 1988

Motilal Vora was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Madhya Pradesh in April 1988. Retired from May 26, 1993 to May 3, 1996, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh. In the Lok Sabha elections of 1998-99, the party fielded him from the Rajnandgaon parliamentary constituency, but lost to the election of BJP candidate Dr. Raman Singh.

Long-time Congress treasurer

After losing the Lok Sabha elections, Motilal Vora was brought in the Rajya Sabha from the Congress quota seat in 2002. After this, the party made him the national treasurer of the organization. Motilal Vora was freed from this post before the assembly elections of five states in 2018. Now the party has made him an interim national president.

Famous by the name of Babuji

91-year-old Motilal Vora, who plays important responsibilities in the government and the Congress, is known as Babuji in the current politics of Chhattisgarh. Vora has been the Treasurer of the party for nearly two decades. Even now, he is considered to be of the family of the Gandhi family. During such a long organizational tenure, Vora tried to make her son Arun Vora a politician. Arun lost three assembly elections consecutively after winning in 1993, but again in 2013, got ticket due to papa and he was successful in winning elections this time. After this he also won in the 2018 assembly elections. Arun also calls Motilal Vora as Babuji.

Raipur: Prepare for the prevention of dengue: Mr. Mohammad Akbar

Incharge Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar reviewed the review meeting of District Le Durg

Instructions for availability of pure drinking water

In the Durg district's charge-in-charge, Mr. Mohammad Akbar today held the first review meeting of Durg district. In this they emphasized the prevention of dengue and the availability of pure drinking water. He said that taking lessons from the past experiences of dengue, make preparations for its prevention. Preparation should be from both levels. Work with cleanliness, sprinkling and community involvement at the corporate level. Treatment of medicines including medicines in hospitals should be arranged. It should be constantly monitored. In the meeting, Minister of Home and Tourism Culture Shri Tamwardha Sahu was also present.

He said that the schemes, which are working on providing pure drinking water to all in urban areas. Observe them continuously and work on time. Complete the drainage schemes of rural areas on time. All possible help of the farmers in view of the forthcoming kharif season. Also give benefits of government schemes and provide technical information related to agriculture.

Shri Akbar also detailed review of the implementation of Narva, Garuwa, Nirruva and Bardi scheme. He said that to ensure availability of all facilities to the models where Gothan is getting ready. Other Gothans will be built on their model. Also plant fruit plants here. It will be useful if the plants grow, gothan will also become very beautiful. He said that this program would be completely successful with community participation. To ensure its implementation, keep Gothan committees fully active so that there is a better environment in the village.

He said that the new session of the school has started. Ensure the admission of school children. The educational quality of academic quality in schools has started. Apply them at the grassroots level, make arrangements in schools where there is lack of infrastructure. Shri Akbar said that eliminating malnutrition is also a priority. Keep an eye on the quality of food served to children.

Shri Akbar instructed the Agriculture Department's official loan waiver certificate to be given to the farmers promptly. He got instructions from the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat to complete the work immediately after obtaining information related to the construction of Nauru, Garuwa, Ghurua and Badai scheme. Chief Executive Officer said that Model Gothan has been prepared in 10 grams. In the review of the food department, after getting the information related to the purchase of paddy, the officer will complete the paddy case soon enough. Apart from this, providing the seeds with the information of paddy seed by providing camp for the farmers to provide seeds. Under the Crop Insurance Scheme, after getting the information from the food officer and giving instructions to complete the pending case soon.

Keeping in view the problem of drinking water, Mr. Akbar instructed the Public Health Department to get information regarding drinking water and to immediately remove all the drinking water problem under the Null-Jal Yojna. Apart from this, he instructed the health department to set up the Jeevidepa committee, forest department instructed to plant trees according to the target. The review meeting was attended by the rug MLA Shri Arun Vora, Vaishali Nagar Vidyartan Bhasin, MLA of Bhilai Nagar Shri Devendra Yadav, District Panchayat President Smt. Maya Belchandan and other officials including collector.

Chhattisgarh improved health system, increased daughters, electricity not reach 40 thousand homes

Country Policy Commission has released Health Index. While there has been a decline in the health facilities of large states of the country, Chhattisgarh's health system has improved. Simultaneously, the Commission has also given its report about the number of daughters in the country. This news has been published prominently in all the major newspapers of Chhattisgarh on Wednesday. All the newspapers have given the news place on the first page.

New Delhi has written - The worst health system in the big states of the country is in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. On the other hand, Chhattisgarh has got a good start in the health system. Policy Index's Health Index is in Chhattisgarh 13th place in 2019. In 2015-16, Chhattisgarh had 52.02 points, while it increased to 53.36 in 2017-18. In this case Kerala is the first number in the country. However, in its report, the magazine has said that Chhattisgarh is ranked 11th.


Increased daughters
Dainik Bhaskar has written - 12 out of 21 major states in the country have less girls than boys. These include big states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Himachal. Also, minor growth has been reported in states like Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab. In Jharkhand, where the maximum number of 16 girls have increased on the average, 17 decreases in Telangana. These figures have come out in the Health Commission of the Policy Commission. Based on the basis of 2013-15, it has been compared to 2014-16. Kerala tops and Uttar Pradesh is at the lowest level in better healthcare. The average increase in the number of girls is up to three per thousand.

40 thousand homes do not have electricity

Rajya Sabha MP Ramvichar Netam asked Union Power Minister of State RK Singh that 40 thousand households in Chhattisgarh have not been electrified even today, in response to which the Minister of State for Power said that the Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh government has informed on 14th June that 40394 houses in the state Are non-electrified. All these houses are in Naxal-affected districts of Bijar region of Bijapur, Kondagaon, Sukma and Narayanpur.

On which leader demanded that if any deadline for electrification of these non-electrified households has been fixed, the minister replied that since this area is affected by Naxal, Chhattisgarh government has not taken any action to electrify the remaining non-electrified houses. There is no commitment to the deadline. Dainik Bhaskar has published this news in a major issue in Wednesday's issue.

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