Snapchat Introduces Friendship Profiles And Bitmoji Merch

Snapchat Introduces Friendship Profiles And Bitmoji Merch

Snapchat is celebrating user relationships Tuesday by introducing Friendship Profiles, profiles that privately share application memories between friends and groups of friends. Each profile will consist of whichever images, videos, messages, and links that friends have saved in the application over the course of their Snapchat history together, making highlights and special moments easy to locate and enjoy again. To access the profile, all you have to do is tap on a friend's Bitmoji.

In addition to these new friendship files, Snapchat is also introducing Bitmoji Stories according to Engadget, a feature that portrays your character in comic book-like scenarios that can feature your friends from time to time. Basically, your Bitmoji can be as social as you are. Depending on just how strong your friendships are and how much you love Bitmojis, the company will also be bringing Bitmoji merch to the Snap Store on Thursday. You'll be able to purchase products like stickers, apparel, phone cases, and even mugs featuring your virtual avatar by itself or paired with a friend's just in time for the holidays.
Over the next few weeks, Snapchatters across the world will gain access to Friendship Profiles. Bitmoji Stories arrive Wednesday only in English for now, and you'll find new merch in the Snap Store beginning Thursday for US users.


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