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Arbitration in MNREGA ..... The process of complaints is not stopping ... The villagers are worried for Majduri .....

 Surajpur-Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme This scheme has gone through corruption, there may be no guarantee of employment, but it has become a complete guarantee of corruption, without any work, it may be openly in the name of the relative of the relative of the employment assistant.  It is necessary to stop this, but despite all the monitoring, corruption is going on in the MNREGA. It is so arbitrary in the MGNREGA that the complaints about wages have come a day that the administration is also upset.  One case can not be investigated, another comes to light. Ram Lal Pando of Gram Kolhua has alleged in a complaint to the Collector that in the year 2018-19, a kup in his name was constructed in his land in which he and his  Three people, including his wife, worked in the construction of the kupa, which was not paid.  He told the Collector in a complaint that for Majduri he also went to Secretary, Employment Assistant Basant Sahu, but till date the Majduri done by him in the construction of kupa was not paid.  On which a strict action has been taken from the Collector to pay the wages by taking strict action against the employment assistant along with the secretary.

 Arbitration of Secretary, Employment Assistant…
 Poor hard work, the process of not getting the money of the people is very long.  He worked for 104 days in Dabri construction work built on the land of Inam Kunwar under Ramadhar Yadav MNREGA of village Kolhua but today the wages have not been more than two years.  Similarly, Gaurishankar Vaishya has also talked about not getting wages after working for 83 days in the same Dabri, whereas before this, the charge sheet for not giving the amount of construction of the well to the employment assistant and giving half the amount in bribe to the collector.  Has been given, which has not even started investigation.  Due to which the complainant is in fear.  Here, on the employment assistant secretary of Gram Panchayat Mahuli, Raj Kumar Khairwar and Nityananda have said that the Prime Minister's residence has been approved in the year 2018-19 and 2019-20.  Which those people have made themselves and the employment assistant has taken the amount.  It has been said that through the master role, 15000 rupees were withdrawn in the name of his family, siblings and father.  Till date they have not received this amount.  Earlier also, the employment assistant secretary of Gram Panchayat Mahuli has been accused of such kind.  But no investigation or action is fresh.


Surjpur - In-charge, manager, operator of paddy procurement centers, Shoupa memorandum to the collector about not taking up paddy

Subhash Gupta
Surajpur  10 February 2021. 
Under the banner of the Tribal Service Cooperative Society Employees Union, all the paddy procurement in-charge of the district, the manager, the operator, the paddy committee, the memorandum has been sent to the collector seeking to lift the paddy.

 On February 8, the members of the cooperative society sent a memorandum to the Collector and Bhatgaon MLA and said that the condition of paddy uptake is better in other districts in Surguja division.  So there is less in Surajpur.  According to the memorandum, only 18 percent of the paddy has been raised in Balrampur, 60 percent in Korea, 31 percent in Surguja, Surajpur.

 Union officials told 'Lokvichar' that according to the order of the government, the lift should have been done within 72 hours if the bumper was purchased.  It is further said that due to non-lifting of paddy, the committee has accumulated a large amount of paddy.  Gnome is coming in paddy.  Along with this, continuous theft is also happening.

 They say that up to 2 kintals per truck are being sated.  It is further said that the collection center in Surajpur district is reported to have started.  But not yet visited the collection center.  It is further said that there is news of paddy rot in Lodhima, Devnagar.  A similar situation can be seen in our committees.  The administration should take immediate notice of the lifting of our paddy so that it does not prevent the puff in the paddy.

Put a sign board on the allotted government land - Collector Mr. Ranbir Sharma

Subhash Gupta

Collector took time limit

 Put a sign board on the allotted government land - Collector Mr. Ranbir Sharma

 Surajpur / 09 February 2021 / Collector Shri Ranbir Sharma took a time-limit meeting in the collectorate office hall today.  In the meeting, the District Panchayat CEO Mr. Akash Chhikara, Additional Collector Mr. SN Motwani, Joint Collector Mr. Shivkumar Banerjee, Sub-Divisional Officer.  Heads of all the departments were present.  The collector took information about the pending cases and progress of work to all the department officials and instructed to expedite the pending cases within the time limit.

 Collector Shri Ranbir Sharma allotted the government land for various departments in the district and under process, land for food parks, land allotment for working women, family court, multi purpose hall for sports, gas godown, ITI.  It has been instructed to install sign boards to the concerned department so that no encroachment can be done on it.  The collector took information about pending cases of various departments and asked for quick disposal.  He became aware of the pending cases of eligible and ineligible beneficiaries of Forest Charter and asked to resolve pending cases while working as per rules.  The Collector asked to complete the appropriate action by bringing progress in the work within the time limit of the buildings and other pending cases being constructed in the medical department and for the recruitment processes and medical department.  He inquired about the Muktanjali vehicle purchase system, forgery in the nursing college and directed the CMHO to start the election process for the post of vice president in the Red Cross Society.

 Collector Shri Sharma informed about the time-limit meeting to be held in the month of Kudargarh and instructed to start preparing for the festival.  He took information about the Kudargarh ropeway and said to bring progress in the work.  He took information about paddy offtake from the District Marketing Officer and gave proper instructions to take up paddy by making proper arrangements for paddy uptake.  The Collector inquired about the villages affected by the Lameru Elephant Project.  He took information about the Chief Minister's Kanya Vivah Yojana from the Women and Child Development Department and instructed to get married on the basis of the tradition of the society concerned.  The Collector has instructed to take proper investigation on the purchase of paddy from the Deputy Registrar Co-operative Society Society after taking information about transfer of money to others.

 He took information from the leading bank manager about serious issues like loan waiver case, Kisan Credit Card, fake and cheating case from bank operated in the district and instructed to resolve it promptly by taking necessary action.

 The Collector took information about labor registration, child laborers, Shram Mitra Yojana and other schemes from Labor Department and also gave instructions to register 100% of Kotwar, Mitanin of the district.  He has instructed the concerned department heads to dispose of them on time-limit with special attention to the pending cases, including Public Service Center, Chief Minister Janchapal, PM Portal, Jan Shikayat.  The collector has given instructions to send the questions of various departments engaged in the assembly in time.


Surajpur In Odgi block of the district, the benefits of the government schemes are not available to the common people, but the employees who implement the schemes are definitely getting the benefit of this.

Subhash Gupta

Surajpur  In Odgi block of the district, the benefits of the government schemes are not available to the common people, but the employees who implement the schemes are definitely getting the benefit of this.  The villagers of the village crusher in a written complaint to the collector today, if they believe that the allegation is true, then half of the government scheme has to be paid in bribe and half the amount is pressurized to work with quality.  K Basapati Singh, Ashok Kewat and Chhotan Singh said in a written complaint to the Collector on Monday that the construction of the well was approved for them under the MGNREGA, whose work was done by the beneficiary at his own expense and when  When it came to pay the amount, he was given only 83 thousand 7 hundred rupees in place of 1 lakh 52 thousand, while the remaining 68 thousand was apprehended, which is reported to be spent on bribes.  According to the villagers, 9 thousand sub-engineers, 6 thousand SDOs, CEO 4 thousand, PO and program officer 2500 .. 2500 hundred, Babu, operator 2.2 thousand, sarpanch secretary 10, 10 thousand and tea water expenses 4 thousand.  Similarly, out of the sanctioned 1 lakh 72 thousand rupees, 94 thousand 500 rupees were given.  The rest of it was also accounted for in the same order.  On the other hand, Ashok Kewat has been given only 40 thousand. While the approval of 4 lakh 50 thousand has been received.  The villagers have asked whether it is right that such amount is bribed and if it is right then how can the beneficiary do his work with quality also ..?  The villagers have alleged that the Panchayat Secretary who has done this work has been accused of embezzlement in the past and the sarpanch has gone to jail.  The villagers have said that in such a situation how will they get the benefit of the schemes of governance.  The villagers have investigated this and have demanded full amount and action.


Surajpur: Visit program of Food Minister, Mr. Amarjeet Bhagat

Subhash Gupta

Surajpur: Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Minister of Economy and Statistics and Culture Shri Amarjit Bhagat will depart from Gauripara Ambikapur on Tuesday 9 February at 10 am for the village Barmali and reach there on foot on the Khirkhiri hill. From 2 pm to 3 pm, the village will depart from Badmali, Ambikapur for the district Surajpur and will participate in the cricket concluding program at village Kharasura.

 From 3 pm to 3.30 pm, the village will depart from Kharasura to Ramnagar and will meet the workers at the house of Santosh Pavle, president tribal cell, Sujarpur. From 3.30 am to 4 pm, the college will depart from Ramnagar for the college group Surajpur and will be the chief guest at the concluding program of the cricket competition. From 4 pm to 6.30 pm, they will leave Surajpur for Baikunthpur, District Korea and will attend the swearing-in ceremony of District Advocate Association Baikunthpur. From 6.30 to 8.10, will leave for discussion from Baikunthpur and join the local program. From 8.10 to 9 o'clock, Baikunthpur district will depart from Korea for Vishrampur and meet the workers at Vikas Singh's residence. Bauripara, a place of abode from Vishrampur, will leave for Ambikapur.

Surajpur: Teachers Association submits memorandum to Bhatagaon MLA regarding his demands

Subhash Gupta

Surajpur: Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Surajpur submitted a memorandum to Bhatagaon MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Paras Nath Rajwade to raise the demands of teachers (LB cadre) including promotion, promotion, salary discrepancy, old pension mentioned in the public announcement letter in the budget session and to the Chief Minister. Seeking support with recommendations

Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Surajpur State General Secretary Ranjay Singh, District President Bhupesh Singh and other office bearers met Parliamentary Secretary of Chhattisgarh Government Parasnath Rajwade and handed over the copy of the public manifesto along with the demand letter and said that the public announcement letter of the government included the promotion, old pension Many demands have been made and there is a lot of demand that needs to be taken for the redressal. For this, the demand for raising the demands in the budget session of the Legislative Assembly and sending the demands to the Chief Minister along with the recommendations urged to take the initiative to fulfill the demands. On which the Parliamentary Secretary assured to fulfill the demands.

It is to be known that the teachers of LB cadre have not been promoted even once after 23 years of service, in the public announcement letter of the government it has been asked to implement it, but even after continuous demand, the authorities have not made a provision, similarly 28 thousand posts are vacant for promotion of assistant teachers, but the Education Department has not done any promotion, apart from salary anomaly, old pension, compassionate appointment, pending dearness allowance and additional service period from 2 years after merger in 2 years. Demand for fixation of pay giving weightage for the same is also pending.

Main demands

Promotion - Order of promotion should be made by assuming service period from the first appointment date,
Benefit has been given to the upper class by adding the service of the lower class of education workers, so the promotion order should be issued by providing the benefit for promotion by adding the earlier service period.

Promotion - Promotion is going on in all departments, it is known that thousands of posts of head reader are vacant in primary school, pre-secondary school, there is also a provision for promotion to the post of teacher, lecturer and principal, hence total educational service experience to LB cadre ( Pre-service) basis, it will lead to qualitative improvement in teaching system.

 Salary discrepancy - The salary of assistant teacher is less than that of lecturer and teacher, considering the primary education as special educational service, the pay scale of teacher and assistant teacher should be improved in proportion to the difference between the pay scale of lecturer and teacher and the teacher Pt / ni cadre. From 01/05/2013, the revised (equivalent) pay scale is issued with retrospective effect on determination of coefficient of 1.86 and the benefit of one weightage in 2 years has been given, ordering him to give 1 weightage in 1 year. Revise LPC is released.

 Retirement of old pension - Public declaration letter mentions action for restoration of old pension, so action should be taken to implement OPS (Old Pension Scheme) in place of NPS.

 Compassionate Appointment - On the pending case of Pt. Compassionate appointment should be granted.

 The order for dearness allowance pending from January 2019 should be issued soon.

  After merging in 02 years, the pay scale should be fixed giving weightage of additional service for 2 years.

        Among those who submitted the memorandum were Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Provincial General Secretary Ranjay Singh, District President Bhupesh Singh, Chandravijay Singh, Gaurishankar Pandey, Survind Gurjar, Nandkishore Sahu, Vijendra Sahu, Anil Chakradhari, Mukesh Mudaliar, Ramchandra Soni, Vijendra Sahu, Rahman Khan, Gauri Shankar Pandey. , Mithilesh Pathak, Motilal Rajwade, Satyapal Singh, Umesh Gurjar, Deepak Jha, Vijay Pathak, Chandrahas, Nand Kishore Sahu, Pitambar Marabi, Nagendra Singh, Vinod Keram, Chandra Dev Chakradhari, Rambaran Singh, Jitendra Pratap Singh, Rajesh Jaiswal, Dharmendra Bareth , Kusum Toppo, Suniti Kushwaha, Toshit Kushwaha, Roshan Gurjar, Phool Bai Ratre, Bodhan Ram Rajwade, Uttam Chandra Gurjar Shankar Jaiswal, Sobran, Silvina Kujur

Savita Singh, Rajahin Singh, Nand Kumar Singh Vartwari Paikra, Umesh Yadav, Lalan Sai, Mahendra Kumar Uike, Ramkisun Singh, Ram Sagar Jaiswal, Gulab Singh Dimension, Ashok Singh, Ramalakshman Singh, Ramlal, Reshma Toppo, Niranjani Singh, Dharmaraj Singh, Ganga Prasad, Shivratan Ram, Rakesh Gurjar, Ramesh Gurjar Roshan Gurjar, Chandrika Singh, Adeshwar Gurjar, Satyendra Gurjar, Indra Prasad Singh, Indrapal, Luv Kumar, Shiv Sharan Singh, Phulbai Ratre, Chandravati Singh, Seema Singh Hiraman, Rajudas, Tejuram Kamlesh Packra Sampat Singh, Suraj Mercam, Virendra Sahu, Sukhdev Singh, Sarju Prasad, Ramgovind, Puran Ram Rajwade, Daya Ram, Arvind Tiwari, Lalsay Andilya, Nanka Singh, Tarkeshwar Singh, Jitendra Nath Dubey, Anuj Rajwade, Tilak Dhari, Naushad Alam, Virender Packra, Vijay Yadav, Tekram, Mubarak Ali, Aditya Yadav, Dayanand Rajwade, Satyapal Singh, Govardhan Singh, Anil Chakradhari, Satish Kumar, Rupesh Rawat, Pankaj Singh, Gulab Dewangan, Kameshwar, Shriram Yadav, Vijendra Bharti, Uttam Rajwade, Bodhan Rajwade, Arvind Gupta, Lalkeshwar Rajwade, Sugriva Kushwaha, Dhirendra Kushwaha, Ramdev Packra, Arun Kumar, Arvind Singh, Sunil Kushwaha, Khir Rodhan Singh, Shyamlal Yadav, Rajesh Mishra, Tuleshwar Rajwade, Ranjit Singh, Sohan Kannaujia, Somnath Nagesia, Shibalal Patile, Harilal Ekka Manohar Khes, Ramkishun Singh, Ram

A girl said from CM Bhupesh Baghel in Choupal - I want to become secretary of TS Singh dev

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was listening to the problems of people by putting a four-wheeler in Keshvanar area of Surajpur district. At the same time a girl told the CM from such a thing that everyone heard laughing.

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh had reached Surajpur district on Tuesday. During this time, CM Baghel was listening to people's problems by using Choupal. Meanwhile, a young woman complained to the Chief Minister about not getting the benefits of the scheme. The girl argued that she is not married anymore. Therefore, he is not able to take advantage of this scheme. Laughing in surprise, CM Bazel also said, first you are looking for a bride. But the girl refused clear from the marriage itself. Then collector Deepak Soni offered to make the girl secretary of the Upper Committee. But the girl turned it down too. Then he talked about making CM a secretary from Panchayat minister

From CM Baghel, a girl said this thing

According to the information, the Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel, who arrived in Keshvanar area of ​​Surajpur on Tuesday, was busy with the villages. CM will see that the villagers in Chaupal were also apprising of the Chief Minister about their problems. In the meantime, as soon as a young woman told her problem, the entire environment was lost in the riots and the chief minister could not even stop her laugh. In fact, the 20-year-old girl, who arrived from Laturi village during the Choupal program, urged the Chief Minister to launch a new scheme in her area, but she has been expelled from the scheme due to being a Bachelor. Because of this, he has become unemployed.

On this matter of the young woman, the Chief Minister laughs laughing that first you find a suitable boy, then you get married. CM will see that the girl refused to marry on this. Upon hearing the girl's story, Deepak Soni, the collector present in Choupal said that you make the Lotto New Secretary of the Upper Committee. Upon hearing this matter of the collector, the young woman also said in a humorous manner that I do not have to be a secretary to become a secretary of Panchayat minister TS Singh Devi. On the matter of the girl, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and laughing with Panchayat Minister TS Sinhalel, the entire Choupal smiled and laughing.


Coaching of Spoken English free from April 1 Interested candidates will be able to register till one April

In the direction of Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / Collector Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, students of all the English learners, along with the students of the district administration Jashpur, are going to start free English spoken crash course from 01 April 2019. This crash course has a large number of participants registered themselves. Participants wishing to participate in the crash course can register themselves till 1 April.
For this course, all interested students, students, knock-down staff, household women and other interested citizens can also join this crash course. This crash course will be held from 1st April to 15th May, 45th, in accordance with the batch wise classes in the district library Jashpur. Participants participating in this crash-course will be present in the district library at Jashpur on April 01, the participants who have not been able to register will be able to register themselves directly in the District Library. On the opening day of the course, on April 01, the coaching classes will be made in the morning and evening shift by making the batch according to the convenience of the participants.
Principal of the resolution, Vinod Gupta, informed that at least 10th passed candidates can be included in the interested participants of all age groups. Vivek Pathak, the subject expert of the neo-resolution, along with other experts will be taught in spoken English crash-course. It is understood that a Crash Course is being organized in the District Library for preparation of the Chief Municipal Officer Examination. For free spoken English crash course, you can contact Neo-Resolution Office, District Library or Mobile Number 9479240003.

District level workshop on voter awareness was organized

Under the direction of Surajpur 27 March 2019 / State Election Officer's direction and guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Deepak Soni and District Sweep Nodal Officer, Mr. Ashwani Devangan, under the direction of Ashwani Deogan, District Livelyhud College Parri Surajpur special workshop under Votant Awareness Campaign Was organized. Assistant Project Officer Dinesh Kumar presented his views related to the franchise, all were administered the oath, among whom the students were Supriya Kushwaha, Jitendra Tiwari, Rahul Jaiswal, KU Nirmala, Kalyan Singh and Rameshwar Prajapati Sweep Samanoyak Mohan Sahu, Gaus Beg, Balendra Sahu All the staff / staff members of college management are present in the workshop



Voter machine is being demonstrated by holding a stall in Collectorate, Bus Stand and District Sessions Judge - new voters are keen to know VV Pat with great eagerness

Under the guidance of Surajpur 27 March 2019 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Deepak Soni and under the direction of Chief Executive Officer and Sweep District Nodal Officer Mr. Ashwani Devangan, under the direction of "No Voter Dismissed", Collectorate Complex in the District, Bus Stand Surajpur And in the District and Sessions Judge Surajpur, the EVM and VV Pat Voter Machine are being displayed by stalling With the passenger's big curiosity in the stand, the process of casting vote using the voting machines and the VV pat machine of the vote is the center of attraction for the logo, the same district and sessions court, the court officials and the general public amounts Being present, the voter is looking at the process of voting through the machine, understand that the same in the Collectorate office The persons and authorities are using Votig machine by employees. Voter awareness campaigns are being carried out in the district with wide spread in the district, with a 'Running Ganga Vote' tag line.

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