Debt bondage has been described by the United Nations as a form of modern day slavery

Debt bondage has been described by the United Nations as a form of modern day slavery

Kolhapur, Maharastra ( Kishor Abitkar). Debt bondage has been described by the United Nations as a form of "modern day slavery" and the Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery seeks to abolish the practice.

The practice is still prevalent primarily in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, although most countries in these regions are parties to the Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery. 

It is predicted that 84 to 88% of the bonded labourers in the world are in South Asia. Lack of prosecution or insufficient punishment of this crime are the leading causes of the practice as it exists at this scale today.

In Kolhapur district well known for progressive thoughts is not aware how Shankaracharya Math of Karveer is still practicing it.

For 3 generations farmers in Darvad a village near Gargoti have to serve like sheduled cast people in Kolhapur Math. When they refused Shankaracharya leaved on each family fine of Rs.30000.

This is reality of a village which is adopted by Revinue minister of Maharashtra. So no collector or S.P. dares to take any action. Even a tahsil P.I. refuses to register a complain.This was told to press by a social activist Dr. Subhash Desai from Gargoti here today.

Sharad Kalaskar’s statement is part of the 9,235-page additional charge-sheet filed by the SIT in November before a special court in Bengaluru. It details how he and Vaibhav Raut, a key accused in Nallasopara arms haul case met Punalekar at his office in Fort, Mumbai, in June-July 2018.

Kalaskar has told SIT that Rishikesh Deodikar alias Murali, another key member of the outfit and who is still at large, had instructed them to do so after Amol Kale’s arrest in May 2018 (Kale was the commander of the group that was targeting ‘evildoers’. Police say his arrest sparked panic a month the remaining members.)

Rajasthan Congress begins exercise to pick Lok Sabha candidates

Rajasthan Congress begins exercise to pick Lok Sabha candidates

Jaipur: After its success in the recent Rajasthan Assembly elections, the Congress here has begun seeking feedback from workers in each constituency to pick candidates for the Lok Sabha polls. This is being done through a series of meetings being held in the state capital. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said the party’s state leadership is inviting workers to discuss the upcoming elections.

“We are trying to understand their feelings and will collectively select nominees for the Lok Sabha elections. The final decision will be taken by the party high command,” Gehlot told reporters. Gehlot claimed there is no doubt that the party will win all 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

Party office bearers on Wednesday held a meeting with workers of Chittorgarh Lok Sabha constituency, reports PTI.
The meeting was held at the chief minister’s residence and also attended by deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot and Rajasthan in-charge of the All India Congress Committee, Avinash Pandey.

26 children shortlisted for national award 2019: WCD

26 children shortlisted for national award 2019: WCD

New Delhi: The Women and Child Development Ministry has shortlisted 26 children for the national award this year for their exceptional achievement in the fields of innovation, sports, arts, social service, or any other area deserving recognition, according to an official statement. In the past, the National Bravery Awards were organised by an NGO named Indian Council for Child Welfare, reports PTI.

Recently, the financial integrity of the ICCW was questioned by the Delhi High Court during the hearings of a writ petition, the statement of the WCD Ministry said. In view of this, the government dissociated itself from the ICCW and revamped the scheme of the National Awards for children last year to include bravery as an additional component in the Pradhan Mantri National Children Awards, the statement said.

Under the present format, awards will be given in two categories of Bal Shakti Puruskar to individuals and Bal Kalyan Puraskar for institutions or individuals working for children. The WCD Ministry has shortlisted 26 awardees, including one joint award for the National Child Award (now renamed as Bal Shakti Puraskar), under the category of innovation, scholastic, sports, art and culture, social service and bravery. A total of 783 applications were received for the Baal Shakti Puruskar this year. The National Selection Committee also finalised the names of two individuals and three institutions under the National Child Welfare Awards category.

BJP amassed over Rs 437 crore in donations

BJP amassed over Rs 437 crore in donations

written by Agencies January 17, 2019 10:07 am New Delhi: The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has got over 93 per cent of all the donations of above Rs 20,000 received by national political parties, during 2017-18, pocketing Rs 437.04 crore of the total Rs 469.89 crore donated by corporates and individuals. According to a report by election watchdog, the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a total of 4,201 donations of above Rs 20,000, amounting to Rs 469.89 crore were declared by the seven national parties for the year.

Of the total donations, BJP got the lion’s share with 2,977 donations followed by the Congress which has declared receiving Rs 26.658 crore, reports IANS. The total donations received by the BJP is more than 12 times the aggregate declared by the rest of the national parties – Congress (INC), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Communist Party of India (CPI), Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) and All India Trinamool Congress (AITC).

The total donations of the national parties, during the year dipped by Rs 119.49 crore from the previous year. The BJP’s donations have decreased by 18 per cent from Rs 532.27 crore it received in 2016-17 while the Congress’ donations decreased from Rs 41.90 crore in 2016-17 to Rs 26.658 crore during 2017-18. The Mayawati-led BSP declared that it did not receive any donations above Rs 20,000 during the year.It is mandatory for political parties to provide details of all donations of more than Rs 20,000 to the Election Commission annually.

Of the total donations, 1,361 amounting to Rs 422.04 crore were made by corporate/business sectors while 2772 individual donors donated Rs 47.12 crore in the year. The CPI-M garnered Rs 2.75 crore from 196 donations, while the NCP collected Rs 2.08 crore through 42 donations. The CPI got Rs 1.14 crore from 176 donations while Trinamool Congress got Rs 20 lakh from 33 donations.


Raipur: Prime Minister Shri Modi congratulated the Chief Minister Shri Baghel on the occasion of Prime Minister Mr. Modi's visit to Chief Minister Shri Baghel.

Raipur: Prime Minister Shri Modi congratulated the Chief Minister Shri Baghel on the occasion of Prime Minister Mr. Modi's visit to Chief Minister Shri Baghel.

On the arrival of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today at the Swami Vivekananda Airport (Maa) of the capital Raipur, Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel presented a floral greetings and received his sincere welcome. On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi congratulated and congratulated Chief Minister Shri Bijel on the new government for his leadership. After the formation of a new government under the leadership of Shri Baghel in the state, Prime Minister Shri Modi arrived for the first time in Chhattisgarh. The Chief Minister welcomed the people of the region.
    It is notable that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi arrived in New Delhi from Odisha on special aircraft during the morning and reached Swami Vivekananda Airport at the place considered as the capital of Raipur and after a brief stay, the Indian Air Force helicopter left for Balangir (Odisha) here. . The Prime Minister will arrive in the afternoon from Helicopter to Raipur and leave for a special aircraft from Trivandrum (Kerala).
     Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, Rajya Sabha MP Ramvichar Netam, Former Speaker Mr. Dharamlal Kaushik and Mr. Gaurishankar Agarwal, Former Minister Mr. Brij Mohan Agarwal and Mr. Rajesh Moonat, Chief Secretary Mr. Sunil Kumar Kujur, Director General of Police, Shri D.M. Awasthi, Raipur Division Commissioner Shri G.R. Other people including Chief Inspector of Churendra, Raipur range Mr. Anand Chhavda, collector Dr. Basavaraju S., Superintendent of Police Mrs. Neethu Kamal welcomed the Prime Minister Mr. Modi on the airport.

Congress sees telecom scam, cites Comptroller and Auditor General

Congress sees telecom scam, cites Comptroller and Auditor General

New Delhi: The Congress on Monday dug out a Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report tabled in Parliament last Tuesday and clubbed it with two earlier CAG reports to expose a massive Rs 69,381-crore telecom spectrum scam of the Modi government.

The latest in the series of telecom scams is the allotment of the microwave spectrum to the private businesses on “first come, first serve basis” rather than through auction, thus flagrantly violating the 2012 Supreme Court judgment in the 2G case, Congress spokesman Pawan Khera told a press conference here.

He ridiculed Prime Minister Modi’s boast in the BJP national council meeting here on Saturday that there is not a single allegation of corruption against his government despite the Rafale scam and many other scandals, the latest being the serious strictures by the CAG on his government for causing a massive losses to the government in the telecom business.
“It is not our allegation. It is the CAG’s reports that speak volumes on how the Modi government keeps promoting interests of the crony capitalists at the nation’s cost,” Khera said.

He said there is not one telecom scam but three scams in a row which the Modi government will have to explain in the light of the CAG slap. The first exposed by the CAG is the loss of Rs 560 crore to the public exchequer in not auctioning the microwave (MW) spectrums in 2015.

The second scam exposed by the Congress on the basis of an earlier CAG report was how the Modi government surreptitiously protected interests of the leading telecom companies by helping them avoid the rightful payments to the exchequer, thus facilitating a staggering Rs 45,000 crore plus of public money buried under the carpet.

The third spectrum is the unilateral and surreptitious way the government deferred the recovery of the spectrum auction amount by six years, causing an interest loss of Rs 23,821 alone to the public exchequer. “If we extrapolate the total cost to the people of India in these three spectrum scams by the Modi government, the country has lost a staggering amount of R 69,381 crore and the ruling BJP’s select cronies have been benefited,” Khera said, asserting that the CAG’s observations on the huge revenue loss is a testimony to the BJP government’s “crony policies,” in squandering away the nation’s wealth in favour of a select few.

He said the Modi government acted as a willful collaborator with its select cronies from among 101 applicants and artfully violated the Supreme Court”s 2012 ruling that “while transferring or alienating the natural resources, the State is duty-bound to adopt the method of auction by giving wide publicity so that all eligible persons can participate in the process.” Khera pointed out that the UPA government got a DoT order issued on 29.01.2011 that “in future, the spectrum will not be bundled with licence and spectrum will be made available only through market driven process.”

He said the CAG has faulted the Modi government for “no level field provided” by allowing the initial telecom spectrum providers (TSPs) to hold administratively allotted excess MWA carriers and allotment of MWA to one applicant in December 2015. He said: “CAG also found that Modi Govt”s telecom department had used an old method to collect some of the spectrum charges instead of the new method–which is based on revenue-sharing.”

The auditor also found the Cabinet had decided on 21.01.2015 for waiver of the spectrum charges on the defence department, but no such waiver for defence forces has been approved till date. Khera asked three fundamental questions to the government in this regard.

They are: 1. Whether it is a grotesque breach of public trust by BJP Government, which, in the past, had made a notional loss pegged by CAG in telecom sector into a major issue of transparency and corruption? 2. Whether BJP Government is acting as a willful collaborator with the select corporate entities in artfully violating the Feb 2012 Supreme Court judgment which makes it mandatory to auction spectrum? 3. Who benefits from this new ”governance model” of BJP Government? Is it not causing a loss of Rs. 69,381 Cr to the people of India?

Kumbh Mela 2019 starts with Shahi Snan in Uttar Pradesh

Kumbh Mela 2019 starts with Shahi Snan in Uttar Pradesh

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh): Amid tight security, the 55-day long Kumbh Mela commenced with the Shahi Snan of Akharas at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. Security measures have been heightened in Prayagraj and surrounding areas for the auspicious occasion.

Besides saints and seers, foreign tourists have also started coming to attend the event. On Monday, Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan had launched special weather services for Kumbh Mela at a function in New Delhi which will provide information about the prevailing weather condition and forecasts to the people visiting Prayagraj during Kumbh Mela.  “We have started a checking campaign in view of the Kumbh Mela. Government Railway Police (GRP), Civil Police, Railway Protection Force (RPF) among others conducted the checking,” Arvind Kumar, Station Officer- Government Railway Police, earlier said.

Automatic weather stations, mobile app for Kumbh Mela launched
The Kumbh Mela  is the largest human congregation in the world, with over 130 million pilgrims expected to participate in the festival with the belief that taking a dip in the holy water of Ganges River will pave the way for their salvation and would rid them of their sins. In the wake of the mega event, the Indian Railways had last week announced five special trains to handle the extra rush of passengers.

A superfast special train between Allahabad Jn. and Delhi’s Anand Vihar Terminal will make a total of 24 round trips between the two terminal stations between January 15 and March 3. It will stop only at Fatehpur, Kanpur Central and Aligarh Jn. stations in both the directions. The railways will also run trains from Punjab’s Bathinda to the Prayag Ghat (4 trips), from Bathinda to Phaphamau (2 trips), from Himachal Pradesh’s Amb Andaura to Prayag Ghat (6 trips) and from Chandigarh to Prayag Ghat (6 trips).

The streets of Prayagraj have become a canvas for artists as many murals with various themes are being painted. An area of 20 lakh sq.ft area, has been designated for the street art projects under an initiative by Kumbh Mela Authority called ‘Paint my city.’ The initiative is being supported by the Prayagraj Mela Pradhikaran of the Uttar Pradesh Government to beautify the city before the onset of Kumbh 2019. Paintings include renowned Indian personalities, Gods and Goddesses For the visitors of Mela, the administration has put up 1.22 lakh toilets in line with the theme of ‘Swachh Kumbh, Surakshit Kumbh.’ In order to meet the drinking water needs of devotees, the Kumbh Mela authority has also installed a total of 50 reverse osmosis (RO) water ATMs at various locations. More than 40,000 street lights have also been put up to avoid any kind of inconvenience to the pilgrim during nights. The Kumbh Mela will end on March 4.

Bhima-Koregaon case: Goa professor gets 4 weeks for pre-arrest bail

Bhima-Koregaon case: Goa professor gets 4 weeks for pre-arrest bail

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday granted interim protection from arrest for four weeks to Prof Anand Teltumbde of Goa’s Institute of Management arraigned in the Bhima-Koregaon violence on January 1 2018. The Bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Ashok Bhushan and Sanjay Kishan Kaul asked Dr Teltumbde “to seek regular/pre-arrest bail from the competent authority, if so advised.” It passed the order on being told by the professor’s senior counsel Kapil Sibbal the interim protection against arrest granted to him on October 15 was valid until this Friday (January 18).

Anand Teltumbde had come in appeal against the Bombay High Court dismissing his writ petition on December 21, dismissing his petition on the ground it won’t interfere when the investigation is still in progress to allow the investigating agency have sufficient opportunity to collect evidence.

The HC had turned down his pleas he had nothing to do with Elgar Parishad nor with the banned CPI (Maoist) group that incited the violence and he was in Goa at the time in the last week of December 2017 and first week of January 2018. It relied on police claim the prof was same person known in CPI(M) as Anand, Comrade Anand and AnantT who had allegedly received “90T” from Surendra through one Milind for the violence.

The HC had also rejected his plea he had stressed in an article on 02.01.2018, submitted on 31.12.2017, whose tenor runs contrary to views expressed in Elgar Parishad. He had written the soldiers fought for employers in the battle between Peshwas and British and the caste of soldiers was never an issue, in contrast to the Elgar Parishad celebrating it as a win of Dalits in the battle.

His lawyer had stressed in the HC his locked house in Goa was raided in August 2018 but nothing was seized nor has he been called since he got the interim bail or seized anything from him as the case is falsely built against him on the basis of recoveries from others.

1984 anti-Sikh riots: Supreme Court notice to CBI on Sajjan Kumar’s appeal

1984 anti-Sikh riots: Supreme Court notice to CBI on Sajjan Kumar’s appeal

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday issued notice to the CBI on former Congress leader Sajjan Kumar’s appeal against his conviction in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case.

A bench comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Ashok Bhushan and S K Kaul also issued notice on Kumar’s bail plea. Kumar, 73, surrendered before a trial court here on December 31, 2018 to serve his sentence in accordance with the Delhi High Court’s December 17 judgement, which convicted and sent him to prison for the “remainder of his natural life”.

The case in which Kumar was convicted and sentenced relates to the killing of five Sikhs in Delhi Cantonment’s Raj Nagar Part-I area of southwest Delhi on November 1-2, 1984 and the burning down of a gurudwara. The riots broke out after the assassination of then prime minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984, by her two Sikh bodyguards.

Kumar resigned from the Congress after his conviction in the case. The high court found Kumar guilty of criminal conspiracy and abetment in commission of crimes of murder, promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of communal harmony and defiling and destruction of a gurudwara. It also upheld the conviction and varying sentences awarded by a trial court to five others — former Congress councillor Balwan Khokhar, retired naval officer Captain Bhagmal, Girdhari Lal and former MLAs Mahender Yadav and Kishan Khokhar.

In its judgment, the high court noted that over 2,700 Sikhs were killed in the national capital during the 1984 riots, which it described as a “carnage of unbelievable proportions”. It said the riots were a “crime against humanity” perpetrated by those who enjoyed “political patronage” and aided by an “indifferent” law enforcement agency. The high court set aside the trial court’s 2010 verdict, which had acquitted Kumar in the case.

Is Nirmala Sitharaman giving Pakistan clean chit on Uri, Pathankot attacks, asks Chidambaram

Is Nirmala Sitharaman giving Pakistan clean chit on Uri, Pathankot attacks, asks Chidambaram

New Delhi: Attacking Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for claiming that no major terror attack took place since the BJP came to power at the Centre in 2014, senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram on Monday questioned her if she was giving a clean chit to Pakistan in the 2016 Pathankot and Uri attacks.

Saradha chit fund scam: CBI files charge sheet against P Chidambaram’s wife Nalini
In a series of tweets, the former Finance Minister also asked Sitharaman to locate Uri and Pathankot in India’s map. “The Defence Minister said that there has been no terror attack from Pakistan after 2014. Will the Defence Minister pick up India’s map and locate Pathankot and Uri? By saying these attacks were not from Pakistan, is the Defence Minister giving a clean chit to Pakistan in respect of the Pathankot and Uri attacks?”  During the second day of the Bharatiya Janata Party National Council on Saturday, Sitharam had claimed that there had been no major terrorist attack after 2014.

“All attempts to wreak havoc in the country have been eliminated at the border itself and this government has ensured that there are no opportunities for terrorists to disturb the peace,” she had said. The attack on the Pathankot Air Force Station, part of the Western Air Command of the Indian Air Force took place on January 2, 2016. The Uri attack also took place later that year on September 18 when four heavily armed militants attacked an Indian Army brigade headquarters in the Jammu and Kashmir town.