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Hindu Vahini General Secretary arrested with weapons

Hindu Vahini General Secretary arrested with weapons

Ghaziabad: Police discovered illegal weapons from the house of Hindu Vahini member. The weapons discovered are only given to police, army or paramilitary force. SSP Vibhu Krishan told that history sheeter Amit Tyagi resident of Brahmanan town, his brother Jitendra Tyagi and personal security Amish Kumar have been arrested.
Scorpio, Varna, 4 factory-made pistols, licensed revolver, 100 bullets, and other weapons were seized from them. Police arrested 6 including 3 minors.
CEO Modi Nagar Dharmendra Chauhan told that Jitender’s son studies in 10th class in Modi Public School. On teacher’s day, he had a fight with a 12th class student. He allegedly opened fire outside the school after lunch hour. Jitender’s son and his two friends fired 10 round firing.
On receipt of information, police reached the school. Looking at police the accused tried to escape in the vehicle. However, police arrested the trio. Police received the tipoff that illegal weapons can also be found from those who will be coming for the rescue of the boys. As soon as the three reached the police station police frisked them. Police discovered licensed revolver from Amish and a pistol each from Jitendra and Amit. Police also found revolver and bullets from their vehicles. A heavy force was sent to arrest them at their house. SLR bullets, pistols, two revolvers, and other items were seized from their house.
Nearly one dozen cases are booked against Amit under various sections of IPC and CRPC. History-sheeter Amit Tyagi is the district general Secretary of Hindu Vahini. He has put up billboards and banners at various places of the districts of Modi Nagar, Muradnagar.



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