Dhamtari: Citizens, including Collector-SP, held a cycle rally for polyethylene-free Dhamtari

Dhamtari: Citizens, including Collector-SP, held a cycle rally for polyethylene-free Dhamtari

Collector gave advice to vegetable dealers, distributed plastic free carry bags

A cycle rally was organized under the leadership of Collector Shri Rajat Bansal and SP Shri Balaji Rao in the city this morning with the aim of making Dhamtari district 100 percent polyethylene free. During the cycle rally, members of the team including the collector were advised by vegetable traders of Golabazar and Itwari Bazar not to use plastic polythene as well as they were distributed carry bags for alternative use.

This morning, the cycle rally started at 9 am from the premises of the local old agricultural produce market, which ended at Itwari Bazar complex near the Municipal Corporation office via Sihawa Chowk, Ghari Chowk, Golbazar, Sadarbazar Marg. During this, the collector discussed about plastic-made polythene after discussing with the vegetable professionals that the human life including the environment can face serious problems and challenges in the future. Informing about the ill effects of this, he called for 100% closure of banned plastic carrybags in the district including Dhamtari town and use plastic free carry bags as an alternative. During this time, the people of the rally demonstrated awareness through placards with no plastic, no polythene, and slogans to make the city polyethylene free. The rally was attended by the Commissioner along with Municipal Commissioner Mr. Ashish Tikriha, Youth Hostel Association and members of the Fitlife Club.

Raipur: Health Minister Mr. Singhdev approves release of 32 crores for Bilaspur Multi Super Specialty Hospital

Raipur: Health Minister Mr. Singhdev approves release of 32 crores for Bilaspur Multi Super Specialty Hospital

Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdev has given administrative approval to release Rs 32 crore out of the budget provisioned by the state government for the under construction multi super specialty hospital affiliated to Bilaspur Medical College. Under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana, this amount has been sanctioned for various construction works in this multi super specialty hospital being constructed in Bilaspur. Mr. Singhdev has approved the release of an amount of Rs 11 crore from the main budget of the Department of Medical Education for the year 2019-20 and Rs 21 crore from the supplementary budget.


Raipur: Residents of the state will get better employment opportunities in local industries: Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel: 'Villagers listened to the Chief Minister's speech with great enthusiasm even in Naxal-affected areas of the state'

Raipur: Residents of the state will get better employment opportunities in local industries: Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel: 'Villagers listened to the Chief Minister's speech with great enthusiasm even in Naxal-affected areas of the state'

Listeners got emotional after hearing the message of Bihari Jaiswal of Bilaspur

Chief Minister said employment, literacy and
Knowledge of innovations being made in the field of education

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has said that every effort is being made to provide employment in local industries to the residents of the state. More stringent provisions will be made in this regard in the new industrial policy so that our local youth can get better employment opportunities in the industries being set up in Chhattisgarh, as well as skilled human resources for such new industries are ready in the state. Will be done. The Chief Minister was addressing the people in the second episode of their monthly radio talk Lokvani today. Today, Lokvani was broadcast in all the stations of All India Radio, FM channels and regional news channels. A large number of people enthusiastically heard and appreciated the Chief Minister's Lokvani in urban and rural areas of the state as well as Naxal-affected areas. Women, elderly, youth and students in all the gram panchayats, community buildings, farm-barns, ashram-hostels, colleges, city squares, gardens and pandals in the Ghor Naxal-affected Mardapal village of Kondagaon district. The girls were seen collectively listening to Lokvani.

The Chief Minister said that all the resources including the air of Chhattisgarh, the water of Chhattisgarh, coal, iron ore and lime stone of Chhattisgarh belong to us, but we are not responsible for this, our young colleagues did not get the benefit. For the benefit of local resources for the local people, our leaders like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla had built Bhilai Steel Plant, so a large area benefited from it. Education, culture, health, employment, Bhilai progressed in every field. We want to do the same in every region of the state. That is why we have NMDC Has asked that the recruitment of employees of the Nagarnar Steel Plant be conducted in Dantewada. District cadre will be recruited in Bastar, Surguja and Bilaspur divisions. It has been decided to constitute Junior Staff Selection Board here. More than half a dozen food parks will be set up to increase the value of forest produce and agricultural produce in the state itself. Several decisions have been taken to simplify the industry and trade in the state so that local people can get employment on a large scale.

'Listeners get emotional listening to Bihari Jaiswal's message'

Listeners got emotional after hearing the message of Shri Bihari Jaiswal, resident of Bandhwapara of Bilaspur in Lokvani. Shri Jaiswal said in his message that I want to congratulate the Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, my daughter's education has become possible through her. Mr. Jaiswal told that he has a small grocery shop and his income is very low due to which it was not possible to afford the education of the children. His daughter had completed 8th standard in DAV school under Right to Education, due to lack of further free education, the whole family was frustrated, but the Bhupesh government expanded the right to education to 12 and provided for free education. I thank the Chief Minister for this so that my daughter can study further.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel thanked him on Mr. Jaiswal's message and said that I am very happy to say that not only your daughter but 4 thousand children in the state have benefited from this initiative. The state government is committed to the education of all children and especially girls. You would love to know that Chhattisgarh has become the first state in the country to take such an initiative, which has extended the Right to Education Act. Our right was given to the public by our UPA government at the center, which has been done by the state government of Chhattisgarh to further its progress. This year, 4 thousand children have got admission in the 9th and this series will also progress further as they go to the next class.

'People aged 14 to 60 will be digitally literate'

Chief Minister congratulated today on World Literacy Day and said that all the people of the state should be literate, today we take this resolution. He said that 25 percent of the state's population is still illiterate. It is our biggest responsibility to make them literate. He said that I am very happy to say today that the Chief Minister Urban Functional Literacy Program has been started in Chhattisgarh. In this, people from 14 to 60 years of age will be made digital literate. If we make people digitally literate, then citizens will be empowered by their personality development, skill development, financial legal information etc.

'In today's Lokvani, the most questions from the merger of education workers'

In Lokvani broadcast today, the most questions from the Chief Minister were from the merger of education workers in the state. Responding to which, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that major decisions are being taken to improve education. For the first time in 18 years, shikshakarmis were given the facility of transfer. There are one lakh 45 thousand education workers in the state, out of which one lakh 25 thousand education workers have been merged. The merger of remaining education workers will also be done as per the rules. There is no need to worry about other minor problems including salary discrepancy. As far as the recruitment of 15 thousand teachers is concerned, I want to tell you, there is no problem in this. The examination has been done by Vyapam. This work will be carried forward as soon as the results are received. I urge you all to contribute towards making the future of children by contributing your hundred percent.

The Chief Minister said that for the first time a program has been started in the state called 'Digi Duniya'. In which e-class rooms and e-labs are being set up in 4 thousand 330 high schools and higher secondary schools in the state. In this way, the new age IT from the school level itself. Are beginning to conduct ground based studies. All the textbooks will be made available as 'e-material' through a mobile app called Deeksha. Not only this, in the 6 dialects and languages ​​of the state, the facility of reading on mobile phones without internet will be provided.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, while answering the questions asked about schemes like guest teachers, Shiksha Mitan, Shiksha Mitra in Lokvani, said that as soon as our government came, on the one hand they started the process of regular recruitment, on the other hand, the placement agencies Closed shop. He said that we had started the process to fill the shortage of about one and a half thousand professors in colleges, but due to the stay from the Honorable High Court, the proceedings have been stopped. In the Honorable High Court, action is being taken with priority to keep the side of governance. Along with this, the process of recruitment to the posts of Guranthal, Sports Officer etc. is being started. Preparations are on to open two dozen new colleges in the state. In this 7 model colleges are being opened in Naxal affected and extremely backward areas.

The Chief Minister said that we will launch a massive campaign for development on the economic and social fronts of the state and achieve a big victory. In the end, he called on the youth power for Garhbo Nava Chhattisgarh and said the lines written by the young poets.

No fire is in these hands
You are the spark yourself.
To awaken everyone's fortune,
May your struggle continue.
Who is dominant in this amber,
You are the redness of the sun.
On everyone's face
You shine well

Raipur: All together Garhwa Nava Chhattisgarh: Shri Bhupesh Baghel: Chief Minister joins the swearing in ceremony of Sahu Samaj

Raipur: All together Garhwa Nava Chhattisgarh: Shri Bhupesh Baghel: Chief Minister joins the swearing in ceremony of Sahu Samaj

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has said that active participation and role of all societies is necessary in the Navnirman of Nava Chhattisgarh. Together we will make the state prosperous and prosperous. The Chief Minister was addressing the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected office bearers of Sahu Samaj held at Sahu Sadan at Tekrapara in Raipur today. At the function, the Chief Minister called for active contribution from all the people for development of Gothan in villages, fight against malnutrition and quality education in Suraji village scheme. He said that Sahu society also has a strong organization from the state level to the village level. Sahu Samaj can contribute significantly in making these important schemes successful.

The Chief Minister administered the oath of office to the newly elected President of Sahu Samaj including Shri Arjun Hirwani, Vice President Shri Tulsi Sahu and Mrs. Sarita Sahu. He congratulated and congratulated the newly elected officials. Home and Public Works Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu presided over the function. MLA Shri Dhanendra Sahu, Smt. Chhanni Sahu, former Minister Shri Krriparam Sahu, former MP Shri Chandulal Sahu were present at the function as special guests.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that every state has its own unique cultural identity. Keeping in view the culture and identity of Chhattisgarh, the state government is moving towards the development of the state. The Rajim Kumbh Mela was christened through the Amendment Bill. General holidays were announced on Hareli, Teja, Karma Jayanti and World Tribal Day. Today, Chhattisgarhi dishes like typicali, khurmi are prepared in various ceremonies instead of cashew raisins. The Chief Minister said that 27 percent reservation has been given to other backward classes in the state. 13 percent reservation is being given to scheduled castes from 12 and 32 percent reservation to scheduled tribes. There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the state by the decisions of the state government.

The Chief Minister said that today the biggest challenge in Chhattisgarh is malnutrition. 40 percent people live below the poverty line in the state. Of these, 18 percent live in a hut. 37.5 percent children in the state suffer from malnutrition, while 41.5 percent girls and women suffer from anemia and malnutrition. The Chief Minister said that Chhattisgarh government will become a strong state when we all have to fight together against malnutrition. He said that quality education is necessary for the development of society and the state. He said that cattle roam in the open so it is difficult for us to save the crop and there is loss of life due to accident caused by animals sitting in the streets.

The Chief Minister should develop Gothan in every village. Where there is a provision of fodder for animals. Grassland should be developed in ten acres of land. In Gothan, cow dung will make vermi and compost manure. With the proceeds from this, the Gothan committees will conduct the Gothans. With the construction of Gothan, cleanliness will be done in the village, organic farming will be promoted, agricultural cost will be reduced, the work of breed improvement of animals will be done which will increase milk production. Presiding over the program, Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu thanked the Chief Minister for declaring a holiday on Karma Jayanti and giving 27 percent reservation to the Other Backward Classes. MLA Shri Dhanendra Sahu, former MP Chandulal Sahu, newly elected President of Sahu Samaj, Shri Arjun Hirwani, outgoing Speaker Shri Vipin Sahu also addressed the function. Many officials and members of Sahu Samaj were present in large numbers on this occasion.

Raipur : Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel makes many historical announcements for industrial development in Chhattisgarh

Raipur : Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel makes many historical announcements for industrial development in Chhattisgarh

30% Reduction in the land allotment rates in industrial areas

Concessions to be provided for establishment of food-processing, small forest produce and herbal-based industries in state, policy to be formulated in two months

Single Window System for all the approvals required for establishing industries

Transfer fee of industrial lands to be reduced, rules to be slackened

 Chief Minister attends programme organized by Chamber of Commerce


Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel made several historical announcements for industrial development in state. Chief Minister announced that land allotment rates in industrial areas will be reduced by 30 per cent. In addition, land would be provided at cheaper rates, capital, interest subsidy, tax rebates and several other benefits would be provided for establishment of food processing, minor forest produce and herbal-based industries. New policy incorporating these announcements will be formulated within two months, announced Chief Minister. Chief Minister was addressing the industrial and commercial representatives at the programme organized by Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in capital city Raipur.

            Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that State Government is committed towards the development of industrial sector alongside of agriculture sector in Chhattisgarh. Core sector industries such as steel and cement would be promoted in state. Presently, these industries have been kept in prohibited list. Soon they would be removed from the prohibited list. He said that land allotment rates in industrial areas would be reduced by 30% and lease rent rate would be reduced from 3% to 2%.

            Single window system would be facilitated to provide all kinds of approval for establishing industries in the state, within the prescribed time-limit. Presently, applications for setting up industries are not being accepted because of the unavailability of land. Chief Minister said that new applications would be collected in all the district industrial centres and lands would be allotted by Industrial Department on first-come-first-serve basis.

            Industries which are being operated in the state for more than 10 years in the area upto 2 hectares would be given free hold. Warehouses operating in industrial areas will be regularized. Transfer fees of industrial land will be reduced and the process would be simplified. Chief Minister said that sub-lease provisions would be made for allotment of land. For the industries that were not set up despite the availability/allotment of land, time-limit of one year would be given as a last chance. After that land would be taken back on allotment rates and would be allotted to other eligible entrepreneurs.

            Presently, it is compulsory for small entrepreneurs to get their gomasta license issued even if they have one labourer employed under them, this limit for minimum number of labourers would be increased to ten. Proposal would be sent to Government of India to increase the minimum number of employees required for compulsion of gomasta issuance under Factory Act to 10 or more for electricity-run industries, from 20 to 40 for industries run without electricity.  Special initiative would be taken for easy availability of iron ore for steel industries in state. On the occasion, Chief Minister assured the office-bearers of the chamber that their demands would be deliberated upon on a considerate note.

            Chief Minister said in his address to the programme that farmers have been provided bonus of Rs 6000 crore after procurement of paddy at the rate of Rs 2500 per quintal. Loans worth Rs 10 thousand crores have been waived off. Entire country was going through recession, but Chhattisgarh remained untouched by the effects of recession. He said that thousands of people got benefited after the ban on registry of small plots was lifted. Diversion process has been simplified and all the powers have been entrusted to SDM. Historical reduction of 30% has been done in the guideline rates of lands. Provisions of 'free hold' has been made for lands on 'nazul patta' and 'aabaadi patta'. Collector has been authorized for allotment of government land upto 7500 sq ft in urban areas. Electricity bill against consumption of upto 400 units have been halved. Electricity rates in mini steel plant areas have been reduced. Compulsion of gomasta license renewal has been dissolved.

            Chief Minister said that the entire country is struggling with the setback in automobile sector, but I am glad to mention that in August 2018, there were 37 thousand 518 registrations of vehicles recorded in state and in August 2019, registration of 41 thousand 393 vehicles has been recorded in the state, which is 10.32% more than previous year. Chhattisgarh is the only state, which has recorded growth in automobile sector.

Raipur : Chief Minister announces formation of Peeparchhedi and Indagaon Up-Tehsil in Gariband district, Mainpur to be given the status of Revenue Sub-Division

Raipur : Chief Minister announces formation of Peeparchhedi and Indagaon Up-Tehsil in Gariband district, Mainpur to be given the status of Revenue Sub-Division

Extremely Backward Tribes to be given benefit of direct recruitment

Processing Centres to be opened in Primary Forest Produce, Cooperative Societies

Hospital of 100-bed capacity to be established in Gariband, Agriculture College to be opened in Rajim

Reservation is being implemented in larger interest of public : Mr. Bhupesh Baghel


 Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today gave a big present to people of Gariband district at Van Adhikar, Aajeevika Sammelan held in district headquarters Gariaband. In his address to the programme, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel announced that Peeparchhedi and Indagaon areas of Gariaband district will be given the status of Up-Tehsil and Mainpur tehsil will be given the status of Revenue Sub Division. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel showered gifts on the occasion for people of Gariaband district. He announced that the extremely backward tribes of the region Kamaar and Bhunjiya tribe will be given benefits of direct recruitment. Mr. Baghel announced opening of primary processing centres worth Rs 20-lakh each for all the primary forest produce cooperative socities of the district. Mr. Baghel said that this will not only help people of the district to earn better value in exchange of forest produce but will also strengthen their means of livelihood. He announced that a 100-bed hospital will be established in District Headquarters Gariaband and an Agriculture College will be opened in Rajim.


Chief Minister Mr. Baghel addressed the massive public gathering in Chhattisgarhi saying that Gariaband district is rich in religious, cultural and natural heritage. It has immense potential for development. Chief Minister recalled Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi's visit to Kulhadighat in year 1985, saying that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi had visited tribal area Kulhadighat and had tasted 'kandmool' here. He said that his government has been working for the welfare of tribal communities and backward sections of the society.

About the decision of 82% reservation to people of the state, Mr. Baghel said that the decision has been taken based on the Constitution of India and recommendation of the Commission, and it will be implemented for the highest good of people of the state. Based on the size of the population, all sections of the society will get the benefit of reservation. Mr. Baghel said that we have renamed Kumbh Mela as Rajim Maghi Punni Mela. Conserving the culture of the state, we have declared public holidays on Hareli, International Day of World's Indigenous People, Karma Jayanti and Teeja festival. Nearly 22 thousand forest land right certificates have been distributed in the state. Mr. Baghel said that Narva, Garua, Ghurva, Bari are the pillars of rural economy. We are determined to strengthen it by establishing its new identity.

PWD Minister Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu said that steps are being taken to develop tourism sector in Gariaband district. Minor Forest Produce Processing Centres will be opened. Mr. Sahu said that Chief Minister has provided a new opportunity to the youth by dissolving e-tender process. Now works worth upto Rs 50 lakh can be done via manual tender. Home Minister said that major changes have been made in working system of Police Department for convenience of people. Traffic rules have been slackened and SHOs have been entrusted with responsibility to prevent criminal activities such as gambling and betting. Initiatives are also being taken for release of innocent tribal people in prison. He also informed about establishment of removal plant in 68 schools of Devbhog area, where problem of contaminated water was reported.

Forest and Food Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar said that we have fulfilled every promise we made to people of Chhattisgarh. New Government waived off agriculture loans worth Rs 14 thousand crore in larger interest of farmers. The promise of supplying 35 kg rice to every family has been kept. Agriculture Minister Mr. Ravindra Choubey said that we have paid nearly Rs 30 thosuand crores to the farmers directly into their bank accounts. We believe that the actual power of Chhattisgarh lies in the hands of farmers. We are taking various steps towards establishing food processing, corn, tomato and sugarcane based industries. Local MLA Mr. Amitesh Shukla mentioned various government schemes and said in his address that this government is all about the welfare of villages, poor and farmers.


Unemployment rate decreased in Bhupesh government

Unemployment rate decreased in Bhupesh government


Raipur | Chhattisgarh has seen astonishing figures in unemployment rate compared to last year. In the tenure of Raman Singh, the unemployment rate in the state was 22.2 percent in September 2018. Whereas during the tenure of the Congress party this figure is 5.1 percent in August this year.

Data from the Center for Monitoring of the Indian Economy show that there has been a significant change in the unemployment rate figures before the Assembly elections held last year and since the formation of Bhupesh Baghel's government in the state.

According to the data, the unemployment rate in Chhattisgarh was 12.7 in October 2018, 5.5 in November, and 4.7 percent in December.

This year i.e. in January 2019, the unemployment rate in Chhattisgarh has been 7.9 percent, 7.3 percent in February, 3.7 percent in March, 3.4 percent in April, 9.8 percent in May, 8.1 percent in June, 5.5 percent in July and 5.1 percent in August.

Statistics show that between January and April 2019, the labor participation rate in Chhattisgarh was 42. 98 percent. The unemployment rate in the state during this period was 5. 52 percent. Meanwhile, unemployment rate among graduates or above educated people stood at 10.90%. Similarly, the unemployment rate among students studying from 10th to 12th was 10.67 percent. The unemployment rate among educated people ranged from sixth to eighth, at 3.79 percent.

But if we talk about Raman Singh's tenure before the election, between September and December 2018, the labor participation rate in Chhattisgarh was 44.70 percent. The unemployment rate in the state during this period was 11.29 percent.

The unemployment rate among the graduates or more educated was 15.18 percent. Similarly, the unemployment rate among those studying from 10th to 12th was 18.08 percent. Even the unemployed rate of educated people from sixth to eighth was 13.18 percent.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel handed over various development works worth Rs. 134 crores to the residents of Gariaband

 Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel handed over various development works worth Rs. 134 crores to the residents of Gariaband

Raipur: Distribution of beneficial materials worth Rs 2 crore under public welfare schemes

Chief Minister attended forest rights, livelihood conference and reception

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel attended the Forest Rights, Livelihood Conference and Greeting ceremony held on September 6 at District Headquarters Gariaband. On this occasion, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel handed over 34 development works worth Rs. 134 crore 67 lakh 54 thousand to the villagers. These include 28 inauguration works of Rs 114 crore 35 lakh 19 thousand and 06 foundation stones of Rs 20 crore 32 lakh 35 thousand. In the program, beneficiary-oriented materials and checks worth Rs 2 crore were distributed to the people under various schemes by the Chief Minister.

    Among the development works to be released include 8 works costing Rs 56 crore 78 lakh under Public Works Department. Similarly, 11 works costing Rs 37 crore 28 lakh under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, 33/11 KV Dongarigaon (Malgaon) under Electricity Department Rs 1 crore 73 lakh, 4 ponds and one anicut construction work by Forest Division Gariaband Rs 50 lakh Cost, Plantation cost of 41 thousand tussar food plant Arjun in 10 hectare area of ​​Village Panchayat Malgaon under silk department, Rs 11 lakh 65 thousand, housing by police department They build small horticultural nursery costs by 17 crore 78 lakh, KVK has released Rs 15 million.

    Under the foundation stone work by the Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, 2 works costing Rs. 3 crore 13 lakhs, 4 development works costing Rs. 17 crore 18 lakhs by the Water Resources Department are included. Home minister and district in-charge minister Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu, Agriculture Minister Mr. Ravindra Choubey, Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, Rajim MLA Mr. Amitesh Shukla, District President Mrs. Chumman Bai Som, Collector Mr. Shyam Dhawade, Superintendent of Police Mr. M.R. A large number of distinguished citizens including Ahire were present.

Raipur: On August 23, the birthday of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, special: We will all together fulfill the resolve of 'Garhbo Nava Chhattisgarh'

Raipur: On August 23, the birthday of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, special: We will all together fulfill the resolve of 'Garhbo Nava Chhattisgarh'

Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has established a special identity during his nearly 08-month tenure. (This includes the ideal conduct of the Lok Sabha Election 2019 for two and a half to three months) whether it is waived short term agricultural loans of farmers, or the procurement of paddy at the support price by giving a reasonable price at the rate of Rs 2500 per quintal. With the loan waiver scheme, loans worth more than Rs 11 thousand crore of 19 lakh farmers of the state were waived. Honoring the sweat of the toiling peasants of the state, he kept the promise made to the farmers first. As soon as the Chief Minister took office, the debt waiver was completed within 02 hours. Every citizen of the state, whether urban or rural, is aware of the welfare thinking of the Chhattisgarh government. Common people have increased confidence in the government. The middle class families have got a big relief due to the removal of restrictions on the purchase and sale of small plot by the state government. Due to which about 60 thousand people got their land registered. The Chief Minister believes that all of us will fulfill the resolve of Garhbo Nava Chhattisgarh.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel has declared a typical Chhattisgarh by declaring new public holidays on Teeja festival, Hareli, Mata Karma Jayanti, Chhath Puja and World Tribal Day. Recently, the traditional festival of Chhattisgarh Hareli was celebrated with great pomp and show. The recruitment process of thousands of teachers started in school-colleges, Kanya Vivah Yojana assistance amount was increased from 15 thousand rupees to 25 thousand rupees. The Tendu Leaves collection rate in the state has been increased from Rs 2500 to Rs 4000 per standard bag. Many public welfare decisions like the withdrawal of land acquired by the industry company in Lohandiguda, Bastar, formation of Indravati Development Authority, power bill half up to 400 units have changed the lives of people. The incentive amount for the marriage of Divyangjans was increased from Rs 50 thousand per couple to Rs 01 lakh, increase in honorarium of Anganwadi workers and assistants, for the recruitment of Group C and D in the Municipal plant of National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) in Dantewada. Convinced NMDC.

On August 15, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel announced the formation of a new district in the name of Gorella-Penda-Marwahi on the occasion of Independence Day. Apart from this, announced the formation of 25 new tehsils in the state. Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Mitan Club will be formed in all the panchayats of the state, in the first phase it will be started with 20 thousand panchayats. The purpose of the club is to encourage the youth to bring forth Chhattisgarhi tradition and culture to be comfortable, in a way they won the hearts of the youth. It has been decided by the Chief Minister not to destroy the aspirations of any poor. With this decision, any house built before 19 November 2018 will not be removed and action will be taken to distribute the lease to them. This will benefit lakhs of people residing in the state including industrial cities of the state. Taking another major decision, the Chief Minister has announced 13 percent reservation for Scheduled Caste cadre and 27 percent reservation for Other Backward Classes. This decision of the government will benefit the people of the SC and OBC communities of the state. The chairperson of the newly formed Bastar, Surguja Central Region Development Authorities has been given the local MLA in place of the Chief Minister and two local vice presidents have also been appointed. Simplifying the caste certificate, along with the birth of the child, the decision to issue caste certificate to children on the basis of the father's caste certificate is a welcome step. Under the Mukhyamantri Haat Bazar Clinic Scheme, facilities for health check-up, treatment and drug distribution are being provided in the Haat markets of tribal areas, especially the Scheduled Tribes living in remote areas. 255 markets will be developed in all the urban bodies to survive the extinct cultural heritage, the Pooni-Pasari market system. Realizing the suffering of the poor, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has made arrangements for putting one lakh 60 thousand families in their bank accounts for construction of one lakh 60 thousand families under the Peacock Land Peacock House. Peacock Housing - The construction of multi-storeyed flats in municipal areas has been expedited for the families affected by crossing the pond, drowning area and other schemes under the Peacock signage scheme. Due to which the beneficiary will get houses for only 75 thousand rupees. Special efforts are being made by the state government for the protection and promotion of Narva, Garuva, Ghurwa and Bari under Suraji village scheme.

Raipur : Jan Chaupal, Bhent Mulaqat : Chief Minister sanctions financial aid for knee replacement of senior citizen Phagni Bai

Raipur : Jan Chaupal, Bhent Mulaqat : Chief Minister sanctions financial aid for knee replacement of senior citizen Phagni Bai

Chief Minister sanctions financial aid to many patients in need from Sanjeevani Kosh, Discretionary fund


Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel compassionately sanctioned financial aids to a number of patients in need, from Sanjeevani Kosh and discretionary fund. He sanctioned financial aid for knee replacement of senior citizen Phagni Bai on her request, at Jan Chaupal, Bhent Mulaqat held today. On the occasion, Agriculture and Water Resource Minister Mr. Ravindra Choubey, MLA Mr. Satyanarayan Sharma, Mr. Kuldeep Juneja, and Mr. Vikas Upadhyay were also present.

In the Janchaupal programme held today, these patients met and requested Chief Minister for financial aid as they are unable to bear the expenses of their medical treatment. Chief Minister assured them of providing financial aid under various schemes. 63-year-old Phagni Bai from village Baroda of Kabeerdham district needed help for her knee replacement, for which Chief Minister sanctioned financial aid from Sanjeevani Kosh. Likewise, Susheel Kaushik of Semariya of Kabeerdham district needed financial aid for his heart surgery, Bahtareen Kashyap from Navagarh Janjgir-Champa district for her brain tumour treatment, Suresh Kumar of Manikchauri of same district needed help for treatment the injury he got in a road accident. Likewise, Pradeep of Bhedikala of Rajnandgaon district and Mohan Singh of Mode village in Bilaspur district were also provided financial aid for medical treatment from Sanjeevani Kosh. 

Chief Minister also sanctioned financial aid from his discretionary fund to people suffering from critical diseases and injuries. Village Dhaba Bemetara district resident Mr. Ajeet Dhruv was provided Rs 25 thousand for treatment of injuries he sustained in a road accident. Manish Shukla of Raipur Amlidih was provided Rs one lakh for his liver treatment, Rajendra Mishra of Bhanpuri Raipur was give Rs 2 lakh for kidney treatment, Mumtaz of Raipur was provided financial aid of Rs 50 thousand for cancer treatment.