Apple iPhone X Catches Fire During iOS 12.1 Update Process; Company to Investigate

Apple iPhone X Catches Fire During iOS 12.1 Update Process; Company to Investigate

An Apple iPhone X has apparently overheated and caught fire in the process of updating to iOS 12.1. The images of the iPhone X unit, with the cracked glass and burn marks clearly visible, were posted on Twitter by the user. The user has claimed that when this incident happened, he was charging the phone with the company's Lightning Cable and Wall Adapter. However, as soon as the phone exploded, the user claims he removed the charger from the phone after he noticed the phone was getting hot, and smoke started emerging after a point. The user has given this information to Apple, and the company is investigating this matter. Also Apple has asked the user to ship the unit to them, for further investigation. The user gave this information on Twitter.

The burnt iPhone X, as seen below, is said to belong to Rahel Mohamad from Federal Way, Washington in the United States. The 10-month-old device that Rahel bought in January. 

According to Mohamad, he has reached out to Apple, which stresses to investigate it further by getting Mohamad to ship the iPhone X to them. In a reply on Twitter to his original tweet, Apple Support said that this is definitely not expected behaviour and would wish to resolve it soon.

Recently, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was had also exploded. At the launch, the company's CEO DJ Koh said that this is the safest smartphone ever. The woman, in whose handbag the Galaxy Note 9 exploded, has filed a case against Samsung over this incident.


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