Don’t take democracy for granted: PM Modi on Emergency

Don’t take democracy for granted: PM Modi on Emergency

New Delhi: Recalling Emergency that was imposed on June 25 in 1975, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said democracy was a part of India's culture and heritage but warned people not to take it for granted.

Resuming his 'Mann ki Baat' radio programme after being elected for a second term, the Prime Minister also urged people to make water conservation a mass movement - like the Swachh Bharat mission - to overcome water shortages.

When the Emergency was imposed, people felt something had been taken away from them, he said. And it was opposed not only opposed by political parties but also by the common man, he added.

"When there is something close to us, then we underestimate its importance," Modi said. "We overlook its amazing facts too. We take for granted the invaluable democracy we have got.

"We should keep reminding ourselves that our democracy is very great and it has a place in our veins." Modi added: "India can say proudly that apart from rules and law, democracy is our heritage and culture.

"When Emergency was imposed, resistance against it was not limited to the political arena or politicians. There was outrage in the conscience of one and all.

"The collective torment on the loss of democracy was evident... It is difficult to savour the joy of democratic rights unless they are snatched away."




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