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Free health check-up camp on November 28

A day-long free health check camp organized in Mahadamund, 27 November 2018 / Department of Health and Family Welfare and Ward no. 27, Government Primary School, Goodrupara Mahasamund, under National Urban Health Mission organized on November 28, 2018, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Will be done. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar said that physiotherapy therapist will also provide services in the camp. He appealed to take advantage of being present in the maximum number of health checks.


Two lakh 55 thousand children were vaccinated for the Meges-Rubella Vaccination is also being done to children left

Mahasamund, 27 November 2018 / India is determined to eliminate measles and control rabella / congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) by 2020. In this direction, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, has decided to vacate all the children from 9 months to 15 years (class 10th) in phases by running Khasra-Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign in a phased manner. According to the microplan, the program is being operated smoothly. Two lakh 55 thousand 47, 81.29 percent children have been vaccinated from prescribed target three lakh 13 thousand 743 children, who have left the school after the session in the school and Oganbadi, all the community health centers, district hospitals O.P.D. excluding holidays every day In time Mizals rubella vaccination is being done. Under the chairmanship of Collector Himashikhar Gupta, the meeting was discussed in connection with the Mijdul-rubella vaccination campaign at the time-limit meeting in the collectorate council. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar was urged by the parents that Mijuls Rubella should vaccinate his children in these institutions for vaccination, so that vaccination can be done to ensure the child is vaccinated. The collector said that the Health Department, Education Department, Women and Child Development Department will make the program successful by establishing mutual harmony.


Training will be given to officers, employees engaged in counting work Instructions for continuous monitoring of Nodal officers in Paddy purchase centers of their respective areas Collector's meeting of the deadline

Mahasamund, 27 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta reviewed the time-bound papers taking a time-limit meeting in the meeting room of the District Office here today. He thanked all officials and staff for completing peaceful and systematic voting. He said that the counting of votes will be done on December 11, 2018 and the duty of officers and employees will be imposed. He said that 14-14 tables will be installed for each assembly. He said that the first training of officers and employees to be imposed duty in the counting of votes at the district level will be held on November 30 in the assembly hall of the district panchayat, in which all the calculation supervisors, counting assistant and appointed micro observers will be present. Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officer will also be present. Second training will be organized for officers and employees engaged in the counting of votes on December 7, on 10th December counting of votes will be given training and guidance given to the observer.
It was informed in the meeting of the time-limit that the counting of votes will start from 8 am on December 11, in which first postal ballot paper will be calculated from 8 am to 8 pm. Counting of votes will begin with EVM machine from 8:30 a.m. The District Election Officer has delegated the responsibilities and responsibilities to the officers for making all kinds of initial and necessary preparations at the counting place. He said that the arrangement of cleanliness, fire brigade, ambulance in the counting enclosure area, each tehsil will be appointed one magistrate. There will also be adequate police force system. He said that introduction letter will be issued to officers and employees engaged in counting work. In addition, the introductory letter will be issued for the candidates for the counting agent.
In the time-limit meeting, the collector reviewed the work of purchasing paddy procurement for Kharif marketing year 2018-19 in the district. He told all the nodal officers appointed for the supervision of this work that he kept continuous observation of the Paddy procurement centers of their respective areas, also looked at the arrangements made there, physical verification of Vardhanan and Paddy procurement. He directed all the departmental officers and said that they have asked Tehsildars and NB Tehsildars to verify the Paddy procurement center, including the inspection and procurement of rice. Apart from this, the staff of the Food Department and the Mandi Committee also reviewed the purchase of paddy every day. With the discussion and review of the letters received from various commissions in the meeting, instruct them to be resolved. They also reviewed crop insurance along with crop insurance and gave necessary guidelines. In relation to immunization of measles and rubella, he said that for the children who have left the vaccination, the Chief Medical and Health Officer, for the education department and the women and child development department, coordinated the agreement with the school-wise list and coordinated the work of vaccination. On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Deputy District Election Officer BS. District level officials of all the departmental officers and various departments including Murmur were present.

PG College students donated blood donation

Mahasamund 24 Nov.

Blood donation was done in the District Government Hospital, Khara, under the leadership of Professor Ajay Kumar Raja, by 30 students of Government Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya College, Mahasamund. On this occasion, Professor Mukesh Sinha of the Computer Faculty, Student Union President Guptesh Namdeo also motivated people by donating blood. The main attraction of this camp today is the 10 students of the college who volunteered to donate blood, Vipin Bihari Agarwal, District Hospital's doctor says that this is the first time in any blood donation camp that the students took part in the increase, the college's Principal, Dr. S.K. Chatterjee lauded the work of student students and wished for his bright future. Of

Information about the free Legal Services Support given to the citizens

Mahasamund 21 Nov.

Under the guidance of the National Legal Services Authority, New Delhi and under the guidance of District Legal Services Authority / District and Sessions Judge Mahasamund, the District Legal Services Authority, Mahasamund organized a 10-day Door-to-Door campaign from November 9, 2018 to 18 November 2018. Mahasamund and Taluka Saraypali, Basna and Pithora were organized on the occasion of Legal Service Day. A team of district and taluka level panel advocates and team of Paralegal Volintiers was formed under the Home-Home Contact campaign. In the door-to-door contact campaign, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, along with Ms. Rajeshwari Suryavanshi, the panel's Advocate Mr. Lalit Mohan ChandraKar, Mr. Om Shukla, Mr. Surendra Giri, Mr. Arun Patel, Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Mr. Chandrasekhar Soni, Shri Kanhaiya Lal Sahu, Shri Laxmikant Soni

Shri Sanjeev Punda, Shri Narendra Sinha, Shri Sheikh Abdul Kader Jilani and Paralegol Volintiers Mr. Rupanand Soi, Shri Mohan Lal Sahu, in the areas of Taluka Pithora, Shri Ghanshyam Sahu, Shri Tarun Chauhan, in the areas of Basana, Shri Lakshminarayan Patel and Shri Tejarama Yadav in nearby areas of Sirpur, by Shri Degree Lal Patel and Mr. Dalmani Patel In charge of the area, Mr. Surendra Kumar Under the campaign, in the areas of Mahasamund by Mrs. Bobby Junk and Mrs. Asmam Quraishi, people were given information on the legal subjects by going to their homes.

Under the contact campaign, it was made that propaganda spread about extremely backward areas, tribal-dominated villages and legal services in the remote areas. In this endeavor, the team of Paralegol Volintiers arrived in villages such as Ganjpara, Imlibhantha, Navan Ravana Bhatha, Dardali Road, Kamar Dera Pithora, Kamar Dera Mahasamund, Village Village, Jampali, Chhabra under Sarai Pali, and heard their problems. Suggesting them to solve problems and suggesting ways to get rid of them. Attempted to address their problems, try to redress them. Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Ms. Rajeshwari Suryavanshi said that this 10-day door-to-door campaign was organized all over the country in the light of legal services day 2018, as per the directions of the National Legal Services Authority.

Under this campaign, information related to free legal aid was given to 6244 people from 62 villages and backward classes of the remote villages and cities located under the district by the panel advocates of the District Legal Services Authority and the team of Paralegol Volintiers.

Assembly Elections 2018: Functioning of Voter Register


After the voting under the Legislative Assembly election 2018, the work of scuttle of voter register in the presence of collector and district election officer, Mr. Himshikhar Gupta and observers, Assistant Returning Officers and the representatives of various political parties in Krishi Upaj Mandi Patiyajar was completed. These include Assembly-39 Saraypali, Assembly-40 settling, Assembly-41 Khallari and Assembly-42 Mahasamund.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Collector and District Election Officer expressed gratitude on completion of smooth and peaceful polling

Mahasamund 21 Nov.

Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himshikhar Gupta has expressed gratitude towards the citizens of the district, including all officers, employees, security personnel, who have done editing and completing the voting process, after completion of peaceful and depleted polling in all four assembly constituencies of Vidhan Sabha under 2018. . He said that the duty of employees and officers was imposed for voting in large numbers, Those who have thoroughly discharged their duties and responsibilities in smooth conduct of the voting with full commitment, while the security personnel also carried out their security responsibilities very well. The citizens of the district, with full support, expressed their faith in democracy using the franchise, taking part in the voting with full enthusiasm, keeping in view the electoral systems.

New voters too took part in the use of franchise for the first time, while senior citizens and voters also voted. The District Election Officer also expressed gratitude towards the media representatives, who conveyed the information of all types of news coverage and made it known to all. Scout-guides, NCC and NSS students played a useful role during voting, This election work is not well edited without the cooperation of the drivers engaged in other tasks of carrying polling parties, which are commendable, with complete dedication and duties of their duty, this work has been edited, for this, all the drivers congratulations Is eligible for.

Apart from this, all other organizations, including self-help groups, social organizations, have all played their role and their work has been commendable, all are eligible for congratulations. He congratulated everyone for giving gratitude to all.


Assembly election 2018 : EVM and VPPAT sealed in safe tight room after polling

Mahasamund 21 Nov.

Under the Legislative Assembly election 2018, voting was held on November 20, 2018 in all the four Assembly Constituencies of Saraypali, Basna, Khallari and Mahasamund, from where all the EVMs and VVs PATs obtained after polling were sealed securely in the strong room set up in Agricultural Produce Market Patiyazar Mahasamund. was given. All machines under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himshikhar Gupta were kept in a safe and strong room.

During this time, all the general observers appointed by the Election Commission in the district, Returning Officer, Assistant Returning Officer, Additional Collector of all the State Legislatures, Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Deputy District Election Officer, Shri B.S. Officials and representatives of political parties, including Murmur, were present in particular. District Election Officer said that voting was done in peaceful and smooth manner in all four assembly constituencies of the district. After voting, all Electronic Voting Machines and VVPATs have been sealed and placed here in a strong room. There is adequate security arrangements for this.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Training of Sector Officers


A training program was organized in the assembly hall of district panchayat today for the Sector Officers appointed for the Assembly Election 2018. On this occasion, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himshikhar Gupta told all the sector officials that the Sector Officers should look after the work of the CRC, including the mock poles, on the voting day. He said that every Sector Officer has to report the voting on every two hours.

Sector officials should ensure that polling parties arrive at polling stations on time and submit their report. Deal of the Mock Poll on Voting Day During the training, the District Master Trainers Mr. Himanshu Bhawan informed the Sector Officers about various procedures through the Power Presentation. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Mohammad Sharif Khan and all the Sector Officers were present.

Organizing diverse programs in urban areas under Sweep

Mahasamund 17 Nov

Collector District District Election Officer Mahasamund Mr. Himshikhar Gupta and the Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mahasamund and President of Sweep Committee Mahasamand Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Mr. Abhinit Singh, District Nodal Dr. Malti Tiwari, Vidhan Sabha Nodal Officer Ajay Kumar Raja For the purpose of increasing the last Sweep program today, on November 17, 1818, Was held at Mick school.

Students of all colleges of Mahasamund and students of 11th and 12th students of Human Chain, Sworn, 18 who have completed 18 programs, including Government PG College, Mata Karma, Indian, Shyam Balaji, Nursing, Polytechnic, MPW Kalindi ITI , Diet Adarsh ​​Higher Secondary School, Bach Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Government DMS School, A number of about 3500 number of Diet Training Mahasamund made the sphere in the sphere. In the making of human series, Principal Mrs. Saurin Chandrasen, Mr. Rekhraj Sharma Sweep Secretary, Mr. Pramod Kannauj Assistant Secretary, Mr. Hitendra Sahu Mr. Tekram Sahu was involved in cooperation. Thereafter, Dr. Tiwari sent all students to vote for their parents on 20th November to go to the polling station and swear to use the right of their democracy,

Collective voter awareness and mass signature campaign were started in 30 Wards of Mahasamund under the Department of Higher Education, all the colleges, government Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, post graduate college students, in-charge Smt. Saraswati Seth, Smt. Rajeshwari Soni, Smt. Sages Pradhan, Ashutosh Sharma, Priyavwada Sharma, Parvin Karim , Madhu Verma Government Mata Karma Nodal Officer Dr. Saraswati Verma, Sh. Ri Sahu, Mrs. Svetlana

Polytechnic Mr. Vinod Singh Horse Government ITI Mr. Hiralal Verma, Mr. Yogendra Sahu Nisha Salman Khileshwari Ram Prasad Verma Rakesh Verma Shyam Balaji Smt Manju Sharma, Shantabai College Smt. Namrata Devangan District Hospitality Training MPW Nursing Preeti Bala College Kalindi GNM Shrimati Role Luni Jai Hind College Smt. Chittesh Vari Sahu Indian College Mr. Chum Not red SahuShri Murali Sinha Dit Mahasamand Girls All students voted for voting in the 30 wards for voting conducted for 8940 signatures. Objective None of our voters will be deprived of voting. In all the wards of Mahasamund, the voices of voting gathered together with slogans. Rally all selected Champs Ambassador Laxman Singha of all the colleges

Vaishali Thakur, Suman Prajapati, Shubham Gaikwad, Gitanjali Devangan, Hemraj Patel, Kavita Chandrakar Hemant Kumar, Barkha Chandrakar, Preeti Sahu, Sanjay Patel, Lakshmi Narayan Bhardwaj, Suresh Kumar, Chhathalhari, Girish Kumar Dhivar, Nand Kumar Kosaria Surya Kant Vidyarthi Vidyarthi With the help of visiting people walking the house for voter awareness, visiting throughout the day at different Mohalla Chowk intersection Hn played.


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