Paid news on social media a challenge, feel experts

Paid news on social media a challenge, feel experts

New Delhi: Experts at a panel discussion here flagged the challenge of paid news on the social media and suggested that the Election Commission’s social media code needs to be strengthened.

The panel discussion on political campaigning on social media and issues of paid news was organised on Thursday. IAS officer K Mahesh, who is the District Election Officer (East), flagged the issue of misuse of social media, print media and electronic media by the political parties in the form of “concealed” campaign for the election. He also suggested that there was a need after the 2014 general polls to formulate a policy on the use of social media during the election campaign.

“The Internet and Mobile Association of India has developed a voluntary code of ethics for all the participating social media platforms to ensure free, fair and ethical usage of their platforms to maintain integrity of electoral process,” he said. “The voluntary code of ethics is applicable for the period of 48 hours before poll begins and provides guidelines for the removal of content within three hours, should not the three-hour period of removal be applied to offensive contents and the contents violating model code of conduct beyond those 48 hours,” he asked.

 55% Indians afraid of expressing political views online fearing trouble: Survey
The cyber space does not conform to the geographic or political boundaries, so the artificial intelligence based engines of the social media players needs to use the robust technology to flag such content, he added. The officer had sent a show-cause notice to two newspapers for publishing ads of a biopic on Prime Minister Narendra and had issued a notice to a sitting MLA here who had posted his own photographs with that of wing commander Abhinandan on Facebook and on Twitter immediately after the Balakot strikes. The MLA had then removed the post.

“There also exists a big void in the electoral rules and law in case the offensive content is posted through proxy accounts/volunteers. As of now there is no well-defined provision or punitive action available to authorities in order to deter such activities. This continues to be a big challenge which is largely untouched by the Voluntary Code of Ethics,” the officer said.

Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer Ranbir Singh also stressed on monitoring of the paid news and campaigning through social media, electronic media and print media. He stressed on the need for a system through which issues on social media can come into notice quickly and can be removed within no time. Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi said the poll expenditure by the political parties and candidates and anonymity of the handling of campaigning are the main issues are to be taken note of. Lok Sabha elections will begin on April 11 and will be held over seven phases followed by counting of votes on May 23.

Congress releases list of candidates for Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP: Ashok Gehlot’s son to contest from Jodhpur

Congress releases list of candidates for Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP: Ashok Gehlot’s son to contest from Jodhpur

New Delhi: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s son Vaibhav Gehlot will contest the ensuing Lok Sabha elections from Jodhpur parliamentary constituency. Jodhpur is considered as the stronghold of Ashok Gehlot which may work in favor of Vaibhav in the polls.

According to the list of candidates released by Congress party on Thursday night, Manvendra Singh son of veteran BJP leader Jaswant Singh will fight from Barmer seat whereas former Union Minister Bhanwar Jitendra Singh will contest from Alwar seat. The list has total names of 31 candidates – 19 from Rajasthan, 6 each for Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Polling in Rajasthan on 25 seats will be held on April 29 (Phase 4) and May 6 (Phase 5). Uttar Pradesh will go to polls in seven phases, from April 11 to May 19. Polling in Gujarat on 26 seats will take place on April 23. Results of the polls will be declared on May 23.

Ram Temple Mediation Committee seeks suggestion from Subramanian Swamy on land dispute case

Ram Temple Mediation Committee seeks suggestion from Subramanian Swamy on land dispute case

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday stated that the Supreme Court appointed Ram Temple Mediation Committee invited him to suggest a mediated solution to help resolve the decades long-pending Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute case.

“Yesterday SC–appointed Ram Temple Mediation Committee invited me to appear and to suggest a mediated solution. Dates are being worked out,” Swamy tweeted. The Supreme Court had referred the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute case for court-appointed and monitored mediation and expressed the view that the proceedings should be conducted with “utmost confidentiality” to ensure its success.

After taking note of the submissions made by the parties concerned, the bench constituted a three-member committee which would be chaired by retired top court judge Justice Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla. The panel would have spiritual guru and founder of the Art of Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and senior Madras High Court advocate Sriram Panchu as members.

In its order, the bench, said that the mediation proceedings will be held in Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh and the state government will provide the mediators all facilities. It said the mediators will be at liberty to co-opt other members of the panel, if needed, and can seek further legal assistance as and when required. The mediation process should begin in a week and a progress report filed within four weeks of its commencement, it said, noting that the process should be completed in eight weeks.

On Wednesday, the bench had reserved its order on the mediation issue, saying it was “looking at hearts, minds and healing if possible”, and that a “negotiated settlement” was the “best way to restore peace”. The bench was hearing appeals against the September 30, 2010 verdict of the Allahabad High Court which ordered a three-way division of the disputed 2.77 acres of the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya between the Nirmohi Akhara sect, the Sunni Central Wakf Board, Uttar Pradesh and Ramlalla Virajman.

Raghuram Rajan questions Narendra Modi’s minimum government, maximum governance promise

Raghuram Rajan questions Narendra Modi’s minimum government, maximum governance promise

Mumbai: Former Reserve Bank governor Raghuram Rajan on Wednesday questioned the ‘minimum government and maximum governance’ promise of the Narendra Modi regime, saying the state has gained more power sans any checks and balances and has created too much inefficiencies in its wake.

This has led to a “dependent and pliant” private sector which has no choice but to applaud every decision of the government, the noted economist said. “The question is, how far have we come on that (minimum government and maximum governance)? I think we continue to rely too much on the bureaucracy to do many things,” the academic said at the city launch of his new book ‘The Third Pillar’ here this evening.

“The scope of the government is something we will have to examine sooner, rather than later, because today it does too much too inefficiently,” he said. It can be noted that the minimum government and maximum governance promise was one of the central themes of Modi’s 2014 election campaign. However, in the past five years of his rule, his bloated administration has been accused of being “statist” by critics for decisions like demonetization and the haphazardly manner in which the uniform tax regime GST was rolled out.

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan says he will return if there is an opportunity to be of use
Rajan, who went back to the University of Chicago as a professor after his stint at the Reserve Bank between September 2013 and September 2016, said “we must not go back on liberalisation moves”, criticising the recent moves like re-introduction of protective tariffs in a slew of sectors like steel and consumer durables like televisions and smartphones, which led some leading foreign companies to shutter their local manufacturing.

He was also critical of the policy changes on the e- commerce industry which have hurt entrenched players, saying there is an “angst” in the West because of the move, which came in soon after the largest ever FDI of USD 16 billion into the country was announced by Walmart to takeover domestic e- tailing major Flipkart last August. “There is a lot of angst in the West on how the rules in the e-commerce sector were changed. This is the kind of uncertainty that keeps away FDI from coming into the country,” Rajan said.

The country has to pitch itself as a haven for investments because of the anxieties surrounding China, he said, adding we need to “stick to the rules” and change them transparently. “We need to convince people that we would respect their ability to do business here,” Rajan said. Such posturing by the Modi government is leading to a situation where the state is gaining more and more powers without the necessary checks and balances, said Rajan, who earlier in the day said that he was open to come back to serve the country if called out to do so.

“As the state expands its realm whether through regulatory or discretionary powers, it essentially gains more powers without a proper checks and  balances,” he said, adding the uncertainties of shifting goalposts makes the private sector less potent. “A dependent private sector makes for a pliant private sector and that doesn’t ever afford a sufficient check and balance for a government.”

He also cited the airlines and hospitality sectors as two areas where the government has no role to be in and should be best left to the private sector. Rajan also questioned the data computation on growth, saying how can we continue to have low job creation and lower capacity utilisation if we are having an official growth number of 7 percent or more. Rajan said there is a “disconnect” in the data and it is prompting some “soul-searching”. However, it has not yet come to a juncture where people are throwing out the data, he made it clear.

Stressing on the 7 percent growth as the “official” growth rate, Rajan said there is a need to grow beyond this new “Hindu rate of growth” as the nation was called during the under-4 percent growth years before the July 1991 liberalisation move. The former governor also said this requires fresh thinking on how to push growth up and that minor tweakings in the policies will not be of help. Rajan said sufficient growth and resources that accrue because of it are necessary for serving the poor, but seemed to be against taxes on the super rich. Rather, what is required is better tax compliance, he underlined.

Granted statehood, Delhi will be turned into model city, example for world: Arvind Kejriwal

Granted statehood, Delhi will be turned into model city, example for world: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said if Delhi is granted full statehood, he will turn it into a model city and an example for the world with everyone in the national capital having their own flat.

The Aam Aadmi Party chief alleged that the people of Delhi are insulted time and again by the central government which has given a “half status” to the national capital. He appealed to them to unite and join the movement towards full statehood. “At the time of Sheila ji’s government (former chief minister Sheila Dikshit) the power tariff used to increase every year for 15 years but we reduced it to half,” he said, addressing a rally in Kondli in East Delhi.

Kejriwal claimed that if the city-state gets full statehood, he would “build a model city in which everyone would have their own flat and the national capital would be an example for the whole world”. “The real Delhi resides beyond the ring road, the real Delhi is in small lanes where there were no proper roads earlier,” he said. At another rally in R K Puram, Kejriwal claimed that no party is going to get absolute majority this time and urged people to vote for full statehood this time and not for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Will build 10 Singapore in Delhi if full statehood granted: CM Arvind Kejriwal
Accusing the Centre of creating “hurdles” for Delhi’s development, the AAP leader alleged that he faced several obstructions at various stages to get clearances from the central government. He said the people of Delhi pay Rs 1.5 lakh crore worth Income Tax and receive only Rs 325 crore from the Centre. “Why should we pay so much and get so less in return? What have Delhiites done to the central government to deserve this? The situation is similar to the time before India got independence.

“First Britishers looted us, now the central government is looting us,” the chief minister said. “Just for political enmity, PM Modi stopped the development work for the common man of Delhi. Last time you voted for him, but this time do not vote for him, otherwise he would not let me work for development,” he added. The ruling AAP in the city is fighting the upcoming Lok Sabha election on the agenda of granting full statehood to Delhi. Raising the slogan of ‘Poorna Rajya Banao Jhadu ka Button Dabao’, the party is busy convincing people to vote for AAP to get full statehood for Delhi. The election to the seven Lok Sabha seats in the national capital will be held on May 12.

16th Lok Sabha passed 240 bills, 23 remained pending: Report

16th Lok Sabha passed 240 bills, 23 remained pending: Report

New Delhi: Of the 273 bills introduced in the 16th Lok Sabha, 240 were passed and 23 remained pending, according to a report by election watchdog Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) released on Wednesday.

Seven MPs from Delhi had the highest average attendance and on an average, they attended 289 out of the 312 sittings, the report stated. On an average, MPs asked 251 questions and attended 221 out of the 312 sittings. Two MPs from Nagaland attended 88 sittings on an average, the lowest in the last five years. With 264 sittings, two Indian National Lok Dal MPs had the highest average attendance. Two MPs from NPP attended 85 sittings, the lowest.

Among states, 50 MPs from Maharashtra asked the maximum number of questions (534 each), while two MPs from Nagaland asked the least number of questions, 12 each. Supriya Sule from the NCP, a MP from Baramati in Maharashtra, asked the maximum number of questions – 1,181. Among political parties, the maximum number of questions were asked by 18 Shiv Sena MPs, each of them on an average asking 639 questions. Two MPs belonging to the National People’s Party asked the least number of questions. On an average, they asked only 10 questions.

Congress announces new announcement on minimum income plan, says women will get Rs 72,000

Congress announces new announcement on minimum income plan, says women will get Rs 72,000

Congress has made a new announcement on Tuesday for the minimum income. Randeep Singh Surjewala, spokesman at the Congress headquarters in the national capital, Delhi gave this information. Surjewala said that '72, 000 rupees will go to the women's home account '. He questioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should tell that he is in favor of it or in opposition to it.

Surjewala said that 20% of the poor families will get 72,000 each year. This scheme is female centric, this money will be deposited in the account of the housewives. ' He said that this scheme will be implemented for both the urban and rural poor.

Surjewala said, "This is a new beginning in Congress 'poverty eradication justice journey' in this country. "Justice from the poor and justice to the poor" - that is, 'justice' means the minimum income plan. ' In the press conference, Surjewala claimed that Congress governments reduced India's poverty from 70% to 22% after independence. He said that we will work to remove 22% of the poverty in the rest of India.

Attacking Prime Minister Modi, Surjevala said that "he can forgive the handful of Rs 3,50,000 crore for the handful of businessmen, but for the poor of India 72,000 is difficult for them." Why is the BJP opposing this plan? '

Surjewala said that when 'Mr. Modi can spend' 5,000 crores for his publicity and advertising, why are he opposing 72,000 for the poor family? ' Surjewala said that it has three facets. Firstly, 20,000 of the country's poorest families will get 72,000 annually, which will benefit about 50 million families and 25 million people. He said it is not a top-up skim. This is a women centric scheme and money will be deposited in the women's account. Surjewala said that this scheme will be applicable to the poor of the entire country.

Surjewala claimed that this is the biggest plan that strikes poverty in Azad Hindustan and the whole world. He said, "The truth is that BJP and Modi are always standing in front of the poor of the country. At the same time, as the Prime Minister, Moji ji resisted MNREGA, which had already crushed poverty in the speech in Parliament. NSSO statistics show that since Modi ji came to power, 40 million jobs were over. Surjewala said that Modiji, the GST you put in, ruined small industries.

For this reason Congress has bet on Imam Pratapgadhi

For this reason Congress has bet on Imam Pratapgadhi

There is a special status in Hindi and Urdu shires. It has become the identity of the current situation and its exact comment on it. Because of which, they continue to remain targets of the state. Mob Lynching, Najib, Vemulah, Karaana Migration, etc., included dozens of cases in their eyes and came to the headlines. Giving slogans 'blood is speaking' against all this, hundreds of people gathered and performed on Jantar Mantar.

Apart from all this, there is no other person but his shayari does not miss the aim of targeting PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi. These are all the reasons that millions of young people imran Pratapgadhi take hands. There is no shortage of people on social media also.

On a Facebook page alone, he has more than 10 million followers. More than 3.50 lakh people follow him on the tweeter. Their followers have made several groups on the social media in the name of Imran Pratapgarhhi.

When reaching any city, there are thousands of people behind Imran. Videos and photos of this kind of crowd can be seen on their Facebook page. Perhaps these are the reasons for which Congress has made him the candidate of the Rajbabber in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

As it is, there is a clear indication that the prediction will be of the same kind. When Congress made its candidate from Moradabad Lok Sabha seat, Imran first read this lion,

I still despise the legacy of the elderly, I accept to support the land!

Political war is in this era, people of Zamhuriyat, Moradabad pray for this war!

Born on August 6, 1987, Imran is from UP's Pratapgarh district. His full name is Mohammad Imran Khan. He used the name of Pratapgarh in his district as Takhalus. In the same way as Kumar Vishwas Kavi emerged from the conventions, Imran Pratapgadhi also made his identification in Musashire. Though it is said that less and political arrows of love are more in their poetry.

Imran has studied Hindi from Allahabad University. He has a good catch in both Hindi and Urdu languages. His father Mohammad Ilyas Khan is a doctor by profession. Imran started writing a poem from the fifth class to the Sher-O-Shayari. Apart from the country, Imran also participates in the foreign countries of Mushahars.

Madarsa, Palestine, we are Muslims and their names written on Najib have been quite popular. He advocates for the training of Muslims, as well as their clear thinking on the rights of the Muslims and the political issues. From time to time, Imran has also been seen on political forums. He also read a book against Anna Hazare in a round.

This meeting brought Imran to the state

Referring to Imran in a program, he said that Rahul Gandhi had met in November 2018. The meeting was scheduled for 25 minutes. But when we sat, the meeting lasted 1.30 hours. From Shayari to Politics and the issues of the country were discussed. In this entire meeting, I am impressed by Rahul Gandhi's simplicity and his vision. And it is good to sleep that when Priyanka Gandhi came, a passion was filled.

The BJP has given tickets to the tejesvi sury from Bangalore South Seat,Ananth Kumar's wife leaves chopped

The BJP has given tickets to the tejesvi sury from Bangalore South Seat,Ananth Kumar's wife leaves chopped

A lawyer with rusty profession and the state BJP is the Vice President of Youth Front. PM on the social media campaign against those who oppose Modi

DP Satish

Surprisingly, the BJP has given ticket to young Sunny Sunny from the Bangalore South Lok Sabha seat. However, till now it was a matter of discussion that in this seat BJP can get ticket for Anant Kumar's wife Tejaswini. Ananth Kumar died in November last year. He was an MP from 1996 till 2014.

The Karnataka BJP had also recommended the name of Tejaswini. Tejaswini is quite known in this area through her NGO. It was also supported by state BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa, and till last week it seemed that just as the name is yet to be announced.

However, for the last four days this talk had started to be discussed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Congress had also given ticket to the leader of the opposition and Rajya Sabha MP BK Hariprasad from here. In the 1999 Lok Sabha elections, he lost to Ananth Kumar by 65 thousand votes.

All the people of Anant Kumar camp were surprised when the bright sun's candidates were created. Stunning suns are known for their Hindu intellectual ideas. On Monday, Tejaswini had said that the country is in the top place for them, the party is in second place and the personal life is in third place.

A lawyer with rusty profession and the state BJP is the Vice President of Youth Front. On the social media, PM campaign against those who oppose Modi. The state is known faces of BJP's Media Management Cell and they also have good connections from the Yeddyurappa camp.

The South of Bangalore is considered an 'anti-Congress' seat since 1977. In the last 10 elections, Congress won only once in 1989. Apart from this, a Brahmin candidate has been winning continuously for the last nine times in this constituency. Since it is considered to be the stronghold of BJP, therefore no one suspects the victory of the stunning. Stunning sun is also a Brahmin However, on 23rd May it will be known that the stunning will be the tenth Brahmin to win this seat.


IAF inducts first unit of four Chinook helicopters

IAF inducts first unit of four Chinook helicopters


The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Monday inducted the first unit of four Chinook helicopters. The Boeing CH-47F is an advanced multi-mission helicopter for the U.S. Army and international defense forces.