Organized for organizing Legal Awareness Camp in Government Higher Secondary School, Nawapara Art

Organized for organizing Legal Awareness Camp in Government Higher Secondary School, Nawapara Art

Surajpur 30 Jan

According to the information received from the Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi, in the direction of District and Sessions Judge Mr. DL katakwar, a legal awareness camp was organized on January 29, 2019, at Government Higher Secondary School, Nawapara Art.

In the above camp, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi said in his excellence that the Legal Services Authority, in a comprehensive way, resolved the problems of the common man with the problems related to justice, from the Taluka level to the Supreme Court. Providing free legal assistance is providing people with accessible and cheap justice.

But in the absence of information, people are still unable to take advantage of the free feature. Describing the functioning of the District Legal Services Authority and the State Legal Service Authority and the National Legal Services Authority and the legal advice of free legal aid, he said that the men and women belonging to the general category and backward classes whose annual income is not more than one lakh fifty thousand, leaving them Tax women,The child, the flood victims, the crazy person, a Scheduled Caste tribe person is eligible for free legal aid. Shri Tripathi informed about gender crimes in connection with the Protection of Children Act 2012 and said that keeping in view the rising gender crimes with the children, the constitution has been tightened by amending the Constitution.

He told that earlier girls were in the category of crime-teasing etc., but now the girl is going to see it with a bad eye after pursuing it without having to send a message through mobile or other medium to disturb the girl in the category of crime in the law. Come on, which are non-existent. They told that rape happens with teenage girls,So now the judge has the right to give him life imprisonment or death sentence. While giving detailed information regarding the Indian Penal Code 363, 366, 376, giving examples of crimes against electronic media (cyber crime) instructed children to be cautious and the Right to Information Act, the Prevention of Child Labor Act The information given to children is given in detail.

In the camp, PLV Shri Satya Narayan Singh told about the Tonehi torture act and said that in the name of superstition like Tonehi in Chhattisgarh, women are being tortured and tortured till their assassinations, they said that many thugs in the name of Tonio - Panda, Baba's shop is going on,Those who are pursuing their superstition like Tonehi in society are running their business. While it is non-bailable offense to identify tonehi in the name of Tonehi in the name of Tonehi or in the name of Tonehi, even then in the name of blind faith like Tonehi, women's murders and torture can be seen in papers, mainly due to rural There is a lack of education and awareness in the areas.He gave information about the services of Motor Vehicles Act, Domestic Violence, Sanchi Forest Stop Center in detail.

In the above camp, Mrs Hemant Singh, Principal of Navapara Arts, PLV Shri Umesh Kumar Rajwade, Teacher Degree Mr. Vikash Kumar Minj, Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Smt. Devendra Kumari, Savitri Kanwar, Sunchan Bharadwaj, Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Radheshyam Kiran were present.





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