Chief Electoral Officer will talk directly to voters on Facebook

Chief Electoral Officer will talk directly to voters on Facebook

Raipur : Chief Election Officer Subrata Sahu will communicate directly with the social media platform Facebook on March 15 with the citizens. By staying live on the Facebook page of the Chief Electoral Office office, they will solve the electoral questions regarding voters. At the same time, they will also answer the questions asked by the voters. Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu will also give information on the activities of the Lok Sabha elections and the new experiments being done by the Election Commission.

In the meantime, while keeping alert to civilians, they will also provide information about the C-vijil mobile applications to be used to directly complain to the violation of the Code of Conduct.They will be live on the Facebook page of the CEO's office from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, 15th March.The citizens of the state can also register their inquiries and questions on the Facebook page before the said period.

It is notable that Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu Bhagat has also communicated with social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter with common citizens during Vidhan Sabha elections.During this time the voters enthusiastically asked him questions and solved their curiosity. This direct dialogue is being effective in making better access among voters and motivating them to vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha election under Voter Awareness Program.This Facebook Live by the Social Media Wing of the Chief Electoral Office office has appealed to all the voters of the state to participate in maximum number of participants.





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