Lok Sabha elections 2019: BJP will be able to win the hat-trick of this seat?

Lok Sabha elections 2019: BJP will be able to win the hat-trick of this seat?

In the reserved Lok Sabha seat for the only SC category of Chhattisgarh, there is a complete possibility of contesting the contest in Janjgir-Champa. In the Janjgir-Champa Lok Sabha seat, besides the BJP, Congress, BSP has also lost its fate. BSP, Congress and BJP all have declared their candidates in this seat. Significantly, the BJP has changed the two-time Kamla Devi Patlal, and has thrown Juharam Ajghle into the ground. At the same time Congress has new faces Ravishhekhar Bhadwaj and BSP from Daruram Ratnakar Ground. The BJP has bet on the new face by not giving tickets to its current MP Kamla Devi Patale.

In the Janjgir-Champa seat, BJP has won two successive elections. But after the defeat in the assembly elections, the BJP's hat-trick is not easy to see. In this BJP-occupied parliamentary seat, the Congress vote share has been the highest in the assembly elections. After this, the BSP-JCCJ and the BJP behind it. This Lok Sabha seat is one of the only seats of the reserved reserved for SC category. Regardless, its BJP is claiming to win this seat. BJP spokesperson Sachchidanand Upasena says that this seat has full potential for triangular struggle. Its benefits will be given to the BJP only.

Details of the votes cast in the Assembly elections


Year    Congress    BJP      BSP

2009    214931     302142   175979
2014    343948     518909   125617
2018    593596     483770   488085


Janjgir-Champa parliamentary constituency comes in 8 assembly seats, in which 4 Congress, 2 BJP and 2 are held by BSP. The Congress's rise in the vote share of the 2018 Assembly elections has been huge. The Congress has fielded Ravishhekhar Bharadwaj and BJP from Guharmam Ajgale and BSP has fielded Daruram Ratnakar in the election. All the parties are fighting for their victory.

PCC spokesman Ghanshyam Raju Tiwari says that Congress is constantly working for all sections. Our candidate will have the advantage. Congress will win 11 seats in 11 Lok Sabha seats. At the same time BSP state president Hemant Piyam says that we are preparing well in the field. S-two seats and on which we are foaming. We are comfortable with our victory.


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