Trump administration begins to deny US visas to unmarried, same-sex partners of diplomats and UN employees

Trump administration begins to deny US visas to unmarried, same-sex partners of diplomats and UN employees
Washington: US President Donald Trump’s administration has begun denying visas to unmarried, same-sex partners of foreign diplomats and UN employees, the media reported.
According to a report in Foreign Policy magazine on Monday, the policy affected same-sex partners of diplomats and staffers working at the UN global headquarters in New York. The partner must show proof of marriage by December 31 or leave the country within 30 days.
The majority of 193 UN member countries do not legalize same-sex marriage, meaning diplomats face a tough choice. The report said the new policy meant at least 10 unmarried UN employees currently in the US will have to get married in order for their partners’ visas to be extended.

Since the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, the US policy has dictated that diplomatic visas are only extended to married spouses. The US mission to the UN reportedly notified couples of the decision in July and it took effect on Monday, according to the report.
“Same-sex spouses of US diplomats now enjoy the same rights and benefits as opposite-sex spouses,” read the announcement obtained by Foreign Policy.
“Consistent with the (State) Department policy, partners accompanying members of permanent missions or seeking to join the same must generally be married in order to be eligible for a diplomatic visa,” it said.
Former US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power blasted the move as “needlessly cruel and bigoted”.
Alfonso Nam, the President of UN Globe, a UN LGBTI staff advocacy organization, told Foreign Policy that same-sex couples were at risk of prosecution if they return to a country that criminalizes homosexuality or has not legalized same-sex marriages. Diplomats would be eligible for “limited exceptions” under the Trump administration’s policy if they can prove they are from countries that outlaw same-sex partners, the report said. That exception, however, reportedly does not extend to UN officials.

Nobel prize in physics awarded to Arthur Ashken, Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland

Nobel prize in physics awarded to Arthur Ashken, Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland
Stockholm: Three researchers on Tuesday shared the 2018 Nobel Physics Prize for inventions in the field of laser physics which have paved the way for advanced precision instruments used in corrective eye surgery and industry, the jury said.
Arthur Ashkin of the United States won one half of the nine million Swedish kronor (about $1.01 million or 870,000 euros) prize, while Gerard Mourou of France and Donna Strickland of Canada shared the other half.
Ashkin, 96, was honoured for his invention of “optical tweezers” that grab particles, atoms, viruses and other living cells with their laser beam fingers. With this he was able to use the radiation pressure of light to move physical objects, “an old dream of science fiction,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.

Meanwhile, Mourou, 74, and Strickland — only the third woman to win the Physics Prize — won for together developing a method to generate ultra-short optical pulses, “the shortest and most intense laser pulses ever created by mankind,” the jury said.
Their technique is now used in corrective eye surgery.
Last year, US astrophysicists Barry Barish, Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss won the physics prize for the discovery of gravitational waves, predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago as part of his theory of general relativity. On Monday, two immunologists, James Allison of the US and Tasuku Honjo of Japan, won this year’s Nobel Medicine Prize for research into how the body’s natural defences can fight cancer.
The winners of the chemistry prize will be announced on Wednesday, followed by the peace prize on Friday. The economics prize will wrap up the Nobel season on Monday, October 8. For the first time since 1949, the Swedish Academy has postponed the announcement of the 2018 Nobel Literature Prize until next year, amid a #MeToo scandal and bitter internal dispute that has prevented it from functioning properly.

Afghanistan: At least seven dead in suicide attack on Election rally

Afghanistan: At least seven dead in suicide attack on Election rally

Jalalabad (Afghanistan) : At least seven people were killed in a suicide attack on an Afghan election campaign rally on Tuesday, an official said, in the latest violence to strike the country.Another 25 people were wounded when the militant blew himself up at the rally of parliamentary candidate Abdul Nasir Mohmmand in the eastern province of Nangarhar, provincial governor spokesman Ataullah Khogyani said.

Unsatisfied Leader of CPN Madhav Kumar Nepal call seperate standing committee meeting

Unsatisfied Leader of CPN Madhav Kumar Nepal call seperate standing committee meeting

Kathmandu, [Raju Lama] / Unsatisfied Leader of Communist Party of Nepal with own Party Leaders and Government Madhav Kumar Nepal call seperate standing committee meeting of CPN Party in his own house. CPN is largest and ruling party of Nepal and Nepal is senior and former PM of Nepal. He is one of the effective leader also within CPN Party of Nepal. After calling separate standing committee meeting of CPN nepalese politics turns into new era and conflict an political analysis begin to start in CPN Party of Nepal.
After present PM and President KP Oli and next President Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda did important decisions of party on Nepal's absence Nepal was unsatisfied and disagree with those decisions. "Now country is drowning someone need to rescue my country," Nepal said during his speech at parliament of Nepal. After his speech he called standing committee meeting in his own house. These days PM of Nepal is now in New York to participate UN General Convention and another President of CPN Dahal is in Singapore for regular followup examine health of his spouse.
"Two leaders PM Oli and Party President Dahal try to move Party as personal property so we urged to control these kinds of activities within our meeting," one of leader said who had participated in Nepal's meeting. In separate meeting called by Nepal most of leader who represent as Minister in present government, senior and effective leaders were also being participated. After former PM Nepal's did recent moves inside party PM Oli had already did his reaction and answered from New York that ,"some one is worried in my absence, I suggest him to not worry because I will back soon to Nepal."


Doval attends meeting in Iran on counter-terrorism

Doval attends meeting in Iran on counter-terrorism

Tehran: National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval attended a high-level meeting with top officials from Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Russia to combat threats posed by terror outfits such as the ISIS and others.
Doval articulated India’s abiding commitment to partner in bilateral, regional and global forums for tackling the scourge of terrorism which poses a huge threat to humanity. He further highlighted that there should not be a distinction between good and bad terrorism.
Stressing on the measures to combat terrorism, Doval said, “Greater cooperation, including through information sharing for disrupting support mechanisms such as training, financing, and supply of weapons; the need for disrupting the cross-border movement of terrorists; and isolating those who support and sponsor terrorism.”
During the meeting, terrorist violence in Afghanistan was rejected unequivocally. The officials also expressed support to assist the government and defence forces of Afghanistan to deal with terrorist groups and narcotics smuggling and to assist in reconstruction and economic development of Afghanistan.
Importance was given to promoting peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan which was Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled.
During his visit, Doval also held separate bilateral meetings with his counterparts from Iran, Russia, and Afghanistan on issues of bilateral interest.

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slams Donald Trump administration over sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slams Donald Trump administration over sanctions
New York: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday lashed out at the sanctions reinstated by the Donald Trump-led United States administration, saying that they amounted to “economic terrorism” and “economic war”, while speaking at the ongoing 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

“Unlawful unilateral sanctions in themselves constitute a form of economic terrorism and a breach of the ‘Right to Development’. The economic war that the United States has initiated under the rubric of new sanctions not only targets the Iranian people but also entails harmful repercussions for the people of other countries, and that war has caused a disruption in the state of global trade,” The Hill quoted Rouhani, as saying.

“We are pleased that the international community did not acquiesce to the US government’s unilateral and illegal withdrawal from the JCPOA … If you dislike the JCPOA because it is the legacy of your domestic political rivals, then we invite you to come back to the Security Council resolution. We invite you to remain in the international institutions. Do not engage in imposing sanctions,” he further said.

Trump, in his speech at the UNGA, took a jibe at Iran and re-established the sanctions, scheduled to be put back in place in early November. He also dismissed reports which stated that he would meet Rouhani on the sidelines of the UNGA. More sanctions will be imposed on Iran in November, including barring Iran’s sale of crude oil and transactions with its Central Bank, the report highlighted.

In order to protect European companies from any penalties imposed by the United States for doing business with or in Iran, EU has updated a blocking statute. In 2015, six countries – Iran, US, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and China- signed the Iran nuclear deal, for lifting economic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for limitations to the country’s nuclear programme.

However, Trump announced the US’ withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or the Iran nuclear deal in May, which limited the country’s uranium enrichment in exchange for sanctions relief. Calling the accord as an “embarrassment” that was “defective at its core”, the US President then warned of severe consequences if Iran resumed its nuclear programme.

Titanic discovery: Spice carrier, 400-year-old Indian shipwreck, found

Titanic discovery: Spice carrier, 400-year-old Indian shipwreck, found

Lisbon: Archaeologists in Portugal have found a 400-year-old shipwreck that has been described as “the discovery of the decade”. The ship that traversed the spice route between India and Europe sank sometime between 1575 and 1625. The team believes the ship was returning from India when it sank.

Peppercorns, fragments of Chinese porcelain from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, as well as bronze cannons, were found among the sunken remains near Cascais, close to the country’s capital Lisbon. The wreck site, which sits about 40ft below the surface, is about 330ft long and 165ft wide. Project director Jorge Freire told Reuters that the wreck was very well-preserved. He said: “From a heritage perspective, this is the discovery of the decade.
The discovery will shed light  on both India and Portugal’s trading past and a better  understanding of the spice  route. According to the survey team, the latest find is in better structural shape than Our Lady of the Martyrs, another famous wreck. Among the discoveries were cowry shells, a type of currency used to trade slaves during the colonial era.

Maldives destroys British statues deemed offensive to Islam

Maldives destroys British statues deemed offensive to Islam
Colombo : Police armed with pickaxes and power tools have destroyed a modern artwork by a celebrated British sculptor in the Maldives, after the outgoing president in the tourist haven declared the installation offensive to Islam.
Former president Abdulla Yameen in July ordered the sculptures demolished but his ruling was not acted upon until Friday, on the eve of a presidential election which he lost to a liberal candidate.
A series of statues by Jason deCaires Taylor were placed inside a semi-submerged metal cube in July at a resort in the Maldives, an archipelago of 340,000 Sunni Muslims popular with tourists.

Islam, the official religion in the Maldives, bans the depiction of idols, and the work provoked some criticism from clerics even though the statues have no religious symbols or meaning.
Yameen said in July that “significant public sentiment” against the artwork known as ‘Coralarium’ had guided his decision to destroy it.
It is unclear why the sculptures were not raised from the waters until Friday, just two days before Yameen was turfed out of office.
Police were photographed chipping away at the works with pickaxes and using power tools to remove them from the large and ornate cage housing them.
A video posted by state media showed several men tearing a statue off a plinth.
“I was extremely shocked and heartbroken to learn that my sculptures have been destroyed by the Maldivian authorities at the Coralarium, despite continued consultations and dialogue,” deCaires Taylor told AFP in a statement.
“The Coralarium was conceived to connect humans to the environment and a nurturing space for marine life to thrive. Nothing else! “The Maldives is still beautiful, with a warm and friendly population, but it was a sad day for art and sad day for the environment.”
 The import of statues is prohibited in the Maldives. Even depictions of the Buddha are banned despite a long legacy of Buddhism in the islands before Islam came to dominate the archipelago.
Despite the edict, huge cutouts of Yameen towered over the capital Male in the lead-up to Sunday’s poll, which he lost after five years of strongman rule marked by a regression from democracy.
Many of these cardbo ard posters depicting the ousted leader were torn down after he suffered a shock defeat to opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, an act of defiance unthinkable under his iron-fisted leadership.

Trump announces second summit meet with Kim Jong Un

Trump announces second summit meet with Kim Jong Un


US President Donald Trump said on Monday he expected a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to be announced “pretty soon” but that the location had yet to be determined. Trump, during a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the United Nations, said: “Chairman Kim has been really very open and terrific, frankly. I think he wants to see something happen.”

Moon met with Kim for a third time last week. He said brought Trump a personal message from the North Korean leader saying he was hoping to meet with the U.S. president again soon.

Trump and Kim met for an unprecedented summit on June 12, and Trump has been keen on a second meeting, even though some U.S. officials and most analysts say Pyongyang has yet to show it is prepared to give up a nuclear arsenal that threatens the United States.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a news briefing earlier on Monday he hoped to travel back to North Korea before the end of the year to make final preparations for a second summit, which he said he was “confident” would happen. “I expect I’ll be traveling to Pyongyang before too long,” he said.

Asked if that would be before the end of the year, he replied: “Yes. Lord willing, I’ll be traveling before the end of the year.” Pompeo said he was optimistic that Kim would deliver on his pledge to denuclearize, but this would take time.
“We’re bringing the two senior leaders, the individuals who can actually make the decisions that will move this process forward, bring them together so we can continue to make progress towards what the U.N. Security Council has demanded and what Chairman Kim has promised he would do. “That’s the effort. There remains work to be done. There will be some time before we get to complete denuclearization for sure.”

At last week’s meeting with Moon, Kim promised to dismantle a missile site and also a nuclear complex – if the United States took “corresponding action.” However, while appearing to set a positive tone, the commitments fell far short of Washington’s demands for a complete inventory of North Korea’s weapons programs and irreversible steps towards denuclearization.

PM of Nepal K.P Oli meet with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at New York ( with video )

PM of Nepal K.P Oli meet with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at New York ( with video )

Raju Lama, Kathmandu. Historically meeting between Nepalese Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was held at New York of United States of America. Their meeting was held amid sideline of United Nations General Convention. Two leaders share their expression heartily and openly between each other during their meeting.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted about their meeting this morning and said, "Canada & Nepal are longstanding friends - and this morning, I met with PM Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli to strengthen the ties between our countries and talk about democracy, good governance, economic growth, inclusion and equality." 
During their meeting two leaders were agreed to extend bilateral ties on development and prosperous. PM of Nepal Oli said, " It's my great pleasure for historical high levels meeting after both countries established diplomatic relations at 1965. He further express his gratitude to PM of Canada Trudeau to have such a opportunity to have a meetings." 
Canadian PM Trudeau also express his view about historical high meetings between two leaders first time and hope for mutual bilateral benefits and trusts on diplomatic relations, development and prosperous Nepal. Nepal's PM Oli is now in New York visit to attend UN general convention.