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Mukhyamantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna turns Preeti's dream into reality

Mukhyamantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna turns Preeti's dream into reality

Now earning Rs.10000 per month after undergoing free of cost training

Along with being self-employed, she has also given employment opportunity to another girl in her shop

For connecting unemployed youth to employment opportunities, many training programs in various fields have been started in the Jashpur district. In continuation of these efforts, Chhattisgarh State Skill Development Authority has started free of cost training courses. Ms Preeti Sahu of Duldula Development Block, after  getting training through a 3 month training program, has now started her own business and is earning about Rs.10000 per month.

Ms Preeti told that she always wanted to do her own business, but due to lack of skill in any particular field, she was neither able to do business nor able to get a job in any sector. She furthur said that as soon as she heard about free training courses for skill development of youth, she grabbed the opportunity and registered herself in a 3 month computer training course.

Ms Preeti says that after undergoing the training program, she has now become well-trained in computer. She learned all the computer basics during training, after which she started her own computer centre. Ms Preeti earns almost Rs.400-500 per day and provides services like Photocopy, Internet Work, Recharge, online tickets etc.

Through her training under Skill Development program, Ms Preeti has not just improved her own financial condition but she is also providing employment opportunity in her shop, by providing employment to a girl who was trained in Livelihood College. Ms Preeti has now become an inspiration for other youths like her. She is now offering guidance to other unemployed youths for improve their skills, so that they can also get employment opportunity like her.


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