Revenue and Police Department officials make better sense   Will Election Work - Collector

Revenue and Police Department officials make better sense   Will Election Work - Collector

Training provided to the officers of revenue and police departments as necessary guidelines
Revenue and Police Department officials jointly concluded

In relation to preparations for preparations for Mahamasamund, September 14, 2018 / upcoming Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, in the meeting room of District Office, here today, gave a detailed meeting of the officials of the Revenue and Police Department. Besides, training was also provided to the officials of revenue and police department. During this time, the Superintendent of Police Mr. Santosh Singh was specially present. In the meeting, the collector said that during the coming assembly elections 2018, revenue and police officers will work better with the elections by creating better harmony. For this, the officials of both the sections continued to interact with each other. When any incident related to the election and the facts unfold, make sure to deal with co-ordination while sharing with each other. Maintain communication and continuous communication for better cooperation and synergy. Make sure to create a WatUP group on reading the requirement. Once the Model Code of Conduct is started, they will be sure to follow them.
The collector said that during elections, permission will be required in the editing of many works, it will have to take action to give it within stipulated time. On the basis of the provisions and experiences, the process of independent and impartial election will be completed. He said that the boundaries of the district are connected to the bounds of other states, especially in these areas, action will be taken in the areas of coordination between police, revenue and excise department officials. Apart from this, mutual coordination is necessary to send the police force along with the polling parties. Superintendent of Police Mr. Santosh Singh said that as soon as the Model Code of Conduct is applicable, the relationship between the revenue and police officers should be complementary to each other and be sure to take action against each other accordingly. To maintain continuous dialogue between each other, formal and informal relations should be maintained between the two officers.
In the joint meeting of the revenue and police department officials, officers were trained in relation to elections, they were held along with Sector Officers, polling stations of four assembly constituencies, number of voters, master trainers till now. Various actions were conveyed. It was informed in the meeting that VV Pat is being performed along with EVM machine in the district. Physical verification of polling stations has been done. Apart from this, Sweep's work is also being implemented for the purpose of increasing the voting percentage. Vigilance and scholarships were printed in schools and colleges. Detailed information was given regarding the Model Code of Conduct during the training. It also explained in detail the use of vehicles, use of loudspeakers, timings for them, meetings, gatherings including bulk sms, poster banners etc. Along with the introduction of Model Code of Conduct, information was given in detail on property deformation, use of vehicles and various other topics. It was also informed about the suggestions, solutions and facilities in the meeting. Apart from this, the cases of foreclosure cases were also instructed to take action. In the meeting, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, SDM Sarai Pali, Mrs Nupur Rani Panna, Joint Collector Mr. Shivkumar Tiwari besides the officials of Revenue and Police Department were present.


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