Kapil Dev: I think with comic timing, either you have it or you don’t

Kapil Dev: I think with comic timing, either you have it or you don’t

Cricket Kapil Dev, who is part of India’s first live comedy show titled Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan, talks about his experience with the show, fan expectations and what life means to him.

What has been the experience so far with the program?

> I think it’s different…I never thought that I would be part of such a show. I have never done anything like this in the past. It’s beautiful and a nice feeling to be part of this.

What is the best compliment you have got from the people?

> I think I have been getting mixed reactions. Some people say, ‘Why you are doing this?’ and some say, ‘It’s fantastic’. I think it’s more about breaking barriers because people think I shouldn’t do something like this. But I feel that I don’t mind doing something that gives me happiness.

It has shown a very different side of yours and your comic timing is being appreciated. People have never imagined a cricketer with no acting ambitions is so good with comic timing. So from where it’s coming?

> I think with comic timing, either you have it or you don’t. When you become captain, you curve yourself to say so many things. The game we have are playing i.e cricket in India, every single match we have played is covered by the media and is watched by the people. So people, feel this is me. But I would like to tell them that this is me. Now, I have reached this stage, I know who am I and what I like to be.

Your enthusiasm is vibrantly visible and it’s not easy to retain and maintain enthusiasm over the years. So, it is an exploration for you?

> When I am doing something, I always feel either I should be 200% passionate about that otherwise I shouldn’t do it. There are no two ways about it. You take up a project either for money or for your enjoyment. I am doing for both, for good money and this gives me happiness. When you are happy within yourself, then everything becomes better and much easier.

Throw light on your association with professor LPW.

> I think he is a huge talent, without a doubt. He is one of the most talented actors or you can say comedians today. He has the perfect sense of timing and his facial expression is fantastic. I personally feel he should keep on doing different roles altogether because he has the talent and ability to excel.

Googly Bhabhi is head over heels with him in the project. What have you to say about her?

> I think that’s the character that the producer chose. I think when you see them and work with them, you realise how talented they are. Sometimes, when you are watching on them on TV, you don’t know how much they know their craft. But when you are working with them, then you come to know how good they are. That little girl Sughanda, she is amazing. I am very impressed by her. She is so sharp and witty and her facial expression is like a baby. She uses her face so well in this show.

What is your experience as you are doing the comedy live?

> I feel that it’s much easier because we go live in cricket too. There are no retakes in that as well. When it comes to live, your mind has to be focused properly. You have to be 100% sure. When you do a live show, you have to be sharp at that every moment.

Do you have an affinity for comedy shows like have you always watched comedy shows? Any previous shows you always used to like?

> I always like comedy shows. I remember, I used to watch funny movies when I used to play cricket. Playing cricket is so a intense and serious, that we used to always watch funny movies to make ourselves feel lighter. I always loved to see movies like Padosan, Chupke Chupke.

How is it working with the young team of comedy writers headed by Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes?

> Well, this is the first time that I am part of such a show, so I don’t know anybody else. They are a group of young girls and they want to do something good. They are passionate about that and I feel happy to work with people who love their work.

Anything on your wishlist that you would like to do in your career?

> No, I would like to do whatever gives me happiness.

How do you unwind yourself after a hard day?

> I think this is unwinding myself. This is fun..And where there is fun, you end up unwinding your self.

Cricket and entertainment are considered as a religion in India.

> People are still looking for happiness and are seeing the fun part of life in cricket and entertainment, which is great.

You have a long journey, to whom you will give the credit?

> I can’t really name one person. You meet so many people everybody who become part of your journey. It’s all of them collectively, who have helped me grow.

You would like to act in a film if offered at this stage?

> No. I am happy if anything like this comes up. I haven’t thought of films right now. Shows like Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan are fun and I want to do more of these. I think acting is not my cup of tea.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

> Sorry, if I disappointed anyone. I also want to tell them that I am enjoying myself.

What is the secret of happiness? You have always come across subtle and happy go lucky kind of a person. You are very stable so from where does that stability comes?

> No. I personally feel when you are an actor whatever you are doing, you should give your 200% to it. You should work hard and give your best. I don’t think so I can make a 100 every day. Although you work hard, there are going to be a few zeroes in your life. That’s how the life is. Life is fun and if you don’t know how to enjoy it, then it’s a waste of time.

Do you still watch films?

> I don’t go to the theatre and watch. In the last 15 to 20 years, I have watched only 10 movies in the theatre. But, every night, I definitely watch something on television before I sleep. The last movies that I watched were Pink, and Bhaag Milka Bhaag.


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