World Environment Day : Conserve environment to lead healthy life: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today greeted the citizens of the state on World Environment Day on Tuesday June 5th. In a message released on the eve of World Environment Day, Dr. Raman Singh mentioned that for the survival of human life and plant life healthy environment is a prerequisite. He appealed to the citizens of the State to contribute their mite in safeguarding environment. Chief Minister said that due to rapid industrialization and urbanization there is degradation of environment. There is a serious threat of 'Global Warming' allover planet earth. Weather cycle is turning topsy turvy. At some places there is unseasonal rains and at some drought. The citizens should go in for afforestation and protect environment. There is a need for clean canals, rivers and wells . There is a need for spreading awareness regarding healthy environment. 


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