School children of tribal zones will now be able to digest their future

School children of tribal zones will now be able to digest their future

A smart class exercise has been started in Sarakri schools of Kondagaon district in Chhattisgarh. After the start of the smart class, the school children of the tribal zones will now be able to build their future by studying from the smart class. Explain that to increase the level of education in the district, children will be taught through the smart class i.e. projector in government schools.

For this, 40 higher secondary schools in the highway have been selected, where there is a network facility in some way. In order to start the smart class, collector Nilkanth Tayikam said that a teacher from the control room will be able to study the 40 school children, which will be uniform in the level of education.

Explain that many schools in the district have lack of specialist specialist teachers. While the teacher is feeling confident about the fact that his students will no longer feel the teacher's lack. Kasturba School Principal Dinesh Shukla said that smart class is a good option to overcome the shortage of teachers. Additionally, children with a similar study can make a better future.

At the same time, there is a lot of curiosity in the students' classrooms regarding the smart class. Students are also very happy about this. Now he will be taught with new technology and his studies will be completed during the time. As well as reading with the other school children, they will continue to compete with them.

There are a total of 150 high schools in the district, in which 88 schools have network problems. District Education Officer Rajesh Mishra said that only those schools have been selected, where there is network connectivity. As the network facilities will be available, the rest of the schools will also be linked to the smart class.


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