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Political parties meeting in relation to ad authentication and paid news

During Jashpurnagar 30th October 2018 / assembly election 2018, the meeting was held on the last day of the meeting in the meeting room of the collectorate office in connection with advertisement certification and paid news of all the political parties of the district. It was informed in the meeting that the authenticity of the advertisement of the political nature of the candidate who wants to disseminate the candidate, the political party print, electronic media, in the competent level is called authentication. He told that there is no requirement of authentication in print media, it is necessary in electronic media. After being certified at the competent level, any advertisement will be shown to the public / activists. Advertising is such that there is no violation of Model Code of Conduct.
District Election Officer Dr Purnika Shukla informed that under this, print media, electronic media, visual media, social media come under it. In the print media, newspapers and magazines, electronic audio media, radio, FM channels, television in television, cable network, cinema, mobile phones, video vans, internet and social media comes in. Social media includes Wikipedia, Tutor, YouTube, Facebook and Apps.
The applicant should fill the prescribed form of the application form Annexure 'A'. After which the application is submitted to the media audit and surveillance committee. He said that a copy of the decision is given to the applicant by deciding on whether the committee decides whether to attain recognition or not.


Chhattisgarh Janata Congress Jashpur District President Mr. Shashi Bhagat registered a crime

Jashpurnagar 30 October 2018 / Police against the District President of Chhattisgarh Janata Congress, Mr. Shashi Bhagat, has filed a complaint against the application submitted on behalf of the Tehsildar and has registered a crime under section 153 A, 505, and 125 Public Representation Act.
  It is notable that the District President of Chhajka Shri Shashi Bhagat posted a post in the Social Media (Facebook), which was declared the violation of the code of conduct by the District Election Office and was sought from him for clarification on that post. In response to Mr. Bhagat, the District Election Officer was not satisfied and the instructions for legal action were issued against Mr. Bhagat as per the rules.


Assembly election 2018 An award-winning nomination on Tuesday 9 nomination papers purchased by candidates

In the Jashpurnagar 30 October 2018 / Assembly General Election 2018, today, the candidate of the Republican Party of India (A), Mr. Manohar Tirki has filed his nomination papers from Kunkuri assembly constituency -13 in Jashpur district on October 30, 2018. Three candidates from Jashpur assembly constituency, two from Kunkuri assembly constituency and four from Pathalgaon assembly constituency have purchased nomination papers for the general election of 2018 for the Assembly elections 2018.

Today, Mr. Vinay Kumar Bhagat, Indian National Congress, Mr. Rohit Lakra, Aam Aadmi Party and Mr. Hiru Ram Nikunj, Indian National Congress, for the Jashpur assembly segment - 12 Scheduled Tribes purchased nomination papers. Mr. Benjamin Minj Bahujan Samaj Party and Shri Indranath Sair Independent for Kukururi Assembly Area-13 Scheduled Tribes purchased nomination papers. For the Scheduled Tribes of Pathalgaon assembly segment - Mr. Jorge Karketta, Mr. Jalandhar Pankara and Mr. Tikeshwar Ekka have purchased nomination papers from Independent and Mr. Jagatram Bhagat Swabhiman Party.
Collector and District Election Officer said that nominations can be filed by candidates by November 2 and the nomination papers filed on November 3 will be scrutinized and names will be withdrawn by the candidates till November 5.


Political e-ads must be certified Election Commission of India, Media Certification Guidance of committees

Jashpurnagar 29th of October 2018 / Election Commission of India has done better, clarifying the topic of certification of political advertisements on electronic advertisements and social media. The Commission has said that it is mandatory for political parties or candidates to pre-authorize media certification and media monitoring committee (MCMC) of any type of political e-advertisement. Shri Dhirendra Ojha, Director General, Communications Affairs and International Coordination Committee of the Election Commission of India, today discussed with all the MCMC committees of Chhattisgarh through video-conferencing.
      Shri Ojha said that due to the increasing influence of electronic and social media, its use has been increased by political parties and candidates. In such cases, political advertisements, in which political benefits, whether it is e-advertised by any other party or candidate, the pre-certification is mandatory. Simultaneously, expenses incurred for broadcasting political advertisements will also be included in electoral expenditure of political parties or candidates.
      The Election Commission of India has again clarified that posts related to political content from social media on their own account will not be considered as part of the election expenditure, but political advertisements in any electronic media including other platforms, social sites, e-paper If it is reproduced or processed, its expenditure will be considered as part of the election expenditure.
According to the Election Commission of India, a state level MCMC committee has been constituted by the office of the Chief Electoral Officer at the state level. Political e-advertisements can be certified by political parties in the state level committee. Simultaneously, in every district, the District Election Officer has formed the MCMC Committee at the district level, where candidates can pre-authorize their advertisements.
During the video conferencing in the Chief Electoral Office, the Chief Executive Officer of the State, including Mr. Sameer Vishnoi and Mrs. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Shrikant Verma, Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Mrs. Sharda Agarwal and Mr. Manish Mishra, along with State Level Media Certification and Monitoring Committee MCMC's members and election functions Areas associated officials were present.


General Sweep Appoints Observer Leasing Officer

Jashpurnagar has been appointed as a liaisoning officer with General Sweep Auditor for Jashpur, Kunukuri and Pathalgaon assembly constituencies of Jashpur district for the 29th October 2018 / assembly election 2018. In which the General Observer for the Jashpur-12 Assembly constituency and the Chief Engineer of the Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana, Mr. M.K. Draupadayay, the Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department for the Assembly Kunkuri-13, Mr. K. R. Dharamkar, the Legislative Assembly, Pathholgaon- 14 VPPelal, Executive Engineer, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana of Pathholanga and Swap Observer Legislation for 14 Received Jspur 12, Kunkuri 13 and principal resolution Ptthlganv -14 Vinod Kumar Gupta has been made.
Normal and sweep supervisor appointed 4 employees to prepare the folder
Data Entry Operator for General Observer Assembly Jashpur-12 Shri Purushottam Yadav and Bhardya Shri Jagjeevan Ram, Assistant Grade-03 for Vidhan Sabha Area Kunukuri-13, Shri Bholanath Gupta and Bharata Mr. Sunil Kumar Bhagat, Assistant Grade for Assembly Pathholgaon-14 -03 Data Entry Operator for Swip Auditors for Mr. Yashvant Singh and Bharatee Mr. Anil Kumar Nayak and Jashpur, Kunkuri and Pathalgaon Ri NAND Kisor Chauhan has been appointed to the servants, Mr. Bhola Ram.

The violation of Model Code of Conduct can now be done through the Sevijil App

The C-Vizil app has been launched for the complaint of violation of Jashpurnagar 29th October 2018 / Uttara Code of Conduct. District Election Officer Dr. Priyanka Shukla, Superintendent of Police, Shri Prashant Singh Thakur, CEO of Zilla Panchayat, Mr. Kuldeep Sharma and all the officials of the district have also downloaded the seismic app in mobile. So that the received cases can be immediately resolved. Using Civilized App, citizens will not have to run the office of the Presiding Officer's office to file a complaint. He can file a complaint directly through the app. So far, three recommendations were received in the district, which had been resolved after getting the complaint.
For the use of sewing app, camera, internet connection and GPS equipped Android smart phone are essential. The operating system must be of endocrine jellybone and above. The application works with all the latest Android smart phones.

Report of violation of code of conduct by app
    The 'sevijil' app allows any person to report violations of Model Code of Conduct in the electoral states. This permission is effective from the date of election announcement and remains a day after voting.
  Citizens can report the incident within minutes of watching the incident of misconduct by using this app. The citizens will not have to run the office of the Presiding Officer's office to file a complaint. The aware citizen has to click only one photo with the view of the violation of the Model Code of Conduct or record a video of more than two minutes. Automated location mapping will be done by the app using the geographic information system.
    After successful submission through the app, the aware citizen receives a unique ID so that he can know the next action on his mobile and get the information. In this way, a citizen can report many of the violations and they will be given a unique ID for each report. The identity of the complainant will be kept confidential.

After the complaint has been filed
    After the complaint has been filed, the information is received by the District Control Room, from where it is assigned to the field unit. In a field unit there are flying squads static surveillance teams, reserved teams. Each Field Unit will have a GIS based mobile application called 'Civil Dispatch'. This mobile application allows the unit to reach the site directly and take action.
    After the action taken by the field unit, it sends a message as 'action report' and uploads relevant documents through 'civil dispatcher' to the concerned Presiding Officer for their decision and execution. If the incident of miscarriage is found correct, then the information for further action is sent to the National Complaints Portal of the Election Commission of India and the aware citizen is informed about the action taken within 100 minutes.

Intrinsic Attributes to Prevent Abuse in the App
    This app has inherent characteristics to prevent abuse. This app receives only complaints about the Model Code of Conduct violation. After taking a picture or making a video, the users will get five minutes to report. The app will not allow permission to upload previously reported or previously taken pictures or videos to prevent abuse. In this app, using the 'sevijil' app will not be able to save photos and recorded videos in the photo gallery. This app will be deactivated as soon as the citizen gets out of the electoral states.
Complaints of violations of Model Code of Conduct could not be taken immediately. Because of which the offenders would have escaped the action. The lack of documentary evidence as a picture or video in the verification of the complaint was also hampered. In the absence of strong response system, the accelerated and accurate identification of the event site could not be done with the help of geographical location details. But this new app will solve all these problems and will create fast-track complaints and solutions system.

Sector Zone Magistrate appointed for check-up and police station of Jashpur, Kunkuri and Pathalgon assembly


For the purpose of maintaining peace and law and order system, the Tehsildan, Naib Tehsildar, Executive Magistrate, Police Station and Sector Zonal Magistrate Police have been appointed for the field of election. Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate, Mr. Yuvraj Singh, for Tahasin Jashpur in Vidhan Sabha area, 12 Jashpur, Nib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Ms. Anuradha Patel, for Chaki Lodam, Ms. Dimple Dhruv, Manora and Sonakari Check, Naib Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate for Aara Chaki To Mr. Pramod Kumar Chandravasi, Nayab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Nave tehsildar and executive magistrate for Aastha police station, Mr. Amarendra Singh, for the garden police station, Mr. Ravi Rahi, the Sub-divisional Magistrate of the garden, Naib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Rathore for Pandherpath and Sulsea Chakra and Naib Tehsildar for Sana Police Station. And Executive Magistrate, Shri Sunil Kumar Gupta has been made Sector Zonal Magistrate. .

Similarly, for the Duldula police station in Kukkuri assembly constituency, 13, Nib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate Duldula has been given to Mr. Kishor Kumar Sharma, Sub-Divisional Magistrate for Kunkuri Police station, RN Pandeya for Kukuri Police station, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Kunkuri for Thana Narayanpur, Shri Ramaratan Prasad Dubey Nayab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Laxman Kumar Rathia has been made for the police station, Parsabahar and Tukkara police station and Mr. Uday Raj Singh, Nayab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate has been made Sector Zonal Magistrate.

Assembly constituency- 14 Pathalgaon in Pathalgaon for Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Mr. Mahesh Sharma; Nab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate; Ms. Preeti Sharma, for Kotbah Check; Nab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Bagwahhar Police Station; Mr. Budhwar Kumar Singh; And for the Dokra check, the deputy Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Mr. Dilip K Kill Khandey has been appointed Sector zonal magistrates.



In view of the assembly elections, the Superintendent of Police Jashpur and the CRPF Commandant met the public on security issues.


Keeping in view the forthcoming assembly elections, the Superintendent of Police, Mr. Prashant Singh Thakur and Commandant, CRPF, 81 battalion, went directly to the rural areas in village Durgaon, Aara, Lodam, on 26 October 2018, and discussed the issues related to safety and public Inspired to use the experiment, as well as inspect a static surveillance team in village Durgaon Lodam, Aara.

The superintendent of the public asked directly to the public that he does not intimidate or threaten to use any of his franchise in his area or to cast a vote against any kind of temptation or this kind of work is done by any rural or anti-social elements. If so, give the information to me and the concerned police station in charge immediately, the police will provide you complete security. He said that the proceedings against the concerned will be made immediately. At the same time, people have been bold to inspire their franchise to use 100 percent. People also assured the Superintendent of Police to use their franchise for fearless use of any kind of incident.

The commandant of the CRPF told the people that the franchise is your right, if any anti-social element prevents or frightens you from using your franchise or you are tempted to vote, then inform the Superintendent of Police and related police station and in-charge. Police will protect your rights from priority, they appealed to the public that they should use their franchise without fear, the police will Npuarn will provide security. On this occasion, inspected inspector Shri Vimlesh Devangan, checkered in-charge of Manora Mr. Dinesh Rajwada, Mr. Arvind Mishra, in-charge in charge of Lodam and Mr. Tekram Sarathi, in-charge of Aara Chaki, and villagers from all the villages were present.


During the election, the permission of the vehicle to disseminate various political parties and candidates, from the concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrate


During the election, for the permission of the vehicle for promotion of various political parties and candidates, Jaspur, Kunukuri, Pathalgaon and the departmental magistrates of the garden have been authorized for their area of ​​charge. Collector and District Electoral Officer Dr. Priyanka Shukla issued a circular that the registration of vehicle should be done separately by the departmental penalties for registration of vehicle in which the name of the vehicle owner, type of vehicle, vehicle number and the period of permission for vehicle use etc. are clearly mentioned. The collector has also said that while giving permission, the rules of the Election Commission, New Delhi should be followed.

Barricitting, Enrollment Center and Court Collector and SP Inspected


On 26th October, the nomination process has started for the assembly elections in the district. On the first day of the nomination, on Friday morning, at 10.30 am District Election Officer, Collector Priyanka Shukla and Superintendent of Police, Mr. Prashant Singh Thakur inspected the beriquetting, enrollment center and the court. Nomination is peaceful, without any interruption, for this it has been briqueted on the Gauravpath in front of the collectorate. Along with this, there is a ban on the movement of heavy vehicles from this road.

The Collector and the Superintendent of Police, who arrived to inspect the beriquetting, alerted the security personnel posted on duty and gave the necessary guidelines. Three nomination centers have been set up to collect and submit nomination forms. Both the officers also inspected these centers.

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