8 PIOs compete for Rs 21 crore in Bahamas poker game

8 PIOs compete for Rs 21 crore in Bahamas poker game

Nassau: Eight Indian men from across the country are vying to win one of the largest prize money of over Rs 21 crore in a poker tournament being held over five days in this picturesque island, known for its watersports and casinos. The eight won the entry ticket of $25,000, among the largest, through “platinum passes” offered by the organisers, Pokerstars — by playing and winning other tournaments or online competitions.

In all, 1014 players entered the first day of the five-day tournament with around 250 getting eliminated. The prize pool would be over $25 million with the top player getting a percentage of the pool. It’s all about surviving for five days with enough chips. It’s challenging both mentally and physically,” said Nikhil Segal, a Delhi based architect who was able to hold on to and gain a little from the starting stack in chips of $60,000 on the first day. Segal, who calls himself a recreational poker player said that one had to be totally focussed on the game.



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