Raipur: After the instructions of the Chief Minister, the prices of vegetables decreased, the arrivals in the mandis increased: smooth supply, farmers started going to break the vegetables.

Raipur: After the instructions of the Chief Minister, the prices of vegetables decreased, the arrivals in the mandis increased: smooth supply, farmers started going to break the vegetables.

Due to reduced arrival of vegetables in the mandis in the early days of the lockdown caused by Corona virus infection, the problem of rising prices and low availability is now completely over. The Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, had given permission to operate goods carrier vehicles engaged in the supply of essential commodities in a smooth manner. Since then, adequate quantity of vegetables has started reaching the shops of retailers of fruits and vegetables including wholesale mandis. Other green vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, chillies, coriander, okra, cabbage, brinjals are also available in plentiful markets.

    According to the order of the Chief Minister, the district collector had met the wholesale traders from the retailers selling the vegetables and had given necessary instructions to the officers to overcome their problems and maintain adequate supply of vegetables and fruits. Permission to run vegetable and ration freight trains is an important decision taken in the interest of common citizens. Now, the residents of the district administration are easily reaching the markets and buying vegetables, fruits etc. during the time fixed by the district administration. Prices of vegetables and fruits are also completely under control due to increased arrivals. For the last 10 days, potatoes have been sold in the market for 20 to 25 rupees, onion 30 to 35 rupees and other green vegetables at controlled prices. In the early days of lockdown, due to less arrival, tomato prices had reached Rs 50 kg, which has now come down to Rs 20 to 25 kg. The district administration is vigilant and serious to ensure supply of essential commodities to the people and due to constant monitoring in the markets, the prices of milk, fruits, vegetables have not increased unnecessarily and black marketing and profiteering are also completely under control.

    Rail, road and all means of transport are closed due to the lockdown implemented till 14 April in India due to the worldwide infection of Corona virus. Only transportation of essential commodities is allowed. According to the instructions of the state administration, the flow of fruits and vegetables has increased in the fruit-vegetable mandis of the districts due to facilitating the transportation of vegetables, fruits, milk and allowing the farmers and laborers associated with it to go to the fields. The shopping people are expressing their gratitude to the Chhattisgarh government, expressing happiness over getting sufficient quantity of vegetables. Wholesalers in the city's vegetable markets are now pasting the wholesale price rate list outside the shop. Due to which the Chillhar vegetable seller coming from far away has no problem in shopping and there is also relief in profiteering in the prices of vegetables.

    Bulk vegetable sellers told that sufficient quantity of vegetables is coming into the market and there is no restriction on the trains engaged in transporting vegetables and the laborers are also going to work till the farm. Due to which the supply of vegetables in the city remains adequate. During the lockdown implemented in the state, the state government has taken many relief measures to ensure that the supply of essential commodities remains to the people and no person remains hungry. All transportation services have been discontinued by the state government for the prevention and control of corona virus. But to ensure that access to essential commodities remains in sufficient quantity to the common people, the supply of essential commodities has been allowed to be transported by taking necessary measures to prevent the corona virus and farmers, laborers by making certain distance in the fields of vegetables and crops and Instructions have been given to work in the fields by taking adequate precautions.


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