Chief Minister Mr. Baghel unfurled the tricolor in Jagdalpur, attended the joyous celebrations

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel unfurled the tricolor in Jagdalpur, attended the joyous celebrations

Chief Minister announced many important schemes on the occasion of Republic Day

'Mukhyamantri Noni Sashaktikaran Sahayata Yojana' announced to support the labourer families for the education, employment and marriage of their daughters

'Chief Minister Labor Resource Centers' to be established at district headquarters and block headquarters level

Lentils crops to be procured at support price from Kharif year 2022-23

First installment of 'Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Mazdoor Nyay Yojana' to be released on February 1

'Human Interventionless Online Direct Building Permit System' launched: Now building permit for up to 500 square meters would be issued in a shorter span

'Chhattisgarh Employment Mission': Aim to create 15 lakh new employment opportunities in the next 5 years

Number of primary agricultural credit cooperative societies increased from 1333 to 2058 in the state

'Chhattisgarh Millet Mission': Kodo, Kutki and Ragi to be procured on support price

'Chhattisgarh model' of inclusive and sustainable development is a symbol of our pride, said Chief Minister Mr. Baghel


 On the occasion of 73rd Republic Day today, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel unfurled the national flag at the main event organized at Lalbagh Maidan of Bastar district headquarter Jagdalpur. In his address to the programme, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel  extended greetings of Republic Day to the people of the state. A Guard of Honor was presented by the Armed Forces personnel on the occasion. 

Thereafter, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel read out his message to the public. He spoke about the works, policies, schemes and achievements of the state government for the continuous development of the state. 

While announcing various schemes for people of the state, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that-

1. This year, our government would bring a practical, simple and transparent law for regularization of all the irregular building construction works. Provisions of this law would largely benefit people of the state, by allowing them to regularize their construction works and helping them to earn livelihood and live with dignity. 

2. Moreover, necessary provisions will be made for regularization of business activities conducted in residential areas so that thousands of our brothers and sisters can conduct their business with confidence.

3. I am glad to inform you all that within 15 days of the announcement I made, 'Direct Building Permit System' has been implemented in all the municipal corporations of the state, to issue permits for buildings up to 500 square meters without human intervention. On the same lines, I announce that the building configurations up to 500 square meters, in areas outside the jurisdiction of the municipal corporations which are under investment areas, will be released within the stipulated time frame without any human intervention.

4. Decision has been taken to provide tap connections in urban bodies within a given time-frame without human intervention, on the lines of Direct Building Permit.
5. Our Government had decided to ‘free-hold’ the ‘aabaadi’, ‘nazul’ and lease lands in slums of urban areas, which provided land-ownership rights to the citizens. Mr. Baghel announced at the R-Day event that now government ‘patta’ lands will also be made ‘free hold’ in rural areas. 

6. To promote entrepreneurship among the people of the OBC section of society, industrial policy will be amended and 10 percent plots will be reserved for this category. These reserved plots will be made available at 10 percent rate of the land premium rate and 1 percent land rent. 

7. Under Chief Minister's Urban Slum Health Scheme, more than 18 lakh people have been provided free of cost medical treatment in various municipal corporations of the state. In view of the success of this scheme, Mr. Baghel announced that soon this scheme will be implemented in all the urban bodies of the state.

8. Mr. Baghel also announced that the process of learning license issuance will be simplified in the state and for this 'Transport Facilitation Centers' will be started on a large-scale. These centers will be authorized for issuing only 'learning licenses'. In these centers, all the services related to the transport department will also be made available to the citizens near their residence. These centers would also create new employment opportunities for the youngsters.

9. I would like to share about the steps being taken in the direction of workers welfare. In the larger interest of the government employees of the state, we would soon increase the contribution of state government under the contributory pension scheme from 10 percent to 14 percent.

10. State government will now implement a '5 working days per week' system to increase the work efficiency and productivity of government employees.

11. We are committed to ensure the safety of our sisters, this is the reason why I would like to announce today that we would constitute a 'Women Safety Cell' in every district and utilize it effectively for women's safety.

12. I announce that a state-level archery academy would be started in Jagdalpur in the name of 'Shaheed Gundadhur' to encourage archery in the state.

13. In view of the complexity of the rules of tree felling and the disinterest of the citizens towards tree plantation because of the same, Chhattisgarh government is soon going to simplify these rules in the interest of the citizens. Necessary amendments will be made in all the relevant Acts and Rules. 

Mr. Baghel also announced the establishment of 'Chief Minister Labour Resource Center' at district headquarters and block level. Mr. Baghel further announced the launch of a scheme named 'Mukhyamantri Noni Sashaktikaran Sahayata Yojana', to provide financial aid for education, employment, self-employment and marriage of daughters of labour families. Under Mukhyamantri Noni Sashaktikaran Sahayata Yojana, a lump sum amount of Rs 20-20 thousand will be paid in the bank account of the first two daughters of the beneficiaries registered under 'Chhattisgarh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board'. Mr. Baghel said that we are going to take another major step towards providing better value for new crops to the farmers concerned. Today, I announce that from the upcoming Kharif year 2022-23, pulses crops like moong, urad, tur will also be procured at minimum price in the state.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that a major part of the rural population in Chhattisgarh is dependent on agricultural labour, and this population often struggles with the employment crisis after the Kharif season. For such landless agricultural laborers, we had announced several benefits under 'Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhoomiheen Mazdoor Nyay Yojana' from this financial year. Under this scheme, financial aid of Rs 6 thousand per year has been provisioned. In December 2021, the final selection of eligible beneficiaries was done through special gram sabhas. First installment under the scheme will be transferred to the eligible beneficiaries on February 1, immediately after the Republic Day.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said - When we talk about our glorious constitution, names of immortal martyrs like Amar Shaheed Gaind Singh, Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh, Veer Gundadhur come to our mind, whose sacrifices and struggles made India independent. Even before the revolution of 1857, Chhattisgarh was an important part of the national freedom movement of India. Our visionary forefathers had not only dreamed of a constitution for independent India but had also laid concrete foundation for the same. This is the reason why the concept of national heritage, democratic values, and panchayat was given an important place in our constitution. The great personalities such as Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, First President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, First Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, First Law Minister Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, First Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, First Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad had laid the foundation for the reformation of India, and I salute them for their contribution, said Chief Minister. 

Today, when we stand under the shade of the tricolor flag, the sacred identity of our country, we see many colors of our great heritage in the tricolor waving proudly and elegantly. This national flag Inspires us to defend our freedom, strengthen the republic, renew our faith and allegiance to the Constitution. We strongly believe that our Constitution is the proponent of our democratic values, fundamental rights,  and it is our utmost duty to preserve it. 
Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said- We kept our promise of paying Rs 2500 per quintal, soon after our government was formed. We kept our promises, despite the challenges. Under 'Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana', we have made arrangements to provide an amount of more than Rs 11 thousand crore to the farmers from the state budget. Now all the Kharif crops including paddy, minor cereal crops like Kodo, Kutki, Ragi, pulses, oilseeds and horticulture crops have been included in this scheme.

Chief Minister announced many important schemes on the occasion of Republic Day

Our revolutionary steps in the interest of the farmers has boosted their morale, and as a result, there has been record paddy procurement in the state on support price. Last year we had procured more than 92 lakh metric tons of paddy and this year we have set a target to procure 105 lakh metric tons of paddy. In just three years, the number of farmers who have registered for selling paddy has increased from 15 lakhs to 24 lakhs i.e. 60 percent more farmers registering is a happy sign that the faith of farmers has returned to the government and agriculture.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that the “Chhattisgarh Shakambhari Board” has been constituted for the development of horticulture crops in the state and the “Tea-Coffee Board” has been constituted to promote the production and processing of tea and coffee. Fish farming and lac production have been given the status of agriculture. “Chief Minister Plantation Promotion Scheme" has been started, under which if the paddy growing farmers plant trees instead of paddy in their registered area, then they will also be given an incentive of Rs 10 thousand for three years. Apart from this, common citizens, villages, Panchayats, joint forest management committees have also been kept under the purview of this scheme and incentive amount. I believe that farmers planting trees will also play a big role in the shared efforts for increasing green cover and economic empowerment. All these collaborative efforts will strengthen the rural economy.
For the first time in the state, 725 new societies have been registered by re-constitution of the primary agricultural credit cooperative societies. In this way, now the number of these committees has increased from 1 thousand 333 to 2 thousand 58 in the state so that farmers can be given the benefits of loan distribution and other schemes with more facilities. In the budget session 2021 of the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly, I had announced to resolve more than 35 thousand pending applications of farmers for energizing irrigation pumps in one year. I am glad that energizing pumps more than the set target has been done since 26th January. Rapid action is being taken on the remaining to resolve all such pending cases till March 2022. Earlier, we had waived irrigation water tax of Rs 244 crore pending of farmers till November 1, 2018. For the second time till June 30, 2021, the irrigation tax of Rs 80 crore has been waived again. In this way, economic relief like farm loan waiver, free electricity supply for irrigation, and grants have been expanded. It is evident that we have taken prompt action in every matter of providing facilities to the farmers.
Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said “Provision has been made by the Government of India to spend 60 per cent of the amount in the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA) for the promotion of agricultural works, however in Chhattisgarh; we have spent 76 per cent of the amount for agriculture and related works. Similarly, against the provision of 65 per cent for natural resource management for water-forest-land-related works, we have spent 82 per cent in Chhattisgarh. In the corona pandemic times, a record was made of providing employment on a large scale in the villages under MNREGA, besides providing a broader significance of MGNREGA in convergence with the schemes of other departments. Our flagship “Suraji Gaon Yojana '' has been proven successful in laying the foundation for the new economy in the villages. Godhan Nyay Yojana has provided a new means of livelihood to rural and urban cattle rearers. So far, cow dung worth more than Rs 122 crore has been procured under this scheme. This has given rise to a new revolution in Vermicompost production and its use, which will help solve the problem of the chemical fertilizer crisis in the country. Gothans are now being transformed into Rural Industrial Parks. Initiatives have been taken to manufacture electricity, natural paints, and other products using cow dung. Now the formation of ‘Godhan Nyay Mission’ will prove to be a milestone to work on all aspects of the economic-socio-cultural utility of cow dung in a comprehensive and coherent manner.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that the Public Distribution System has made an incomparable contribution in providing food grains to the needy sections in the state, but in Chhattisgarh, this system too had fallen into disrepair for a decade and a half. We have kept our promise of 'Universal PDS', the benefits of which have started reaching 2 crore 55 lakh people. This is 100 per cent coverage as per 2011 census. 778 new fair price shops have been opened in the last year. We started the distribution of fortified rice containing iron-folic acid from Kondagaon district, which has now been implemented in the mid-day meal scheme and supplementary nutrition diet scheme in the entire state. In this way, along with food security, new measures are being taken for nutritional security. We took immediate steps to deal with the menace of malnutrition in Bastar. Expanding the scope of the scheme 'Mukhyamantri Suposhan Abhiyan' was started for the eradication of malnutrition in the entire state. With this initiative of ours, about 1 lakh 60 thousand children have become free from malnutrition, and more than 1 lakh women have become anemia-free. More than 25 lakh children and pregnant women are being benefited under the Supplementary Nutrition Diet Programme. In this way, a healthy and well-nourished new generation will become the power of Chhattisgarh. We want that the contribution made by women self-help groups in the socio-economic development of the state should gain more momentum, so a provision has been made under 'Saksham Yojana to provide a loan of Rs 2 lakh to women to start their own business. The work of women self-help groups, who had taken loans through Chhattisgarh Mahila Kosh, had come to a standstill due to pending loans of about Rs 13 crore. We have not only waived off such loans of more than 6 thousand groups but have also doubled the loan eligibility of all the groups. Under the 'Chhattisgarh State Rural Livelihood Mission' (BIHAN), more than 22 lakh women have been linked with self-help groups and given employment.

'Mukhyamantri Noni Sashaktikaran Sahayata Yojana' announced to support the labourer families for the education, employment and marriage of their daughters

He added that our rich and unique tribal culture, arts, and lifestyle is a matter of pride for us, but for one and a half decades, a great loss of working against the expectations of this society has been happening in the tribal areas. On the other hand, taking advantage of the geographical conditions and the simplicity of the society, the Naxalites also made this a center of violent activities. We have adopted a strategy of proper and coherent development in tribal settlements. Today I feel very happy to say that we are successful in our strategy, the results of which are visible in the tribal areas. We made a new beginning by raising the collection rate for Tendupatta to Rs 4,000 per standard bag. Earlier, only 7 minor forest produce were procured on support price, which will now be increased to 61. The announcement has also been made to buy Railly Kosa at a support price.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that several initiatives have been taken by the state government for development in tribal areas. This includes returning land in Lohandiguda which was forcibly acquired from farmers, reopening of schools closed due to Naxal terror, freedom from court cases, review of canceled forest rights claims, distribution of individual and community forest rights recognition letters, malnutrition-free Bastar and malaria-free Bastar campaign, promotion of new types of farming like cashew, coffee, papaya with the help of DMF and other funds, formation of Junior Service Selection Commission, Chief Minister Haat-Bazaar Clinic Scheme, Amcho Bastar, public holiday on World Tribal Day, Air Service, Devguri Area Development, and ‘Madhur Gur Yojana’. In the Narayanpur district, a strong bond of mutual trust has been developed between the locals and the government through several initiatives such as the Masahti Survey. This is our biggest capital which will open new doors of development in tribal areas.

We have also started the “Chhattisgarh Millet Mission” which will work closely with the top institutions of the country for productivity, marketing, value addition of small cereal crops like Kodo, Kutki, and Ragi. Its benefit will also be mainly given to the farmers of tribal areas. ‘Chirag’ project has been started in 25 development blocks of 14 tribal-dominated districts of the state at a cost of Rs 1,735 crore, which will help in mobilizing new means of livelihood in these places. I am happy to state that 455 per cent more herbal products were sold in the year 2021-22 as compared to the year 2018 and the target is to increase it to 1100 per cent in the next year.

The ‘THINK-B’ and ‘BADAL’ academy will help the youth of tribal areas to enhance their culture, talent, academic, and innovation capabilities. In this way, positive changes are coming in Bastar with the development in the areas of education, health, employment, and infrastructure. The draft of the PESA rule has been prepared after taking suggestions from the tribal groups. I am sure that Chhattisgarh will create a new milestone in the direction of tribal welfare and development.
An 'Online Direct Building Permission System without human intervention has been started, in which building permission for residential plots up to 500 square meters will be obtained at the earliest, relying on the document given by the applicant. More than 100 doorstep services will be made available under the 'Mukhyamantri Mitan Yojana'. Connecting waste processing with the employment of sanitation didis and connecting various schemes of the government with wide public consciousness has given national recognition to the cleanliness model of Chhattisgarh. This is the reason that the Government of India has given the National Award to Chhattisgarh as the cleanest state of the country for the third consecutive time. I would like that many of our contributions to the strengthening of the republic through reforms, people's participation, and development should be recorded.

We have also taken care of providing relief and employment to people with the development of public infrastructure including roads, electricity, water, health, and education. The benefit of the Electricity Bill Half Scheme has been extended to 40 lakh 45 thousand consumers, thereby saving them about Rs 2 thousand 200 crore. Under various schemes, roads are being constructed in the state at a cost of more than Rs 24 thousand crores. In a bid to make the educated unemployed youth a part of the construction works, more than 5 thousand youth have been registered under 'e-category registration' and they have been allotted construction works worth about Rs 200 crore at the block level through a simplified process. To increase the irrigation potential in the state, work is being done expeditiously to complete the Kelo Project, Kharang Project, Maniyari Project, Arpa Bhainsa-Jhar Project this year.

In a bid to provide pure drinking water in rural areas, under Jal-Jeevan Mission, there is a plan to provide tap connections to more than 48 lakh households by September 2023, out of which about 8 lakh connections have already been given. Similarly, tap-water schemes have been completed in 124 urban bodies and work is in progress in 44 urban bodies. The number of doctors, medical staff, and equipment has been increased manifold to expand the health infrastructure. On the other hand, more than 18 lakh people have been screened and treated under 'Chief Minister Haat-Bazar Clinic Scheme', 'Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme', 'Dai-Didi Clinic Scheme' to provide healthcare facilities in places where the public is unable to reach hospitals. Through 'Khubchand Baghel Health Scheme', 'Chief Minister Special Health Assistance Scheme', people have been freed from the worry of expenditure ranging from Rs 50 thousand to Rs 20 lakh for their treatment. 'Shri Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store Scheme' was started to provide relief to the public from the burden of expensive medicines. The scheme is now being expanded to all cities.

'Chief Minister Labor Resource Centers' to be established at district headquarters and block headquarters level

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that several steps have been taken ranging from school education to higher education and from employment to developing a culture for securing the future of the new generation. On the lines of Swami Atmanand Excellence English Medium Schools, now such Hindi medium schools will also be established in every district. Playschool 'Balwadi' will also be established for 5-6-year-old children at such places where Anganwadi and primary school are in the same courtyard. In the first phase, more than 6 thousand such kindergartens will be started. The international standard residential school will be established in Nava Raipur. We have understood the needs of the children with full sensitivity, so for the children who lost their parents due to Corona, 'Mahtari Dular Yojana' was started, under which more than 2 thousand 500 children got a scholarship of Rs 2 crore. In addition, their school fees have also been waived off. We have decided to run remedial education 'Nawa Jatan 2.0 Abhiyan' to cope with the educational loss due to the corona pandemic. 

We have not made education mere a medium of bookish knowledge, but have kept the goal clear that education should make the youth capable and employable. So far, ITI institutions have been started at 125 places in the state for providing education and training which will help them get employment. Now ITIs will be opened in each development block. 10 new agricultural colleges, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and Mahatma Gandhi University of Horticulture and Forestry have been established in three years to support agriculture as the biggest source of employment. We have opened doors of jobs on a large scale in government departments and semi-government organizations through direct recruitment and other means. Villages, forest areas, traditional skill work, and value addition of local resources have also created huge employment opportunities in the state. Due to the success of our industrial policy, 32 thousand people have got employment and a plan to provide employment to 90 thousand people is in the pipeline. To turn our dream of making youth self-reliant into reality, we have formed Chhattisgarh Employment Mission, under which we will put all our efforts to create 15 lakh new employment opportunities in the next five years. Connecting the religious places of the state with the facilities of tourism development, we have renovated the ancient temple complex of Mata Kaushalya at Chandkhuri. Besides, as many as 75 places have been marked on Ram Van Gaman Path and an action plan has been prepared for their development. The development work of 9 of these places is in progress in the first phase. These places will also become a medium of employment generation on a large scale.

'Chhattisgarh Millet Mission': Kodo, Kutki and Ragi to be procured on support price

The struggle for justice and commitment to rule of law is our legacy. The freedom movement was for justice. Our national leadership has always considered it to be its duty to continuously expand the scope of civil rights through amendments in the constitution. We believe in carrying forward this legacy. Recruitment of third gender youth in police force, recruitment of Bastar soldiers in Bastar fighters force, construction of 5 major bridges in the inaccessible and naxal affected areas of Bastar under the supervision of security forces, installation of mobile towers, community policing We consider increasing the confidence of the public through all this and increasing the civic amenities through all this as a step in the direction of justice. As a result of our commitment to get back the money of innocent people of the state from fraud chit fund companies, so far 840 accused of chit fund companies have been arrested, more than Rs 11 crore has been recovered and returned to the public. Efforts will be made to return more amount through large-scale attachments and property auctions. Administrative facilities are also a part of justice. In the last three years, we have announced the formation of 5 new districts, out of which one district is writing a new story of development. At the same time, the formal inauguration of the other four districts will also be done soon. We had made 132 services online through Lok Seva Kendras, through which more than 25 lakh people were benefited in a year. 

Chhattisgarh model of development is playing a major role in effectively dealing with various problems arising during the corona pandemic. Our government has made all the arrangements, I am sure that with mutual trust, solidarity and adherence to COVID protocol, we will be able to overcome the third wave very soon. I request all of you to be careful. Your good health and active contribution is our greatest strength.

I have only one dream and one goal that the Nava Chhattisgarh should be built by the hands of 2 crore 80 lakh people. Nava Chhattisgarh where everyone participates, everyone gets justice, and everyone feels safe and happy. We will continue to make efforts in this direction in future as well. Your love and support is my biggest asset, said the Chief Minister in his address to the main R-Day event.



Chhattisgarh’s tableau receives overwhelming response, creates festive mood on Rajpath

Chhattisgarh’s tableau receives overwhelming response, creates festive mood on Rajpath

The tableau of Chhattisgarh gave an enchanting glimpse of the state’s flagship scheme, ‘Godhan Nyay Yojana’ as it cruised down the majestic Rajpath today.
President Ram Nath Kovind along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other dignitaries received the tableau with waving hands as it passed in front of the saluting base on the occasion of the 73st Republic Day celebrations.
The spectators greeted the tableau with huge round of applause and were spellbound to see a giant model of a cow in the middle portion of the tableau which indicates how the goals of environmental protection, organic farming, nutrition, employment and income improvement can be achieved by placing cow at the center of the rural economy.
The tableau portrays the various ways in which this scheme addresses the multiple global concerns at once by synergizing traditional knowledge and scientific approach to the use of rural resources. Tribal dancers accompanied the tableau, performing ‘Kaksaar’ folk dance.
The audiences were mesmerized by beautiful depiction of huge tribal women adorned with hand-made traditional costumes and ornaments collecting cow dung and taking them to the collection centers in Gauthans for sale.
One of these women is shown preparing products from cow dung and taking them to the market to sell. The flower pots decorated around them symbolize the cultivation of vegetables and floriculture in gauthans. Downstairs there is a decoration of diyas made of cow dung. These diyas symbolize the self-dependence and self-confidence of women in rural areas.
Rear side of the tableau depicts the development of gauthans into Rural Industrial Parks. Women are developing their own enterprises by using new technologies and machines. They are running small industries in the villages.
Lastly, the view of rural woman painting symbolizes the development of traditional crafts and arts in the state. The tableau depicts evolving water management systems, increasing productivity and a happy farmer in a mural style. In this sequence, women of self-help groups are shown preparing various products and vermi compost from cow dung.
The tableau gave international recognition to the Chhattisgarh government’s effort to strengthen rural economy and people across the world will be able to know about the unique and affluent ways of dealing with the problems of global concern.


LED bulbs brings new light for women of village Chindiya

 LED bulbs brings new light for women of village Chindiya

More than 500 LED bulbs manufactured in just one month

An income of more than Rs 6,000 generated from the sale of 150 LED bulbs

The rural women of village Chindiya in Koriya district, who were just confined to household chores, are now paving way to self-reliance starting the LED bulb assembling business. With little help and training from the government, these women are now making LED bulbs whose quality is as good as the ones available in market.

About 8 to 10 women of Suraj Mahila Gram Sangathan of village Chindiya have started the work of manufacturing LED bulbs nearly a month ago as a part of numerous income generating activities being run in the state-run Gauthans. These women have got a new source of their income by manufacturing more than 500 high quality LED bulbs in just one month.

Neelam Kushwaha, a member of this group, told that they have received information in this regard about economic activities conducted under the National Livelihood Mission 'Bihaan' from the officials. They received a three-day long training from a trainer of Raipur, who explained them nitty-gritty of LED bulb assembling.

Briefing about their work, the women informed that raw material for the bulb is procured from Raipur. After required manufacturing work, the bulbs are packed using pressing machine. Through this the people are now getting high quality LED bulbs at affordable prices. Besides, demand of their bulbs is also increasing in the market. They are also marketing and promoting these bulbs. At present the bulb is being sold only at the village level and the proposal for selling them in markets as well is in pipeline.

"Most of us were busy with everyday household chores and least focused on earning and supporting our families. However, getting hands-on this work has motivated us to do something for ourselves and the family", said the women members of group. 

These women have manufactured more than 500 LED bulbs in just one month. They have earned more than Rs 6,000 from the sale of 150 bulbs. A 15 watt LED bulb with a guarantee of 1.6 months is priced at Rs 140 while that of 12 watt bulb is Rs 120 having guarantee of 1 year. Similarly, a 9 watt bulb with guarantee of 6 months is being sold at Rs 60 and 5 watt bulb without guarantee at Rs 30.

Business of 'Chhattisgarh Herbals' reached international level

Business of 'Chhattisgarh Herbals' reached international level

'Chhattisgarh Herbals' witnessing spectacular growth, sales increasing day by day

Herbal products worth Rs 4.34 crore have been sold in the national and international markets in the first 9 months of the current financial year 2021-22

Herbal products available in Dhanwantri generic medical stores and 30 Sanjeevani centers

State Minor Forest Produce Cooperative Federation is producing more than 150 value added products

 Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, the state government is getting good results in the work of providing employment to forest dwellers and boosting their income through collection, processing and marketing of minor forest produce and forest medicines.

The business of products sold under the Chhattisgarh Herbals brand name is witnessing a spectacular growth with the rise in sale of products. The brand generated a business worth Rs 1.25 crore in the year 2019-20 while Rs 2.15 crore in the year 2020-21. Besides, herbal products worth Rs 4.34 crore have been sold in the national and international markets in the first 9 months of the current financial year 2021-22. This has made Chhattisgarh herbals enter the global market.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel and under the guidance of Forest and Climate Change Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, the collection of minor forest produce and sale of Chhattisgarh herbal products is increasing day by day in the state. In a bid to provide good market for herbal products prepared by tribal women self-help groups and forest dwellers of Chhattisgarh, 30 Sanjeevani Kendras have been started in all the districts of the state.

Chhattisgarh Herbals, a unit of Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce (Trade and Development) Co-operative Federation, plays an important role in meeting the financial needs of the people living in and around the forests, especially the tribals. Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce Co-operative Federation procures 52 minor forest produce and is producing more than 150 value added products. The Sangh has established 30 Sanjeevani Kendras in all the major districts of the State for retailing of the products.

During the year 2021-2022, new strategies were adopted and new sales techniques were implemented to promote the sales of Chhattisgarh Herbals' products. New areas have been opened after hiring a private firm to manage the distribution network of herbal products. Avani Ayurved Pvt Ltd was appointed as the Authorized Distributor of Chhattisgarh Herbals in March 2021. Effective management of Sanjeevani outlets and strong supply chain of products ensured the product availability. Structured advertising and promotion of products have increased the visibility of Sanjeevani centers and products and various marketing materials were used as well for promotion of its product. The entry of Chhattisgarh Herbals into the open retail market network through dealers, sub-dealers and retailers has made it easy for the products to reach the market and the customers. Gradually, dealers have been appointed in all the major districts of Chhattisgarh. 15 dealers were appointed by the distributor in 9 months.

The presence of Chhattisgarh Herbals in various International, National and Inter-State level exhibitions has expanded the reach of the products globally. Chhattisgarh Herbals participated in International Gulf Food Festival in Dubai, International Indusfood Event in Delhi, Tribal Festival in Delhi, International Herbal Fair in Bhopal, Chhattisgarh Diwali Haat Mela, Rajyotsav and Exhibitions at Malls. The entry of Chhattisgarh Herbals into e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart ensured the availability of products across the country. Orders are being received from almost every state of the country. This move boosted the sales of Chhattisgarh Herbals. The tie-up with the CSC network of rural e-stores marked the beginning of Chhattisgarh Herbal's entry into the rural market as well. Availability of Chhattisgarh Herbals is also being ensured in government-run Dhanwantari Generic Medical Stores in Chhattisgarh. The renovation of Sanjeevani outlet attracted customers and led to rise in the number of customers. With the addition of new product line-up in Chhattisgarh Herbals like Cereals, Spices, Cookies, Personal Care Items, the customers have got a wider range to shop from. For the convenience of the customers, a premium range of gift hampers has been created and their availability has been ensured in the stores, which has gained huge popularity among buyers.


Farmers do not have to worry about paddy procurement process, paddy will be purchased from all the registered farmers: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Farmers do not have to worry about paddy procurement process, paddy will be purchased from all the registered farmers: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Paddy procurement to be expedited as soon as the weather gets better

Chief Minister reviewed the current situation with Agriculture Minister, directed to improve the arrangements in procurement centers

Duration of paddy procurement can be extended if required



Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said that bad weather for the past few days has affected the ongoing process of paddy procurement on support price in the state. But farmers need not to worry about this situation, because as soon as the weather gets better, paddy procurement at the procurement centers will be expedited. In view of the present situation, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel has asked Agriculture Minister Mr. Ravindra Choubey to review the arrangements for paddy procurement and take the necessary steps in this regard.

Chief Minister has said that paddy will be procured from all the registered farmers in the state. For this, instructions have been given to further expand the procurement system in the procurement centers. As soon as the weather improves, arrangements will be made to expedite the procurement of paddy from the farmers. He has said that the last date for procurement of paddy in the state is January 31, and the State Government is making every possible effort to achieve 100% of the paddy procurement target, but if required, the stipulated period of paddy procurement can be extended for the convenience of the farmers.

1,066 polling stations set up for upcoming Panchayat polls

1,066 polling stations set up for upcoming Panchayat polls

2 security personnel and 1 health worker will be deployed along with the polling parties in every polling booth

Four different colored ballot papers to be used for polls

18 types of documents will be accepted as ID proof for voting

Preparations are on full swing for the upcoming three-tier Panchayat elections which are going to be held in Chhattisgarh on January 20.  Under the three-tier Panchayat general and by-polls, 733 candidates are in fray for 330 'Panch' posts,  455 for 152 'Sarpanch' posts,  88 for 27 posts of Janpad member and 12 for 03 posts of Zila Panchayat members. 

State Election Commissioner Thakur Ram Singh has appealed all the voters to contribute their bit in strengthening the democracy by exercising their franchise. He said that the polls will be held amid strict adherence to the Covid-19 protocols to avoid spread of infection. He urged voters to mandatorily wear face masks, follow social distancing in polling stations and to use hand sanitizer before and after casting their votes.

1066 polling stations have been set up for Panchayat polls

As many as 1066 polling stations have been set up for the upcoming elections. Instructions have been issued by the Chhattisgarh State Election Commission to strictly abide by Covid 19 protocol in the polling stations. Two security personnel and one health worker have also been deployed along with the polling parties in all the polling booths. It will be mandatory for each member of the polling parties to adopt all safety measures like use of face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and maintain social distancing.

Four different colored ballot papers to be used for polls

Four different colored ballot papers will be used for the three-tier Panchayat general and by-polls. There will be white ballot paper for Panch post, blue for Sarpanch, yellow for Janpad member and pink for Zila Panchayat member. 

18 types of documents will be accepted as ID proof for voting

Chhattisgarh State Election Commission has approved 18 types of documents that will be accepted as ID proof for voting. This includes: - 1. Voter ID card i.e. EPIC card issued by the Election Commission of India. 2. Bank Post Office Passbook having Photo 3. Passport 4. PAN Card 5. Aadhar Card 6. Photo Identity cards issued by State/Central Government, Public Sector Undertaking or Local Body to their officers and employees 7. Pension document with photo 8 .MGNREGA Job Card 9. Health Insurance Scheme (Smart) Card having Photo 10. Driving License 11. Freedom Fighter Photo Identity Card 12. Marksheet of Class X and XII issued by Central or State Board of Secondary Education having photo. 13. Photo Identity Cards issued to advocates by Bar Council 14. Disability certificate having photo 15. Valid Ration card issued by Chhattisgarh Government having photo 16. Student ID card having photo issued by college or school 17. Arms license having photo 18. Voter ID slip generated online by the software SEC-ER developed by the Chhattisgarh State Election Commission.

Will make Birgaon clean and beautiful: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Will make Birgaon clean and beautiful: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Better arrangements will be made for roads, electricity, cleanliness and pure drinking water

Newly elected Mayor and Chairperson of Birgaon Municipal Corporation took charge of their office today in the presence of Chief Minister

The newly elected mayor and chairperson of Birgaon Municipal Corporation took charge of their office today in the special presence of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel. 
Mr. Nandlal Devangan took charge as Mayor and Mr. Kriparam Nishad took charge as chairperson of the Birgaon municipal corporation on the occasion.

Congratulating the newly elected  mayor, chairperson and all councillors, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said that today January 12 is the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. He spent valuable time of about 2 years here in Raipur. The organization of this ceremony on the occasion of the birth anniversary of such a great man, makes it special. 

Chief Minister said that people have made our candidates win in most of the urban bodies of the state by expressing their unwavering faith in the government. People are continuously getting the benefits of government schemes. Birgaon is an area where people from all the states of the country reside. The work of giving residential leases to the people is being done for the first time in this industrial area. We all have to complete the work of making Birgaon municipal area clean and beautiful, he said. 

Mr. Baghel said that effective steps will be taken to make this area pollution free. The government has presented new models of development in Chhattisgarh. Proper facilities of road, electricity, sanitation and pure drinking water are being made available to the public. Similarly, proper health care facilities are being ensured for people. Swami Atmanand Excellence English Medium School is being operated to provide quality education to children. Development works are being done in the state for people belonging to every section of society through schemes.

On this occasion Housing and Environment, Forest, Transport Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, Urban Administration and Development and Labor Department Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahriya, Raipur Rural MLA Mr. Satyanarayan Sharma, Chairman District Co-operative Central Bank Limited Raipur Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Raipur district collector Mr. Saurabh Kumar along with other public representatives were present on the occasion.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel pays tribute to the great philosopher Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel pays tribute to the great philosopher Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel on Wednesday paid floral tributes to the portrait of the great philosopher and world famous spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary—which is observed as ‘National Youth Day’—at his residence office here. Agriculture Minister Mr. Ravindra Choubey was also present on the occasion.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said on the occasion that Swami Vivekananda ji's thoughts have given a new direction to the entire society. He showed the country and the world the path to serve mankind through his preaching and eloquent lectures. His famous sayings like "utho, Jaago aur tab tak nahi ruko jab tak lakshya prapt na ho jaye" (Arise, wake up and don't stop till the goal is achieved) continues to inspire youth and fill them with new energy even today.

"It is a matter of honor and pride for Chhattisgarh that Swami Vivekananda spent most of his life in Raipur after Calcutta. He spent his childhood in Budhapara here. In a bid to preserve and give a face-lift to his invaluable memories, the state government is developing Swamiji's residence, Rai Bahadur Bhootnath De Bhawan, as a memorial. The Budha Talab of Raipur is now known as Vivekananda Sarovar and the Vivekananda ji's meditation posture idol installed here introduces the future generation to his glorious history", said Mr. Baghel.

He added that the Airport at Nava Raipur named after Vivekananda ji, introduces Swamiji's association with Raipur all over the world. The incredible legacy of Swamiji's thoughts which he handed down to us at the young age of forty-nine years is important and relevant even today. His invaluable thoughts and teachings will continue to encourage upcoming generations.


Nearly 74 per cent adolescents have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Mungeli while 65 per cent in Rajnandgaon in just 10 days

Nearly 74 per cent adolescents have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Mungeli while 65 per cent in Rajnandgaon in just 10 days

Nearly 8.14 lakh adolescents have been vaccinated in this age group with maximum 70,000 in Raipur

In Kerala, only 39 per cent of adolescents were vaccinated while in Chhattisgarh the figure has reached 50 percent

To keep the adolescent population safe from corona virus, vaccination of adolescents in the 15 to 18 year age group is being done at a rapid pace in the state. The state has touched the 50 per cent mark on the tenth day after the commencement of Covid-19 inoculation drive of adolescents in this age group in the country on January 3. During this, Mungeli district has the highest 74 percent of children in 15 to 18 years age group vaccinated against the target. In Rajnandgaon, 65 percent of the total target adolescents have been vaccinated. In Dhamtari 64 percent and in Bemetara and Mahasamund 62-62 percent children have been given the first dose corona vaccine.

So far 35 thousand 910 teenagers in the age group of 15 to 18 years have been vaccinated in Mungeli district. In Rajnandgaon 63 thousand 352 children of this age group have been vaccinated. To prevent against corona infection, 31 thousand 114 adolescents have been vaccinated in Dhamtari, 34 thousand 609 in Bemetara and 40 thousand 295 in Mahasamund. In Raipur district, maximum 70 thousand 065 children have been vaccinated across the state. Raipur has also touched 50 percent target of vaccination set for the district.


So far 8 lakh 14 thousand 097 adolescents have been vaccinated across the state. A total of 16 lakh 39 thousand 811 adolescents of 15-18 age group are to be vaccinated in the state. Only 39 per cent children have been vaccinated in Kerala so far, while Chhattisgarh has achieved its 50 percent target . Teenagers are reaching out to the vaccination centres dedicated to them in all districts and getting vaccinated with enthusiasm. Adolescents born in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 are being vaccinated at these centres.

Railly Kosa to be purchased on support price as per instructions of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Railly Kosa to be purchased on support price as per instructions of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Another important gift to the residents of remote forest areas

Local residents will get maximum benefit of processing and production of Railly Kosa

8 to 12 crore Railly cocoons worth Rs 30 to 40 crores are produced in the state

*Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce Association will procure Railly Kosa on support price*

 According to the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, important decisions have been taken in the interest of tribal-forest dwelling farmers who are engaged in sericulture (silk farming) and Kosa production in Bastar division. Under this, the purchase of 'Railly Kosa' will now be done by Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Limited on support price. Forest and Climate Change Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar said that with this important decision of the government, now the local residents will get maximum benefit of production and processing of Rally Kosa.


Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce Association Managing Director Mr. Sanjay Shukla said that Chief Minister Mr. Baghel has also directed to increase the employment at the local level in the state by increasing the processing of Rally Kosa at local level. Chhattisgarh is a leading state in terms of Kosa production. Two types of Kosa are produced in the state including Railly and Daba Kosa. At present, Daba Kosa is purchased by the Silk Department, but Rally Kosa is purchased through traders. Keeping this in view, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has directed Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce Association to purchase Railly Kosa produced in Chhattisgarh at support price. Residents including tribal-forest dwelling farmers of Jagdalpur, Dantewada, Keshkal, Narayanpur, Kondagaon and Sukma districts of the state will get direct benefits.


Meanwhile, Railly cocoons grow on the Sal tree while the cocoon of Daba Kosa grows on trees like Arjuna, Saja and Lendia. Rally Kosa is superior to Daba Kosa in terms of quantity and quality. Rally Kosa production takes place in two seasons including Bhado and Chaiti, of which the quality and quantity of Bhado crop is high. 8 to 12 crore Railly cocoons are produced in the state of Chhattisgarh. Its average value is 30 to 40 crores. Also, 9 to 10 crore cocoons of Daba Kosa are produced, whose value is about 25 to 30 crores. At present, out of these, the purchase of Daba Kosa is done by the Silk Department, but the Railly Kosa is purchased through traders.