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Raipur: Police's image will flourish in the psychology of children: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said at the inauguration of Bal Mitra Room in Purani Bhilai police station.

Raipur: Police's image will flourish in the psychology of children: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said at the inauguration of Bal Mitra Room in Purani Bhilai police station.

Room walls decorated to interest innocent children
Comics of children's favorite comic character Chacha Chaudhary, Nagaraj etc. are also available

Parents often intimidate children by stopping them with the name of the police, which creates a negative image of the police in children. To change this image, Durg Police has made an innovative experiment in the form of Child Friend Room. Appreciating this initiative, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the Bal Mitra Room at Old Bhilai police station in Durg district today.
 On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that this is a very good experiment. Children will get the message that police is for the safety of people. She takes care of them like parents. He said that the best thing is that there are books for children here. I watched Chacha Chaudhary's comics, watched Nagraj's comics. This creates a habit of reading. Children's imagination increases. Once children read books, a new world opens up for them.
The Chief Minister praised the Durg Police and said that always searching for new tips to improve your work makes your work meaningful. They have done this well. Changing thinking, changing attitudes, opens the way. It is a very good idea that child friend corners can be made in the police station also. He said that only children will not feel it, but every citizen coming to the police station will be able to feel the sensitive face of the police.
The Chief Minister said that maximum communication with citizens is necessary for the success of policing. Wherever this dialogue is better, its results are good. He said that in the fear-free environment of the police station, children will be able to openly speak. These police stations will also have women constables who will take care of the children. The corner of Khana Khazana has also been kept in Bal Mitra Room. The Chief Minister also enjoyed Chhattisgarhi cuisine here.
Home Minister Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu said that this fort is a good initiative of the police. This will create a positive image of the police in the psychology of children. People who bring their complaint to the police station will also feel the sensitivity of the police. This is a meaningful step towards improving the image of the police. Such innovations will strengthen policing. MLA and Bhilai Mayor Shri Devendra Yadav also praised this innovation and said that this step towards improving the image of the police will prove to be effective. In the program, IG Himanshu Gupta gave detailed information regarding Bal Mitra Room. Collector Shri Ankit Anand and SP Shri Prakhar Pandey were also present on the occasion.
Child Friend Room built in 8 police stations.
Child friend rooms have been built in 8 police stations of the district. These stations include Bhilai, Purani Bhilai, Patan, Jamul, Durg, Mohan Nagar, Pulgaon, Utai. They are decorated with beautiful photographs. Beautiful cute toys are kept. Indoor games like snake ladder, Ludo have been kept. Books are kept for the entertainment of children.
Message given in the visitor's book as well
The Chief Minister wrote in the visitor's book that the purpose of Balamitra Room is to remove fear of police in the minds of children. The Home Minister wrote, a new step, commendable effort.


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