Families brought the tortured woman to a two kilometer kanvad in childbirth, the birth of a child on the way

Families brought the tortured woman to a two kilometer kanvad in childbirth, the birth of a child on the way

This case also becomes bigger. Because in Sarguja district, two ministers of Chhattisgarh government (Chhattisgarh Govt.) Including Health Minister have permanent residence.

The tribal main district of Chhattisgarh (Sarguja) in Sarguja district is as beautiful in terms of tourism as it is backward in the name of health care. In the last one week, photographs from four different villages have brought the reality of the Health Department to the surface. All these matters also become bigger. Because two ministers, including the health minister, have permanent accommodation in this district.

On the 9th of this month, a woman who was moaning with labor pen was carried for three kilometers in a stretcher of jugaad through a wild path. Then she got the Ambulance Mahtari Express and was able to reach the hospital. After this, a viral video on Sunday last has raised questions on the functioning of the health department. This time too, 22-year-old Dhaneshwari had to wait for an hour and a half after Mahtari Express after delivery of Mainpat, and when her family came to know about the arrival of Mahtari Express, then she got two kilometers on the way. Carrying was carried in Kanwar and when it reached the ambulance after one and a half hours. By then it was late.

Birth of a child on the way
Due to poor route, the woman gave birth to the child in the Mahtari Express before reaching the hospital. Here, after the fourth such incident in a week, the statement of the Health Minister is also shocking. Because if they believe, then they know through the media that where there are villages without access. After the stir in the case, Health Minister TS Singhdev said that he was not aware of this incident. Now work is being done to improve the system.

Ambulance had to push
There are still more inaccessible villages like Panahi Pakni, Karamaha, in Surguja district. Well, even after the woman left the ambulance, the pain of the family members of the woman suffering from childbirth did not reduce. Because after boarding Dhaneshwari in the ambulance, the family also had to push in the junk ambulance. Here is the fourth case of suffering from snakebite to childbirth. Which has come up in the same mainpat development block of the district. Therefore, the opposition BJP has accused the administration and the government of not doing better monitoring for such cases being constantly exposed. BJP state minister Anurag Singhdev said that if the system does not improve soon, the movement will be done.


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