Sunny Leone was offered a role in ‘Game of Thrones’, but she didn’t take it

Sunny Leone was offered a role in ‘Game of Thrones’, but she didn’t take it

Being offered a part in Game of Thrones would be the ultimate dream for fans around the world. Recently Bollywood’s hottie Sunny Leone revealed in an interview revealed that she was offered Game of Thrones. But she didn’t grab the golden opportunity. We wonder why…

Sunny Leone said, “I got this message one day. This guy’s like, ‘I know it’s really last minute, but we want to cast you for a role in Game Of Thrones’ and I was like Oh my God! No Way!” The actress continued, “And then they sent the IMDB link to see who it was and then… It was fake!” We bet this was one disappointing call that Sunny will never forget.

The adult star turned Bollywood heroine also shared her encounter with rumours of her personal life. “That I was going get divorced and pregnant at the same time… on the same day. And then my mother-in-law calls and says, ‘do you guys have anything to tell me?’ That was pretty funny”, she said.

She also mentioned the adult industry and how it works. That it is extremely “professional” and everybody is tested. “I bet there are a lot of young people here whoever never got tested, but you should. I know it’s very awkward, but if you’re promiscuous you should definitely get tested. And use condoms everybody.”



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