Instead of studying online, he kept playing the game with a loan, when he could not repay, the friend murdered, know what is the whole matter

Instead of studying online, he kept playing the game with a loan, when he could not repay, the friend murdered, know what is the whole matter

Covid-19 is a mobile in the hands of every child during the transition and parents and parents are understanding that the child is absorbed in studies but many children are playing online games fiercely. One such horror news has come out from Raigad in Chhattisgarh where a minor lost his life in an online game affair. The minor had taken a loan of 75,000 due to online games and when he could not repay the loan, the borrower killed him. It is being told that the parents of the minor work in Jammu and Kashmir and the mother does not know much about the mobile. Mother used to think that her son is studying online but he used to play online games and he had taken a loan for that too.

Police found the body of a missing person in Kosir police station area of ​​Raigarh. The minor Lakshendra alias Lucky Khunte, who was missing from the village High Court, was murdered by his close friend Chavan Khunte. About 5 days old corpse of the minor was recovered from a deserted ravine about 3 km from the village on the footpath way to visit the village High Bose Kosir. The deceased and the accused held a liquor party on the evening of March 10, after which there was a dispute about the old borrowed money of about 75 thousand rupees and other things. After this there was a lot of quarrel between the two and then accused Chavan Khunte stabbed the deceased's neck in front with a sharp blade. Fearing being caught after the murder, the accused hid the dead body in a deserted place in the field.

Online gaming became the reason for murder
Due to online gaming, the minor was drowned in debt and borrowed from the accused. After the report was lodged with the police, the accused sent the message of the demand of money from the minor's mobile to his mobile and the father of the missing young man to create a story of kidnapping in order to trick the police. So that the attention of the police does not go to him. He kept pretending to cooperate with the police for the next two days as well as engaged in searching other people. On the day of her disappearance, a gramine was seen going somewhere with the accused. Also in the CCTV received, a video of the accused being with the said minor was found.

On March 11, a case of kidnapping was registered by Vishram Khunte, the grandfather of the kidnapped missing youth. After this, the police registered a case and started the investigation. The police team camped in Kosir and continuously monitored the right aspects of the episode. Not only this, the Raigarh Police formed a separate team to interrogate the matter quickly, who interrogated all the friends of the abducted relatives. Police questioned this case on every angle family dispute, land dispute, love affair, money transaction and kidnapping activities etc. Not only this, the call details and CCTV footage of many people were also investigated continuously by cyber cell.

Based on the questioning, call details and CCTV footage to the police, the role of accused Chavan was suspected. At the same time, the kidnapped boy was also seen with the accused by an eyewitness. On all the above grounds, the accused was constantly misled by the accused who was interrogated by the accused. On strict interrogation, the accused confessed his crime. Chavan Lal Khunte, father of the accused, Jagatram Khunte, aged 25 years, after finding out the unknown accused within 5 days of the incident, on the basis of the memorandum statement of the resident high body, the body of the missing youth and also the blade and vehicle used for killing in the incident. Got it.


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