Inter departmental cricket competition collector made excitement of players

Inter departmental cricket competition collector made excitement of players

Bemetara 19 Jan

Inter-departmental cricket competition is being organized between January 14 and January 25, 2019 between the officers and employees of different departments in District Bemetra. Collector Mahadev Kaware reached the sports ground in Kobia this morning and saw the match of the cricket competition and encouraged the players. On this occasion, the Departmental Officer Revenue DN Kashyap, Executive Engineer PHE Examined Chadhi was also present. Final match will take place on 25th January.

He said that in the bank accounts, the location of the district in base siding should be in the tape ten. For this information about the basis of siding in NREGA accounts, from the district panchayats, CCB. In the accounts of farmers in the accounts of the farmers, the basis of the basis of the information of the basis of siding, from the cooperative banks and the Land Records, the basis of information of base synding on the basis of the synding, also suggesting the basis of the synding.

Collector XI vs PHE Department, Mahatma Gandhi NREGA vs Public Works Department and Final Combat Health Department vs Municipality Council Bemetara. The result of today's match was defeated by the Agriculture Department. In the second match, Collector XI defeated the Public Health Mechanics Department. Mahatma NREGA overturned the Public Works Department.




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